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403891403891B003FDG4K4A335VIHBMS97YXAuntDeb0051348617600Best Mocha Protein DrinkOrgain's Iced Cafe Mocha is the best. Great taste and so perfectly light. A hint of coffee and chocolate makes this light protein drink great any time of the day. I drink one everyday, either before heading out in the morning to the aerobics class or as a healthy snack in the evening. I have been drinking the Orgain Mocha for years, purchasing them at local stores. July 2012 I ordered a 12 pack from Amazon. It was very easy to order with Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprized when the delivery date was sooner than expected.
403892403892B003FDG4K4A1L7VQ67MADA04ol0051348012800great productI was ecstatic to finally find a protein drink that was healthy. A drink that was organic, had additional nutrient value, had plenty of protein, and that tasted good! A drink that did not have artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten or any other added chemicals. Orgain has been very beneficial for my husband who is undergoing chemo. It was expensive for us given our medical bills but it was one of the only things he could keep down. I signed up to have 2 cases delivered a month by Amazon, thereby getting a discount for doing so. I received my shipment for two months. I then received an email from Amazon saying Orgain was not available anymore through Amazon. I subsequently received another email that stated it was available again. Great! But then I noticed no monthly discount and the price had jumped up considerably. What a huge disappointment. Orgain 5 stars...Amazon no stars.
403893403893B003FDG4K4A8J808KNJK4K4Dianna0051346976000Drink Every DayI've been drinking the Chocolate Orgain for breakfast every day for about 8 months now. It's quick, tastes just like chocolate milk to me, and leaves me full until lunchtime. I sometimes drink another in the evening after I workout. I do find it tastes better colder - I love sticking it in freezer for 15 minutes before drinking!

I sure hope Amazon carries this as a subscribe & save item again. I've found it locally at Whole Foods, and their sale price makes it comparable to the subscribe & save, but I miss the convenience of having it show up by the case at my door.
403894403894B003FDG4K4A1YOGWT0P3GV1YRAC0051346889600Great ProductOrgain is a better alternative then Ensure or Boost. It is all natural and low in sugar. I recommend it. However, the shipping costs are way to high.
403895403895B003FDG4K4A1YVNB9VRGMQBWRobert C. Ledbetter "ledpro"0051346889600Orgain, excellent productOrgain used as a meal supplement once a day is an excellent source of protein and other things the body needs to stay healthy.
403896403896B003FDG4K4AY5K2BKBFZLK5Natural Mama0051346803200LOVE it!!!Discovered Orgain when I was pregnant and making a long drive from Virginia to Florida. Orgain is delicious! It doesn't need to be refrigerated so it's great to keep in your bag for if you get hungry. I'm very conscious about what I eat and when I leave home for long periods I almost ALWAYS have Orgain with me. I'm crazy about Orgain!! :)
403897403897B003FDG4K4A2K251JWNW2163Charles broyles0051346457600OrgainI just had a heart bypass and my doctor recommended a diet high in protein to help build muscle mass after the surgery. I had never tried a supplement other than a multi-vitamin. I try to eat organic so I was told by a nurse that there was an organic protein drink on the market. I did some research and found that ORGAIN met my requirements. I've been drinking it for about two months now, at least one a day. Not only do they taste good, but they have helped me gain back a lot of the muscle mass that I lost during my hospital stay (almost two weeks). The only draw back to the product is the cost. Most protein supplements cost a little more than half the cost of ORGAIN, but being organic I guess justified the higher cost. I would highly recommend this product.
403898403898B003FDG4K4A19DZQ0021SKQ3No Lunch Break?0051345939200Problem Solved With OrgainSince I serve lunch, there's no time or space for a sandwich. I've been looking for something I can drink for lunch, but everything I encountered included unsavory ingredients and/or had a terrible taste. Orgain is one of the more expensive protein drinks but it's worth it. I don't get tired of the creamy vanilla bean flavor and the chocolate tastes like a frothy glass of chocolate milk. It fills me up without making me sluggish and is also a great boost when you need some fuel for working out.
