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404131404131B000LKWUXEA3F3EU9XVZ81SCDWAI1121319673600Too much like Regular potato chipsI think the texture is more like lays potato chips than kettle chips. They are alright obviously taste is subjective
404132404132B000LKWUXEA1D4LKLS239X8EJane Brunton "gardener"1131255219200potato chipsI didn't care for the chips very much, but I took most of them to work and the group thought they were like Tim's and they were a hit with them.
404133404133B000LKWUXEA2CJHS730TJCDGH. L. Murphy "artistry"1151251936000Good to the last chip!The Boulder malt vinegar & sea salt potato chips are very good, the flavor is different and very tasty. It is a good snack, maybe a bit too much salt, but great for something to eat between meals, to satisfy a craving. Try them, you'll like them.
404134404134B000LKWUXEA2CCCAASTRBA0AJ. McMillan1151238889600Can't eat full salt anymoreI tried these because I can't find no salt/reduced salt in my area. These are so good. It amazes me that they have 50 percent less salt but still taste good. After eating these, its impossible to eat full salt chips again. Just wish the bags weren't half filled.
404135404135B000LKWUXEA1H0S6L9T07S9DA. Golden2311242000000Not so greatI bought these because I saw other ratings, and I wish that I just stuck with the Kettle chips I knew I loved. Now I have 35 bags left and don't know what to do with them.

Taste was almost buttery... rather than salt and vinegar.
404136404136B000LKWUXEA10SI7JG6ID18Hpueblodems0051329091200Great chipsvinegar and sea salt chips are the absolute favorite in our office. We were surprised to discover that the ones we recieved from you are much fresher than the ones we had been buying.
404137404137B000LKWUXEA1BDBKBLUA005Chad0031314835200SubtleIf you want a lot of "pow!" in the way of salt and vinegar....this is not your bag of chips. By that I mean that the malt vinegar flavor is fairly subtle. It has a slight sweetness like you'd figure from malt vinegar. The chips are nice and crispy, however smallish, which is fine for a small bag as such. Overall...good flavor, salty enough, slightly tangy/sweet. I shall very much enjoy the remainder of the case I bought, but may try a case of something else in seek of something with a little more bang. Having said that, I appreciate that they use real malt vinegar solids and sea salt. Unlike some "kettle type chips" that use cheap acid variants that simulate the salt and vinegar flavor, but leave your mouth and tongue feeling like you swabbed your mouth out with sandpaper.
If you like Salt and Vinegar chips, they are certainly worth a try to see if they fit your taste.
404138404138B000LKWUXEAJ15LYBWB9EYCCharles Brennan "chuckie"0051313712000BC 50% reduced SaltReviews on this site! says malt vinegar and sea salt. Watch out! This is only reduced salt in gray bag.
Taste is good.
404139404139B000LKWUXEA3BL7QBJ2IJ2B2Chaffee Cline "BeeFree"0051312416000warning: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE !!!These are the best chips ever made, hands down. I dont buy them by the bag...I buy them by the box... soooo good... these are great at parties because wont have to worry about people not liking the food... they will love these...excellent for movies instead of popcorn...
404140404140B000LKWUXEA3QU3KM3IYWHIFJ. Winters0031308528000Good flavor, too saltyThe malt vinegar flavor is a nice change from typical vinegar chips, but it's unfortunately overpowered by the salt. My husband tried these and agreed they were too salty. We did enjoy the chips and had no trouble finishing an entire 10 oz bag, but I wish they'd cut the salt a bit. It's just unnecessary and really detracts from the vinegar flavor.
404141404141B000LKWUXEA1UDDDSVWA9VFRlaurenbeach0051295827200Best potato chips ever inventedMy fiancee and I discovered these chips at a Whole Foods in Denver last summer.
They are literally the best tasting potato chips I have ever had.
I can't find then where I live in Maryland, so I ordered a case of them from Amazon.
They are just as good as I remember!
404142404142B000LKWUXEA2U49IFXRJMNUXFrugalFreak0051292457600Salt & Cracked Pepper Canyon Cut. OMG The Best Chips I've Ever Had By Far. DeleciousThese chips are/were Delicious, I wish I had ordered more while they were on sale. These chips are similar to ruffles but better seasoning. the salt is just right and the robust pepper gives it a "umph" that tantalizes your toungue but not spicy hot. These have a built-in overindulgence system, too much and the pepper becomes overbearing thus limiting your intake. I tripped the system many times.

Only complaint is my chips were all broken up, I really do like a whole chip rather than scraps in bottom. they were like that in many bags. If Boulder can't fix that maybe they should package in cannisters like pringles.

But taste is SOOOO Good, You won't regret ordering these. I would say these are for adults rather than kids due to sophisticated seasonings.

