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403681403681B00120XR0MA1JA4SYC36W4KEVolletta rain "Reader & writer hopeful"1151346889600AlbaI'm usually very particular in what I use treat my skin, but as it stand I have zero complaints about this product. It's smells great, it does fantastic damage control on my acne probe face, and I'm had no problems , no tightness, no residue, not a thing!
403682403682B00120XR0MAGQTKD2D6T07QDaria Long1131346284800It smells great!! It's very mild though so if you have a lot of acne or scarring you may want something else.I use this product when I want to relax because it smells great but I won't buy it again because it is too mild for my liking.
403683403683B00120XR0MA3FY6Y2VE7AWYJUde257 "I heart bargains!"1151342569600Awesome moisturizerThis is a phenomenal moisturizer! I've never been able to use face cream too often because the oils in them would make me break out. However, not wanting to look 70 years when I'm in my 30s I knew I had to find something that worked for me or my face was going to look like a prune. I got this product a few days ago and I've used it daily since then and haven't had a breakout. I am thrilled!
403684403684B00120XR0MAI43WBBLQZ24GM. Sok1111337126400MADE MY SKIN SUPER OILY THEN BEFORESO disappointed! I have oily, mild acne prone, sensitive, combo skin. This product DID NOT absorb into my skin AT ALL. It sat on top of my skin creating a 'slippery' greasy layer. Eww. After about 30 minutes, my skin was extremely oily, shiny & greasy looking. It looked and felt like baby oil on my face! I have oily skin but this product brought MORE excessive oil onto my face even in areas where I normally don't get oily. I don't understand how this is a oil-free moisturizer but yet makes your skin extremely oily. Glad I was able to return it!
403685403685B00120XR0MA27AY8CNQWBI2Lleodess1111334275200Burns Sensitive SkinI bought this product because I was looking for something more natural for my sensitive skin. Says its "gentle for all skin types" but it's not. Literally 2 seconds after I put the first dab on my face it started burning. I could see my skin turning red and getting a rash under it. I had to wash it off immediately. The spot that had it does feel softer than the rest of my face, but the burning and rash is SO not worth it. My second complaint is that it's a gel mask versus a clay mask. I should have read the ingredients better for that one though.
403686403686B00120XR0MA2UDBMXH1TUTB4NJ1151331251200My best beauty secret!I love this product. I have sensitive skin, & this is really gentle & soothing. I also try to avoid wearing foundation, but this moisturizer wears well under Physician's Formula Organic Wear Foundation. (I haven't tried it with any other foundation products). I exfoliate every other day & apply this afterward, as well as after getting out of the shower. The fragrance isn't too strong, and I love that its oil free, because I have extremely oily skin. (I obviously wash my face on a regular basis as well in addition to exfoliating.) This is a hard product to review because people's needs, opinions, & skin types are so different. I was initially hesitant to pay so much for it, but in comparison to other oil free moisturizers, this one is about the same cost, & isn't full of harsh chemicals, fillers, & other crap that clogs your pores up. Just my two cents.
403687403687B00120XR0MA2LFUUQQYDERSJN. Jiang "N.J."1151322438400Green tea & Aloe moisturizerI have combination skin. The green tea & aloe moisturizer leaves my skin supple and hydrated but not oily. The subtle and clean scent is refreshing.

