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438824438824B005HGAV8IA1HUSTP83Y9IQEklub071151339632000Just what we wantedI never write reviews. Ever. I had to write one for this product because I just ordered my second round we liked it so much! I read all the reviews prior to ordering, so I knew how the packaging would be. Yes, it arrived all jumbled up in a box (tossed around, is more like it). Didn't bother the coffee cups, so it didn't bother me. Went through and noticed a few ciders which on the cooler days here I didn't end up minding at all. Depending on how serious you are about your coffee, which we are, we enjoyed trying all the new brands and flavors. It would become a joke to my husband and I as we'd text each other throughout the day to tell the other if we liked our kind for that day. We'd race to get the last one if there were more than one! Yes, there are a few repeats, but we liked that. We felt the variety was very pleasing and it didn't bother us that we had three or four of one kind. We're not fans of certain ones, but we'll drink them just because it's fun. I think for the amount you're paying for this many k cups, you can't beat it! Enjoy, know you'll get some ciders tossed in possibly and some doubles (triples even) of this mix. I'll let you know what comes in my next "variety" pack!
438825438825B005HGAV8IA1C2JTFFYD0C5MJ. Daniels "zippity do dah"1141339459200Like the mix of flavorsLike the mix of flavors but you probably pay more for the assorted selection. Still very pleased with my purchase.
438826438826B005HGAV8IATN9Y4DWOC036Maurice Martin ""Nonnie""1151339372800Hard to decide.So many flavors it's hard to pick one. They are all delicious and hard to pick a favorite. So easy to use, coffee is ready in a flash.
438827438827B005HGAV8IA3TURAZB643GT5Lorily1151339372800coffee lovers need thisThese K-Cups really give you a good choice to decide if there is one you would like. Personally I liked them all. For the price it is a reasonable bargain.
438828438828B005HGAV8IA1TWE8IFJ45BV1Brent Ray1151338854400Coffee, coffee, coffee!I found the variety to be very diverse. There were about 15 different types of coffee, with about two cups of each type. Very much looking forward to getting through these!
438829438829B005HGAV8IA3KGZIJ6E92Z6RB Lowry1141338249600Good stuffI found some new ones Samples that I had not tried before. They were very enjoyable and my husband and I find ourselves battling for our favorites.
438830438830B005HGAV8IA1OPANC63IEVEIbgdean1151337299200CoffeelicousHow often can you say you ordered something and not only got what you ordered but it was better than expected. Some of the flavors we choose were unknown to us but each one was better than the last. The variety was great and the price was reasonable. Can't wait to order our next case.
438831438831B005HGAV8IA22OO3N3PWXXDOmrsbullfrog1151337212800What a GREAT mix!I read all of the reviews about this product BEFORE placing my order and I was little hesitant. I did order it and WOW, WOW, WOW am I glad I did! I got a GREAT assortment of coffees - mostly 2 of each flavor which is great - one for me and one for hubby. Whatever Crazy Cups has done to improve - it's working! I'm so glad I gave them a chance! And I will CERTAINLY order from them again!!
438832438832B005HGAV8IA39WHLDRS3L10QM. Smith1141337212800Great to try new flavorsReceived my order very fast. Granted there was no fancy packaging but they all arrived safe and sound. Received. Many different flavors from apple cider to Jamaican coffee. I loved trying the different flavors to see what I like so I could continue buying that flavor. Did not like blueberry but love cinamon roll and southern pecan. I would recommend it if you want to try new flavors
438833438833B005HGAV8IAZQA8ZIGS01FGteejay1131337040000CoffeeI enjoyed most of the coffee in this but several I did not. It has a good assortment and will depend on ones taste.
438834438834B005HGAV8IA68CSKRK4XJBXStephanie1151336694400Great selectionI was a little concerned after reading so many negative reviews but I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. The selection was great. It does seem to be hit or miss, though, looking at the variety of reviews, so that's something to keep in mind. I'm not picky and didn't mind having some similar flavors (there were several "French Vanilla" from different brands).
438835438835B005HGAV8IATZTIU71681SORia Darling1151334275200Great selection and flavorsWhatever problems this order used to have seem to be resolved. All the cups arrived in perfect condition and the expiration dates are far enough out. There was a great selection and maybe 4 or 5 dupes. Brands included Green Mountain, Wolfgang Puck, Gloria Jean, Donut House and yes, Folgers. All were flavored and there was an awesome selection, including hazelnut, vanilla, carmel, kahlua etc.