Seems like this flavor is discontinued or out of stock. Sea salt & cracked pepper may be similar.
404143404143B000LKWUXEA1LR6QFHJIZLY2L. V. Solano0041284940800All Natural Potato ChipsThis is now the 2nd time that I have ordered this product & I have enjoyed the tast of the potato chips. If you are looking for something different to try then consider this one.
404144404144B000LKWUXEA2T8LMQGKCGDQ3foodlvr610051269561600delicious potato chipsDelicious and tasty potato chips .. love the malt vinegar flavor.
404145404145B000LKWUXEA5FVX0Z1KT6D4F. Kelly0051268179200Excellent Chips !!!The 'Malt' Vinegar is what sets these chips apart from other Salt & Vinegar chips........ These are the best...... Will Buy Again!!!
404146404146B000LKWUXEA2WD3U1PDTVT11P. Highland "ph hiker"0051252454400after hiking chips!!These are the best chips on the market, there hardy and very flavorful. The MALT vinegar adds an extra zing,but best of all there not to salty. The kids even like them, they can't wait to get more in the mail. Best eaten after a nice Hike or run, you won't be able to get enough! Chomp away!
404147404147B000LKWUXEA2NVAGB5ZV1QH7D. Lyda0041249603200good chips but....Good chips, i will purchase them again but they are kind of weak on BBQ floavor. it could be kicked up and still have great flavor. but still a good chip and kind of small for the price, but still good.
404148404148B000LKWUXEA25OO51I9T9XA3Kent Hutchinson "Tropic Moon 2"0051245196800Crunchy ChipsVery good crunchy potato chips. Haven't tried the other flavors yet but this one is a winner!
404149404149B000LKWUXEA1FDZLHWVR70VKLMK-A "bargain sleuth, freebie freak"0051242950400Best Salt & Vinegar that I've ever tasted!These are amazing! They're intensely craveable! I just adore them. Give them a try using Subscribe & Save, and save money while treating your mouth to these great chips. That way, you can have them sent again whenever you want, and never pay shipping, and still enjoy the 15% discount! This is the ultimate in convenient scrumptiousness!
404150404150B000LKWUXEA2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao0041241740800Can't get enough of them....As a fan of ruffled potato chips, these are more than acceptable, and our household went through them very quickly.
404151404151B000LKWUXEA2RJTN2N8ZGZ4JNorthwest Reviewer0051236902400Perfect potato chips!I've been a fan of kettle chips for over 20 years--and have always remained loyal to the original Kettle brand. I've sampled many other brands but never found one I liked as well.

Well, now I've found a new favorite. Boulder Canyon kettle chips are even better than the original! They're very crisp & crunchy, with a delicious taste, and best of all, they have a lighter touch on the oil as well as the salt. And, there are no overcooked chips. The only way they could be better is if they were made from organic potatoes.

Try them; you'll like them!
404152404152B000LKWUXEA30ARMF3JEKEJYT-Bone "T-Bone"0011235433600Crappy chips, deflated bags, no kettle texturechip bags were deflated (may be altitude issues during transportation?)and just overall crappy. These were the flattest bags of chips I've ever seen and I'm not sure if they're the greatest ever usually, but the way I received them, there was no kettle crunch or crunch of any kind. Boulder does make good kettle chips and I'm pretty sure it's just the canyon cut that sucks so bad.
404153404153B000LKWUXEA3KN3UXP20LY09Pawnurface0051230595200Great Barbeque Chips!These chips are the best barbecue chips I have ever had the pleasure of devouring. Boulder also make great salt and vinegar chips. This brand and Kettle chips are the best. They arrived to my door fast and were devoured by my friends and I almost just as fast.
404154404154B000LKWUXEA3D7FUBG14QWKXLinda0111257206400TerribleThese were so greasy that they bottom of the bag was stained from the oil. Also, they didn't taste like Jalepno/Cheddar. They tasted like old bacon.
Don't waste your money on these.
404155404155B000LKWUXEA3RQ50PV98SP99sometimes shopper0141257120000No rosemaryI am a big fan of rosemary, so I was excited to order these chips. They are good, but you taste the balsamic vinegar, not rosemary. Another positive: My picky eater (6 years old) liked them too, and I do anything I can to get him to try new flavors.
404156404156B000LKWUXEA2489M0NYX8SJRJohn Mccool0131224115200Canyon CutThis picture is misleading. I bought thinking it would be the sea salt and cracked pepper chip like pictured. However, I received a box of canyon cut salt and pepper. I like the canyon cut, but not nearly as much as the sea salt and cracked pepper. I'm waiting for amazon to have them in stock.
404157404157B000LKWUXEA3KN3UXP20LY09Pawnurface0231252886400Where's the cheese?These are ok, it's more of a sweet with spicy flavor. I can taste the jalapeno and a sweet/sugar flavor, but I don't taste any cheese flavor. It's closer to a barbecue flavor. These chips are ok tasting, but nothing special.
404158404158B000LKWUXEA2D9F69KOAW9GAD lynn "D lynn"0211226448000likewiseI had the same experience, except that I do not like the canyon cut variety. I did not receive a clear answer as to when Amazon will know whether or not the chips in the warehouse are canyon cut vs. original cut.
404159404159B0009VCWREA2OPFFAB1IJ54Qpigeon470051330992000much neededThis is a product that is good to have handy, and i keep a pack on my desk, in my car and in my bag. Thanks
404160404160B001PLLINGA1JW13BUVI6NLHS E ROSE "SARAH ROSE"0051297382400He loved itI sent this for my boyfriend to get by Valentines Day. I was very surprised how fast it got there, before Valentines Day! He really liked the treats inside and the packaging he said was very nice.

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