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438991438991B0048JCX2CA2IQ5LPUCE3AP2Sacramento Pine "Sacramento Pine"2251316390400Tastes great. Rice flour is in mix.Really enjoyed using this as a cream in cooking cream sauce, just drinking it straight, or mixed in tea. Rice flour is in creme coffee substitute but doesn't bother flavor.
438992438992B0048JCX2CA22JW3R3VCQC6Amommytynan0311346198400DisgustingThis vegan "cream" is akin to spoiled cow's milk. There should be a negative star option.

Failing to read the directions, I opened it right away and a watery substance and pretty big white chunks poured out. Ok, user error. My husband shook it for literally 10 minutes and I had high hopes that this was the cure. Negative. The same watery mess poured out but now the chunks were teeny-tiny, like chunky spoiled milk put through a blender.

In no way can this be considered an acceptable alternative to dairy cream. Maybe I received a box from a bad batch (the expiration date was no where near the end), but I will not be trying this so-called substitute for dairy cream again. I'd rather shove needles in my eyes.
438993438993B005DXTWPIA1H24HM7PL45RGR. Ong3411321228800An unfortunate pairingIs it possible that culinary great Wolfgang Puck would lend his name to such a mediocre food product? If you buy this sauce, you'll find your answer and that answer is yes. I highly doubt that Wolfgang Puck actually tasted this sauce before he signed the contract to attach his name and likeness to this insipid product but with the other Wolfgang Puck food products I've tried lately I'm starting to see a trend. If you're going to buy this sauce anyway, just go to the local market and buy one jar to try it out.
438994438994B005DXTWPIA22VNXHU6IZ5MTJason P. Pumphrey "the movie & music man"2311343952000not good at allTerrible vodka pasta sauce, Mr. Puck should have never put his name on the label of this product.
For a good vodka pasta sauce, I recommend Newman's Own Pasta Sauce Vodka, 24-Ounce (Pack of 6), plus all profits after taxes go to charity.
438995438995B005DXTWPIA2YP1HYB6Q0JEQTodd72331331078400It'll DoI buy this vodka sauce when my store is out of the much more flavorful Bertolli Vodka Sauce. Wolfgang Puck's version of creamy vodka sauce is a more bland-tasting sauce that doesn't add much kick to pasta dishes. I find myself having to add my own touch (seasoning) to it. In a bind, this vodka sauce will do; I'm just a little curious as to why this sauce doesn't have any punch. It more or less tastes like spaghetti sauce. Is it really a creamy spaghetti sauce? Not to mention the price is higher than a lot of sauces out there. Avoid this sauce if you can.
438996438996B005DXTWPIA3Q0SBW6652MIGEve Paludan0011350777600Weird taste, inedibleI threw my dinner away after tasting one bite. The sauce tasted so weird, so off, that I spit it out. Hated it.
438997438997B005DXTWPIA268LIM1YQUGFN. Rooney0011347753600Agreed, it sucks.This vodka sauce is awful! It tastes sour and has no creaminess to it whatsoever. I will never buy it again.
438998438998B005DXTWPIA2BVEXK0F5DELNN. Gaughan0041336521600Best sauce in a jarI bought a jar of this arrabiata sauce in my local supermarket. It's the best commercial sauce from a jar, at least that I've ever come across. I regularly travel to Italy and DO know what good sauce is like. Maybe the other reviewers were talking about a different flavor in this series. This one's got a liitle bite to it and it's thick and rich with flavor. I'd recommend you give it a try.
438999438999B005DXTWPIA26J0BHK83IMDXPesterfish4911330819200Big jar of aweful!TOP 10 REASONS NOT TO BUY THIS SAUCE

10.Wolfgang Sucks should adorn this jar.
9.Drinking an entire bottle of Vodka is recommended before consumption.
8.You should vomit while buying it so that your used to the feeling after tasting this product.
7.The pans warped when the sauce was introduced.
6.Amnesty International filed a complaint representing the pasta that was tortured when the sauce touched it.
5.The KGB called they want thier top torture device returned.
4.Used diapers are jeolous
3.When opening the jar Gordon Ramsey is heard saying "Whats wrong with you, your going to poison someone".
2.Set Italian cuisine back 500 years.
1.Think hard now, has this guy ever made a good meal?
439000439000B000PUOR5YA16RFSG8AP79K2B. Medetsky "Bmedetsky"0051244419200Awesome candy!These taffy pops are delicious! My kids love them and they're lots of fun to eat! Also less sticky than the Laffy Taffys I used to buy because they come on a stick. Its 8 pops per bag.
439001439001B005GWXDGKA2AX8V5PKMODK5Roxanne K. Ong "gothena"0031346803200Needs ModificationThe reviewers who said the cake is flavorless or doesn't Taste good are right. Unfortunately I had already bought this sat the store and hadn't checked out the reviews and was loathed to return them.

