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439321439321B000VK4P14AX4EJPMBBNP90T.S. Ward0031349654400MehThey weren't awful but, as another reviewer said, I wouldn't buy them again. The heat was actually pretty good which I don't find a lot in things that are supposed to be hot. The flavor was lacking and it ended up tasting like a walmart brand jelly bean with capsaicin. For almost 10 bucks I expect a quality jelly bean with a flavorful pepper.
439322439322B000VK4P14A3UL6IOH9F4HU4James E. Rossi "jmonkey"0051328140800What he said ^^These are great, nice jelly bean flavors then after a few seconds a solid habanero burn. I gave them as a gift and they were thoroughly enjoyed.
439323439323B000VK4P14A2YWTPBAN7OP2PD. Kauper0031325203200Sweet an HotNot really diggin' these jelly beans. I love sweet, tart, and hot flavors. Sometimes I like them combined. Not in this case though. I'm wondering if they would be better if a better jelly bean were to be used. The heat part of it tastes good. Not sure what else to say. Wouldn't buy them again. They would be good for playing practical jokes on people though.
439324439324B000VK4P14A15YJ3PW18UI92M. Brown "BroncosDude"0041324684800Very HotThese things are great. Very hot and tasty. They taste just like jelly beans but about 10sec after you eat them your mouth will be on fire. Great as a prank or people who like hot stuff.
439325439325B000PAM5CQANEDXRFDZDL18Serene2341266624000Decent piece of chocolateThis is a nice white chocolate bar with crunchy hazelnuts by Ritter. I love their chocolate covered biscuits and this is a fine piece of candy.

I do think it needs something more. I'd like a biscuit or some other type of flavor to offset the waxiness of white chocolate. Hazelnuts are good, but this product would be better with a biscuity crunch or rice cereal to give it a bit of oomph.
439326439326B000PAM5CQA315ZLRVWFXN3SAlex DiMuro "baseball guy"0051329436800White Chocolate and Hazel Nut CandyRitter Sport has prepared a great combination for white chocolate lovers like myself who also like the texture of crunchy nuts in their white chocolate. The white chocolate is top notch and the Hazel nuts are always fresh.
439327439327B000PAM5CQA1ADZHLE9IYZWUMamon1231272672000I am not satisfiedI had bought the same brand few weeks back from my local deptt store, it tasted great. So I brought the same from Amazon, they are fine but, the nut and the white chocolate don't taste the same. More over the chocolates expire this nov 2010. I guess that's the reason..
439328439328B006UA0JZ0AD4157JAQ17T9Eric0051341446400My favorite trail snackI love these bars. I carried Clif bars on hikes for years, but then heard about Big Sur Bars. They don't sell them in stores locally, so I order them online. They're just really fresh and tasty, not hard and chewy like Clif bars. You do need to store them in the freezer until you're ready to use them, because they're not formulated or packaged for long shelf life like Clif bars. And, while they're quite natural, they're probably less nutritious than Clif bars, because they have less protein. They're more like a fresh brownie, and feel like a good reward for a hard hike.
439329439329B0017WE0PQA1ERS0UCG7DC4OL. Gottberg1151247097600SatisfactionThis is a fine product and has been being used by our family for many years. Its' usefulness in replacing dairy products from our lifestyle is much appreciated as we see it as an important adjunct to our vegetarian lifestyle.
439330439330B0017WE0PQAS5YBN8R9PQYUP. C. Eberhart "Product Reviewer"0051276560000NO BEANIE FLAVORWhat else can I say? The Arrow products are inedible due to the harsh beanie flavor.
439331439331B0041FCF1MA1LIAZOA6C39JTLongsworth424631317081600Coffee is OK, not great.First, the coffee. It's perfectly fine, but nothing near the gift from heaven other reviewers here will have you believe. It's a touch acidic to my stomach, certainly does seem to have a kick to it and is otherwise a decent cup to wake up to.

[SEE EDIT BELOW--Second, the fraud. I won't buy any Raven's Brew again because I strongly suspect that fraudulent reviews are being posted on Amazon. Multiple reviews on the same day, reviewers who are strangely eloquent about coffee and reviewers who apparently only review Raven's Brew coffee and NOTHING ELSE. Really?

Very sad.]

