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439374439374B0041FCF1MA3UYWULXJKYWWQLoveAK0151310515200caught me off guardOk, I thought I would only love one type of brand all my life, until I was offered Raven's Brew, Deadman's reach! It is all the quality and taste if not more than what I was drinking. What a wonderful change, won't go back to my old.
439375439375B0041FCF1MA30YACBYSFY82RJohn Langan1351310601600The coffee you've been looking forThe Raven really knows his stuff when it comes to roasting coffee. I have been an avid consumer of "gourmet" coffee for close to 20 years and have worked in several different coffee shops. I have drunk I can't tell you how many cups of coffee and this is one of the best. This is a dark roast coffee as it should be: rich and deeply flavorful, but not overpowered by bitterness. Dark-roasted but not burned. This is the coffee you've been looking for.
439376439376B0041FCF1MA3UZXANRZMTEK1Sheila Clark1351310515200LOVE THIS COFFEE!I love Raven's Brew coffee. Deadman's Reach is a wonderful dark roast and my brother told me the story behind the name and the map and that added to the whole experience. Wicked Wolf by Raven's Brew is my all time favorite, but this is second for sure. Stoked amazon carries it now! Yay!
439377439377B0041FCF1MA29N6MPWRF5407chuckita0251313366400Great Coffee!This coffee is great! What I love is that it has a bold flavor with a clean finish. Usually I need a breath mint ten minutes or so after drinking a dark coffee, but not with this coffee. I wish I could give it ten stars!!
439378439378B0041FCF1MA2KDCHT25XBXCKiminlocal71411316304000all review on Jul 13Looking to purchase coffee beans .... All reviews on Jul 13, come on !!! I know ..... where coming from...
439379439379B0041FCF1MA1RVD1GV1JW25QElijah C. Jordan1451310601600Best brew ever!My son and I are coffee snobs and we critique all of our coffees. Dead Man's Reach is the standard bearer by which we compare all the other coffees. When we pour the hot water in the French press, the fresh gound Dead Man's aroma comes alive and grabs you by every sense and beyond. By far the best coffee ever.
439380439380B007REFI0YA17ATVMRUPOHZAPaul H0051341878400As Advertised and Arrived Sooner than ExpectedThe product is as advertised, and arrived sooner than expected. Got addicted to this product when visiting Thailand, and my nephew did too! I got this as a gift for my nephew and he loves it. Surprised that it only took two weeks from Thailand to North Carolina. Thanks!
439351439351B0041FCF1MA29OIP3OIOZLD6William C. Edson0051328832000This Coffee delivers as advertised - True Gem!I have been drinking coffee for over 30 years and have tried many different coffees from around the world and can say without a doubt this coffee is truly special and deserving of 5 stars. First, it is delicious and has a unique taste without being overpowering. Second, it is very smooth and consistent through to the last sip (unlike some other well known high end coffees). Finally, this coffee has a backbone and will keep you moving. My family and friends have also raved (if that's possible for a coffee) positively for this unique coffee! Summary: delicious; smooth with no bitterness; comes with a kick. Enjoy.
439352439352B0041FCF1MA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0041328400000Good dark roast coffeeThis is the best, thus far, of the various dark roast coffees I've tried since First Colony French Roast is no longer available on Amazon. When I opened the bag, the coffee scent was delicious and the resultant coffee was really quite good and I'll probably place another order.
439353439353B0041FCF1MA2CGHRB5X58FF6Jess0051325203200WowI like my coffee strong without tasting burnt. This stuff is exactly that. I use a french press and this stuff grinds wonderfully without having a lot of coffee dust. I was afraid when I took that first sip and was instantly blown away by the easy-on-the-tongue flavor. I'm not caffeine sensitive considering I take Excedrin every day, but I can definitely feel the jolt with this!
439354439354B0041FCF1MA3J8IDTQ74YRCKawoman0051322438400yesssss. . .I bought this as a gift for the brother who never keeps in touch. Then I had a selfish moment. The long and short of it being that this is simply the best coffee, sans the original blue mountain that I have only had in Jamaica. . . this is coffee coffee, pure,strong, without being bitter,aromatic and smooth. I would love for coffee connoisseurs like me to try this one and enjoy the love and peace that has obviously gone into this excellent brew. I use a coffee press and recommend that you guys do the same to get that exquisite just brewed flavor. excellence is hard to come by nowadays ~ at any price.