I like it because it is organic but if you are looking to impress guests this needs some modification to have the rich chocolate indulgent flavor.

This is what I did and turned out tasting decadent and rich.

Add an extra egg.
Substitute vege oil with melted butter.
Add 2-3 heapful tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. (the more you add the richer it gets)

I also baked at 25 degrees lower but for at least 25 mins longer in my shiny Kaiser 9" round. Cake was very moist.
439002439002B000C0QYU8AWNWOMUT9HS2DJ. Snavely "jellybiscuit"0051133827200Good nutritional value, good tasteI had one of these this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Specs were something like 30g protein, 32g carbs, 6g fat. The consistency is a little finer/mushier than typical instant oatmeal would be, but that's to be expected with the addition of the protein. The overall taste was good though with a mild sweetness and no bitterness or aftertaste.

I wouldn't want to eat it every morning, but for those lazy mornings, it's a quick way to get some warm protein before heading out the door. I'll try the vanilla tomorrow. Can't see myself eating cocoa flavored oatmeal though, so I'll pass on that one.
439003439003B007ZEJKEGA23D4Z9UN66ZKGI NEED CAKE!!0051347753600White Rasberry SconesI bought this not knowing what I would get. It was delicious, easy to make and well worth it!! I would definitely buy this again!!
439004439004B005IVPFQKA1E8XM1MQDMSFXnatasha p.m0051349136000McCormick Italian Spaghetti Sauce, 20.5-Ounce (Pack of 3)Really nice seasoning! Have bought this product before at Sam's club and am happy to be able to purchase it here as I cannot get to Sam's anymore. I use it on my meats and in spaghetti. :)
439005439005B0001JXDP4A16HBI78BSZWSMLinda C. Daniel7811140220800Still Waiting for ResponseI received the fruit in good time but have a problem with the mixture. It is advertised as red cherries, green cherries and pineapple. I ordered two one-pound packages of the fruit mix. Each one -pound container had no more than 3 green cherries in the entire package. I have tried twice (e-mail and fax) to contact the vendor but to date have had no response.
439006439006B0000ICLL8A3F46MUVV2400GSunshineAlways1141323907200Vero Elotes CandyThey are so delicious. One of my Mexican friends had some at a party and at first I was doubful to try them because they didn't look too good. They are a peppery-spicey sweet textured lollipops. The outer coating is like some kind of spicey seasonsed salt and as you suck it becomes mouth-watering sweet. I love them!
439007439007B001FCJQTIA2DNHFJCODB166Vivian Khor "Khor Books"4451223424000Best chocolate bar in townI eat this everyday, with all that protein and nutrients, this bar helps me to eat better with 0g sugar and gluten free. Usually, there's an after taste, but this one is like eating "real" food. I love the dark chocolate the best after trying the white and berry flavor, the dark chocolate soothes my sweet craving. I've yet to try the peanut butter.I found them at Mother's, was on sale and gave it a try.
439008439008B001FCJQTIA2ZBZQOKR8OKQ0Sassy "catpainter"3311274745600Surprise coconut flavorI buy several of the Think Thin bar flavors - tried this one and found, to my dismay, that it has a pronouonced coconut flavor, which is okay if you like coconut. Flavor is darker, but muddier, and ingredients list a fractionated palm kernel oil, which is not in the other bars I buy. Would not purchase it again.
439009439009B001FCJQTIAFNZYUBSORQHEMargaret R. Frank "hands on Grandma"2251274745600Margaret FrankAs a 64 year old grandma who takes care of three little boys while mother works I need energy and cannot always prepare a healthy meal that both the children and I will eat. They tend to like pizza etc. These protein bars give me the energy and have 20 grams of protein that I need, I am a vegetarian. I find that they also cure my chocolate craving and are good enough for me to consider them my mid afternoon treat. With three children I often do not have time to eat. I would highly recommend them to any person who needs to eat on the run. I have them on auto ship as with a 9 month old, I cannot always get to a store that carries them. The price is very competitive if ordering from Amazon. Believe me, I have checked.
439010439010B001FCJQTIA3NJG39SLG4JKMMargaret in LA1151271808000Just Delicious!I eat a thinkThin bar with tea for breakfast most mornings at the office. It also makes a great desert alternative. My favorite flavor is the chunky peanut butter, but this one comes in close second. It's rich, chocolatey, and just delicious! For an extra-tasty treat, I sometimes put one on a plate and heat in the microwave for 20-30 seconds (no longer - it 'cooks' fast). Tastes *almost* like chocolate cake! Enjoy :)
439011439011B0009P5Y9IA1TUC0MLFEMKQYShawn5541298678400Lavazza Espresso PodsThese Pods are great. They provide excellent tasting espresso without the grinding process which saves a lot of time. The only downside is each pod only provides 1oz of espresso. So if you're going to make two double shots of espresso that's 4 pods you would have to change in and out which makes a lot work. Overall great for just yourself but if making more than a shot or two for yourself, you'd be better off going with beans or grounds.
439012439012B0009P5Y9IAPX6SVCEA5TAJJ. G.4451221523200excellent!Lavazza coffee is hands down one of the better coffees available. These pods produce an excellent flavor espresso, with a very smooth almost sweet taste, and an incredible crema! Highly recommended!
439013439013B0009P5Y9IA1NKCFU9X3ZYZIEsther Oliveras4451207872000Great Espresso!I purchased the Lavazza Gran Crema Espresso because to use in my espresso machine. It worked great - it makes a perfect espresso is delicious - especially for cappuccino and using pods are a lot cleaner than using ground coffee.
439014439014B0009P5Y9IA1RB25H2OU6JQLD. Bacon3341327795200Good flavor but loose pack does not work in my machineI'm not a gourmet, just someone who looks forward to her morning latte. I typically make a 12-oz latte with a single shot. I like saving money by making my own lattes, but don't want to take the time or deal with the mess of grinding beans, so I prefer pods. I recently bought a De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, and was inspired to expand my horizons beyond Starbucks espresso pods, so I tried a few different brands. I liked the flavor of this coffee, finding it to be smoother and less bitter than Starbucks. At the price they were a good value. However, I found it difficult to get a good pull from my machine with these pods; the pack seemed too loose. Dipping them in water and tamping did help. These are E.S.E espresso pods, made for espresso machines with E.S.E pod adapters. They are not for Senseo or K-cups machines.
439015439015B0009P5Y9IA21IMB7FQKLXRATrokledons2211334534400Product is fine, dodgy seller?The Lavazza Gran Crema pods are fine if you're not too fussed about good coffee, or if you're using them for latte or other milk drinks.
My main issue with these was how they came from the seller.
The product description clearly states that the pods come in a "20 pack box" - this was important to me as I keep my pods on the bench in their display boxes.
Instead, my 20 pods came loose in a zip lock bag and each one was clearly marked - not for individual sale.
The seller obviously buys these in bulk and then on-sells them for a larger profit - very dodgy.
439016439016B0009P5Y9IA20NB4UBW4WDKGGerardo "GD"2241316822400Probably the best ESE pods you can buyI bought this to try an alternative ti the Illy pods we use at the office. The Lavazza pods are far superior, producing a flavorful and smooth expreesso with a delicious crema. the flavor is not too acid nor over reasted like Starbucks, you could say it is almost sweet.