403899403899B003FDG4K4AHHWJ1LJGN1A9C. Hazen0051345420800Love OrgainOrgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge is my favorite, but there is also a Mocha flavor that is also really good. The Mocha is not as thick as the Creamy Chocolate Fudge. I don't like the vanilla. The ingredients don't contain anything with chemical names like a lot of pre-packaged foods, and I like that it was created by a doctor who had cancer and wanted to create a healthy food.
403900403900B003FDG4K4A349ZYPHQS3DXCJeff0051345420800well balanced snack optionIt's hard to find a good snack drink with a healthy blend of fats, carbs, and protein. Orgain has a good balance of macros in an all-organic blend. And the creamy chocolate fudge is absolutely delicious - satisfies my chocolate cravings with no guilt!
403901403901B003FDG4K4AIP180YNMGCZXMary, the researcher0051345075200Sweet Vanilla BeanI love the sweet vanilla bean flavor. I drink it cold and in a glass with a straw. The protein sustains me for hours. I look forward to Orgain two times a day.
403902403902B003FDG4K4A1DAFWS98LQD2Rmarriediimuzik "ilovehousemuzik."0051344384000Orgain Or Bust.Orgain is delicious, all natural, organic and full of vitamins and minerals. Light tasting, it goes down easy and gives a nice does of protein and a bit of fiber. This is defiantly one of the best protein shakes out there health and taste wise. Vanilla Bean is my favorite and I usually like chocolate.
403903403903B003FDG4K4A1YH8MYZ8M934Mrobert0051343433600Excellent Taste and High ProtienOrgain Organic Sweet Vanilla Bean, 11-Ounce Container (Pack of 12) I would like to say that this product taste really good. I have tried other products and this is far better than anything we have tried. High in protein 16 grams. This is helping my recovery by adding extra protein to my diet. I will buy this again.
403904403904B003FDG4K4A1EH7MY1LOTYDZLarry Lawler0051343174400Great meal replacement shakeI love the taste of this shake, it is better than chocolate milk, and when I am hungry it talks away the feeling for a few hours. I have this shake setup now with Amazon auto-ship now, as the store called: mother's doesn't seem to keep in regular supply
403905403905B003FDG4K4A3VGBDMKPP7JAJKenneth Kadis0051343174400terrific productThis is the best meal replacement drink my wife and I have taken. We find ourselves ordering more in some months. It is healthy and nutritious.
403906403906B003FDG4K4A3K8XH8GNBEYRWSonny Tieu0051343088000GreatTasty and creamy. I feel refresh and pure because of Orgain! Thank you for the well being and healthy lifestyle!
403907403907B003FDG4K4A3WOJARQ9LJ31M. A. Williams0051342656000Yummy and Healthy too...what more could a person want?This is the very best meal replacement shake that I've ever found. All 3 flavors are great and the ingredients are fabulous. Get it really cold, shake it really good...and enjoy!
403908403908B003FDG4K4A1GOFNLVN89G2ZJ. V. Weller0051342310400Yummy!A tasty, filling, meal for me. I can go for 2-3 hours on just one of these. Buying it by the case on autoship so that I never run out, as my local store can't keep it on the shelves.
403909403909B003FDG4K4A3VGY4G2UF1OAnj12310051341878400Nutritious drinkAwesome Product for people on the go. I drink this at work with a meal and tastes great just like choclate milk!!! love it
403910403910B003FDG4K4ALYJQHP6DLCU6J. Parker0051341273600Awesome meals and snacks!My wife and I go through 1-2 cases of these a week. They are a wonderful meal replacement, and also make good high protein snacks in a hurry. I drink one for breakfast on my way out the door almost every work day. It comes in very handy that you don't have to refrigerate them until you want to drink, as you can keep a case in your office at work. They're organic and surprisingly tasty. I like all 3 flavors, although the iced mocha is my favorite. My wife prefers the chocolate.

