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439501439501B0013L9A60A1ZHDSHQFZ12RYJoeShmoe1151235692800Great tea!I was never a big fan of tea until I went to Europe and traveled and it was EVERYWHERE. I got back and put on some weight since I wasn't walking everywhere anymore. So I tried to kill two birds with one stone here. So far, I have to say it's working out. I had never tried an oolong tea before, but it's good. Recommended.
439502439502B0013L9A60A13IUU99EOMH0CM. Kiker1141233878400Great Energy Boost & Uplifting MoodI purchased a box of Wu-Yi tea awhile back and will be placing another order very soon.

This tea is wonderful! It gives me that much needed energy boost in the morning and I continue to sip some in the afternoon so I'm still alert. I've noticed a little weight loss over the last couple of months with it but what I've really noticed is a change in my mood. :)
439503439503B0013L9A60A2UGT8JVH48A0Zirwat "amazon shopper"3451285200000Stunned by resultsI am absolutely stunned, not because I lost 10 lb in 1 day, but because it did exactly what it says it will. It cut my appetite in half!!! Be aware, it contains caffeine, but it not the type of caffeine when your heart will start run like crazy, it is very smooth, unnoticeable. I am taking it every morning with my breakfast and believe it or not, in the evening I am not hungry at all. During a day I drink Ballerina tea with my lunch. At dinner time, if I eat it is not much at all and I drink another cup of Ballerina tea with honey. Result: 2 days - 5 pounds. And I ate potatoes, meat, sausage and etc. Give it a try.
439504439504B0013L9A60A1MAGNEFUCEP2KT. Maleckas4611218326400WU-Yi T eaThis product made me want to sleep all the time! Instead of giving me energy, which this product was clearly suppose to do, I ended up feeling light headed and sleepy. As far as losing weight goes, I'm not sure if the product works. I stopped drinking the tea 3 days after recieving due to not having the energy I am use to having.
439505439505B0013L9A60A1UYMIZ9Z0CK8Chapamommy0051336176000PleasedI ordered this tea because I like to drink and try many different types of teas. I'm not too sure about its weight loss properties (I've only started to drink it), but the taste is very pleasant. I drink the tea w/o sugar because I like to enjoy the taste of the tea itself. This product taste good both hot and cold. I think it is worth giving it a try.
439506439506B0013L9A60A36WHVF30HI4HSmbailey0041297814400misleading ad pictureI really like this tea but I was exspecting to get what I was seeing. Pictured was a box of wu-yi tea with 4x's added extract and what I received was the 2x,s added extract version. I have had both and like both but prefer the 4x. I contacted swanson about the difference and they said I could return the item but their policy is that they are not responsible for amizons misrepresentation of the item. Makes me wonder if this is a common problem.
439507439507B0013L9A60A39BTWNSMVOTMRDavid Copperfield0041272240000Great ProductI decided to buy this after it was recommended by my mother inlaw, i had a little bit of cramping in the first week of use but this soon passed. By the second week i was seeing a very good result. Though at the time when i was using this product i was also using Choyung Tea as well which i will also highly recommend. I will also highly recommend CHOYUNG TEA (i got a trial bottle from: [...])
439508439508B0013L9A60A2AB5CY9TSJ3NUThomas Liang0021270684800Nice flavored tea, very relaxingI didnt gind any weight loss benefits from this tea. I did find the flavor very nice and found it to be relaxing however. I have used about 18 bags so far. Teas are best repackaged into a sealed plastic container to preserve their flavor.
439509439509B0013L9A60AVCQ0Q0F8WFELS Adams0151264377600Must Read!This tea makes you feel really cleansed after drinking it for some time. Also it does seem to curb your appetite. Another great source to motivate and speedup weight loss is at Hope this helps!
439510439510B00388XW7YA15DF0V80C6M8TM. Hauck3351300406400Great for diabetic dogsBefore we found Blue Buffalo I had been making their food. I have one diabetic dog, one allergic dog and one healthy dog who is a fussy eater. My diabetic dog had very poor regulation of blood sugar, even on the home made (Dr. Pitcairn) diet, until we discovered Blue Buffalo Wilderness, which is grain free. This is quality food, high protein and helps not only with blood sugar regulation, but with the allergies of the other dog. And, my fussy eater loves it. It doesn't get any better than Amazon shipping it free and selling it at a decent price (cheaper than my pet store). If you have a diabetic dog, you should really try this!
439511439511B00388XW7YA3E8U5JVX955USKimberly L Lyon1151299369600My dog loves it!I was using the "raw diet" for my little jack russell terrier and it was a pain to prepare. I was willing to do it for my dog, but when others in the family wanted to feed her, they did not like to prepare it. I read the nutrition reviews of Blue Buffalo Wilderness and it sounded good for her. I mix it with some of the dry and my little dog loves it and it is so easy to prepare.
I will continue using it...thanks!
439512439512B00388XW7YADHB7JK4M6J7KRobert O. Tucker "robert"0031325116800Good, but not a favoriteI had switched from Wellness to Blue Buffalo dry food for my dog, and this was something I wanted to try as well. The dry food has been a big success, but I seem to move around with the flavors for canned food. This one is usually tolerated well, but not something the dog relishes. I have fed a Wellness equivalent that gets about the same reaction. What this provides is an option to shop different brands for the best price, and I can be reasonably sure the dog will eat it.
439513439513B00388XW7YA1C2VEE5FVIKJPbear0051322784000My dogs enjoy the taste, I enjoy their health!When my oldest dog developed diabetes, my vet suggested we go on a prescription diet plan through them that was another well-known brand. I went home and did some reading and research and found that I would prefer a grain-free diet for my dogs-and for that matter, my cat as well. The prescription diet was filled with grain fillers and I didn't want to pay the premium price for crap dog food. I tried them on several brands of grain-free dog food, from the most expensive to the cheaper brands (if any grain free can be considered cheap).