A number of people have thanked me for buying these. If you have an E.S.E. expresso machine you should try them.
439017439017B0009P5Y9IA109X9S6MDGV8TBetsy1131329696000It's OKI first started using Starbucks espresso pods. I wanted to try a few different brands so I decided to give Lavazza a chance. The package was shipped quickly and was exactly what they said it would be. After making my first latte I wasn't very fond of the flavor of this espresso. It's not as bitter as the Starbucks pods which is good but the overall flavor is too earthy for me.
439018439018B0009P5Y9IA3EVDQ02PGQUX2KJ1151326672000a revision from earlier reviewI wrote a earlier review mentioning that I recieved some expired pods. I found they were not all that way, and the company was wonderful and gave great service to rectify that. I loved the ease of using the pods and the taste was great for the rest of them. I will be buying my pod supply from them from now on. I would recommend them to anyone!
Thanks again Pod merchant!
439019439019B0009P5Y9IAS6N7RH7K5HV9Sammi1131323475200Somewhat flat flavorThe Lavazza pods arrived on time. Loose pod pacs marked "not for individual sale" were in a grocery store plastic baggie. The merchant must split a larger manufacturer's box to make more money. Without original packaging there is no expiration date shown. The flat flavor may have been due to old coffee. The Lavazza pods make decent crema. Illy ground espresso is my favorite.
439020439020B0009P5Y9IA12XHV9C0P6W6KJ. Silvia1151304899200As good as it gets from an ESE PodThese have a full flavor and produce a large amount of crema. After trying many ESE pods this is king of the hill. If you want better flavor you'll have to use fresh roasted and ground beans. If you want quick, delicious espresso and easy cleanup then these are for you. I do not wet these pods prior to using them as some reviewers have stated, I do however tamp the pod like I would regular grounds.

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