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403951403951B003FDG4K4A33OJ9GJ5A98UKCarrie Bradshaw "love to shop"0051329177600Excellent!!I don't often review items on Amazon - but I felt I had to contribute on this product. This is the very first protein drink that I don't have to force myself to drink. They are perfect! I love the Chocolate and the Mocha and am ready to try the new Vanilla. They are best served ice-cold. I have spent many dollars on protein drinks and powders and many of them I've thrown away because I couldn't stand the taste - these are the absolute best I have ever had and I will continue to purchase them on auto-ship!!
403952403952B003FDG4K4A1EKMU8C75CT0WL. Ruble0041328572800Pretty goodI haven't tried a whole lot of meal replacement drinks, mainly just slim-fast and special k, but this one tastes pretty good. It does have a slight "chalky" smell to it, but its not grainy tasting like the others. If it actually keeps me full in the mornings until lunch then I plan to up this to a 5 star, but for now it gets a 4.
403953403953B003FDG4K4A355VBQAKCY7DTChad B Abruzzo0051328054400LOVE ITits the best meal Replacement on the market today!!!.. it just the best healthiest RTD out there.. its great when u r on the go and dot have time to actually eat a meal... and its great for breakfast.. its also a great post/recovery work out drink as well..
403954403954B003FDG4K4A1GE0QMZAWIPNSshelster0051324425600Best Organic meal replacementThis product tastes great. Perfect for those on the go meals. I add ice frozen strawberries and berries for a great tasting smoothie that keeps you full for hours. Did you know it was invented by a doctor! Yes! Perfect product for my Mom, it provides protein, vitamins and minerals needed for a well balanced diet. Can be refrigerated or left a room temperature. Wish it were sold at airports or offered as a choice on airplanes. Try it! I have it on auto ship, from Amazon of course.
403955403955B003FDG4K4A21LLTNZIINQIUSexykitten270051323043200Taste like coconut!I love this protein shake! It taste like coconut and vanilla. I love the fact that it's organic and that it has multiple vitamins in this shake. It is very light tasting, compared to the kellogs protein shakes.
403956403956B003FDG4K4A2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary0051323043200Another great flavorSo glad to find these. My daughter is doctoral student with heavy schedule and celiac--these are so perfect for her to grab as a high quality snack. She likes the other two flavors (vanilla and chocolate also). So wonderful that they are gluten free. Not too sweet. Glad I 'pre-ordered' as this flavor seems perpetually sold out. Amazon makes it so easy to send little treats like this to my daughter who is several states away.
403957403957B003FDG4K4A1LQARKFX504K9ang42560051322438400protein drinkThis drink is very tasty and full of nutrition. I highly recommend this drink for anyone. The chocolate flavor Orgain is yummy too. Used this to make protein shakes too.
403958403958B003FDG4K4A25QXPA7DBP57NLL California "LL"0051322438400excellent, but remember to shake it up firstJust stumbled upon this drink. I really like it. Not so sweet or grainy as many other protein drinks. However you do need to remember to shake it up before you drink it.
403963403963B003FDG4K4A1GORGFZSLFZRHRegularOnlineShopper222451294790400Great tasteThis tastes like real chocolate milk! I've tried Slim-Fast, Muscle Milk, and other protein shakes, but I can't stand anything that has sucralose, aspartame, or any other artificial sweetener - they leave a nasty after-taste. Orgain doesn't have any of that artificial stuff and it tastes great.
403959403959B003FDG4K4A1NR5M5F40JSOYAli0051321488000Must Have Every Day!I absolutely love, love, love this protein drink! Not all whey protein is the same. This is a far superior product to any others on the market today. Something that tastes this good, is actually good for you? Yep! I split mine each morning with my 18 month old as a nutritional supplement. He loves it too! I am a chocolate fan, but have really taken a liking to the vanilla too. Can't wait to try the mocha. I would probably drink all three flavors for each meal.
403960403960B003FDG4K4A2ZHJJWAQLZ5J7Karla Tonella0051321401600Best meal replacement drinkVery carefully thought out recipe with good, balanced nutrition and good taste. This one does not leave a chemically aftertaste because it doesn't use artificial sweetener. It doesn't have to be refrigerated until just before you plan to drink it so you can save quite a bit buying in bulk and even more buying by subscription. I like all the flavors but Mocha is my favorite.
403961403961B003FDG4K4A1SAAR7VKI8XUGjimk0051320883200Excellent tasteThis is the best protein/meal replacement I've ever tasted. The taste reminds me of the Silk chocolate soy milk. It's nice to be able to grab this out the fridge and drink breakfast on the go. Leaves me full till lunch.
403962403962B003FDG4K4A2BMFOZSEXR9OTAbby Mann404351286928000Best Tasting and Healthiest Ready to Drink Meal Replacement ShakeI've been searching since the days that Kashi stopped producing their meal replacement shake mix for something that tastes just as good and is just as good for you. I've tried both available flavors of Orgain and I find the chocolate to have no remnant of soy protein in its taste. The shake tastes great at room temp and amazing chilled. I appreciate that there's some remnants of veggies and fruit in the shake too.

