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403831403831B000LKZ3I8A1750QMY7R1EJK. Lee0051313107200I love this milk!I love this strawberry milk. I used to have a problem digesting milk but I did not have any problem with this one and it is so tasty.
403832403832B000LKZ3I8ANYNGATL97915Curshellas0051290470400Tastes greatThis milk tastes really good, and keeps for a long time on the shelf. I have tried all of the flavors, but I like this one best. The portion is just enough to satisfy and get nutrients.
403833403833B000LKZ3I8AIQ8GTFRTEXLKNicole Kim "Simple Mom"0051281398400Great stuff. Taste fantastic. Hard to find.My son only drinks Horizon Strawberry milk, nothing else. He drinks one, sometimes two a day. I like that you do not have to refrigerate the milk, so easy to pack in his lunch box for school. It's s hard to find in the stores, so I order 3 cases a month just to be safe. It taste like strawberry milkshake with no after taste and it's white not pink. Best stuff.
403834403834B000LKZ3I8A3TW389ASS1GSCProvawnce0051256688000Great buy!Our 5 year old daughter loves these strawberry milk cartons. The ability to keep them in or out of the refrigerator makes them uniquely healthy and portable. They are a staple in her lunchbox and it is now common for her to grab one whenever we head out the door. Best of all, Amazon's price is the lowest (minus the occasional sale elsewhere) that we have found thus far and you don't even have to leave your home to get a case of them.
403835403835B000LKZ3I8A238GBJ8S5VODBP. Panda0041244073600Sugary SweetAs some other reviewers have noted. This flavor of Horizon milk is very sweet. I can only drink it cold in order to temper it's sweetness. But if you like easy on the go strawberry milk, this is definitely a good find.
403836403836B000LKZ3I8A268FJIKIXBKV6Jennifer Lin0041242259200Solution for anti-milk toddlerAfter nursing for about 15 months, my toddler wouldn't drink cow milk, soy milk, chocolate milk, etc... but somehow found the Horizon strawberry milk box fascinating and yummy. A good source of calcium and protein of course, plus very convenient. For kids who like to chew on their straws this one doesn't last very long and often sinks down all the way into the box. I usually toss the straw that comes with the box and use a taller, bendy straw instead.
403837403837B000LKZ3I8AH6FF8PRYQNP1DJDoDo "Photography for life!"0051236729600This is goot too!I have tried the chocolate version of this, but the strawberry is totally not bad! It tastes like strawberry ice-cream, if you know what I mean. Reminds me of childhood with strawberry milkshake. This is just perfect, organic, and yummy!
403838403838B000LKZ3I8A2B5J3W6V31KYYS. K. Rawani0051234483200Yummy and ConvenientHorizon organic milk tastes great, is nutritious and individual package helps for on the go. Doesn't have to be refrigerated before drinking and is good for a snack.
403839403839B000LKZ3I8A1NLQCU416R4CIStephanie Brooks "Cool Mom"0051227052800Great Stuff!This milk is fabulous tasting. My kids love it and drink it daily. I have found that amazon is the cheapest place to get it.
403840403840B000LKZ3I8A3IOJFI07CJVKOChristos D.0051222819200My daughter grew up with this milkMy daughter grew up with this strawberry milk. She started drinking it after we stopped formula. Even now, this is the only milk she likes. Excellent product. However, it is difficult to find in the local supermarkets and warehouses (they mostly have the chocolate flavor Horizon), especially in the multicarton package. I wish Costco and BJ's carried this strawberry-flavor Horizon milk.
403841403841B000LKZ3I8A1748L1K6VOMRGJeeeun Chwee0051209945600Good and tasty milkNice pack, good when the kids need to go out quickly.
doesn't need to be in the refrigerator. I bought this item when it was on sale, save some bucks compares to sam's club.
403842403842B000LKZ3I8AX6B6KLJAQRBIScott McVarish5811226361600Too much sugarThere is more sugar in this product per ounce than coca-cola. The same is true for the Vanilla version and I imagine the choc too. What is going on Horizon? Do you think parents don't read the small print? I am very disappointed in this brand and will not buy anything from it again.
403843403843B000LKZ3I8A21IM8H2W73M90Daniel Park "Check this out"1251207353600Horizon Organic Strawberry MilkHorizon Organic Reduced Fat Milk, Strawberry, 8-Ounce Cartons (Pack of 18)

I guess the product itself is O.K. However, I am concering the package handling. Since I ordered this product from Jan.2008 until today, already two shippments were arrived with some damage among monthly orders. As the result of that, I have to call Amazon customer service to replace those damage one. Other than than, I don't have any issues in terms of quality of product.
403844403844B000LKZ3I8AKK9LZH82ZM4UT. Lim "Just geting by..."1241205107200Not quite as healthy as you would thinkThey've replaced the corn syrup with organic cane juice which is slightly better I guess. Still wished they eliminated sweeteners entirely.