439355439355B0041FCF1MA1CQRGYG01H9RTJimmy "jrsatv"0041317168000Deadman's Reach An America's Cup Level WinnerDeadman's Reach from Raven's Brew is world-class for those preferring a strong but very smooth coffee. As with most Raven's Brew coffees, the packaging graphics add to the romance of the brand. The only reason we rated it four-stars and not five-stars was because it is pricey for a mere 12 oz bag. If only Raven's would plop two more ounces of beans in the bag and hold the price-point we'd be buying a lot more often! That said, you simply cannot argue with the quality of their coffees.
439356439356B0041FCF1MA14JEW5023TL0SMovesalotfamily0051310515200Raven's Brew Coffees are among the bestFound Raven's Brew when we moved to Ketchikan, it's home base of sorts. Every variety we have tried has been wonderful, never bitter. Deadman's Reach is strong and flavorful, perfect black or with your favorite additions. The decaf versions are just as good, can't even tell the difference!
439357439357B0041FCF1MAHDE0W3RYOC5FJason G. Daily0051310515200Coffee like no otherSince we moved from Alaska, we have not been able to find coffee that meets the standard of Ravens Brew - Deadman packs a punch and leaves you wanting more. We have a stash we take on vacation with us to keep our "good" coffee within reach. Try them wont be disappointed.
439358439358B0041FCF1MA1W20IPDD53ESNCharlie590051310515200Best coffee I've ever drank!While in Ketchikan, Alaska last May on a cruise with Celebrity I bought some coffee [Ravens Blend]and some mugs for souveniers for my kids and myself. The coffee was great, best I've ever had. I've ordered more since we got back and especially like Dead Mans Reach. Glad to see Amazon carrying it! Hope to get back to Alaska some day, sure would be great sitting on the deck at the Talkeetna Lodge drinking DMR's coffee and enjoying Mt. Mckinley!
439359439359B0041FCF1MA2OE2IWFWZHBPXmk0051310515200Raven's BrewSeriously good coffee! I am from Seattle, and this is hands down my favorite coffee of all time. I love to send this as gifts, the packaging is always attractive and the coffee is such a treat. I can't say enough good things about Raven's Brew coffee. I first learned of them while on a cruise to Alaska, and for any of you who have been on a cruise, the ships are known for having notoriously BAD coffee. When our ship docked in Juneau, I beat feet off the ship in search of a "decent" cup of coffee and stumbled in to a shop that was serving Raven's Brew. It was love at first sip! In every port it became a priority to find the nearest barista offering this amazing brew. When I returned home I was delighted to find it available on-line. A bargin at any price! ;-D
439360439360B0041FCF1MA1V7OYWYNVTSGDPatti0051310515200Awesome coffee!Since traveling to Alaska twice in the past five years and finding Raven's Brew, we are addicted to the coffee (any of the blends)! We order on line through the Raven's Brew website and Amazon, both have quick shipping times. I must say, Deadman's Reach is one of our top flavors, the dark roast is not bitter or acidic. Thanks Raven's Brew for offering great coffee!
439361439361B0041FCF1MA2O7EPF2RCPVZIJ. LEBLANC3511320019200Deadman's BreathI also ordered this coffee based on the amount of positive reviews. This coffee taste pretty bad for a dark roast. Bitter, not smooth. Will never order again.
439362439362B0041FCF1MA1O07QCN2GZYHFSteve S.1211342396800Just not anything special. Certainly not a "dark roast"I was expecting a much better coffee. I am giving it 1 star because it does taste ok and the vacuum pack kept the beans fresh.

In my opinion, this coffee is, at best, a mild-flavored medium roast. There is nothing wrong with the taste, but there is nothing special about this coffee to justify its boutique pricing. I also found myself having to use an awfully lot of coffee to get a cup that was tasty. In no way does this coffee resemble other dark roasts that I have purchased, either in terms of the color of the grind, the heaviness of its body, etc.