Potential downsides:
It's not all oil, sugar, and protein....although its mostly that... So it's not exactly as good as sitting down and eating a sandwich. The shake is only made in pre-measured little boxes so there's no opportunity to save some money with a tub of a dry mix. The shakes are expensive too. The trade off is better ingredients, instead of unpronounceable and artificial junk found in say, Slimfast (although that too is mostly oil, sugar, and protein...just from worse ingredient sources). The shake is also not vegan if that's something you're looking for. There's currently only 2 flavors of the shake too, so if variety's your thing, this isn't a good shake to try out long term.

I still rate this 5 stars for the ingredients, the taste, and the fairly extensive nutrition content. I wish this had more veggies and fruit in it though...vs. 50 mg each of a fruit and veggie blend.
403964403964B003FDG4K4A2TRWV1MSEEBUOJMSD81161711348704000Sad they changed the formulaI was the biggest Orgain fan, purchasing many cases a month. They have recently changed the formula and the new taste is bad and very different. Also, they've removed the antioxidant complex. They also added a sweetener - Stevia which I don't understand. Usually, sweeteners are added to make products taste better, not worse. I wish they'd wouldn't have messed with a great thing.
403965403965B003FDG4K4A3BUPZKRXXAJFEmma Marie8841348704000They changed the ingredientsHere are the new ingredients from the label of Creamy Chocolate Fudge...

"Filtered water, Orgain Organic Protein Blend (Organic Whey Protein Concentrate, Organic Grass Fed Milk Protein Concentrate), Orgain Organic Carbohydrate Blend ( Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Rice Syrup Solids), Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Natural Flavors, Organic Inulin, Organic Guar Gum, Organic Arabic Gum, Xanthan Gum, Organic Rice Bran Extract, Sodium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Carrageenan Gum, Sea Salt, Organic Stevia

Orgain Vitamin Blend: Tocopherol Acetate, Sodium Ascorbate, Zinc Gluconate, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Copper Gluconate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Cholecalciferol, Cyanacobalamin, Magnesium Sulfate.

Orgain Organic Veggie Blend: Organic Kale, Organic Beet, Organic Spinach, Organic Carrot, Organic Tomato (50mg)

Orgain Organic Fruit Blend : Organic Blueberry, Organic Banana, Organic Acai, Organic Apple, Organic Rasberry (50mg)"


Significant changes - Zinc Gluconate instead of Zinc Sulfate (Zinc Gluconate has longer shelf life and is not as readily absorbed as Zinc Sulfate), Evaporated Cane Juice is first in Carbohydrate Blend instead of Brown Rice Dextrins, no more Antioxidant Blend, Sodium Selenate is gone, more various "Gums", no more Soy Lecithin, Stevia is a sweetener now as well... Also there is now 1g of Saturated Fat where before there was 0g...

It still tasted fine to me, I put 4 stars instead of 5 because they took out the Antioxidant Blend :-(
403966403966B003FDG4K4AEO28GCRYC871texasgrandma111251294099200Best Protein DrinkLove this creamy chocolaty protein drink and so impressed with the ingredients. So healthy and tastes like chocolate milk. Not chalky. Filling and delicious. Now I want to try the vanilla flavor.
403967403967B003FDG4K4A2WB1DX3LYLJZGRivka7751317081600Delicious & Easy while Pregnant or Breastfeeding!I currently have 9 month old breast feeding twins, so protein is a huge need for me, as it was during my pregnancy.

It can be really hard to consume the full amount of protein that pregnant ladies should have. Orgain makes this important task so much easier and yummy! I would drink one right before bed and kept one on my bedside table (yes they actually taste great at room temp) and drink it the moment I woke up. I believe that this was a huge part of me not getting morning sickness. That's not even counting the few I always had stashed in the car for when I got stuck in traffic.
Now that I'm breast feeding, they are just as important to my daily nutrition. Specially great when you need something fast but you are stuck in bed or have hands full of baby. I could feed me, while I fed them.
It is really good to know that I can do all this without consuming fake sugars that can be dangerous to my babes or lots chemicals that most commercial shakes have. This shake has a great wide array of the good stuff and little or none of the bad.

