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403529403529B000GPXIEYA3GU00OW157C8XRiaLiu0011336348800Gave my dog horrible diarrhea twice...We have a tiny little 8 lb maltese, and we got him the mini size bag of these. Each time we give it to him, he seems to love it, but he had HORRIBLE diarrhea that led to multiple vet visits (it was awful, pretty much the worse diarrhea he's ever had at age 3). I noticed about 8 hours after he ate the nutrident, the diarrhea started and it had turned blackish green. Fast forward 2 months, and our dog was nursed back to health and happy...I didn't think that the nutrident was the cause of the diarrhea earlier, I thought it just made it worse so I gave him another one. Wrong. About 6-8 hours after, I noticed his normally firm stools were extremely soft and once again, they were blackish green. I promptly threw the entire bag in the trash. Terrible product and I will never be buying these again. As a side note, my little guy tolerates and loves Greenies just fine. I'll pay the extra few bucks for the Greenies to make sure he isn't food poisoned by these ever again.
403530403530B000GPXIEYA2ZFMU5GVW1C1CChris0051331683200My dogs love these!My dogs love these chews. I have 5 dogs - all various sizes and temperments. I have found they are similar to Greenies but much less expensive. In addition you can often find coupons and sales on these. It is so good for their teeth to let them chew, and even my Yorkie at 11 years old has wonderful teeth because I have been giving her things to chew on since she was a puppy. As always, I do not let my dogs chew on any brand of treats without supervision.
403501403501B000YPKS4YA2AUZEQ4XUFVS6V. Wright "mmoon"9951209168000The only grits I eat! Yummy!I love this product from Quaker and I'm certainly not a fan of grits. These, however, are really delicious just with salt, pepper and butter or margarine. The small ham bits taste authentic and add a quite different taste and consistency to normally bland grits. They're instant so it only takes a minute or two to prepare and they go well as a side dish with eggs and biscuits or toast, or just served alone. I like the small individual packets, especially, as I can even take them to work. Ordering them in bulk from Amazon is even better as I always know I have plenty on hand as these are the only grits I eat.
403502403502B000YPKS4YA37T4YQYRDY48QJulie M.3351290902400Finally, we can enjoy these again!We used to get these at WalMart, but since they stopped selling them we haven't been able to find them anywhere else. Thanks to Amazon, we can enjoy them again, even if they are a bit pricey!!!
403503403503B000YPKS4YA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0041332979200Best Instant Grits, Difficult to FindMy first grits experience was at college and I became an immediate fan. These are the BEST flavored instant grits and are now so difficult to find locally. It's great to find them on Amazon for a decent price. They're easy to make with boiling hot water or in the microwave in a flash. I usually eat 2 packets at a time, yummy. When my dog smells them cooking he makes sure his pleading eyes get him a spoonful on his kibble.