I've tried several of the competing products, and these are my favorite taste-wise. They are also high in protein and low in sugars.
403911403911B003FDG4K4A2YLNC7H8Y5T95Chase "chase"0051341100800tastes greathas a good taste. it is a great breakfast drink and has a good amount of vitamins. i would however like to see more protein per container.
403912403912B003FDG4K4A2IED2SE43U3ZOJoel G Tucker0041340409600Chocolate sugary goodness.Leaves me full for several hours. We love this stuff. We don't love the sugar in it. Wish they'd sweeten it with stevia.
403913403913B003FDG4K4A222M29XBMIJEWLady "LA"0051340150400LOVE this drink!!It's a great addition to my breakfast. As I don't eat much meat, it helps round out my diet. I drink a 1/2 one each morning. I really like the chocolate, the vanilla is okay, but not my favorite. I have yet to try the mocha. Definitely recommend them!!

Amazon please resolve the issue quickly as I don't want to be without! My package was shipped just fine and all was well.
403914403914B003FDG4K4A2P8HX5AVZMG64Elizabeth L. Prevot0051339804800Excellent Tasting. Healthy for you.I have been using the product for over a year. I like all the flavors, but the vanilla is my favorite. Frequently, I drink it for breakfast. I highly recommend it. There is no after taste nor is it hard to digest. It seems to give me energy, as well. Drinking it cold brings out its best taste.
403915403915B003FDG4K4A1YL5ZVP3NJ96JPen Name0051339632000Best Thing EverBest Thing Ever. Try the chocolate first, then the iced cafe mocha then vanilla. Chocolate is by far the best. Even my two year old likes it. 10 servings of fruit and vegetables and 16g of protein. Can't beat it.
403916403916B003FDG4K4A3OEJ25U56620Hagt0051339459200reveiewi love this product that's why i have it on auto ship. satisfying and organic healthy and convenient will continue to order
403917403917B003FDG4K4A1O3VLVTND9GB3B0051339372800Orgain Creamy Chocolate FudgeI tried the Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge and was very happy with the taste. I use these as a meal on the go and they have been great. I always keep them refrigerated and pop one in the freezer before I drink it so it can be slightly slushy( if you leave it for too long you might end up needing to squeeze it out of the box though)...I also sometimes blend the shake with a banana, so tasty! It is a little pricey but I have yet to find something less expensive with the same quality and taste. Overall, I was happy enough with them to buy again. I might try the vanilla (because of other positive reviews) but for sure I will order some more chocolate.
403918403918B003FDG4K4A30COOYC4PR352inthemoment0051339200000YumThis is a super tasty protein drink with appropriate ratios of FAT/CHO/PRO and the ingredients list doesn't make me cringe. I drink these either before or after a workout. They always hold me through out, or if I drink them after they leave me satiated and not craving sugar or other quick energy foods.
403919403919B003FDG4K4A2K0CQ6XQP462Uva2dc0051338681600Excellent product!I love this drink! The ingredients are a very healthy mix of organic products and the chocolate flavor tastes delicious! I drink this one hour before the gym and it gives me plenty of energy to get through a heavy workout. All of this with only 16 grams of sugar. I just signed up to receive the product monthly, but will probably need that extra delivery every time. Give it a try - you won't regret it!
403920403920B003FDG4K4A20BF6X7XC8W37Scan820051338508800Amazing!I have been looking for a great tasting, ready-to-drink protein supplement that does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners give me a headache, I do not like the way they taste and they are horrible for you. This product tastes great, has 16 grams of whey protein and many additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from organic sources. I usually make a whey protein smoothy post work-out with unflavored whey (without all the added chemicals), but Orgain is great if you do not have time or are just looking for a meal replacement. The only con is that it is a little on the pricey side and is hard to find in stores, but if you look at all the ingredients, I think it is worth it.

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