I finally settled on Blue Buffalo for the simple fact that it has greater availability in my home town area in case I ran out before I had a chance to order from Amazon. I purchase both Wilderness dry and canned for my dogs and cats so they have some variety. My younger, more picky dog did not have one problem switching to this brand. The taste was enough for her to switch quickly. Within a few weeks, both dogs started looking healthier. My diabetic dog gained back a lot of her energy (granted, she was also put on insulin and that might have contributed as well) and my younger dog actually gained weight (she was underweight and we had a hard time keeping her at healthy weight). Both their coats started becoming fuller and shinier and I got many compliments on them from people visiting my house about how well they were doing.

The added benefit of less waste in our yard alone has been worth the cost of switching to grain free and I would suggest any pet owner to seriously consider the health of your animals and switch them to a diet appropriate to them. For me, I won't ever have a dog or cat that is on anything but grain-free and Blue Buffalo is my diet of choice for them all.
439514439514B00388XW7YA3IK2VCQ007CJALK "AK"0051301011200my GSD loves itmy german shepherd loves this stuff. i mix this into buffalo dry food once in a while as a treat. She loves this stuff..

this also smells way better than any of the other wet food you get..
439515439515B000AXSG26A1SYLII0808HD6M. Allen Greenbaum8851173052800A Tasty AdditiveTorani has a wonderful Italian sound to it, although it's made in South San Francisco. It's pretty ubiquitous here in the Bay Area,, found in many grocery stores, and especially coffee bars and cafes. At the very least, it's a good sweetener, and, at best, it actually imparts the promised flavor.

THe peppermint delivers. I'd rank it with the Hazelnut, and both of these far above the musty old taste of the Almond. THe more Torani Peppermint you add, the more peppermint flavor you'll get. It's a nice non-alcoholic additive for hot chocolate, coffee (!), desserts, and steamed milk.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information.

One ounce of this syrup (there are 25.4 such servings in a 750 ml bottle)

contains 80 calories, no fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates, and 19 grams of sugar (no wonder it's sweet!). The presence of actua peppermint is slightly suspect: THe listed ingredients are "pure cane sugar, water, natural flavors (natural flavors of WHAT?), sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate(these are preservatives), and citric acid.

