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438901438901B003WP5K0AACDB3S3V9RQ13azgunrunner1151303776000perfectits hard to find soft fresh big hunks. it was a risk to order off the internet, but it paid off perfectly. not only did i save money from what it costs in the stores, but it seems to be made recently vs the rock hard decade old big hunks sold in stores.
438902438902B003WP5K0AA30M3JN70MT85JB. Kaiser "B. V. Kaiser"1151276819200Big Hunk.. The Best!You can't buy these in the eastern states. I love this candy! I have been buying these since they we a nickle in Tucson, AZ. :) Very happy to see them on Amazon. I buy two boxes at a time. Love them!!
438903438903B003WP5K0AA23WDFGBBC08MGBaynrye0051350345600Love Big HunksI'm extremely pleased with my Big Hunk order. This is the second time I have bought them online. The candy is fresh, unlike the candy store purchases in my area. Plus the price is great. The candy stores charge $1.75 each. This is quite a savings. No more wasting gas driving to the candy store. Excellent product, excellent price, and excellent service. Can't beat that.
438904438904B003WP5K0AA3CIRXHGNZQSPDA Texas Alexandra0041329091200Fresh and taste just as expectedThis is a box of full-size bars. Too delicious! I need to get the small ones next time so I can avoid eating too much at once.
438905438905B003WP5K0AA4KYPOD777CBKrtballew0051322352000YummyI can't get this product in Virginia, and my wife loves them. We have to order online. This product arrived in a brand new box, and were perfect.
438906438906B003WP5K0AAZNMH073XDCXGLeslie0051315353600Good servicethis was by far a great service i had ordered this item the big hunk and i recived it the expected day. i could say it was a good service they even sent me a thank you note stating that they were welcomed by my purchase and to leave a review of their service and so that is what i am doing. hahaha. Honestly they gave a me a good servicce and with no troubles all easy who could argue with that.? :)
438907438907B003WP5K0AA1CIY24GFXEVSMMark0051314230400Absolutely the BEST!!Traveled to the store every day for sundry items and bought a couple of Big Hunks. At $1.79 each I checked around for bulk sizes and found them at Amazon. Bought 2 twenty-four count boxes about a week ago and it's time to reload. Just a fantastic candy for anyone who loves toffee, Very fresh and love the 2 day delivery.
Thanks so much.
438908438908B003VXHFOMA2DW8WTP44HPKJJohn Neemes2221312761600Is this really Sencha?I am a daily sencha drinker and I have had not so good sencha in the past, but this wins the not so good medal from me. When I first opened the ziplock packaging I could hardly smell anything and the tea looked more brownish than I am used to seeing sencha look It was loaded with stems (about 10% stems I would estimate). This was all not a good sign. Next, I made a cup and only left it in the water for about 1.5 minutes which is about the max I steep Rishi Organic Sencha before it turns bitter. I was left with a cup of tea that barely smelled like green tea and was seriously weak. Next, I tried to steep for 5 minutes and still no change. I guess you get what you pay for. The packaging and the deliver is good is the only positive thing I can say. On to trying another brand.
438909438909B003GTOJFEA3VIFJZC7SHX1TPaul Claxton0051344211200Yummy mustard and sweet brown sugar!We're big Bulls-Eye fans using a bottle of the regular "classic" sauce a week. We're always grilling up something for us or guests and Bulls-Eye is our go-to sauce. I thought I'd try something a bit different when I found these series of regional sauces: Bulls Eye Barbeque Sauce - Kansas City Style 1 bottle 18 oz, and Bulls Eye Barbeque Sauce - Carolina Style 1 bottle. We bought a six pack of the Memphis and the Kansas City and really enjoyed both. The Memphis was wonderful on pork and chicken and the Kansas City was sampled on some beef ribs. Already Bulls-Eye fans the variations were very nicely done. THe Memphis has mustard adding some light kick, red onions, garlic, white wine, and a bit of brown sugar adding some sweetness. A subtle tangy and sweet sauce. The Kansas City style was a bolder hickory, molasses, mustard, onions, and garlic and stood up better to the beef. My Memphis bottles came with a best use date 9 months from now, the Kansas City bottles just two months from now.

