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438939438939B000LKWVFQA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1151244160000AWESOME VEGAN gluten free Organic SNACK BAR! My 11 yr old's prefered snack . He loves these better than candy bars.Great mildly spiced bar sweet but not too sweet. Really satisfies a hunger craving. Great for the whole family.

Zesty Ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon enhance the natural flavors of sesame seeds, almonds, vanilla, and flax seeds. Mildly spicy and thoroughly satisfying.

GLUTEN FREE BUT NOT NUT FREE -Contains The following allergens: almonds, soy. May contain traces of dairy, peanuts, and other nuts.


(All ingredients are gluten-free)
Organic sesame seeds, Organic brown rice syrup, Organic evaporated cane juice, Organic almonds, Organic flax seeds, Organic soy crisp, Organic crisp brown rice, Organic extract of vanilla, Organic cinnamon, Organic cardamom, Sea salt, Organic tumeric, Natural Vitamin E for freshness, Processing agents: Organic safflower and/or sunflower oil
Nutritional Analysis

Serving size: 1 package (45 grams)
Servings: 1
Amount per serving DV* Amount per serving DV*


Calories: 230 Vitamin A: 0% Niacin: 4%
Calories from fat: 130 Vitamin B6: 10% Phosphorous: 20%
Saturated Fat:: 2g 11% Vitamin C: 0% Potassium: 160mg 5%
Total Fat: 15g 22% Vitamin E: 15% Sodium 60mg 2%
Cholesterol: 0mg 0% Folate: 8% Thiamin: 10%
Total Carbohydrates: 20g 7% Calcium: 25% Zinc: 15%
Fiber: 4g 17% Copper: 45% Riboflavin: 6%
Sugars: 11g Iron: 20%
Protein: 6g Magnesium: 25%

438940438940B000LKWVFQA1HG50S3CREQXOAnna K.1151229040000Best Bumble Bar FlavorI purchased a sample pack of Bumble Bars after trying them from a local store, so I've tasted pretty much every flavor and I have to say that the "Lushus Lemon" is definitely my favorite! It isn't really sour, but more of a sweet lemon taste - its soo good. Plus its made of completely natural, gluten-free and organic ingredients, so you can feel good about eating them (no, I do not work for BumbleBar - this is a REAL customer review!!). Just thought I'd share my new found love with everyone - you have to try it!
438941438941B000LKWVFQA34S4LS6R50VTAK. lavergne1141209945600yummy, but stickyMy son and I love these bumble bars, but for some reason they are stickier than the other bumble bars, so they are a little messy, but we love them. Just make sure you have a wet cloth to clean up with after.
438942438942B000LKWVFQAYWUHB7N8XGZQEvelyn A. Getchell "Evie"1151203897600A great gift!These Bumble Bars are a real winner with my mother. She LOVES them! I buy them frequently for her instead of candy or other snacks which she cannot have on her restricted diet. It makes me happy to make her happy with these wonderful, healthier, gluten free snacks.
438943438943B000LKWVFQA1I8VHINC43CWVkelly0021350518400Meh - all sesame seeds and too much cinnamonAs I said in title, just ok. NOT the 'bar; I was expecting - ALL sesame seeds, and way too much cinnamon. No hazelnut that I could detect. I will not reorder.
438944438944B000LKWVFQA3ERJ9HIJKHH1TJose A. Castro "Jose Castro-Frenzel"0051337040000Awesome TasteGreat snack item when you have a sugar craving. Great to mix with honey or PB or just both of them.
438945438945B000LKWVFQA2C1X099ZWTJSOG. Decker0051275264000A healthy, tasty barI don't care for sweet bars with lots of ingredients. This one is a simple blend of healthy ingredients that give me an energy boost when doing something active.
438946438946B000LKWVFQA2JZURC0KKO5D7I. Blumenfeld0051257552000DeliciousDelicious bumblebars. They make a great snack. It's loaded with protein, fiber and lots of other good stuff. It has some fat though, due to the nuts. It's gluten free and vegan. On the label it says they only use organic ingredients, and all of them are gluten free.
It's a great deal to get 15 in a box from Amazon, especially when you subscribe. Almond and chocolate are my favorite.
438947438947B000LKWVFQA2NMQWBDWT3SQFLorel Shea0051257120000yum! I love my bumble bars!Bumble bars are gluten free, and made with all organic ingredients. They are mainly formed of sesame and flax seeds, with a few peanuts as well as brown rice syrup,evaporated cane juice, and a few other items. The 1.6 ounce bar makes a good sized snack for an adult, and is big enough for two young children to share. The flavor is of sesame and sweetness that is similar to honey. The bars are solid and do not crumble, but they do bend and can be snapped in two easily.
438948438948B000LKWVFQA2HHJDZYV0L6G0J. Stirpe0051256774400I Love Bumble Bars!!!I would totally recommend these bars. A great healthy snack for when you are on the go. My kids are crazy about them. I like to keep them in my purse for those snack emergencies or to distract my daughter in the store when I am trying to shop. This makes her feel like she is getting a "treat" but it is more of a "health" food. I really love the cherry chocolate and the chocolate crisp!!! Oh, and I almost forgot the lemon Bumble Bars are yummy too!
438949438949B000LKWVFQA2JZURC0KKO5D7I. Blumenfeld0031254873600Strong tasteI love bumblebars, but Chai has a very strong flavor. I would recommend tasting it before you order a whole box of them. I tasted it before, and I liked it. It seems that after awhile it got too strong, and I canceled the subscription. Chocolate and Almond are my favorite flavors.
438950438950B000LKWVFQA1DGZ4XQC77KSTDee F. Wichman0051212278400No bumbling for nutrients when you choose Bumble Bars!My favorite snack provides organic nutrients that include 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. When you consider that most breads only offer a gram or two per serving, this makes Bumble Bars a real powerhouse of organic energy. I keep one tucked in my purse for emergency nourishment. Ideal for a movie treat.
438951438951B000LKWVFQA34S4LS6R50VTAK. lavergne0051206316800gets you goingthis is a great, all natural snack that tastes great and they help if you have issues with constipation. My son has trouble with this and he loves the bars, which works out great!
438952438952B000LKWVFQA3CTUMYWO71U10Joan Gottfried0121317340800Didn't like muchThe bars have healthy ingredients but are too seedy,grainy for me. Maybe seeds could be ground for a smoother consistency.
438953438953B000LKWVFQA2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife0131244851200Not my favorite flavorI've tried about 5 flavors and this is my least favorite. I like the organic ingredients so feel good about giving them to my kids but even they nor my husband liked this flavor. Weird spice combination. I like the texture, however, and these were much less sticky than the cherry ones we received.