I also tried the jasmine and vitamin E moisturizer. It is much richer and it's a bit too rich for my skin. The fragrance is also stronger. I'll stick with green tea & aloe.
403688403688B00120XR0MA2U5QHOFR8QMKCJen1141316822400Good productThis mask smells amazing and does clean my face well. I didn't give it 5 stars because it did dry out some parts of my already dry skin! I don't think I would purchase this particular one again but definitely would try another Alba mask. I LOVE ALBA!!
403689403689B00120XR0MA3GR2VKQI53WPKwurnie "amazon addict!"1131315785600It's just ok...I have been using this product all month with very little to say about it. Initially it does make your face feel really soft and hydrated, BUT it does not last.. I won't be purchasing this again.
403690403690B00120XR0MA17NGYXB5TZFCSnoozin' "QZ"1151223510400Wonderful stuff!!This is the best line of products. It has helped clear up my acne and I've noticed the scars are slowly fading. I use the Aloe & Green Tea during the day and after washing my face before bed I use the Jasmine & Vitamin E cream. Our skin is very important and fragile, take care of it right!
403691403691B00120XR0MA2OL431SSAWXYGK. Ledbetter6911238025600Stay AWAY!I like the idea of a chemical-free cleanser (especially if it smells good). But it didn't. The first day I used it, I got PAINFUL acne! I've never had painful acne before or since!!! It broke me out big time and it smelled like rotting pineapple. Gross. Please save your money and don't think twice about this product.
403692403692B00120XR0MAM8HWHNI717U4Tracie Jones Burris2341289347200Very good product for HCG usersThis moisturizer is very good and doesn't make the skin feel greasy/oily, but gives great relief and soft feeling for those who have to avoid oily products while using HCG. Highly recommend this product.
403693403693B00120XR0MA16NLU1FWKR8C6nomnom0051342137600this stuff is greatit makes your face tingle a little but thats good because you can feel it working. it smells yummy. and you can see the difference after a week of using it. it made my skin brighter and softer.
403694403694B00120XR0MAE2FJJ3UM4VS7J. L. White "fiction addict"0051342051200Effective skin tightening face maskI've been using this face mask for years. It is much cheaper buying it online than at your local drugstore. I use it about twice a week on my entire face, but almost daily just under my eyes. I apply it there when I wake up, pre-shower. It does a nice job of tightening the baggy skin under my eyes. It's not surgery so the effect doesn't last forever but it does help. I've had no adverse reactions from using Alba Botanica Papaya Enzyme facial mask.
403695403695B00120XR0MA2NFII2Y70D1ZDjcthaker0041341619200awesome though i wish it was light weighti love the green tea moisturizer from PROACTIV but its too expensive hence i bought this. This one is expensive too but it has more quantity. I love the smell and texture but even though it says wont clog pores it does have a little heavy feeling/oily feeling to it. but for oily people like me it still works great. will continue using it
403696403696B00120XR0MA2MGFQP3MEU5ISLaura R. Libner "Laura"0051340236800ALBA BOTANICA PAPAYA ENZYME FACIAL MASKAMAZING! I love this stuff! Uncovers glowing beautiful skin everytime! I use it once a week for a real 'treat' pick me up. Fabulous product!!!
403697403697B00120XR0MAS6FJAE1LJV0CBrittany Tate0031339200000Oily dilemma...I have a very hard time finding a moisterizer. I have a very oily t-zone while the rest of my face is dry to the point of flakey. A word of caution if you already have oily prone skin... This created more oil. I only used it at night and when I woke the next morning I was shoked at the sheen of oil covering my entire face. I was disgusted. Granted, it didn't appear to clog pores, nor make my acne worse (I am an unfortunate sufferer of that infamous adult acne around the mouth and chin area).

A nice thing about this moisterizer is it was extremely refreshing after applying. Especially those nights following a toner that can sometimes leave that sting behind. I love the smell of it too. I have since switched to only applying it outside of my t-zone, and while I still discover oil the next morning, it isn't near as bad as before.

I am on the hunt for a new moisterizer, as I probably won't continue to use this. Unfortunately there just aren't a lot of moisterizers with green tea, which is what I was looking for.
403698403698B00120XR0MA5FJYKFVT1XXJMimi0041334361600Papaya MaskJust started using this and the smell is a little odd at first but its not too bad. I got some on my lips by accident and my lips started feeling numb. Not sure what that was about. I like that its not a mask that you have to scrub off. This one just rinses right off. After I rinsed it off I instantly saw my skin look a little more brighter and glowy after the first use.
403699403699B00120XR0MA117FYENI6RSPP5150hillbilly0051332892800Long lasting lip balmI've been using blistex for decades, burts bees for years and I just found this in the organic section at wal mart. I like coconut and decided to give this a try.
Seriously, in my pockets always are my wallet, keys and lip balm. I've worked outdoors for years and depend upon it's protection from the elements. Blistex is fine, but I wanted something more organic, Burts Bees is great, but I don't like their tube as much 'cause sometimes I keep this in my bra (when I don't have pockets)and it's scratchy and the peppermint is annoying at times. (I have yet to try the others)
But this Coconut Cream lip balm is really amazing. It last for a really really long time. I put it on before bedtime and in the morning there's still some on my lips, protecting and smoothing them. I like the feel and the flavor and will be purchasing this product for many years to come now that I have discovered it! Invest the 3 bucks and see for yourself if it isn't better than what you're using.
403700403700B00120XR0MAJZ6JN4UZD4BKIowaHome0041332115200Softer, smoother skinAfter recently having a professional facial, I have been interested in finding an OTC enzyme mask for use at home that isn't as expensive as the $60/jar product the facial was selling.