Next order will be the North Carolina (ya'all) style.
438910438910B003GTOJFEA3TKUFBYNY8SBWMars0051324166400Very Tasty!This a a very tasty product and it makes all beat product taste good. I have been a fan of Kraft barbecue sauce for years but I just decide to try this brand Bulls's Eye. I am glad I did and I will be switching to this brand from now on.
438911438911B000PY89CWA3DEMKI51WFL68SamPen1151337817600Fun and Cool snackThis is a really cool product. For the first part you arn't paying a arm and a leg at the museums. It tastes pretty good. It is a wierd texture to explain. It is a chalky texture, but when it hits your mouth it gets creamy. Try to think its not cold frozen ice cream. its going to be like room temp. The only down side i see is the secondary wrapper inside. Its almost always broken or wripped. But, its nothing to ruin the product. Its sealed with the outside packaging. So i dont see why the other package is there. Unless its to help control the moisture.
438912438912B000PY89CWA244QMIFEI6OUZWilliam H.1121335744000Like Marshmallow Cereal?If you like Lucky Charms cereal, this'll float your boat. The freeze-dried ice cream has the same consistency, particularly in terms of crunchiness. The dessert will get stuck throughout your teeth, allowing you to horrify your friends and save some flavor for later.

You only get a single ice cream sandwich in a bag, which makes the whole thing seem overpriced and over-packaged.
438913438913B000PY89CWA18HL6YVGOD7rm_you0051342137600Tasty, uniqueDehydrated ice cream is a very unique experience, and I love it. I used to get these for Christmas when I was growing up, and now that I can buy it here (and for relatively cheap compared to what they used to cost in local museums and gift shops) I am able to enjoy it more often.

The packaging has always been well sealed on the outside, but they are quite fragile so usually the ice cream itself is shattered into quite a few pieces (though not too tiny). The inside wrapper is always torn as other reviews have mentioned, but if you read the back they actually *say* it will have slits in it because of the way it is processed. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but it's not a mistake or something to be worried about.

I will continue buying these on Amazon!
438914438914B000PY89CWA6J6CL55L1CB2Sam0041336608000Pretty cool.I saw this on a cooking show so i was pretty curious. I ended up ordering it, the shipping took about 4 days. It tasted pretty good, not amazing, I expected it to be a little better. I probably wont order this again just because it satisfied my curiosity, But if you have never tried this I highly suggest trying it out.
438915438915B000PY89CWA1V8JNUT1SOJEQMary Kirkland "I saw a woman wearing a sweat ...0051329350400A lot of funI bought this after seeing it on this site and was so curious about what it would taste like. So curiosity got the better of me and I bought it. I wasn't disappointed at all. I do believe it's supposed to be in a brick but mine was in pieces by the time I got it, no matter I would have cut it into pieces anyway. I got each of my family members to try a small piece and we all agreed that it really did taste like the ice cream...if ice cream were warm and in a freeze dried form.

If you are looking to try something different, and I do mean different..then this is definitely for you. It was great fun to try this and share it with my family, but I think it was a one time buy for me.
438916438916B000PY89CWAUSMVMR2WD0OGJoann0041320624000Not a toy but a nice foodso i got the "freeze dried" ice cream it was already in pieces so i didn't need to cut it, it was good but i wont plan on buying it again. at first it taste like its melting in your mouth then it stops melting, it has a nice flavor of the vanilla & chocolate but the strawberry didn't taste like strawberry. overall it is good for a one time shot but not an everything thing. i would be sticking to my frozen Ben and Jerry's
438917438917B000PY89CWA3FEQ3OEA6Y43TK_Taylor0051318291200Just as fun as it sounds & tasty too!This was a humor gift for my hubby on his birthday. He had explained to me one time about how his dad had got him some while they were visiting the Air & Space Museum in D.C. while we were there visiting the National Mall & he hadn't had it since, but loved it. So what better way to surprise him! It come just as described and is cheaper than you can buy it at the Smithsonian Mall, that's for sure!! Great product, & you won't be disappointed! :)
438918438918B000PY89CWA15WGNRFNODQTKanelson120051229212800Very Fun! (for adults too!!)This was a great, fun, good tasting treat. We all loved trying it out. I was very impressed! If you are at all curious about trying astronaut ice cream you should definately order some!
438919438919B000PY89CWA3K42K9WUA2P8CJ. Douglas101711302134400Product description is not true.My son loves these but.... the product description for this says "great price" and that these cost double at the local science centers. This is very misleading since if it were true then the package would not contain only 1 single .7 oz package which is only two dollars and change at our local science center and the highest you will ever see is three plus dollars. The price here is DOUBLE the science center price so they have it upside down. My dad ordered this for my son thinking it was 3-packs probably having misread the "3 year expiration date" plus seeing that they said it was half the price that you pay at the science centers (UNTRUE).