However, these are NOT for everyone... 1 packet/serving contains 21% of daily sodium requirement, other allergy and dietary concerns...CONTAINS SOY, WHEAT AND MILK INGREDIENTS...Dr Oz probably wouldn't approve because there are more than 5 ingredients on the label, most of which have long unpronounceable names. I took off a star for that, BUT they're still YUMMY!
403504403504B006WAFSC2A3MY4LZGLWE7IMarnold the "opinionator"1151337817600starbucks blonde, willow blend decaf coffeeStarbucks blonde coffees are comparable to dunkin donuts coffee, no bitterness at all. The decaf whole beans are better than dunkin donuts decaf coffee beans which tend to be a little more bitter than the caffinated version. So if you're looking for a good tasting light roast decaf, this is it. I still love dunkin donuts regular coffee too, so now I go back and forth between starbucks and dunkin.
This product was priced well through amazon, and received quickly too. Thanks.
403505403505B005O8ABOIA2LQSD1MBCTETZUSC'140051321315200Yummy EnergyI really like these a lot especially since they have no calories. Each pack has three sticks with each stick equaling a huge cup of java. Thanks
403506403506B004CHBIOOA34UJOG87DBBFUCatwoman2251313884800Puckerooms really rockThese candies are a little quirky, somewhat addicting and extremely refreshing. Fun for your mouth--they leave a nice tangy sensation, so they're great for car trips when you get thirsty but don't want to drink too much liquid.
403507403507B001EO6EL0A2XBEPGSLW402Vdannymichelle74991151241049600Curry is the best spice !good service. love curry. sprinkle it and basalmic vinegar on chicken then barbeque and you have an amazing low fat meal.
403508403508B001ELLB2AA39X2YD4CA869RT. Bosch4451211155200EverydayI have used this product everyday since purchasing (1.5 months). My health has improved in a couple of specific ways. For over a year I suffered from a sinus infection, since I started taking this product, my sinus cavity has improved greatly. Another effect from taking this product has been an increase in my metabolism. After I noticed that I felt hungry more often, I changed my snack time and reduced the amount of snacks consumed. I have lost about 5 pounds in the last 1.5 months.
403509403509B001ELLB2AA7Q6S2GO80KZHretired nurse 443351188950400Retired Nurse44This tea has a very pleasant taste. In this bulk form it is very economical. I sleep very well since starting this tea, and no longer experience the aches and pains that would awaken me at night. I have also noticed an improvement in the dermatitis I had. I would recommend trying this tea.
403510403510B001ELLB2AA55J1ADY9BL9NFrank L. Fredenburg "Cryptozoology Fan"4541186444800Great Herbal TeaI have used this tea for years and it will help, to clean your
digestive system out. Buy a canister and give it a try. One canister doesn't cost that much and it will last for awhile. Good luck with it.
403511403511B002BEKJOAA1F6D8ATM6KG8SBetty Barker Craddock01231312761600Melted ChocolateThey were packed with a cold pack, but they were left in the mailbox, and had melted. They had a "bloom", but were still good.
403512403512B0048HR7ACA3NTGSSH767AIEwendell3341318291200Fruit Gems IndeedMy Favorite candy and I cannot find in the stores any more. Very convenient. A little surprised at flavor split. Mostly Cherry. Sprinkling of other flavors.
403513403513B0048HR7ACAL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"2251333324800Mmm...MMM......YummyThese fruit snacks are yummy the whole family enjoys them even the picky. True to taste and not too sweet, the right combination of flavor and sweet. Has five flavors...lime, lemon, orange, raspberry and grapefruit. There is a fairly even quantity of each flavor in the bag.
403514403514B0048HR7ACA17VWSC36TXQR3VoteThemOut1111346371200Wrong Variety - NOT All-NaturalSunkist makes two different variety packs of these fruit gems. One of them (the one I received) uses the typical artificial colorings such as yellow #5 & #6, red #40, and blue #1. The other (the one I ordered) uses all-natural colors from vegetable sources, and the package says they are all-natural on the front.

The all-natural version flavors are orange, lemon, pink grapefruit, raspberry, and blueberry. The artificial ones have the same flavors with the exception of bright green lime instead of the natural blueberry. We eat no synthetic dyes, so I will be returning these.

If you order them, I wonder if it might help to specify in the special instructions that you want the all-natural kind, so they will pay close attention when they pack up the order.
403515403515B0048HR7ACA2VIQLU57RMFGGBryan C "Alibryan"0041347667200GOODThese are good but not great. They are different than what I wanted. I was looking for fruit slices, the kind that have a "peel" or rind on them and while I know it is obvious that these aren't those, the flavor of these is just, alright.
403516403516B000NUJDW8ARO8G7S6NI0LUleQueen2251281312000Excellent value, very fast shippingI ordered this assorted bag as a birthday gift for my father, along with Ghirardelli's giant 5 pound milk chocolate bar. The box arrived incredibly fast (in only two days with regular shipping option) and was well protected from the summer heat by ice packs. My dad said the box weighed a ton and he almost hurt his back trying to lift it, so if I had any suggestion, it would be to ease up on the extra ice packs! That said, I'm grateful for the fast delivery and added coolant to keep the items from melting into a wasted mess.

If you like Ghirardelli chocolate (and you should), don't hesitate to order these for yourself or as gifts.
403517403517B000NUJDW8A3885SQZAIC2YYCT Writer0051323820800Made my aunt very happy.I sent this chocolate to my elderly aunt who was thrilled, as was her immediate family. You would have thought that I sent her a bag of gold. It is a good idea to let the recipient know a sensitive package is coming, especially in the south (she is in GA). It has some protective packing, but could melt if left outside for an extended time.
403518403518B000GPXIEYAU9Q7ONI7JNQIK. Lewis "reader"4421286064000Not easy on our dog's digestionBased on our experience I would give this product 1 star, but I concede that our dog's reaction may not be typical.