Would def order this again-great value for the money and great selection.
438836438836B005HGAV8IA1YI5LMK7F4BRLSusan1151334275200great variety and flavors!A wide variety of flavors and brands and handful of "crazy" flavors that will be fun to try,too. Only 5 flavors were duplicates, so great variety over all. Have liked all of them so far!
438837438837B005HGAV8IA2I5KDNOESGJ1HTJ1151334016000variety galoreThis is my favorite item to order for my Keurig. There are so many flavors, my finicky palate never gets bored! The only downside is there are probably 5-6 decaf varieties. I don't drink decaf (I REQUIRE copious amounts of caffeine), so they sit on the shelf...
438838438838B005HGAV8IA2A43PXOSN08KOJ. Flieg "ERJ MOM"1131332460800Not as many as indicated . . .I had ordered a box of 35 but there were only 31 in the box. Flavors were a good mix, but paid for 4 more cups!!
438839438839B005HGAV8IA1IPKWXNSXY3DXMichelle Kinney1121331856000Hit and Miss - mine was a missIt seems like whether or not this (or any of the other Crazy Cups samplers) are worth it depends on the day and who packs your orders. I wasn't one of the lucky ones - over half of what I received were a vanilla flavor. Sure, I've got vanilla cappuccino, regular vanilla from three coffee manufacturers, vanilla iced-coffee, decaf vanilla... I assume they were out of the other flavors that day and substituted all vanilla. Quite a disappointment since I was hoping to try a variety of flavors before deciding what to order.
438840438840B005HGAV8IA2TJWMCTKTPZFYLiz A.1151331337600Very satisfiedVery happy and satisfied with the Crazy Cups Sampler. At first I was hesitant to purchase because previous reviews had stated that the variety was not all that great, but in my case it was a great variety. If you're into flavored coffee this is a great deal for you. I plan on purchasing more boxes, the variety and price is well worth it.
438811438811B005HGAV8IA1Q038RJ0V3MR0christinew1131345593600selectionThere were a lot of doubles, way more than we thought.
We bought one box of regular, one box of decaf, and there was decaf in the regular box.
I think we will stick to making our own selections from now on.
438812438812B005HGAV8IA2DPQ82V9HI4TJJane Krisch "Jane Krisch"1151345334400A++ ServiceWanted to try a bunch of different types of coffee when I first got the Keurig coffee maker so I could see which one I liked and which one I didn't.. Can never tell until you try them all.. Can't take other people's word for it, you have to try it for yourself, especially something so special as that first cup of coffee you have in the morning!!!!
438813438813B005HGAV8IAHAM5QSFUD6CUJami1151345075200K-cupsThe keurig cups are a much better price than you find in most stores, and the best I've seen of a mixed variety. The coffee itself is very good, Ive tried just about every flavor.
438814438814B005HGAV8IA12WWPF1XTQISHKelsey1151344988800Loved it!This was a great way to try many different flavors. I did receive 35 cups, there were a few that I had doubles of, but I don't mind because I still get to try many different flavors. The ones that are shown on the pictures are true to what I received. I was leery about buying this because some people said how bad the assortment was, but I'm happy with mine. I did not receive any tea or hot chocolate in mine, it was all coffee. It came in a box and none of them were damaged. If you want to try new flavors without having to buy many different boxes, this is the sampler for you!
438815438815B005HGAV8IAFKFM3S7U8IK8bentley & zeus1141344816000K- Cups DelightAwesome variety! Wish there were a few more k cups in the pack but they all taste great! I'd recommend this to the average flavored coffee aficionado.
438816438816B005HGAV8IA1BBVOOCIFDFIIMichelle L Morrissey1141344643200Not UnhappyWow - there are VERY mixed reviews for this item! After reading a bulk of them, I still decided to order the product because I didn't know of another way to try a variety of flavors without buying a box of each. The description above states that you will be able to try 27 different flavors of coffee without buying 27 different boxes (they must have changed the description, since a few of the reviews state that it reads 35 different varieties). After tallying them all up, I only ended up with 21 different varieties (sigh). I use the word "varieties" and not "flavors" because I did receive several French Vanillas and Hazelnuts, but they were from different companies. My cups also came packaged in a box, so perhaps they've done away with the paper bag thing?