This is ONE pack only. At least the one we received and nothing here says any different. Buy it at your local center. And forget making a comment that the review should be about the product and not the price as they put pricing claims in the product description making it part of the product and specifically misleading.
438920438920B000PY89CWAUVQA1BX2OPE3Obsessive Book Geek "Book Mark"0111337817600styrofoamI'm not sure what my expectations were going in, but this wouldn't have lived up to them. It tastes like a cross between styrofoam and the marshmallows found in Lucky Charms cereal.

I was looking for something to take along on 5-day mountain climbing trips, but I think I'll stick to the old standards from here on out.

Might be okay as a one-time novelty for pre-teen kids, but it isn't something you'd want for a serious after-meal snack on a semi-regular basis.
438921438921B000PY89CWAIRGPT10HNUU0Sabrinattn0451300752000Ice Cream not a toyThis is not a toy, but the ice cream is very good and its something different than your average ice cream. You get to experience with astronauts eat!
438922438922B0000VMA0CA39RRTO760KGOYAhmed Montasser0051343347200beautiful and realwhile making my gum paste flowers and roses,i wanted to make the look as real as possible, tried many greens , was not satisfide, most greens were not even close, i tried this color and was very gives the look and shades needed plus looking as real as possible. will order it
again and highly recommed it ."Icing Color - Juniper Green".
few drops can give you the right color. very good product.
438923438923B0000VMA0CA3HA6UXP7IS8Q4Afemat0421321401600Love Wilton, Just Not This ColorI made a basketball cake for my son and the instructions called for terra cotta icing color. I was a little confused when I picked this item up, because the label on the dye shows a red color, nothing near "true" terra cotta, but the swatch (as seen left of the dye) shows terra cotta. I went ahead and purchased this and wasted my time and money. My icing came out pink and and grew closer to red as I added more dye. I ended up using orange and various other colors to get my desired terra cotta coloring.
438924438924B001VS3X4AA14LI5FWCIYR2QKin0051347494400Energy for Marathon, Grand Canyon, and Mt. Whitney.It's the best tasting energy "stuff" you can get. Way better tasting than Gu. It's the also the best tasting Sport beans in my opinion.

I used it for marathon, hikes for Grand Canyon and Mt. Whitney. It never fails me.
438925438925B005GTVLG2A3CSKJEAOW45HWjcosroque19710011349136000are you kidding!?had to give it a star just to rate this but I would give it a whopping 0 stars and a capital " YOU HAVE TO BE @#$%ING KIDDING ME!" these milks are 4.98 a six pack at wal-mart so that means you can buy 5 / 6packs of them for 25.00 equaling 30 milks....
438926438926B00412K49AAT997T4MTH9B7T. J. Mazzaglia "Car Junkie"0051351123200Love this stuffThis Green Mountain dark magic coffee is just what I was looking for. Strong enough taste to enjoy and it gets me going almost immediately. Haven't noticed any after taste and buying the 120 count it pans out to like $.61 a cup. Try it you'll like it.
438927438927B00412K49AA2UOACF9RL2YE9Al Janssens0051342396800Great product at an outstanding price!If you are a coffee lover, this blend is for you. After trying more than a dozen blends, this is by far the best of the K-Cups. The seller ships quickly, and offers the best price I've ever seen for this product.
438928438928B00412K49AAAW55PL2U3HQMJ. Webb0051334620800AwesomeIf you like coffee with a bold taste you will love this one!! I have tried several different blends of the K cup coffee and find this one to be the best so far!!!
438929438929B000LKWVFQAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker121251197849600One of the best tasting bars out there!This bar is tasty, filling and good for you. I love them and have one for breakfast every morning with a cup of brewed chai with almond milk.

I am looking to eat free of wheat/gluten/yeast and this bar fits the bill. Only 9 grams of sugar (compared to the 15 - 30 grams that other bars contain), plus 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. The ingredients are organic and the hint of spice is very nice.

I highly recommend!
438930438930B000LKWVFQAYWUHB7N8XGZQEvelyn A. Getchell "Evie"5551203897600A real winner!These Bumble Bars are a real winner with my mother. She LOVES them! I buy them frequently for her instead of candy or other snacks which she cannot have on her restricted diet. It makes me happy to make her happy with these wonderful, healthier, gluten free snacks.

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