Amazon Fine Food Reviews

403531403531B000GPXIEYA1IC75BCAGQ4IKdhalex "dhalex"0051330387200My Dog's Favorite TreatI buy the medium treats for my 19 lb Long Hair Chihuahua mix and he loves these! They are pricey but cheaper than what you will find at the store or Pet store. He gets one every other actually helps his digestion in my opinion. If you get them on Subscription they are even cheaper.
403532403532B000GPXIEYA3TO01O4IYMWDRcmtsie0051321315200delicious dental treatMy dog is very picky, but he loves this green bone. The bone has 360 spike which can clean his teeth no matter which way he chew the bone.
403533403533B000GPXIEYA3ONG5ZRDBJ42Donna R. Rasmussen0051257120000wonderful productThese are softer and seem easier to digest than the Greenies brand. I really like the Greenies, but my dogs were unable to completely chew them as well as the Nylabones.
403534403534B000GPXIEYA3LOCNXB7Z1WCHShelley Shelley51311261353600Beware of this product--one of our dogs died.You should monitor your dog very carefully if you give him/her these chews. One of our dogs died as a result of eating these chews, and the other three were very ill for two days. This product is very difficult for dogs to digest and can result in blocked intestines and infection. Since the package did not contain any warnings, we thought they were harmless. Be very careful if you buy these for your dog.
403535403535B0036V6MZ2A2ZVZOA7X52277J Vargas1911323907200Absurdly overpricedThis is selling for $27 at the time of this writing. It's only $15 at stores like BevMo. More than $2/bottle is crazy.
403536403536B001E8MG3GAPEMOCGSMA9WMDelighted0051270512000Great Product!This is a very good natural product for helping with bloating, irregularity, and constipation. It tastes great and works. I was recently told about this product by a person who loves it. I wish I knew about it before now!
403537403537B001E8MG3GA2FP2D4SCZX8D9CMobley0041198281600Great tea!Really like the tea, and it did cause moderate weight loss, however, it also caused intestinal upset which it said it wouldn't.
403538403538B0045LHZL2A1RXOIVQCJ6N6FE. M. Hammond0051346976000A library of colored sugars for all occasions !I am thrilled with this Colored Sugars Set !

Lots of very nice colors that I think of as having
a library of colored sugars to use for any and all occasions !

Some colors are pastel:
pale geen - pink - yellow - blue --- great for Easter baking ...

Some are deeper colors ...
orange - black - purple for Halloween ...

Of course:
Red - Deep Green - Yellow for Christmas ...

Plus, I have blended different sugars in a small cup for a little bit more fun ...
403539403539B0029NV61IA34TV9J9GL5L7XJ. Fink "Java M8"2251280448000Kitty CrackMy cats have become addicted to this stuff and will not eat any other treats now that they have tried these. They are also very finicky eaters. Thanks to creative minds behind the product who made something that my cats cannot seem to get enough of.
403540403540B0029NV61IA3MWFS0HYUV5LJMolly May2251271721600Goodlife Recipe Indoor Wholesome Salmon & Garden Greens DelightsFrom my 3 cat's point of view these are the best treats they have ever tasted (and they have tasted many types). The cats keep wanting more and more. I have to hide the packet. If your cats like what my cats like, they will love these. The extra cost is well worth it to see your cats enjoy these treats. I should have known they would love them because their all time favorite regular dry cat food is The Goodlife Recipe Indoor (made with Real Chicken, Brown Rice & Garden Greens) food.
403541403541B0029NV61IAMIJKNO0MR2FLS. Ingram1131300320000My cats love these so much...My cats love these so much that one of them stole an entire bag off the kitchen counter, tore out the bottom, and ate most of it while I was away one morning. That said, I'm not terribly happy with these treats. The 2nd, 4th, and 6th main ingredients in the treats are ground corn, rice, and wheat flour -- starches I'm not stoked about giving my cats. The ingredient list is also very long. These were the best I could find at my local grocery store, and the cats definitely like them, but I'm hoping to find better ones through Amazon. I'm looking for a poultry-based treat with few additives; I picked these out because, despite the 'real salmon and garden greens flavor,' the ingredient list begins with chicken by-product meal; for reference, salmon meal is the 17th ingredient and the first green comes much later.
403542403542B0029NV61IA2KHS3VF6K8A0JNW Wayne1151272499200Don't Buy This PleaseThis is just about the only thing our cat will eat on a regular basis so please make sure you always leave some on the shelf for her!!! Only problem with this product is that our local stores seem to only carry the other flavors. She will not eat them.
403543403543B0029NV61IA2HX5SZUKNT7HDJennifer Alston0051348704000cat drugs!My cat is very picky , and has rarely liked the treats we have offered over the years. A while back we had to give him some medicine and wanted to find something to give him afterward. We found these and decided to try them.
Well , we finally hit kitty gold! We shake the bag 3 rooms away and he arrives at the speed of light!

