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439081439081B000CCMSSIA2DJ23ISQUT6YQCody J. Nesbitt3351232323200Great quality, excellent valueI became interested in finding an ibrik so I researched several websites and called local businesses to get a feel for the subject. This set more than exceeded my expectations, particularly by its inclusion of a bag of coffee (there is also a a bundle of grass for use in campfire coffee but I haven't needed to resort to such desperate measures). The ibrik itself is very functional and easy to clean. I was so pleased that I recommended it to a coworker who proceeded to order the same thing shortly thereafter.
439082439082B000CCMSSIA3UFJHYEVJWJ38Nancy M. Lamphier "Jackie Lamphier"2341299628800coffwee survival kitThe ibek was not good quality, rusted after less than a week. but all in all it was a fun coffee experience
439083439083B000CCMSSIA1EMZ2667T3J20M. Gray "shoppahkahn"2341236038400Nice Kit!I bought this kit for my boyfriend for valentines day. I bought an extra bag of coffee to go with it, because I don't know where to buy Turkish coffee where I live. It came very quickly and it was packed in a box with straw and instructions. I think it was a great gift for someone wanting to try turkish coffee. The only problem that we found was that the ibrik is a little small (it only makes one cup at a time), so we might upgrade to a larger size.
439084439084B000CCMSSIA25U0DFQNSADNDSyntaxSyanide0051329955200DeliciousTurkish coffee is delicious, and this is a simple and delightful introduction to making it. I opened it up, rinsed was a bit hard to get a hang of making it at first, as you have to add the right amount of sugar and watch it carefully (had a couple spills) But it was fun!
439085439085B000084346A2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"1151340064000Prolonging a quality lifeNot trying to be melodramatic here but I honestly believe that the Wysong chicken (and also the chicken and turkey) are extending the life of my 15 (at least) year old cat with chronic renal failure. Three months ago she was in crisis and I was sure she would die. I read all I could about CRF and the Wysong Au Jus recipe was on a comprehensive list of low solium and low phosphorus foods. I bought some and could not believe my good fortune when she ate it up. I know now what triggered the crisis episode - it was the solium in a small amount of ham I gave her as a treat. I k ow this because after she was back on her feet and doing great eating Au Jus one night I let her lick the tiniest amount of spaghetti sauce from my bowl and the next couple of days I could tell she felt bad. She loves spaghetti sauce and I never considered the high sodium content in it plus it was a tiny bit but it had a big negative impact on her. So I learned my lesson and she has not had any critical setbacks. She still has the disease of course and it is apparent. She drinks a lot of water and she sleeps more than she used to. Some days she is very quiet but some days she is loud and rambunctious. And she still keeps herself clean. So there is a quality life there in that little rascal of mine and I truly believe the Au Jus food is why. Just to keep things interesting for her I keep chunk light tuna in water (nothing on the ingredients list but tuna, water) and Gerber baby food - beef, chicken, and turkey varieties. It is meat, water, and cornstarch, nothing else. Mainly she eats the Au Jus but now and then I give her one of the others to keep her from getting bored, which she tends to do. She is not getting the USDA mandated vitamins and minerals found in most cat food but at this point I feel like that is not a priority.
439086439086B005H19T0YA1HOXKR7OKJ1X1L. R. Dana-kirby "Leslie Dana Kirby"0041339632000Tasty!I love Arizona iced tea, and this one is quite tasty, especially for a diet version. A great combination of lemony tea.

Please note that this review is specific to the product, not the price or the merchant.
439087439087B00143YFV2A39W3263A9HCMNRenfield "Up the Irons"1511213315200May be OK if you want to lose some weight (In other words, "vomit")My friends made me try this as a joke, and holy crap, this has gotta be the worst tasting gum ever. I only tasted this flavor, but I don't plan on tasting the others since it's so crappy. It tastes like cough medicine mixed in with iodine. It's sooooo bad tasting that it'll make your mouth burn, almost. And no it will not give you energy either. So ignore that "RECCOMENDED DOSE" bogus on the back of the package. They obviously made this as a joke to prank friends.
439088439088B000IEDUTGAIOBX6HG4YVR8Charles K. Sereika "CharlesS772"2221265932800A lot of added sugarThere is a ton of added sugar in these mango's. I think that it ruins the mango and is totally unnecessary.
439089439089B000IEDUTGA2MOGAOINNX3SQMusicFan20121151241136000Buy ItBuy this product. If the seals are a little torn on arrival, just transfer to ziploc bags. In an airtight seal this would make excellent survival/bugout nourishment. Would be great for hiking and camping etc. Great in winter when fresh fruit isn't as available.
439090439090B000IEDUTGA3PKD2GXWBP7W2Straight Shot1151220227200Good-tasting, dried mangoesNicely dried, not heavily sugared (sugar is second ingredient) unlike most other dried mango. There are no preservatives in Klein's Naturals Mango. It is not sticky and is soft and easily torn into smaller bits. Packaging is very light rigid plastic, recycleable tub. The inner seal is cellophane over tub that while thin, has worked properly and has never arrived with any shipping damage.
439091439091B000IEDUTGA3H6NNGCINPLECA Customer2351187913600Delicious Organic MangoesWe truly love these mangoes and have ordered dozens of cases throughout the years. They are naturally delicious and exclude artificial flavors and colors. Plus, this dried fruit requires no refrigeration, which is great for those of us on the go.

Klein's Mangoes use MINIMAL packaging, which greatly supports reduced waste in American landfills. However, if a cardboard mailing box was not handled properly during shipping, the contents may, unfortunately, get crushed.

