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403711403711B00120XR0MA1OAJTOEB17J32D. Wilder0051315785600Refreshing!!This product is very nice. It gave me a cooling sensation at first and then a warm one when it is washed off. My face felt refreshed, smooth and clean.
403712403712B00120XR0MA1R7ZUDF0RDPC1ashed06160051314057600Hawaiian Papaya EnzymeI absolutly love this product. After use it makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed. After the first use, I could tell a difference in my skin. Its deffently worth getting in my book.
403713403713B00120XR0MABEZQYO9PV979Wonder Woman2250051312243200It is well worth buying it!!!!This product is great it isn't drying, it leaves your skin baby smooth and hydrated I definitely can see a slight difference so far. The only thing is that I thought that it would be bigger, it is really kind of small, but a little goes a long way.
403714403714B00120XR0MA3DWYS6US3PR2MLiz,H "Ann"0051310688000great ! !i used this product on my face along with alba papaya facial mask and it cleared my acne amazingly!! i was so pleased with this product its gental and smells fantastic and i recamend this product to women and men !!
403715403715B00120XR0MA3DWYS6US3PR2MLiz,H "Ann"0051310688000amazing !!!i used this product on my skin that was breaking out terribly,and this is great it opens your pours and releas toxins!!this bottle lasts about two months so ill defintly be buying it again !!
403716403716B00120XR0MA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"3551248048000Deep Cleansing Fruity Face ScrubAlba's Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub is deliciously pineapple with hints of orange juice and dreams of coconut drinks on beaches somewhere very far from home. The tropical escape factor is very present all while the scrub works overtime to remove dull surface cells. Lavender, Aloe, Jojoba, Pineapple, Papaya, Awapuhi, Bromelain and Vitamin E are the base for this creamy cleanser enhanced with a botanical fragrance. The exfoliating granules are very mild and the aloe makes this extra soothing. After one use you can see results in tone/texture and moisture balance, after three uses, you may find yourself ordering a second tube. It is that impressive. Looking forward to trying the travel kit because the products have amazing summery scents that remind me of warm days at the beach.

~The Rebecca Review
403717403717B00120XR0MA2Z7C6PSGEFPAISenior Citizen3511244937600Not for Sensitive Skin - Read Ingredients FirstI love the Alba products because they contain lots of natural ingredients and are a great value for the price, plus I've always had good resutls with them. I use the sea kelp products and really like them but decided to try something different for the summer, so I ordered the Jasmine moisturizer and the hibiscus facial toner. The jasmine cream is wonderful and works great on my dry skin but, unfortunately, the hibiscus facial toner caused severe burning to my skin. After I read the entire ingredient listing, I was shocked to find this toner contains sodium hydroxide which is used in such harsh cleaning products as oven and drain cleaners. I do have sensitive skin which, I am certain, caused the reaction. I don't think this product is for sensitive skin, but be sure to read the entire ingredient list before you decide to purchase it, and if possible, try a sample of it first. I went back to the sea kelp facial toner and have had no further problems.
403718403718B00120XR0MA1IDIUO3CRD1JNH. Moore3541203379200So Tasty!My only problem with this lip balm is that it tastes so good I lick it off! If you like coconut anything you'll love this!

I love that it's made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and is never tested on animals. The ingredients are also 82% certified organic, which is a nice plus.
403719403719B00120XR0MA33DOZ6EJDHS5Msmp2091221329609600Great Moisturizer, Overpowered by ScentThis product moisturizes very nicely. It goes on very smooth and stays on for awhile. I really wanted to love this cream, but the smell is just so overpowering. I was expecting a soft, light scent, but this is just so strong and overpowering that it almost makes you dizzy. The smell does not diminish the longer you wear it; I put the cream on before bed, and woke up the next morning smelling like I had just put it on. It's very unfortunate, in my opinion the smell makes the cream unwearable.
403720403720B00120XR0MA2KJ9AUZEG5PM6Perry1251318464000WOWI actually ended up buying this from walmart because I was in need of an oil free moisturizer for my face...BADLY and didn't want to way 4-5 days for my order to process on here. So I purchased it (and I cringed at the thought of spending 15 bucks on a small container of moisturizer), and applied it to my clean face in the morning and before bed. Let me tell you...