The redeeming quality is the nutritional, natural ingredients and health value. We'll finish them off but then replace them with apricot ones! =)
438954438954B000LKWVFQA34S4LS6R50VTAK. lavergne0151244505600love these!My son and I love these! We have them as a snack or as part of a meal. They give you energy and with all the fiber, they help keep you regular! We love just about every flavor, but this one has a sweet, nutty taste that is great!
438955438955B000LKWVFQA3V6933TT5ZXXIRAD Man0131215993600Good, not greatThe Bumble Bar tastes good but the sesame and flax seed tend to get stuck in your teeth.
438956438956B0051FO190A2LVVYUDTLN994Jason E. Bulger Sr.2251322092800Love at first sipI first tasted this coffee at the Hyatt at Philadelphia Penn's Landing. I couldn't stop drinking it and scoffed at the starbucks that I had been drinking up until that point. A month later, I had it at the Hyatt in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It's an amazing coffee and I wish I could order it in bulk!!!
438957438957B0051FO190A2E0N3VURR4OXOWonder 1 Cent1141350777600Excellent Italian CoffeeI first had this coffee while staying at a Hyatt in Columbus. I liked it so much I had to find out if I could buy it locally. The only place I could find it was here at Amazon.
If you like Italian coffee, you should give this a try.
438958438958B001KT3X4KA1KZXF5FJZ6ZI3Pavel Lishin0041341619200I Love This Tea!This tea is the best ever. This loose leaf version (I've tried the box of 20 as well) is the best value.
438959438959B001JGHYIUAN8ZN6DBP2TV4T. Smith "tsmith"0051270857600People Food For DogsTheir slogan "People Food For Dogs" is no exaggeration. I tried it... it's awesome. My dogs love this stuff.
438960438960B001JGHYIUAU6Z04RZAPBNDNancy Diana0051269820800Rudy Greens Doggy Cuisine ROCKS!!We have three "kids," Sturgis-the-Wonder-Peke, Bobette (aka Alien-Love-Child), and Ellie Mae Dobby Diana (our little rescue mix), who seemed pretty much on the fence as to how good their regular dry food was. Yes, they'd eat it, but no one seemed to be doing the happy dance prior to meal-time. Well, except for EMDD, who spent her first year being horribly neglected. She does the happy dance for just about anything now that her life has turned around. Anyway, the first time I put just a small spoonful of RGDC's Pork, Pasta & Potato over their dry food, our trio made it perfectly clear that this was absolutely the BEST food they've ever had! Noses buried in their bowls, tails wagging while they ate, and not a drop or morsel left behind!! Now, I am notified early every morning by Sturgis that it's time to get up and make breakfast. And in the afternoon, he does the same thing. EMDD makes us dizzy with her spinning happy dance. And Bobette simply hops around (which, for her very low-key self is almost as strenuous as kick-boxing). Meals vanish in record time! Bravo to RGDC for bringing "delicious" back to dog bowls!!
438931438931B000LKWVFQA2IUWIS8F8ZSZNDaniBug4451317168000Bumble Bars - Original with HazelnutMy son's best friend has food alergies and stays away from gluten, aspertame, food coloring etc. Even though my son does not have the same alergies, we try to eat along the same lines because it's healthy and my son likes to eat what his friend eats.