EDIT: I've been informed that Raven's Brew solicited reviews (either good or bad) via their Facebook page. While I'd be surprised any Facebook fans of Raven's Brew would write bad reviews, I'll give them a pass. Just be aware of this fact when reading their reviews on Amazon.
439332439332B0041FCF1MA27PN0TWTUFLXUBarry D. Marsh121451288915200Simply the Best!Ever since my wife bought some whole-bean Raven's Brew Deadman's Reach a few years ago from a specialty shop in NYC I've been hooked on all their roasts and varieties. I've been buying Raven's Brew coffees through their website for years now, and although it's not cheap (especially with shipping from the west coast) it's well worth the price. Leave your Starblech's behind: Deadman's Reach is easily the best coffee I've ever had - smooth, silky, and full-bodied. A French-pressed cup (or two) in the morning starts any day off right. Thirsty to grind some beans and make some Deadman's Reach!
439333439333B0041FCF1MA3CHLDESWC224MInzombiak101251308355200Wake the Dead!This dark roast blend makes an awesome cup of coffee that will get you ready to face the day or an outstanding espresso that even Scorsese or Cornholio would envy. This stimulating brew is equivalent to a fine wine and has a robust flavor with a whisper of sweetness. Makes a wonderful gift or sip and savor it yourself. A little more expensive than store bought coffee but you're worth it aren't you? You WILL NOT be disappointed.
439334439334B0041FCF1MA3L8ASUM1WPX4WJenny7851310515200Best Coffee I've EVER HadThis dark rich coffee is delicious! and the best part is...NO BITTERNESS! I fell in love with this coffee the first time I ever tried it! I loved this coffee so much I even gave some to my dad who is quite a coffee fiend as well, and now he doesn't want anything but this coffee. In a nut shell, if you haven't tried it, you really should. If you have, you know what I'm talking about! :)
439335439335B0041FCF1MA3UHFNNKORZMLODave Lippert3351308096000Excellent beans, great taste!We've been ordering Raven's Brew coffee for years from their website. The coffee is expensive but worth it! The quality is excellent and the beans are always incredibly fresh. Each blend has subtle differences but they are all terrific. The only killer was the price of their shipping.

I've just noticed today that Amazon is selling this with Prime shipping. Today just turned into a great day! Recommended!
439336439336B0041FCF1MAGE27RNVM1RSGDoctorDaddy2251310515200Dead Man's Reach is my absolute favorite.Travelling by Celebrity Cruise ship along the Inside Passage in 2004, I found the perfect blend of dark roast beans in a small kiosk on the pier in Ketchikan, Alaska. The brew was so perfect that I bailed out of the security line to get back onto the ship after 20 minutes to buy a bag of whole beans that I knew I couldn't grind and brew until I got home. Dead Man's Reach has been MY coffee ever since and when I opened my own tea and coffee shoppe in Longwood Florida in 2006... one of my first orders was Dead Man's Reach.
439337439337B0041FCF1MA1Q5BECYOHGJ4WJeremy "Jeremy"1151329609600Best Coffee I've Ever Had. Really...Yeah, yeah... everyone says 'Best _____ I've ever tried.' Well, this really is the best coffee I've ever tried. Try it, you'll love it.

Here's how I make it:

+ using a normal Mr Coffee blade grinder:
+ Fill beans to top of grinder chamber with a small bluge over the horizontal
+ hold grind button for 11 seconds. No shaking, tapping, bumping, etc needed
+ prepare in Bunn auto-drip office type coffee maker using 64oz of water

There's nothing bad I can say about Deadman's Reach. It's dark, chocolatey, nutty, smooth, but not bitter. Very, Very highly recommended.