Not only did it feel nice and silky on my face, and it soaked in, but it just cleared my face up! I was so surprised. I thought it was too good to be true and maybe it happened to be one of those days that my skin decided to clear uyp on it's own. But no, I was wrong... and thank goodness. I continued using the moisturizer twice a day for a week and my face just stayed clear for the entire week. I was so happy!

This stuff is definitely worth the money, and it WILL last you quite a long time since a little DOES go a long way. How little you ask? Just lightly, and quickly tap your finger onto the surface of the moisturizer and that's all you'll really need!

Five stars, baby. FIVE STARS!
403721403721B00120XR0MA1RJ6VACSKYPNQRach1251314057600Great!This cream moisturizes very well without feeling heavy or greasy. It works well for a night or day lotion. Plus it smells great!
403722403722B00120XR0MA4UNT9Y0XZCCVVegan Gal1251312675200Great Scent!I like this moisture cream a lot. It feels great on my face and the Jasmine scent is so pleasant. The ingredients are all good too. I don't use chemcial laden products and Alba makes great natural products. Alba makes several moisture creams in other scents, but the Jasmine is my absolute favorite and I'll continue to purchase this one. My husband likes the scent a lot too.
403723403723B00120XR0MA7XO74ZY2XHEKYuKit1231309219200Mixed feelings...I originally tried this product because the "oil-free" caught my eye.
Having an acne prone skin, I thought this moisturizer would be perfect!
But after using this product a few times I noticed a few things...
-This product doesn't sink into your skin but rather stays on top and leaves your skin feeling oily and greasy.
-My acne continued to break out, even more! :(
-Made my skin feel softer :)
-Very long lasting, don't let the 3oz fool you!

OVERALL: I stopped using this product after using about 1/4 of it. But hey, everyone has a different type of skin.
If you feel that this moisturizer might be the one for you, go on and try it!
403724403724B00120XR0MALXZ3V5DCZJCZVirginiashopper1241308614400Very nice..mildFinally a product in a price range that I can say WoW about!If your looking for a product that delivers positive results that isnt 80 to 100$, I swear this is it. I have combo skin and some light scars around mouth/chin area from acne. The results Ive had from using this is diminished scars (not erased scars), clearer skin. It keeps there appearance down. However this product is mild if your just starting masks or have perfect skin already...recommended.
403725403725B00120XR0MA2X9XUZ85TDGROLara Anderson1251292371200Alba Toner - great for sensitive skin!Love this product because I have rosecea on one side of my face and it is gentle enough for that buut strong enough to get rid of any remaining traces of makeup or oil, leaving a nice fresh feeling on the skin. Along with the price being very reasonable, you only use a little on a pad so the product goes a long way.
403726403726B00120XR0MA3FPCJ2ZBR56PYArlene1251260576000ExcellentI purchased this product to use during a weight loss program, to eliminate unnessary oils in my body. I am very happy with this alba oil-free moisturizer. At my age "over 50" I wondered how well a moisturizer without oil would work. Surprisingly well. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I used it a few times as a body lotion as well; until I found something more practical.
403727403727B00120XR0MA3PVL8G79K4GOS. Casey1251259539200Excellent produdt!I purchased this product as a Christmas present for my daughter... per her request! She really likes this moisturizer. I would highly recommend it.
403728403728B00120XR0MA1GNPXFLT047J2Clyptos1241241481600Great cleanser...but watch the eyes!I have very sensetive skin (and very hard water!) so it's hard for me to find a cleanser that doesn't irritate or dry out my skin. Albas Pinapple face wash is gentle, cleans my face very well and has a wonderful, refreshing pineapple scent to it. A small amount worked into a lather in your hands will do the job. Why only 4 stars? It's VERY thick and needs a little extra time to wash off. I've opened my eyes in the shower a few times thinking this was rinsed clean only to find excess pineapple enzyme wash in my eyes...and it stings! This is the only face wash I've used like that which is very odd. I attribute it to its thick texture and the fact that I have very hard water. Be careful with this! Make sure it's rinsed really really well before you open up your eyeballs. Other than that, it's a great product and my favorite facial cleanser :)
403729403729B00120XR0MA30RNEY493YAJ7A. Phillips2441271203200Green Tea MoisturizerFeels great on my skin. The only thing about it that bothers me at all is the smell. It's not a bad smell and it's not that strong but I'm pretty sensitive to scents. It probably wouldn't bother most people at all but you might want to be aware if you have allergies or are really sensitive to smells. I only mention it because I suffer from migraines and scents can be a trigger for me. The product works wonderful for my skin and I love the way green tea makes my skin feel so refreshed.
403730403730B00120XR0MA1HG82U7GY9531J. Paschal0131318464000Alba face creamI have always like Alba brand products from the standpoint that they use plant-based ingredients which are far better for the skin than the other more expensive brands found at Macy's and the like. One only needs to use about a peas-size for the face as it can be a bit oily. Overall, it's a good product that I can use right before applying my make-up and use again after washing my face. This jar will last me quite awhile, so I can appreciate that. Pleasant smell too, not overwhelming with fragrance like most facial creams.
403731403731B00120XR0MA1VRQBAKU6PC4UAnabel B "Anabel B"0151317427200Great productI have dry skin and wanted a good thick cream to use at night. This cream feels good without being too thick or greasy. I also enjoy the scent. It's very nice without being overpowering.
403732403732B00120XR0MA1KRGY0Y3BHCPCJE0151315094400the best lip balm on the market hands downI love this lip balm and have been using it for around 10 years. It is the only lip balm that thoroughly quenches my dry lips and doesnt taste like soap! Inevitably some lip balm is going to get inside the mouth when using it, and this is fine as it tastes like coconut which I love! Not only that but the ingredients are safe - its not loaded up with chemicals like most. Its the perfect lip balm and I hope it never gets discontinued.... I simply cant go without it, and have never found a lip balm as awesome as this one!
403733403733B00120XR0MA2SFGZ6VQQQ7CAJones "washington"0131314489600Just so-soWith the ingredients listed I thought it would be buttery soft on my lips but it's not. Has little smell and a bit stiff. I won't buy it again.
403734403734B00120XR0MABT99EO1BEHOLKristin0141313539200Good stuff!I ordered this chap stick looking for something a little more natural that I could feel good about using. I like that it is certified organic, so I don't feel like I am digesting harmful unnecessary chemicals every time i lick my lips. It has nice mild taste, and goes on really silky.
403735403735B00120XR0MA36V8MUEM0I6AEHood Baby0141311206400Good and Bad, but more goodGood: It works wonders on skin. Face doesn't look oily + skin stays soft for longer period.