We gave our dog one of these early in the evening. He's a mid-sized dog at about 35 lbs, but he's also a strong chewer. Based on what I could tell from the package, though, I had no reason to believe I should buy the larger size. We were in the room and casually observed him as he chewed on it. Our dog had the whole thing eaten within an hour.

He seemed fine and the next morning his bathroom routine was completely normal. However, when we got home from work, it was clear that the poor guy had been struggling not to have an accident. When we got him outside, he had multiple explosive bowel movements. A little further examination showed us that, despite his best efforts, his butt had been leaking during the day. He had also given himself a hemorrhoid. The poor guy.

We double checked the package and found no directions, advice, or warnings that would have helped us foresee this issue. I never want my dog to go through that again and thus we will never buy these again (and the extras have gone in the trash).
403519403519B000GPXIEYA1I1MRSJL6LDBAmanda T. Blume4441248998400My dogs love these!Both my dogs love these treats. They are a bit pricey if you have an aggressive chewer. However, they are great and the dogs go crazy for them.
403520403520B000GPXIEYA2L3HPWEFN617WLori Schrag3341296259200Shiny teeth :-)My dog cannot get enough of these and I feed him 1 everyday and have been buying them for a few years. Every year my vet asked what I dog to keep my dogs teeth clean!?
403521403521B000GPXIEYAT0SURIU2YPMOMeryl Guzinsky "Maggi G."5651213401600Doggie chewsMy pug loves these chews. When I accidentally leave the door open where I keep them, she has her nose in there looking for them. They are her final treat of the day and she can hardly wait for them. After eating her food she jumps up on the chair and stares at me or if I don't see her she barks at me until she gets my attention so I can look and see she ate her food. Then she runs over to the closet waiting for me to give her one. I wish I could be so easily placated and satisfied.
403522403522B000GPXIEYALOR97KTZTK1Pknitty pants5641186876800My puppies like them!My puppies go nuts for these things. They seem to really satisfy the urge to chew. I'd give them 5 stars, but I think they're a bit overpriced. Still, this is a much better deal than at Petsmart.
403523403523B000GPXIEYA3MTDNQ3Z3UT3PRobin Collins2251272412800crate Happy no messI bought the Med size for my Mini Dachshund to keep her happy when i go out for a few hours and she is in her crate. I know she loves somthing when she does the little dance and bolts to her crate waiting for the nutrident. Other chew leave gooey messes on the carpet and come apart easily however this one i have never found any evidence that she ever even had one. Highly recomend the vet says her teeth are in tip top shape because she gets one a day
403524403524B000GPXIEYA1RC30R83C74IHBagpipes482251253664000Bad breath in dogsOur Schnauzer has some really horrible breath and we don't know exactly why. I tried several of the "dental dog chews" testing to qualify their claims. All failed my test. I saw these at Wal-Mart and decided to give them a try. SUCCESS! Honestly, though, her mouth doesn't smell like a rose garden, but what an improvement. I don't feel like shooshing her away. We can play at close quarters now My only problem with W-M is they carry only small bags. So, I am going to buy at since I can get the large size bags.
403525403525B000GPXIEYA16IKH13T6XE1RTony Ellis1151315008000As good as it gets...My Rottie puppy expects one of these each night when I turn off the lights for her to go to sleep. I sure hope they're good for her 'cuz she loves them.
403526403526B000GPXIEYA2YIZ917XORVV6davisite1131308700800Expensive! Huge increase in price.My dogs are absolutely crazy about these; they're like crack for dogs. I last purchased some in Fall 2010 for $14 for 24; then we decided to take a break from them for awhile to ease the addiction. Feeling soft, I thought to purchase some again. Now, less than a year later in June 2011, they are almost $20 for 24. That's an outrageous price increase in a short amount of time. Yes, those of us who have dogs love our dogs, but I feel like our love for them is being taken advantage of. I can only imagine what the profit margin is...
403527403527B000GPXIEYA4B3AJU5538LSWilliam V. Drews1151181174400Digestible Dental ChewsI was happy to fine a product that is easily digestible by dogs. too many products out there can cause internal problems and even death to you pet if you are not careful.

Bill Drews

Hot springs, AR
403528403528B000GPXIEYA1X7QD2UE9TU6QGary K. Weinkauf0051339372800Great Product. Cleans teethWhen we adopted our 8 year old Basset Hound, her back teeth were solid dark brown and crusted. After about 5 months giving her one of these per day, the teeth are about 80% cleaned.

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