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439261439261B004IJHY4YA1XKRS3MAN3AUNMegan0131336089600Flavor Not What I Was ExpectingI purchased these based on a recommendation from the Hungry Girl emails as a great low fat snack. These are ok, but the flavor is definitely not what I was expecting, there is almost a burnt quality to the flavor. Also, the serving size doesn't seem like that much since the cookies are very thin. For similar nutritionals you can have about the same amount of Keebler Elfin Crackers, which are much more tasty and satisfying. If you liked the McDonaldland Cookies as a kid, go for the Elfin Crackers, they are very similar in flavor.
439262439262B004IJHY4YAMHHNAFJ9L958A M0111321747200These taste so bland.Look, each pack contains two servings of 120 cal each, yet those servings serve up exactly zero taste. They should make it one serving of the same number of calories but inject some taste. They taste like someone forgot 1) salt and 2)sugar. Wow. Super bad.
439263439263B004IJHY4YAZQXSDY803256mom of two0111317859200dissapointednot what i expected.. I tried vanilla version at my neighbour's - they were soft and nice.. but they were also in a bigger bag (8 oz or so). These cookies (oatmeal) come in small pouches (2 oz or so) and they are stone hard, too salty, no taste appeal whatsoever. The same I can say for the chocolate version. Nobody in our family wants a bite of them - waste of money.
439264439264B004IJHY4YA2EVUVG1MRLDK4m.lg "the prophet"0151310428800delicious cruelty-free crackers!these are the best animal crackers i've ever tasted! the chocolate simply adds to the deliciousness. they taste like mini-cookies. they are vegan and thus cruelty-free! organic and yummy. what more can be asked of an animal cracker!
439265439265B002RGTZ9MA8LFWJW44E3WVjulienne0051321660800Fantastic treatI like regular Raisinets, but these are the best thing I've ever had in that realm. They have a tasty chocolate coating doesn't overwhelm the dried cranberries. Nice cranberry flavor, less sweet than Raisinets, and absolutely addicting. I love the milk chocolate variety. Great chewy sweet treat.
439266439266B00800GTPMA22U8V3UVVBP7MJoseph L. Kolb0051342224000good mix of nutsplanters has this NUT-rition line of nuts for everything from heart health to men's health. i'm not sure all the different options make all the differences they claim or if this is a marketing scam to charge more for something that is "specialized". either way, the nuts are very good. i enjoy the combination of almonds, peanuts and pistachos. the ratio seems about equal, maybe with a bit more peanuts than anything else. low carbs at 5g and there is sea salt added. overall, very tasty and recommended even if you're not a man.
439267439267B000G7LQIMA2EL5IZGQOCHKJEvan Chechopoulos1151216598400DeliciousJust the right about of sweetness, chewy raisins and crunch of the granola. We will definately be buying more of this yummy cereal.
439268439268B000G7LQIMA2QK6TV2OXI47AAndrew Gallatin "DrewG"0051337644800great cerealI'm totally addicted to this cereal, and have been eating it for years. It has just the right level of sweetness, and none of the non-oat filler that I hate (puffed rice, flax seed, etc) that are common in "grocery store" brands. The raisins are generally soft enough to not feel like pebbles, unlike some other brands.

However, beware: As of this review, it is far cheaper to get this product elsewhere. I wish Amazon would start selling it again at a competitive price, as I would much rather buy it from Amazon.
439269439269B000G7LQIMA2X8C2QHL29G9Slilmamaof50011291766400crunchy raisins?I really liked the original granola, so I thought I would try it with raisins. The raisins were so hard they were crunchy. I think I'll stick to the original and add my own raisins.
439270439270B000G7LQIMAQ18UUIU2Y1YHCindy Hardy0051271635200Been loving this cereal for over 35 years!When I was in my early teens, I discovered Heartland granola cereal with raisin. It was the only cereal of its' type at the time. I absolutely loved the taste of the granola and molassas in this cereal, and there were always plenty of sweet and plump raisins in the box.

I haven't seen this cereal in any of my local grocery stores in over 20 years. I have eaten many other "natural" cereals over the years that I enjoyed, but none as much as Heartland.

