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439411439411B004IJJQK4AXM49VKU4FNTRR. Johnston2241280188800DeliciousI bought these for my 5 year old, but I think I like them more than he does! These are a great healthy sweet snack that's not too sweet. For me, it curbs my craving without feeling like I've just taken in a bunch of unhealthy fillers and chemicals.
439412439412B004IJJQK4A1W0F3F6EXIAKPvieprivee "vieprivee"2251243209600What a Wonderful Snack!These cookies are JUST wonderful, so crisp and tasty!! It totally satisfies me as well as the kids. BUT you better watch out because you will find yourself eating the whole bag! YUM! THESE are the best!!
439413439413B004IJJQK4A2JIOMS0VV8UEQCarolyn Williams "Mystery Lover"2241218153600Great taste but it sure crumbles!We love the taste but hardly any cookies are whole. I would have given them 5 stars otherwise.
439414439414B004IJJQK4ABDBADU0RLIYNnurse+1111346025600snackanimalsThese cookies are horrible, and way too expensive, My kids don't like them and only the dog will eat them.
439415439415B004IJJQK4A1Q20GBRLS2H5GJGal1131345939200Bland, Snickerdoodle, Tastes like flourI found these to be flavor-free. They tasted like white flour, the snickerdoodle ones I bought had hardly any cinnamon. True disappointment, my kids will not eat them and I bought a whole box. Tastes like sweet, baked flour and water.

However the chocolate chip ones are good.
439416439416B004IJJQK4A1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider1151342742400So good!...........One of my carry-over faves from childhood is animal crackers. I love them. I'll have to admit I am a big fan of organic items and also am a sucker for clever/cute packaging, so I brought these home tonight to give them a whirl. Delicious! These are not a thick animal cracker like nabisco, but a thin crunchy one. The peanut butter tastes just like a peanut butter cookie should and is not overly sweet. The package is 7.5 oz and carries 7 servings of 10 cookies for 150 calories (25 from fat). 1 g saturated fat, 2g fiber, 10 g sugar, 3g protein and 2% calcium, and 4% iron. All natural ingredients, with natural peanut butter, no hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. I would feel fine eating these or giving to a kid for a sweet snack. The first ingredients on the label? Organic unbleached flour and peanut butter.

I'm very happy I tried these and will definitely try more of the other cookies in this brand's line.

Overall a delicious product, well packaged in a convenient resealable bag. Perfect for car trips, home or office. Now you can indulge and feel slightly better about it!
439417439417B004IJJQK4A3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl1141327622400Where's the Peanut Butter?These are actually quite delicious. They are dry so make sure you have plenty of milk or something else to drink. Also, I did not detect as much of a peanut buttery taste as I would have liked, but they are still good, and I would recommend them.
439418439418B004IJJQK4A3KSUVJ3SAOJJRgilenh20 "gilenh20"1151318550400Yummy!Just got these oatmeal animal cookies and we love them! These are not like a typical animal cracker - they are more like tiny crunchy granola bars! They remind me of the oats and honey crunchy granola bars from Nature Valley. Also love the price - the only place I can buy these is Whole Foods and they are .99/package there. Subscribe and save is definitely a winner on this one!
439419439419B004IJJQK4A1UTWWRVE4VG1PRock N. CA1131315785600More Peanuts, PleaseI usually love Barbara's bakery goods, so ordered these. I found them too sweet and dry. They have a hint of PB flavor, but not enough to please my palate. I'll stick with the oatmeal or chocolate chip.
439420439420B004IJJQK4AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1151308614400The Boy Loves Them!All kids like animal crackers, don't they? Well our three-year-old boy certainly does. So my wife picked up a 7.5-ounce bag of Barbara's Shackimals Chocolate Chip animal crackers. I'm leery of having snacks around and I'm not too fond of having the kid eat a lot of snacks, but my wife assures me that these are relatively healthy snacks. Hmmmmm. I suspect that these are just as much for her as for the boy. Well, what can you do? We already have them and the bag is open. I might as well try one just to see what they're all about. Mmmmmm. Somewhat dry and crunchy. Nice chocolatey taste, but not too heavy. Sweet, but only lightly sweet. Nice snack or treat! Of course, the boy loves them! I'm going to have problems staying away from these.