This is an overpriced, under-flavored coffee with no real kick and no real reason to order again. I am suspicious of all of the glowing reviews this coffee has garnered already.
439363439363B0041FCF1MA3C7N8CXTBW5F7karla schuchmann1251310515200Raven's BrewI fell in love with Raven's Brew when we went to Alaska last year. Deadman's Reach and the House Blend are the best, in my opinion. But, I love all the ones I've tried. I've even added Raven's Brew to my Facebook. It's that great.
439364439364B0041FCF1MAXSVVZNXBWZFFMarilyn Wood1241310515200Fabulous!My daughter introduced me to this coffee, it is too strong for me but has a good flavor. She loves it!
439365439365B0041FCF1MA3SZD4N2LOVF5QKoriKay1251310515200The BestI have been enjoying "Deadmans Reach" for close to 15 years now.. This is by
FAR - THE BEST coffee ever, if you like to be "Hyper Caffeinate" !! RavensBrew
is a great company to do business with as well -
439366439366B0041FCF1MAZGYVSF2NM3M1CWO3Ret2411321574400Disappointed in this coffeeWas very disappointed in this coffee. The beans were very dry (should have had some oil). There was nothing in the taste to make it better than any other dark coffee on the market. For the price it sells for I would not buy it again.
439367439367B0041FCF1MADAB6BJ9WU755L. Wright "lrw"2451310601600What a Wakeup!I had never tried Raven's Brew, and I saw Deadman's Reach while I was in Earth Fare one day, so I thought I'd give it a shot...This stuff is fantastic! It's really smooth and dark. I'm out of it right now, but I definitely will be buying again- and I'll also be trying some other roasts of theirs. This company knows what it's doing when it comes to coffee.
439368439368B0041FCF1MA6887B5W2Y2SSMelvil Dui "melvildui"2451310601600Simply. Great. Coffee.Found this coffee originally on a trip to Alaska, and bought it mainly out of curiosity. I mean, who associates Alaska with coffee? Then I got back home and brewed up a pot. Wow! Dark, strong, but with a sweetness that keeps it from being bitter, there's nothing but pure coffee flavor, and then some. It's reasonably priced, to boot. Raven's Brew styles their coffees "the last legal high," and the Deadman's Reach blend certainly upholds that claim.
439369439369B0041FCF1MAKY07GKDF3C8Ffdeviney0151326326400great coffee!This coffee is great! Lots of flavor and body with no bitterness. I've only had a couple of cups so far but I'm already planning on buying a lot more, if you're a fan of good, quality coffee you have to give this a try!
439370439370B0041FCF1MA7CEP1AKDJXFOOld Guy "Northern chef"0141325462400Great giftWe sent this to a relative, who enjoys good coffee. He reported he appreciated the gift because the coffee was excellent.
439371439371B0041FCF1MA2BLVHVKDP529L. Wieder0151319932800Best coffee I've ever hadRaven's Brew Whole Bean Deadman's Reach is the best coffee I've ever tasted. Been drinking coffee for over 50 years and was completely surprised by the taste. Friends told me about the coffee and it was true. Best coffee I've ever tasted.
439372439372B0041FCF1MA1ZAQF6PRLOBCBJoey J.0151310515200Deadman's Reach Really wakes the deadI have always had a problem in the morning. That ended once I visited Alaska and discovered Raven's Brew Coffee. I fell in love with Deadman's Reach because it is one of the only things that really gets me going in the morning...and I am a teacher so you can imagine. I would recommend this coffee to any coffee lover who truly has a love for high quality coffee. Though I live in Georgia, I am sure to order from their website to keep my veins full. Thank you Raven's Brew for everything you do and truly making the best coffee around!!!!! (c:
439373439373B0041FCF1MA1FVIAP03J7EMDFrank A Uhlman III0151310515200Raven's BrewI have had the pleasure of drinking Raven's Brew coffee for 5+ years. Dead Man's Reach is my favorite! and If you are a coffee aficionado this will quickly become your favorite too.

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