I decided to Google it the other day. I was pleased to see that this cereal is still made today. I purchased a case on and received it today. I opened it immediately and ate a huge bowl right away. The cereal tastes exactly like I remember! I still love it and am so happy that I can enjoy it once again!
439271439271B000G7LQIMA3UBHAGQW18FDRTravis "TjT"0031255910400An ok granolaIm becoming quite a granola connoisseur, and this granola was not the best but not the worst. From the cover it looks like you will be getting nice golden granola, but then when you open the box it didn't look golden. It does have an ok taste. Not sure though really what it is im tasting. All i know is its a little sweet. It has more sugar than even the chocolate granola i use to have, dont know how they managed that. To me it is just an ok granola nothing real spectacular when it comes to taste and looks. Raisins aren't that bad either.
439272439272B003XDYTOYA2M2QPKSPH8DDRTexas Red0051289779200FantasticAn incredibly delicious hot cocoa. Rich, deep chocolate flavor and for a very low calorie count. The package says 2 tbsp for 6 oz. I use three for a 9 oz. mug and that's still only 105 calories. It's a great low cal way to satisfy that chocolate craving. Scrumpdiddlyumptuous!
439273439273B003M5VN92A2ZXQXAHVSW4G5Cat Lover8851297814400Great food!Our new kitten loves this canned food! He is now 7 months old and still begs for it! Great food!
439274439274B003M5VN92A1YIQS930Z8L4Usandrad074451345075200Sweet kittyI had my persian on Earthborn grain free and he just seemed so board with it. Its great food as far as ingredients goes but I knew that he needed wet food in his diet as well so I went to the specks and they were out of Earthborn wet so with hesitatation I tried this and wow my kitty gobbeled it up so fast and was so excited!I felt so bad like I was starving the poor thing lol Know I buy Royal canin and I dont feel guilty because he loves it so much every morning he follows me around untill I open a can !He gets one can a day and a small bowl of dry to nibble on throughout the day as he pleases He he couldnt be happier !!
439275439275B003M5VN92A1W5WIU808D6W9Computer illiterate in Chicago33513156992005 month old kitten loves itWe recently got a siamese mix kitten and she loves this food. I usually give it to her first thing in the morning and then again late afternoon with dry food during the day. I'm happy I found something she likes and seems to tolerate well. I also tried some Science Diet but that seems to upset her stomach.
439276439276B003M5VN92A1MEDU5CTC4P4Cac wildlife2251346630400Kitten chow gets gobbled upThis is one of two canned kitten food I feed my kittens. Boy when I put this down, one of my kitties nearly inhaled it. Both are rescues, and one I'm sure has been given table scraps. They are only two months and six-weeks old respectively. Hard as it is to believe, their numbers were up at the pound so I took them both.

My first time with this food was for my now-year-old rescue kitty. She was so fussy and I suspect from being fed table scraps. But she ate this. Her tastes have since outgrown it. But for my two new rescue kitties, this is a tasty and healthy meal. It is an expensive food, but is made well, with nutrients and like all good cat and kitten food, filling with staying power. I figure I'm saving money because they're eatig it, licking the bowl clean and nothing is going down the garbage.