Bad: Smells awfully strong and not too pleasant (actually more like incense stick) so one star less.

Again good: That awfully strong smell disappears after first few minutes. (or that is what I think, will have to confirm with my husband on that)
403736403736B00120XR0MAZM1UHZRBVSS3Priscilla Forson0131299715200It's alrightIt smells nice, and has a thick consistency, but rather than call it a scrub, I'd call it a cleanser ; the particles meant to be scrubbing your face aren't big enough to do much scrubbing; if you want a very,very,very gentle scrub then this may be for you, but for those of you who have used the St.Ives Apricot scrub, and want something more effective then you should look elsewhere. On the plus side, it is partially organic, and natural, and as I mentioned earlier it smells nice. I just saw a review about how it smelled like rotten pineapples, and how it caused a pimple outbreak on the reviewer-I'm guessing it was either expired, or had gone bad so don't let that scare you away from trying it-you might like it. As for me,I need something with bigger particles so maybe I'll just do a homemade scrub with sugar-or better yet, I can add a little sugar to the scrub to make it more effective. Oh, and before I forget, my face did look a little brighter after I used the scrub. It isn't allthat bad, but it's just not what I was looking for in a scrub.
403737403737B00120XR0MA2034J7RK8ZIP8oceanlover461351305331200Best facial productThis has turned out to be one of the best facial products I have ever used.
I have bought some products for a much higher price that did not work as well.
It also has a very pleasant smell. I will try more of this manufacturer's products in the future.
403740403740B0029JU6WCA1D2UNTX8IROLONH Wifey "Wifey"0051313193600Good for travelingMy husband and I take at least 2 long road trips a year and like to make our coffee in the room when we get up (more like we HAVE to make our coffee in the room). These packets are easy to pack to take with us. Also, if you have trouble finding your coffee cup with the spoon from the sugar bowl, these can cut down on the mess on the counters.

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