Gary Peterson
439421439421B004IJJQK4A2RU3A1VG1P9L6Laura Beth 1985 "-Laura Beth"1141308614400Kids love them!These cookies taste great, my kids love them! I feel good about giving them a healthier snack. The only reason I didn't give them a 5-star is becuase each bag comes with 2 servings in it. This makes them a little less convenient to use while traveling, but with an extra bowl or baggie that problem is easily solved. Will definitely buy again!
439422439422B004IJJQK4A2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy11513067136005 Stars for Choc. Chip Flavor ONLY, Oatmeal deserves 2 stars...Choc. Chip review: I wish I found these before the kids got out of school for the summer because they are a great school lunch item. I like the ingredients and packs are big enough to share with another person. I bought based on good reviews and found them to be crispy and delicious. They taste like those little animal crackers you find in the small, red, zoo-like boxes with the string handles I had as a child but these are crispier and better ingredients. I didn't sense the chocolate chip in the flavor but they are good. Recommend! :)

EDIT: Tried the Oatmeal flavor and was sadly disappointed..2 stars from me. The taste was bland and nothing exceptional for the over-the-top cost. PLUS...Amazon only lets you review ONE FLAVOR even if you try others. Obnoxious and deceptive...makes all flavors look 5 star when they are NOT.
439423439423B004IJJQK4A2VE1O3926IJQFJoanie1151288828800Great little snack for hubby and meMy husband and I enjoy a crunchy snack every now and then, and want it to be not only good tasting, but nutritious as well. I ordered a box of each flavor Snackimals, and we have not been disappointed. I just dump a small bag of each of the four flavors in a small cookie jar. We reach in for a few whenever we want, not worrying about getting one we don't like, since they all taste great. (But I must admit, we're both a little partial to the oatmeal.) Go ahead--what are you waiting for? Buy these!
439424439424B004IJJQK4AFFPTSCZY16MAM. Johnson1151233532800GREAT COOKIESMy son has a ton of allergies and there are so few things he can have that are not homeade. These cookies however have made the list for snack food he can eat being that they are free of peanuts, wheat, soy, treenuts and more. I have not found an animal cracker on the market that is free of all those allergens. usually they at least have soy. the bigger deal for me though is that these things are GOOD! I tried them and love them. I don't eat them of course but the majority of the allergy free food I try of my sons, i dont' really like. I'd never eat them more than once. these though I coudl definately. My other son loves them too. It is so great to find a snack food for a small child with allergies that he can take to school and be like every one else.
439425439425B004IJJQK4A2UO22YFJVRDMGSandra K. Morrison1151233014400The best cookies ever!These are simply the best cookies ever. My kids love them, I love them. They're so much healthier than other cookie brands. I couldn't recommend them more!
439426439426B004IJJQK4AOK57RN8TE13Kjustamom351151229385600Great treat for all ages!These are so good! I can't believe they are wheat free. Here is something I can give my daughter that is good for her.
439427439427B004IJJQK4A1FS3GMCEMFB2QSara1151229040000yummThese cookies are amazinggg. Theyre like 10 times tastier than the regular wheat animal crackers that come in the little boxes.
The animals they make are the elephant, the lion, the bear(my favorite), the zebra, a camel, a furry cat, a circus cart, something im pretty sure is a fox, a monkey and a hippo.
The cookies are a lovely snack and there is just the right amount in the bag. I will definitely buy these again.
439428439428B004IJJQK4A1XS21L3D5GOZ4Agent English1151204156800Healthy Snack with NO Saturated Fat!This is great for kids AND adults! Made with healthy ingredients and much better than snacking on candy bars! I take mine to the movies, packed lunch, trips, wherever! When I found out I could buy these in bulk from Amazon and SAVE money - I was happy. I will be sure to try the other varieties as well!