Old Review:
It's not bad at all, just that it has corn syrup in it. I think it's because it's strawberry flavored instead of plain milk.
403845403845B000LKZ3I8A1ECNAEOLVT6OBMatthew S. Staben "Big Daddy"2421213142400My Girls 4 and 5 will not drink this stuff!I bought an 18 pack of these a month ago. Twelve are left. I cannot get my girls to drink this stuff, even though they just love Quik Chocolate or Strawberry. To me, it tastes the same (and rather good) albeit sugary. Fortunately I paid $10 for the pack, and the expiration date is in August (it's now early June), so they'll drink it all eventually ...
403846403846B000LKZ3I8A1MRRMHGV3PN5WStacie L. Helsing "stacielc"2521216425600Not as good as chocolate versionMy husband and son both love strawberry milk, but neither of them cared for this one. Expired before less than half were drank. My son always wanted the chocolate one instead, even with a little prodding (just to use it up, it's not cheap!). My husband's comment was that it just was not strawberry to him.
403847403847B000LKZ3I8A2MHZNCGVI79U7F. Ather0331230681600Tastes good but poor nutritional qualityThe taste is great and this milk would probably good for young kids. However, I was expecting higher protein content since its milk, and unfortunately there is just way too much sugar.
403848403848B000LKZ3I8A1M5D0DG09UGVMBonne Maman11421186099200not really tasting any strawberryIt has a not unpleasant taste to it but it does not taste like a strawberry milkshake. I tried one carton from the local store and have decided not to buy this product again.
403849403849B000LKZ3I8AWT8KCWTED32SJ. Chun "JEAN"11511187654400DON'T BUY THIS MILK!!!!I received very dirty all black dusty soon to be expired one. I regret that I gave this to my boy.
403850403850B00126APBAA18MN7WH0MPGDFGazebo gal "1251251072000
403851403851B007SHLLH4A3NCUJLNQ5WXM7Blake L Pound1141334620800Mayonnaise for summerAt the summer grilling season is coming up I needed to stock up but I din't want any low grade ingredients (want to impress my friends and a cute neighbor) so I but Duke's. True to their word it was creamy. I took a star off because I usually like to spend under $500/jar even for better quality.
403852403852B003DSF3NUA30659ZNIQK4JPPKRobles "I am uncomplicated."3311310342400Do not buy this!I do not know how long the licorice was sitting on the shelf before they sent it to me but when we dropped one on the floor in the kitchen it actually shattered. They were so old. Some of my coworkers used them as spears and fun was had by many. But I think I would have rather eaten them.

This seller should be ashamed of their poor quality control. I did not send it back because it weighs a ton and shipping costs made it impractical to send back.

Please do not waste your money.
403853403853B0052986P0A1WB16T9C54TJWLord Jaxom0051345507200If Mom says it's good...I purchased this Tea for my mom because she can't have caffiene. I chose this brand because I was tired of looking, my Moom loves it and trust me she knows her Tea. She uses a Tea infuser to brew the tea and now only drinks this tea.
403854403854B000ILGG18ALMWXWBEFCBOBJohn P. Dawson2311318723200overpriced due to markupMore than doubling the retail price is hoggish. I wish Amazon exercised at least some control over resellers like this who hugely mark up products that can be bought elsewhere on the web, such as from the manufacturer. I recommend you shop around, both to save more than 50% of the price and in order not to support resellers like this. By the way, a similar review to this one was just removed from the website. I guess the reseller doesn't want it to be known how much they mark this product up...
403855403855B000ILGG18A3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051330300800Superb teaI discovered this tea at a local coffee shop. This is undoubtedly the best tasting mint tea that I can recall drinking. The mint flavor is much stronger than the ordinary peppermint tea that I buy in the supermarket.

However this is not peppermint tea, but a combination of mint flavors. The result is amazing.

The coffee shop served a huge 16 oz cup of tea. When I finished the first cup, I asked for a refill of hot water, and there still was enough strength left in the tea bag for another great cup of tea.

If you like mint tea that is robust, then you will love this tea.

Note: The rating on this product has unfairly been lowered by earlier reviews complaining about the price. However, the current price on Amazon of ten dollars plus a dollar for shipping is actually less than the current price with shipping on the Mighty Leaf website.
403856403856B000ILGG18A12HEH2OTU4LWBLisa West0051317772800Most delicious jasmine tea ever!!!I had this lovely tea at a local restaurant, and immediately came home to order some for home. The scent and flavor of the jasmine is heavenly, without being bitter or overpowering. Truly the best cup of jasmine tea I've EVER had. I can't wait for my order to get here!
403857403857B000ILGG18A27YK0RK0OT4IOP. S. Buchanan "PSB from MD"0051227398400A really delicious tea - lots of rich and unexpected flavorsThis is a really excellent tea with reach and subtle flavors. It's perfect almost any time of day, which is really nice.
403858403858B000ILGG18A3IKPUDXE73AV8Lola Rosny1211271721600APPALLING price -- greedyI love this tea. I am disgusted by the appalling mark-up this seller has put on it. A one pound bag of this very same Mighty Leaf Organic Earl Grey, loose leaf, is available directly on their Mighty Leaf website for $24. I love shopping through Amazon; it is simple, and I (generally) feel secure that I'm getting competitive pricing from an array of reputable dealers. I often don't bother comparing to outside sources... in this case I'm glad I did!
403859403859B001TKE2EAA110M0G0W8Y9N8Beansie0041330646400Very GoodThese are very good but I can find them in my local grocery for $3.00 a six count box and I thought that was over priced but this is just crazy over priced.
403860403860B001TKE2EAA35IALZ5GBYESQCorinne E. Crossley "Gizmo"0051315267200DeliciousThese Little cakes are absolutely declicious. They are very moist and a great snack that is low in calorie. Put this with ice cream and believe me they are very addictive.

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