I am afraid of what would happen to us if we ran out of these treats. I think that our cat might sneak up in the middle of the night and disappear us.. or worse!! So I just bought a 12 pack ...I think we are safe, for now...
403544403544B0029NV61IA1ZAYB88YRR93LJeMicheSunshine0051341705600My Cats Say "MEOW" and So Does my Dog!My cat children love, love, love this product! My Daughter worked for a veterinarian, and brought home some sample packs. Well, why did she do that? Those cats went into a tastebud frenzy! The call of one of their names AND everybody comes running! Even my Dog asks for the treats and they are just tiny, weeny in size, but she loves them as well; and will sit until she gets one as well! This treat was vet recommended and cat approved! The Seller's price point was better than every 'Google' search...Even with Petco and Petsmart!!! Go figure! The delivery time was equally good. Would not only recommend this product but would recommend this Seller. Would purchase from this Seller in the future as well.
403545403545B0029NV61IA2DPNACLXJA3VFBeast0051337212800My male cat goes nuts over these!My male cat is one of those take it or leave it kinds of cats. He doesn't overeat or snack if he's not hungry. The previous treats we used, he liked them but again he could take it or leave it. These however, he goes nuts over them. We highly recommend them. :)
403546403546B0029NV61IA2YR6CYITRGA7RL. G. Sipe "Love2read"0051336521600Treats that spoilMy 14 year old cat had a bad bout of pancreatitis due to stress from moving. Almost lost him. But these helped bring his appetite back. He ate these more than any other food for awhile. Thank you for a good product.
403547403547B0029NV61IA3IKEK3GTO1A62Jeff0051332979200The Best Cat Treats - Ever!My Bear (big Maine Coon kitty) will not eat any other treats! These are wholesome, nutritious, great ingredients. Makes for one picky kitty! He won't eat any other kitty treats! Highly recommended for finicky eaters! Give it a try! (Plus the subscription rate cannot be beat! Thank you Amazon!)
403548403548B0029NV61IA2E6UH8BSS3IVEKnox F Cohen0051332028800Cats like itMy cats Love it.My bird loves it.My snake that ate the bird loves it. My cats that ate the snake love it as a flavoring for the snake.I highly recommend it.
403549403549B0029NV61IA3NTQFAJW9B6QWElaine E. Swartz0051331769600My Cats love the Goodlife Recipe treats!My Cats love the Goodlife Recipe treats, if they had it their way; they would only eat the Treats no cat food!
403550403550B0029NV61IA2W2885N8EHEAVA. Libby0051329782400They love something good for them!These treats are loved by every cat in our multi-cat household. I am so happy they like something that is good for them. Sadly our local stores do not carry this product any longer so I am glad I can order here in bulk. They may cost a bit more, but are not loaded with crap like other cat treats.
403551403551B0029NV61IA8NZ8XNCX5KQALala0051326931200Finicky cat's choiceFirst received a few samples from my vet. Was so surprised to find that my finicky little girl loves these snacks. It's nice to find something that makes her happy. Already went through two bags and she is still loving them.
403552403552B0029NV61IA166JA2YMITJ1LSteve Thompson0051326412800My cats love themI first received a few sample packages at a veteranry hospital and my cats love them. I could not find these at any petstore, luckily Amazon has them and I have 2 happy cats.
403553403553B0029NV61IA366DGRPS0IYEHKaren MacLaurin0051325203200Goodlife for good cats!Our vet in Paso Robles, CA had samples of The Goodlife Recipe treats for cats at his clinic. Ben and Jerry, our Canadian cats with discerning taste, absolutely love them. These treats are not available at pet stores near us so I was delighted to be able to order them easily through Amazon. Ben and Jerry are grateful as well and are purring contentedly.
403554403554B0029NV61IAF7ZQ3FO33RL9SammiP650051317772800Perfect Little Treat for Entertainment.I got this product from a seller on as a sample when I purchased some Fancy Feast Kitten food. My new kitty, Mo-No is just loving it! He was a little skeptical at first, so I left them on the floor in the middle of my office. He got into them later in the evening, and we must not had seen him. He was so festive when a friend came to visit! Then this morning, I watched him nibble just a tad bit at them.. and at this very moment.. he is running around the entire apartment bouncing off walls, literally!! I love this stuff! These treats are safe (research was done) and nutritious for my love... I will be purchasing more of these, now that I know what the good stuff is!
403555403555B0029NV61IA1EPP56A17R62QTommie "An expert is a former drip under pres...0051317254400My cat goes crazy for themI don't like to feed junk to my cat so these come in handy when it's time for a treat. The subscribe and save price make them more affordable.
403556403556B0029NV61IA1Q4MU1Q21AGGVRandall Mishoe0051314576000Yum YumThis is a product review that comes from our cat... she is finicky about what she eats and she loves these treats. I like them in that they are more healthy than most commercial products... a win-win!!!
403557403557B0029NV61IA1SOCNHAQ2Z8UXCarole Stevens0051310083200best ever cat treatsI found these treats for my cats when we were traveling in our RV down through the US. My cats could not get enough of them. I could get them to come into the RV anytime I wanted all I had to do what make a noise like I was opening the bag of Treats and they came running. They turn their nose up at all the other one's now. I live in Canada and can't buy them here, so I have to order them from Amazon.
403558403558B0029NV61IA22U0YX6VRG2JB. E. Fishman "labradorim"0051284249600cats favoriteI can't vouch for how healthy these are, I haven't done that research. But my cat LOVES these (as does my mother's cats) and with the help of these treats I am able to clip my cat's claws, which otherwise I'd have to ask the vet to do because my cat hates claw clipping. But honestly, if I put a few of these treats in front of him, he lets me clip him no problem. For that they get 5 stars.
403559403559B0029NV61IA2K0I12G1AYCMYSJG0051267574400My cat won't eat anything elseThese treats are my cat's favorites. When my local market stopped carrying them I was not happy. I tried others. Some he would eat a few others he wouldn't touch.

Now we order a case a month and life is good at my house.
403560403560B004OLIL6QA18R5409KMKG1Bdrinkmorecocoa "Jessica"3341318550400Strong and SmokyThis is a strong, smoky coffee that can make you feel like a sophisticated coffee snob in the morning. It's smooth, rich, and velvety, and I always feel like a genius after brewing it, like, 'yeah, I just brewed this and it's so good. I am a coffee master.' That being said, it's almost a tad too strong for me - but I tend to prefer medium roasts. If you're looking for a strong coffee, I'd recommend checking this out.

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