Amazon Subscribe & Save gives you pretty much the best price I have ever found.

Great Uses:

* Put them in coffee at home, wow!
* Make them the base of a larger blender smoothie
* On your bedside for late night breastfeeding refueling
* On your bedside for morning sickness prevention
* In you diaper bag for mommy fuel
* Glove box for getting thru traffic thats makes you late for meals
* Frozen as a desert!
403968403968B003FDG4K4A13N4MFCLTCO7CP. Jones6651288310400LOVE this stuff!SO glad to see this on Amazon with free super saver shipping! I tried Orgain after reading Dr. Julian Whitaker's
glowing recommendation. I was most pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is, especially considering all the healthful ingredients it contains. I found it at my local health food store and continue to keep it on hand. It is great icy cold but is also good at room temperature, making it handy to toss in a bag or purse while going out and about for those who need a snack or have to miss a meal for one reason or another. When I need to leave the house early, I stick a straw in the container and sip it for my breakfast as I drive. My daughter-in-law who has GERD found that she tolerated Orgain well. Love both flavors but the vanilla has the edge.
403969403969B003FDG4K4A23EK1WPVKWS8Raleonard111311348617600Not as good as it was beforeI have been a longstanding and enthusiastic customer of Orgain for many years, subscribing to several cases per month. I was quite dismayed to realize that they changed the formulation. The change in taste was immediately obvious and it was NOT for the better. I compared the old with the new list of ingredients and there are a number of changes. I wish they hadn't messed with a good thing. I practically lived on Orgain before and now I can barely choke it down. It just doesn't taste good any more. Yuck!! I need to find an alternative!!
403970403970B003FDG4K4A2CORQMI89WDRLady "ooelem"5551288828800Organic OrgainAfter my first drink I was hooked on Orgain creamy chocolate fudge.
I had been looking for an organic protein shake and came upon this brand by accident. The 10 servings of fruits and vegetables is bonus. I wish it was lactose free. Though I handle it better that pure milk.
It taste like regular chocolate milk and is heavenly when chilled. I find it an excellent meal replacement but I think one a day is sufficient due to it being very rich.
It comes in a tetra pak and it feels different than drinking from a soda can so I prefer to pour the drink into a glass.
Orgain is pricey $3.49 Bartells, $3.30 Amazon and $2.99 Whole foods. It is cheaper than a sandwich for lunch.
For a chocolate lover like me Orgain gives me my daily chocolate fix.
403971403971B003FDG4K4A2F1DXXPWCE98HAEJ5551285977600The best protein drinkWe've tried lots of protein drinks over the years, but this one is the best we've ever had. It tastes great and it's good for you (no fake sugars, no bad-for-you fats, lots of vitamins and minerals). In no other dimension would you catch me eating beets, but supposedly they're in this drink. I sure don't taste it if that's true! It would be nice if there were a bit more fiber, but 2g isn't horrible. The only true negative for this product is the price. They are very expensive; however, for a ready-to-drink meal, it's the easiest, most convenient and tastiest alternative we've found. The vanilla flavor is most popular in my family, but I like the chocolate one, too. Overall I don't think you can go wrong with this drink.
403972403972B003FDG4K4A1CE8HP80BKQX6kc0051320883200Finally...a great protein drink!!This is honestly the first protein drink I've ever had that I absolutely love! It's rich and chocolatey, and it doesn't leave that horrible chalkiness in your mouth like nearly every other protein drink. It tastes pretty similar to a good, rich chocolate milk. It was recommended to me by my doctor, but I was skeptical of trying yet another protein drink that I'd waste my money on. I bought one container at a local store to give it a try. I'm in love! I'm not sure what exactly Orgain has done to make this taste so great, but with organic ingredients, I'm not sure I care. I 100% recommend this to anyone - even if you're skeptical of protein drinks. Haven't yet tried the vanilla or mocha, but looking forward to doing so.
403973403973B003FDG4K4A2ZMVFZT3U1ASIArchAngel "Wowwie"0051320710400Amazing Drink!!!Amazing Drink!!! Just give it one try and you wont regret it!! I have one in the morning and it keeps me full until lunch. Customer Service is amazing too!!!
403974403974B003FDG4K4A139CRTSXTBIU6Grace Salzer "British Import"0041320624000Excellent effort on flavour!To say this organic, low sugar, filled with a ba-jillion good things, it really tastes quite good! I got it on sale to try it out. Vanilla was very tasty. Not sure I would buy again though mainly for the price. But I would definitely recommend it!