I like they come in two kinds: one for baby kittens, the very young. And one for kitten a little older. The one with the chucks got gobbled down. Glad to find this at Amazon.
439277439277B003M5VN92A137GOGG557061K. M. Roseth "k26"2251322352000LoveI have a very hard time finding this at my local pet stores... I order on line now for it. My kitten loves it, so does the older cat (2years old), my older one is on the vet issued special allergy kind of this brand. So far, even tho it isn't per the instructions, we have had a better time mixing the 2 together that way they will both eat and I don't have to put the older one in time out every feeding
439278439278B003M5VN92A3KHFQBQ16Z03DBridgett Wilson1151345766400THE BEST!!!Even though I saved my kitten from the stray cat life last fall, he has quickly become every spoiled on this food. One day, I ran out and had a can of other cat food. He wouldn't touch it and I'm fairly certain I offended him. He made his point by eating the Royal Canin dry food instead.
Only Royal Canin for my Prince!
439279439279B003M5VN92A2RLPNGRAGZH1GA. Markus1151343606400Our kittens eat it quickly. They don't get sick after.There are many reasons I'd love some kind of cat-human translator. Hearing their food preferences sits pretty low on that list, since I imagine they love all food. This food in particular, they seem to really love. Coming from the 'baby' version of this brand, we've upgraded from mush to chunks, which must make them feel like real cats. Our fat kitten devours his, while our skinny skittish kitten eats most of it, then tries to bury the rest with imaginary dirt he scrapes together from around the bowl.
2 paws up!
439280439280B003M5VN92A1G9MVS57G0I7LJennifer Rockelmann0051349049600Really good foodWe adopted a 5 week old abandoned kitten from our local vet and they were feeding him canned Royal Canin kitten instinctive. Though pricey it was manageable. His orange coat was silky and he was thriving. A month later I rescued 2 other kittens from a shelter. Honestly, 3 kittens take up a lot of space in our smaller home. And trying to afford this food for 3 ravenous kittens at $1.39 a can was a big hit to our limited budget. They were scarfing up 5 cans a day and begging for more. Out of necessity to our budget, I tried putting them on Friskies consoling myself with the thinking that at least they have a good home and are fed...Wow, big mistake! Within hours the awful smell coming from the litter box was overwhelming. My husband was not pleased and I was scooping the clumpable litter from the box 2-3 times a day. After a week and their loose stools not getting anybetter better I went back to Royal Cannin. I've just adjusted our budget so that our kitten clan can eat as well as their human folk. I pay more in food but worth it in my opinion since my house doesn't reak, the kittens love it, and their coats are like silk. I've been able to save alittle money by getting a big plate and mixing 2 cans of kitten instinctive wet with 1/4-1/3 cup kitten instictive dry and sectioning it in 3 piles so each can have their section. I do this in the morning and then again at night and have the Royal Canin dry left out during the day for snacking. I also save money in litter since it is easier to clean with firm stools (not runny like some lower quality foods produce).
439281439281B003M5VN92A4HIK7F1QOI9ENeal Bentley Morton0051346889600Royal Canin Kitten FoodMy kittens just eat this up! Hopefully it will help them grow to be big and healthy cats. The morsels are just the right size, and it also helps to mix it with other more "solid" canned kitten foods.
439282439282B003M5VN92A1I5FOEKWFHC9OFang's Mother1241336176000kitten food okay for catjust adopted Beau from a lady who was too sick to take care of him. she recommended royal canin, so I ordered a case and later noticed that the kitten version was chosen. he loved it nevertheless, and is very healthy and playful. it's a little pricey, but since he's doing so well, I plan to continue with this brand. I'll just make sure to pick the adult formula from now on. by the way, Beau the cat adores his new brother, fang the dog. they are pretty funny together.
439283439283B000NY8O24A2KO96CX2C9LY0Rebecca G.2251257292800Wonderful Hanuta!If you don't know about Hanuta you need to try it., It's chopped hazelnuts in milk chocolate between two wafers. They are fantastic!
439284439284B0001ZZ4PKA1ZY3TYL7LMGH0rickyswife "Jesuslovesyou!"6821163116800BUY IT AT THE GROCERY STORE PUBLIX!!!!!!!!!!!!Who would pay these prices, this stufff is fantastic, but I want any of you who have a Publix near by to go there for it...... I just purchased, they come packaged 2- 5oz servings for 3.50...... I just spent ten bucks on 30oz, and this site is trying to sell me 25oz for 35.00???? What a rip off. That said this stuff is fantastic and addicitve..... well behaved princes and princesses will even eat it. Flaky, not dry.... just yummy.
439285439285B005QC0HYGA247GZWCU0MX7TBryan Dicarlo1151346198400RetortThey are delicious and if you know how to store candy, they last just fine.

439286439286B005QC0HYGA3IIBPLNEF8EZ0T. P. Obrien "Tom"0121343952000Tasty, but melted togetherThe early summer travel was too much for this product. It still tasted like Reese's Pieces, but was mostly melted together from the heat.
439287439287B003KSWF6GA2Q6QA8YG8ZAEGStephanie C0051317513600Delicious and FlavorfulI've made about 8 small cups of tea with this so far and it's really good. Its aroma matches its taste and it has the perfect balance of flavor. It's a nice break between plain black tea bags. The only thing is I'm not sure what they mean by strawberry flavor, all I know is that it tastes good and gives me a feeling of relaxation whenever I drink it.
439288439288B005XCWKIKA1TFIRXDVL7D4MChad A. Fackler "Bear the Hairless"0051340150400Very unique take on peanuts.I saw these and simply had to try them. I mean c'mon, eat the shells??? Well, turns out, they are very good. Now not everyone will enjoy them, I'm sure. My only issue, and it is pretty minor, but the garlic flavor could have been a bit stronger for my taste. Over all though, these are a very neat take on peanuts.
439289439289B0007WGVF4A3LALK8IUD9TDPBeastman0051231632000my reviewBasically if you like almonds,chocolate and coconuts thrown together you will enjoy this product. Almond Joy's are a timeless classic.
439290439290B002UZYXWYA2FCNN689SP74OVirginia L. Gerard "love"0051347148800Paradise Tutti Fruitti Mix 1/4 Inch, 30 Pound TubThis product was a good bye the original price was seventy something dollars and I got it for thirty something dollars. I recieved the item on time and was very immpressed that it came intacted for such a bulky package. I definitely will order this product again.

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