The Bumble Bars are good. I love the chewiness, I love the seeds and nuts. The touch of honey is great. And Lord knows active 11 year olds need all the wholesome energy they can get. The sugar content is low and the fiber content is high. It is just hard for me to save them for the boys!!!

On a truly aestetic note. The packaging is nostalgic. I love that!
438932438932B000LKWVFQA29DVTTRZ23NMZAngel06177772251305849600Yum! Healthy snack for a child too.These bars are great! Very soft. I feed them to my toddler and I have to give him small pieces in his mouth, otherwise there would be seeds stuck all over. Nutty with a slight honey taste.
438933438933B000LKWVFQA38K1CUD5VMVE4Tracy M Nagy2251305072000great power bar alternative- and gluten freeWe have tried a variety of granola, power bars and others - and this is the best that we have found - good source of energy, all natural, tastes great (we have tried all the flavors and the original is our favorite - followed by chocolate cherry) And the other good thing is that they don't have all the sodium and sugar that most other bars will weigh you down with. Great for a snack and the gym or at work.
438934438934B000LKWVFQAWPJDO5NSDJLKori Truesdale2241298332800Best Flavor Bumble BarIf you haven't had Bumble Bars please do so. I love them, and the Lushus Lemon flavor is the only one that really stands out to me. It actually tastes like real lemon. Not that fake lemon flavor that you get in candy sometimes.
Give it a try, I think you will be pleased.
438935438935B000LKWVFQA27IHE8E5MGKG3Randal J. Geringer "Everybody_is_Devo"2251286064000unique and yummyThe original Bumblebars are great. They are unlike any other snack bar. Very sticky when it warm, I've not had them when it's really cold out yet. I would compare to rice crispy bars (but healthy) in texture. Not like most other granola type snack bars. But this is what makes it so good and unique.

They hold me over when I'm hungry and need to stay at the computer. I highly recommend!
438936438936B000LKWVFQA1SNHAMCFKTTE7Laurel E. Mayer "NYLULU"1151315353600Best snack barThis is my all time favorite 'grab and go' snack bar. It doesn't leave you with a sugar rush/drop, tastes great and is easy to stash in your pocket or purse.
438937438937B000LKWVFQA2S9UCSKKKPQZKatherine Huskey "winchestersgirl"1151247961600YumYes, these are a little sticky. But they make up for it by being addictively delicious.

These are a yummy alternative to granola bars for those who need GLUTEN-FREE foods.
438938438938B000LKWVFQA9GIGJUB98JNRChen Sun ""1151245801600heavenlyTastes like lemon chiffon in one's mouth, but texture crumbles and is a bit crunchy (I like). Messy food, but the wrapper, if one is careful, contains it well. Filling too. It's the single best non-dairy snack I've ever eaten.

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