Although we appreciate reduced recyclable packaging, for quality control purposes, we think it would be best if this product was shipped and labeled with FRAGILE stickers for better/safer handling.
439092439092B000IEDUTGA2MA5O4ZFVNP2Coco Shops0051340841600Tastes great and good priceThese mango treats taste great and are a great price. We love to snack on them. Organic too, a nice bonus!
439093439093B000IEDUTGA2KLQIBLXO3YQXThinker0031323993600Fruit jerkylike texture, some are more sour than sweet, need some strength to chew. I like them so far, do need toothpick handy.
439094439094B000EVKHQMAJ1OPU8A2UOAEColleen R. "Gluten Free since 8/05"8851168473600Fantastic!Rarely can I say that a GF product tastes better than the gluten version. Thse cookies do, though. Melt in your mouth delicious, and just the right amount of lemon. I am confident tht if you gave these to gluten eaters, they would not be able to tell the difference.
439095439095B000EVKHQMAPCDN1JK6B81PManeki Neko "M.N."7741177718400Yummy lemony goodnessAlthough at first I wasn't sure about the texture of the wafers, I found these lemony wafers to be really addicting. The lemon filling flavoring is delicious and much better than the chocolate version of the same wafer. i would definitely buy this again!
439096439096B000EVKHQMAKXCQP3DLGW7FA. bauman "Mother, Wife, Artist"7751152230400YummyWe really like these. The lemon flavor is heavenly. The cookies are crisp and light... VERY VERY good.
439097439097B000EVKHQMA1W0CHSU0O5VUKM. Riegle3351209081600Love that lemon biteWhen I first ate one I thought Wow... that is lemony and not sure if I liked it but by the end of "just trying one more" I was addicted. I have to hide them from my non-gluten free husband. He likes them better than the vanilla or lemon ones I used to buy for him in the grocery store that are not gluten free. I am trying to get a local store to carry them.
439098439098B000EVKHQMA230PX1OK8INV4S. Llewellyn3351155513600The best gluten-free cookies I have ever hadI feel like have tried every gluten-free baked good out there. Since I am allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, and bananas as well this product is a lifesaver for when I need a cookie. They taste really , really good and don't make me sick. I love these things I pray they never stop making them.
439099439099B000EVKHQMA2Y7OM2HO4RKBPLPE2251266537600Fabulous cookiesThese are actually superior to any similar vanilla cookies I've had - they are absurdly addictive, so watch out for that...
439100439100B000EVKHQMA16D7YGMSOUPVENLM2251263686400Just like vanilla oreosThese cookie and the chocolate version are the best gluten free substitutes for Oreo cookies on the market. Filling very creamy and cookie is nice and light.
439101439101B000EVKHQMA3I58S49YPQ8SUMelissa J2251209254400My kids love themMy two little boys love these. I can't tell them apart from the real gluten version.
439102439102B000EVKHQMA64ABZNEO9F73photo buff1131333497600Vanilla wafers -- beware they can melt in shipment!!!These tasty chocolate coated wafers are a great way to get a chocolate fix without too many calories. Be warned however that if the weather is sunny and in the 70's or higher, you're likely to be disappointed when you open the box because the chocolate melts. You'll have three solid blocks instead of 18 wafers, even if you used next day delivery. Best to order this product when cloudy weather is forecast, and high temps will be in the 60's or less -- apparently those brown UPS trucks get pretty warm in the sun!
439103439103B000EVKHQMA1EP22TU1P4MCNAndrea Brosnan1151237939200deeeelish!These are so good. I love them as a quality , gluten free sweet treat. My kids , who are also gluten free, just think they are great cookies. They have a great lemon taste. I dont know of any afater taste or any particular potato smell. They are just real good cookies in a gluten free world!
439104439104B000EVKHQMA37DUY2LW9LKKWJ. Wilson "byWilson"1141221436800Strawberry Glutino Wafers the BEST!The lemon flavored wafers ARE really good, but the STRAWBERRY are BEST!
I'm going to ask to get them on the subscribe & save program.
439105439105B000EVKHQMA33NXNZ79H5K51Jean M "JM"1151205107200Who needs glutenThese wafers are awesome, if you like the ones you buy normally in a local grocery store or use to buy you will love these, but be careful, very addictive, just like the others.yummy Great product that is free of gluten.
439106439106B000EVKHQMA160JZXED5K7P1gf gal1151203638400yummymy kids were thrilled to have this kind of treat gluten free and tasty. It has become a favorite in our family.3
439107439107B000EVKHQMA369MUHEUOXGGXC. Gee1151201824000Gluten free, but NOT taste freeI got these for my daughter who has celiac. I usually can tolerate the gluten free foods, but rarely do I find something that I would choose to eat. These go beyond that. They are so good. Now, I LOVE sugar wafers and so I was skeptical. But, you'll not be disappointed. The biggest problem was stopping myself from eating them and saving them for my daughter.
439108439108B000EVKHQMA3KJ4DQOI7WXJ4S. Noe "NE Gr'ma"1151190851200Addictive!These wafers remind me of those regular chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry wafers I was addicted to as a if Glutino could only make those flavors gluten-free! Yummy!! Lemon flavored is a great start!
439109439109B000EVKHQMA2C0SYDL7YZGMXTeresa M. Cook "gluten-free patron"1151189987200Lemon Glutino wafersThese wafer cookies are every bit as good as the ones I used to eat that are wheat-based. They are light and airy and just plain good!
439110439110B000EVKHQMA2C0SYDL7YZGMXTeresa M. Cook "gluten-free patron"1151189987200Chocolate Vanilla Glutino WafersThese are the best gluten-free cookies that I have ever tasted. They are as good as the regular wafer cookies (or better!). The only problem is that in shipment (during the summer months) the chocolate all sticks to the paper and the container that the cookies are in. If they could be put on ice packs for shipment, they would get to the customer in much better shape.

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