Here's the breakdown of what I received: Green Mountain: Wild Mountain Blueberry (2), Southern Pecan (2), French Vanilla Iced (2), Caramel Vanilla Cream (2), Mocha Nut Fudge (2), Island Coconut (2), Hazelnut Noisette, Hazelnut Decaf, French Vanilla, French Vanilla Decaf/ Donut House: Chocolate Glazed Donut (2), Cinnamon Roll (2)/ Grove Square: Hazelnut Cappuccino (2), French Vanilla Cappuccino (2), Caramel Cappuccino (2)/ Gloria Jean's: Mudslide (2), Butter Toffee (2), Hazelnut, French Vanilla Supreme/ Wolfgang Puck: Hawaiian Hazelnut Aloha Noisette/ Timothy's: Kahlua Original (2).

These just came today, so I have only tried the Green Mountain Island Coconut so far - over ice (I don't drink hot coffee...I know, weird, right?). I love coconut, so this is my new favorite. I am already planning on buying a couple of boxes of this one tomorrow. I didn't even add anything to it - just drank it black, and loved it.

So, I think this would have received five-stars from me if only it had actually contained what it said it was going to (27 different flavors)...but again, I am not unhappy with the variety that I did receive.
438817438817B005HGAV8IA290VGJR4WBDMNPreslye1151344556800Great Variety - best purchase I could have madeThere is a WONDERFUL Variety of flavors in this pack. I have fallen in love with about 5 of the types. The only bad thing is there are so many that I won't be able to use. For instance the tea, the cider, and the dark brews. I guess they are good for when I have guests over, but thats not all that often. I wish they we had the ability to chose the types of product we would like in the variety pack. If not you might get stuck with several kcups you have no use for.

I DON'T know what people are talking about not getting a variety of flavors. I got plenty of different flavors and a couple duplicates (happened to be the best ones) I have been drinking now for over a week and A LOT of the flavors I didn't think I would like I actually do. I am also pleased they had a few decaf kcups for later in the afternoon evening when I am craving some coffee

The good thing about this product is it allows you try several varieties and flavors of coffee with out having to buy an entire box of something in order to later find out you don't like the flavor. That would be a REAL waste of your money. I also got about 2 kcups of every flavor (or at least my favorite flavors) YAY! I am not going to sit and review all the flavors I have tried so far because everyone is going to have different opinions on the flavors. I will say I am happy with the fact that by purchasing this product I know what flavors I should buy.

So if you want to taste a variety of kcups to find ones that you like. Purchase this product. If you don't like some of the flavors you can save them for when you have guests over.

My Kcups also came in a cardboard box and I love it because I haven't purchased a Kcup holder yet so I use the box to hold all my kcups. It was packaged beautifully. Or as beautiful as you could expect to get a box of kcups.
438818438818B005HGAV8IA353WUDBGUMKKFJoseph J. Dovidio1151344556800August 2012 They've made improvements!!!I was wary purchasing the variety pack after reading/seeing the pictures associated with the product. However, I just received mine and I was very happy to see that each variety pack I ordered was in its own separate box and the variety provided was exactly as pictured. I would urge anyone considering buying the variety packs from crazy cups to do so! I am very happy with it and I can't wait to try the flavors with my new keurig! Dont be discouraged by the old negative reviews.
438819438819B005HGAV8IA1OYVDNBGUEBZBShelley Castro1141344297600Pleasantly Pleased - but not all coffeeOnly one major complaint... it was advertised that I could "Try 27 different flavors without purchasing 27 different boxes." as listed in the product descriptions, yet I only have 24 different flavors. This is why I gave it 4 stars. That being said - I will order it again.

It is important to point out that they aren't all coffee as 3 are ciders and 3 are a "cappuccino drink," which is okay with me, but may not be with you. I listed out what was in my box that was actually kind of pretty and could be appropriately dressed up as a gift box as it is a decorative black/white box.

Additionally, I would have liked to try something from the Brooklyn Bean Roastery.

Gloria Jean's
* French Vanilla Supreme
* Mudslide
* Hazelnut
* Butter Toffee

* Kahlua original - 2

Green Mountain Coffee
* Island Coconut - 2
* French Vanilla Iced
* Mocha Nut Fudge - 2
* Hazelnut Decaf
* French Vanilla
* Wild Mountain Blueberry - 2
* Southern Pecan - 2
* French Vanilla Decaf
* Caramel Vanilla Cream - 2
* Hazelnut Noisette

Grove Square
* Hazelnut cappuccino
* French Vanilla cappuccino
* Caramel cappuccino
* Caramel Apple cider - 2
* Spiced Apple cider

Wolfgang Puck
* Crème Caramel - 2
* Jamaica Me Crazy-2

Donut House
* Cinnamon Roll-2
* Chocolate Glazed Donut - 2
438821438821B005HGAV8IA3UV9IAEWBV1GSdmcrrg20091141341532800Good varietyI liked these samplers. I got a very good variety of flavors and only a handful of doubled flavors. Packaging was good, no broken cups. I would buy this again.
438822438822B005HGAV8IA2H7BLR1MTLA3FM. Pfeiffer1151340409600Just Fantastic!!!This was a magical box of mixed K-cups full of the most excellent and delicious flavors of coffee one could conceive. Every flavor in the package was exceptionally delicious. Also, there were quite a few of the limited edition or seasonal varieties in here, but none of the weird ones that nobody ever drinks. I bought this for a gift but I'll be ordering another for me to enjoy. When I opened the package and started reading all the flavors, I kept trying to talk my wife into letting me steal a few out of the box before wrapping it :) I guess it is random who gets what varieties but I'm glad I ignored the other reviews and purchased this. None of my K-cups were broken and there was a pretty even variety.
438823438823B005HGAV8IAZU2JDR2GVICQZyde "zyde"1141340236800Needs Larger Variety For The PriceI gave 4 stars. Would've been 5, if the variety was better. What came was sufficient, however, and quite tasty :)

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