[Update 7/11/12] - this is a legitimate review. I have never had any affiliation, or own any stock in Raven's Brew. Deadman's Reach still remains the best coffee I've ever had, and I've tried many from Amazon (Kicking Horse, etc).
439338439338B0041FCF1MAKQLK8K47Q92CLori1151310515200Really, the best coffee I have ever hadI was living in Wyoming and the new coffee shop moved in to town,
and were serving Raven's Brew coffee. I LOVED their roasts, and in
a couple of weeks had moved to Ketchikan, Alaska where it originated.
I wasn't in town 1 hr when, I was enjoying the first Deadman's Reach
latte of so many to come! I taste tested each roast intently, and kept
coming back to Deadman's Reach. I have enjoyed a pot every weekday morning
for about 3 years now, and still can't find anything more enjoyable.
It really does make my day. Try it .... you'll like it!!
439339439339B0041FCF1MA1ZN09YCBHQIFJA T1151310515200Give in to the RavenMy family lives off Raven's Brew- it has been our exclusive brand for close to 6 years now. Deadman's is my husband's favorite- a rich, dark brew with no bitter aftertaste. They have plenty of blends (check out their website)sure to meet everyone's fancy. The only downside to Raven's Brew is once you have it, you get hooked and no coffee measures up!
439340439340B0041FCF1MAVZKHQH9JLP4RFnVicious1151310515200DeadMan's ReachThere was a time a little shop from Seattle changed the way we drank coffee, but their time is long gone. Now its time for a new coffee revolution. I've been on a quest for my go to blend now for sometime, due to the decline from my favorite Seattle Company. Thank god my parents brought me back a bag of true Alaskian Black Gold, from their cruise. When you open your bag from Ravens Brew you get the sweet aroma of coffee filling the room, and with each cup you take a trip to heavenly bliss. If you like the strong taste of coffee without the bitterness and burnt taste, then this is the coffee for you. Deadman's Reach is now my go to blend to start the day, I've also enjoyed Ebony Pearls and Wicked Wolf. Do yourself a favor, and wake up your tastebuds, get some Deadman's Reach and start your day off right. You will not be disappointed!
439341439341B0041FCF1MA33JSY9XNIED30Marlo D.1151310515200Outstanding!Raven's Brew coffee is the best! I love every roast I've tried, though I'm kinda' partial to the darker ones. (Also love-love-LOVE the artwork.) If you think coffee is just, well, "coffee," treat yourself to some Deadman's Reach. You'll see!
439342439342B0041FCF1MA1WF85CKOQMMNPPhillip E Askey1151310515200Good Stuffa very good, bold coffee. Rich & Bold. Like the bad claims it "will wake the dead". I've been drinking Raven's brew Coffee for over 5 years and this one is one of my favorites.
439343439343B0041FCF1MA1HX05AGEF197HHamid2321318118400over priced let downi was very excited, i love coffee, i mean i love it. my first hint was the beans did not shine with their oils nor did the smell excite me. second hint, it is just AVERAGE coffee it didn't blow my sox off at all, will not buy again, will attempt to return the second package also. it is possible this seller sent me old product.
439344439344B0041FCF1MAJVKTTDLSN7N5Victor Catano0051350259200I love deadman's brew! It can wake the dead! SMOOTHLY!I love this coffee, it's smooth and wakes you up and is DELICIOUS! I also enjoy a good undead awakening coffee-
Like most Zombie hunters I know. So even though I'm being silly. I'm serious about this coffee!
DEADMAN'S is smooth and dark at the same time! And it's especially good for you Pirates out
there! A brew to wake the dead and perk up the LIVING! It's a great October coffee, but we drink it year round.
Raven's Brew named it for a reach in Alaska, but it's as smooth and nice as Kona. YOu gotta try it! IF you like Badass coffee
( another brand I love) you will LOVE this. And it's great for breakfast or dessert!
439345439345B0041FCF1MA14PM3O1ZQP7WCCR "Mom"0051348272000Best CoffeeRaven's brews are one of the best coffee's I've ever had. Deadman's reach does not disappoint. Rich smooth flavor. The beans are well roasted without the thick residue that some coffees have.
439346439346B0041FCF1MA241MKDERY47WGCain0051347148800Best coffee ever.I've tried a lot of coffee's... from Kona peaberry to Jamaican blue mountain, and most of the African's and I have never found anything to rival this excellent blend's consistancy and kick. Ive wasted alot of money on poorer quality coffee trying to find "The One" I am 100% in love with this blend and I can't wait to try the rest of the flavors, but Dead Man's Reach will my go-to morning kick start for a long time to come.
439347439347B0041FCF1MA1FKUTV6IQ7WBLPatricia Hackney "fisherwoman"0051340064000Great coffee!!! Cool packaging! Been drinking it since 1993!I've been drinking Ravens Brew coffee since 1993 when someone on the docks in Ketchikan told me to try it. I'm proud to say I was one of their first mail order customers when I had them mail it to me in Kansas. Their coffee is smooth, not burnt tasting, and obviously made with love and care. The packaging is thoughtful and hysterical (three pecker billygoat for example). The graphics are beautiful (I even have a poster of the original Ravens Brew raven coming out of the coffee cup). I saw a review on here about fraudulent posts. I think that is just plain weird. I have been to their roastery, I'm a real person, and I think this coffee is amazing. So hey old sour-berry guy -- get over it and have a cup of ravensbrew to soothe your bitter soul. Try this coffee, but be aware that you will be hooked on it. As they say on the packaging: "It's the last legal high". :) Raven's Brew Whole Bean Organic Ebony Pearl, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)
439348439348B0041FCF1MA32LYESKER2ROTRobin Renee Mack0021335312000Coffee ReviewThis is ok coffee...thought it would have much richer, bolder flavor based on other reviews I read. I like my coffee bold...this is a mediocre blend. Won't try it again....I over-bought to begin with.
439349439349B0041FCF1MA2VCVHY3HGIVTSDH0021334966400Weak and blandI had high hopes for this blend. It's not good at all. I found it completely lacking flavor.

I do not recommend this one at all. Instead, try the 3 Peckered Billy Goat blend.
439350439350B0041FCF1MA54OVZ0FZOTM1NickisratingstuffonAmazon0031334880000Not as good as expectedI originally fell in love with both the Wicked Wolf and Bruin blends, but I have been let down by this as well as the Resurrection blend. It is rather light for a dark roast, tasting much lighter than an everyday Dunkin' Donuts Dark blend, nearing a medium roast.

The coffee does have a nice even roast, and a bit of oil coating the beans. Nearly perfect for a medium roast blend, which this is not.

The flavor is not offensive nor amazing. It is coffee and nothing more. I would be hard pressed to discern this from any other run of the mill medium roast.

With my last couple of experiences I will not be purchasing Raven's Brew again.

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