403975403975B003FDG4K4A3CPXOY8U8GT99Michelle Twain0051319932800Pretty awesomeI drink this in the morning with my coffee (great combo). Absolutely delicious and satisfying. I take it with me to work and since I spend a lot of time in my car, it has proven to be a great way to have lunch without having to resort to fast food or other less desirable choices. Also very good before and after exercise. I will continue to reorder. The price is right. Just think about how much you spend for a cup of coffee from you know who or for a decent sandwich.
403976403976B003FDG4K4A91R4HKQBM91E0tk4210051318464000Tastes so much better than a "health drink"Firstly, the health benefits: It's only about 250 calories and has just about every vitamin, mineral, and other healthy thing you can stick in it, not to mention it's organic. (I also LOVE that they aren't in plastic bottles). There are a gajillion other things I could say, but really you just need to read the nutrition info for yourself. I bought these to drink for breakfast since I am rarely hungry enough to eat actual food in the mornings and I was pleasantly surprised by how GOOD they taste (Very fudgey.) I am now somewhat obsessed with these and find myself craving them when I'm not in the mood for a big meal, or when I'm sick and I don't want solid foods. They keep me full for at least 2 hours, not as much as a real meal, but plenty for breakfast. I can't seem to find these in stock at any nearby stores, which is fine since you automatically get super saver shipping on these, but beware that the price will skyrocket when they're backordered (these things are like liquid gold). I can't start my morning without these anymore and insist on dragging them with me on vacations and trips. Beware the vanilla flavor though, which I hated so much that I threw them away (no one would take them off my hands). They were lumpy and left a gross after taste. I haven't tried the mocha flavor since I'm not into coffee, but it sounds like it would be good if you are a coffee drinker! I hope they come up with some other flavors to try!
403977403977B003FDG4K4A14O11CKPLPFOGS. BHAT "Budget Man"0051318464000Best Protein ShakeAmazon sent these ready to drink protein shakes which had issues, the protein had separated (or maybe curdled) I shook the container for a minute or so and was not bad, but still felt weird about it. I contacted Orgain and they said Amazon might have some warehouse storing issues, they right away replaced the product and the difference between what Orgain sent and amazon sent was the difference between a very refreshing drink and (drink is ok, why these amazing reviews). This drink really fills me up, I usually drink this in the evening with dinner (steamed veggies, fruits). Helped me reduce my weight. I highly recommend this drink to everyone, just look at the ingredients, all natural, organic & simply amazing. Excellent Customer service from Orgain too. I wish I could give 1 star for amazon's service and 5 stars for orgain when I ordered the first time. BTW I have ordered more of these RTD shakes from amazon and this time I think they got it right! I only wish this drink would come in quart size and becomes more economical for busy people. This product will be part of my diet for a long time, my wife loves it too! I will try the Mocha variety next time. Again Orgain thanks for this great product.
403978403978B003FDG4K4A1Q4W8LQHX5T1MFrenchfry0051316908800Fabulous Organic Meal Replacement DrinkI am totally sold on the Orgain nutritional meal replacement drinks. Creamy Chocolate Fudge is my very favorite but the Vanilla Bean is super also. They are quick, delicious and very satisfying. I drink one each day before I leave for work and it keeps me until lunch time. I often drink another one for lunch. You never know before you purchase something if it is going to be good but, let me tell you, you will not be disappointed with the Orgain organic meal replacements. The taste is superior. They are also a wonderful company to deal with if you have a problem or question. Thank you Orgain for a wonderful product. I'll keep drinking them!
403979403979B003FDG4K4ACJJFLR39A5RKAndrew J. Ford "natty athlete"0051316908800Best and most nutritious 'meal replacement!!!"Hands down, this is simply the best protein/meal replacement I've ever had. They use real fruit extracts and wholesome ingredients. Aside from these nice points, it tastes great; like a milkshake you would make for yourself. No nasty/gritty taste of powdered protein or chalky powder taste. Just all goodness. My favorite flavor is Ice Cafe Mocha, but I will happily settle for the Creamy Chocolate Fudge until I can get the other from Amazon! I thank Orgain 3 times a day for creating this beverage!!!!
403980403980B003FDG4K4AWD0I113DDMWUE. Holmes "snack bar connoisseur"0051315094400Love OrgainJust read the ingredients label....fantastic! So far I have tried the chocolate and vanilla and I signed up for auto-ship. Orgain is delicious and makes a great breakfast for on-the-go people. Also, if your children don't always want to eat breakfast, this would be perfect drink on their way to school. It is very filling and I like knowing that it is a healthy choice. The auto-ship is a lot cheaper than the store prices, and you get free shipping!

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