439429439429B004IJJQK4A3DADYPH0C88P0S. Murphy "Mama of Three"1141198972800crunchy oat-y cookieWe enjoy this cookie at our house. I love that they have this wheat free alternative to animal crackers. I buy this big bag instead of the little bags and place the appropriate amount into baggies as a snack for my little one.
439430439430B004IJJQK4A1FJTIEV5LJYJEDavid Crenshaw3451204934400Great Buy!!! By buying in bulk and auto-ship it cuts the cost down to approx. 0.62 per bag! Cost in stores is $1.00Barbara's Bakery Oatmeal Wheat Free Snackimals Animal Cookies, 2.125 Ounce Bags (Pack of 18)
439431439431B004IJJQK4A257BBBDKZFJZOShe Who Reads3451192752000Great little snackWhen you want something sweet but don't want a big bag of cookies open next to you, here is the solution. These cookies taste great and the manufacturer cares about this world that we live in - a win/win buy!
439432439432B004IJJQK4A3LKDQG0P4Z4VGG. Gonzalez2351260057600Great cookies!Our son has a mild allergy to products that contain wheat and these cookies are a great snack for him. He is very picky about what he likes for a snack and these are at the top of his list.
439433439433B004IJJQK4A3VDQD94VOMAXARuth M. Neidlinger2351251849600Great taste!We love these animal crackers. The texture is nice and crunchy, and the flavor is awesome. My husband loves them so much that he doesn't even mind taking a "kid snack" to work.:-)
I've also found that if we get a box that's been damaged and broken up - the crumbs make an awesome pie crust!
439434439434B004IJJQK4A2HNCCXMRRJ4TWM. Painter2351250812800Great Animal CrackersMy children have sensitivities to many food ingredients, including cane sugar. I am thrilled to find a "cookie" that they like and does not contain all of the yuck that you find in traditional cookies.
439435439435B004IJJQK4A2Y0XQN4WAVNICSandra L. Wells2351243814400Barbara's Snackimals Animal CookiesI purchase these cookies for lunch and snack cravings because they are a healthy treat. Buying in bulk is an added bonus on savings.
439436439436B004IJJQK4A1FDA2OXJZAH7skim0051350691200Delicious!These are great little snacks when you are at school/work. It's 240 calories in total and I think it's totally worth it. They are moderately sweet and baked-crispy! so delicious. I would order them again :)
439437439437B004IJJQK4A1AMXL46INYSY8Deanie "From CT"0051349222400Love these!My kids love the Vanilla snackimals and I think they taste great too. It's nice to find a small bagged snack that doesn't contain GM ingredients and tastes good.
439438439438B004IJJQK4A2VN7AHGGBVXFDcascao0031347148800Good taste - Bad PriceThese crackers are delicious. They are a bit sweeter than I hoped for, but still, really tasty and crunchy. I try to wait until they get on sale to buy them - they are quite expensive.
439439439439B004IJJQK4A15ORBIHU2WEIWPatrick J. Morris "Julie"0051340064000Very NiceI really enjoyed this product and will purchase it again. Each bag seems to be a perfect size and at a very nice price.
439440439440B004IJJQK4A20YY4454RKNSXN. M. Heckel0051338249600Really tasty cookies despite confusing reviewsI'm not sure if there was a bad batch of these sent out in 2011 or something, but the bag I bought for my son on 5/27/12 was really quite good. If you're familiar with the Nature Valley Oat and Honey granola bars, the oatmeal Barbara's Snackimals taste almost exactly like those, only they're much neater to eat and easier to chew since they're thinner and smaller. Yes, the cookies have a tendency to break, but they taste *great*. My son (2 1/2) loved them, and even his two cousins (6 and 2 1/2), who get more sugary treats than he did, helped to demolish the bag. All the adults were a bit jealous, I think--the Snackimals were much tastier than our potato chips . . .

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