The scent of this product is quite lovely. After 3 uses I can feel a slight difference in my skin. The only reason I did not give it a full 5 stars is that I wish it were stronger!
403701403701B00120XR0MA2WFKSD2VXMTCXDennis0051331251200Great product for after shaving and in between shavesI have searched for many years for a good quality post beard shaving moisturizer. This is the best that I have ever found and used. It lasts all day, with zero skin irritation. And, a second application before bedtime prepares my face for shaving in the morning. I have used the product successfully for 3+ years.
403702403702B00120XR0MA3TJFNKL4FA8HHLaDonna Baxter0031330560000not that deepI bought this at the health food store and the only reason I didn't like it was because of the smell. It smelled like flowers and I couldn't get past it enough to keep it once I smelled it. I am more of a fruity girl and the flowers were just too much.
403703403703B00120XR0MATWH9V0K16R7UJess0041330041600GoodI had dark circles and uneven skin before I used this product. It works well. It's kind of on the expensive side for something so little though.
403704403704B00120XR0MA19NDOH3YPZJSMbird19820051329177600Alba MoisturizerAfter trying lots of other high end products on my skin but with no results I decided to give a try to Alba Botnica.I have started using this product for last few days I found that this product is actually good.It moisturizes very well,does not have greasy feeling.Till now product seems to be working fine for me.
403705403705B00120XR0MA7HPTSTLVRRE0Lauren0041324598400Not BadThis product arrived in a very timely manner. It is also a great toner for anyone wanting to purchase vegetarian-friendly products! However, I would probably opt for a different toner if you hope to rid your face of acne. It does a decent job smoothing and exfoliating your face, but not to that extent.
403706403706B00120XR0MA3ECX24S0COWA5DPJB "DPJB"0051324512000Love this peelThis is an awesome product. It is very gentle, but it tingles so you know it's working. It has a really nice smell.
403707403707B00120XR0MA2L4TDPAS694Z3Ms Bee0051319846400I always come back to this productI have really sensitive skin; it reacts poorly to almost everything (including hard water), it is dry in spots and oily in others, and it definitely sees a blemish from time to time. I've tried just about every product out there because I am easily swayed by advertisements for new organic facial products, but I always come back to this line. Unlike most products for 'troubled' skin, which contain harsh salicycle acid, this product doesn't make my break-outs worse at all. It's oil free, so even after a long day my nose doesn't feel slick, and it's nice and light so it goes great under make-up. The scent is fantastic and a little jar goes a long way because you need so little of it. If your skin is like mine, I recommend the pineapple enzyme cleanser, the habiscus toner, the papaya mask, and this moisturizer. That regiment keeps me clear, soft, and smelling like the tropics. The only thing I don't use is the eye gel, which is a bit too light for the eye area.
403708403708B00120XR0MAT5P0F5H12GVGBrenna0051318550400Papaya mask... Love it!Received within just a few days... Works really well! I live in Hawaii, but was unable to find it in a store in our town. I was so happy to be able to order it online, and not have to drive an hour+ to get it. Works well to minimize pores, blemishes, and leaves skin looking refreshed.
403709403709B00120XR0MA1L91NLNUQSOEWC. Rapha0051316304000It does workI like how mild this is. It works and is much less expensive than most products that work. I wash my face, apply this for five minutes and it leaves my face so soft and clean. After removing, I then put Swisa Beauty Anti-Aging Cream, 1.01 -Ounce on my face. My face is soft and smooth and my skin looks younger.

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