One More Hint: Close it tightly, because ants just love this stuff!
439516439516B000AXSG26ATDBZG9H7EPNVRonald J. Flory "rjflory"0051327449600Very good, sweet and mintyI bought this for myself because I really enjoy mint flavor, but my wife used more of it than I did (its all gone now, time to order more!).

Very good, very sweet. Best if added to things that are not already too sweet.

Extremely good in strong hot chocolate.

The syrup pump accessory is very convenient, avoids a sticky cap after many uses.

439517439517B000AXSG26ACOYU89YK5AVSMark Fox1351185494400Tastes like Peppermint!!!But isn't it supposed to?

If you want Peppermint syrup, this is for you. Yummy!
439518439518B0001M8TJGA1HKD47KLIC01ES. Harley "Shane Harley"2241191974400Ask your grocer.Good oil, nice fllavor, price not bad. But, I can't help wondering, after the cost of shipping, if it wouldn't be better to ask if they could special order it at the grocery store.
439519439519B00427Q9MUA2ZZGZ8YIUPH2TMiranda0051349308800My dog loves theseMy dog has a picky stomach. She's also a doberman. I put these chews in the freezer and it's always a show stopper. She's busy with these for at least half an hour. That is a miracle given her powerful jaws. She also doesn't get sick later, which happens with many treats she eats. These are at an affordable price and I believe they are of great quality, or at least a kind my dog and her stomach enjoys.
439520439520B00427Q9MUA3P8LTZ23HQJVTWilliam Lewis Angus "William Lewis Angus"0011349049600Dog liked first order, but does not chew second orderI have ordered these twice. My dog loved the first order. He shows zero interest in the second order. I can tell you why. The first order was very smelly ... I intentionally did not buy the "deodorized" version. The second order, which I ordered precisely the same product as the first order, even checking the UPC, does not have the strong odor, or much odor at all. I suspect the company tired of getting complaints from those who objected to strong odor, and have simply stopped shipping them even when specifically ordered. I plan to get my money back or an exchange. I gave it one-star, only because that is the lowest rating. Otherwise, it would receive zero from me.
439521439521B001J9MRX4AKAPVKU11RR66Anne R. "Anne"1231245888000Too ExpensiveI bought this to use with my Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

It arrived yesterday, and with my amazon prime, shipped really fast (two days). This morning I got it out, and discovered that the "recipe" requires using the entire bag (along with a cup of water). Certainly simple enough, but because the Flipside makes a very large (7 inch) waffle, I got something like 2 and 3/4 waffles from the batch. At about $7 to buy this, almost $2 per waffle is rather pricey, especially for those on a fixed income.

Taste wise, they were okay.... in fact, pretty nice, as I like the crunch of the pecans, but frankly, I can buy my own chopped pecans at the market and make my own batter.

If you're wanting to gift someone a new waffle maker, this would make a nice addition due to the packaging in a "cloth" bag, but for everyday use....... not for me.
439522439522B001EQ5HQGAK4LMA5EJ6XVZJoegee "Joegee"1121331078400No savings over local supermarketThese are great but I can get virtually all of the Nature Valley products listed under Granola Bars for less at Walmart.
439523439523B001EQ5HQGA3U1NO77GPUIRNmartha0051349481600yummiest bar out thereI am able to snack on this bar in the afternoon to help me get to dinner with my sanity. I track my weight very carefully and the calorie count/ protein amount is very helpful for that. On top of all of that is the flavor, which is awesome!
439524439524B001EQ5HQGA1L0WCYXPDK13AGretchen Hill0021348704000very few nutsThese nuts were not what I expected. The can had mostly almonds and cashews. There were very few other nuts in the can. I was disappointed because most of the other items that I have purchased were very satisfactory.
439525439525B001EQ5HQGAMUIMRLG9WSRGNashville Cajun0051332288000Excellent blend of Salty & Sweet!!I am addicted to these bars! Love them!

Amazon has a much lower price when purchased thru the Subscribe & Save method.

I highly recommend trying them! But make sure the pkg isn't left in the sun b/c the peanut butter will melt.
439526439526B001EQ5HQGA36E3DE0NJJAJMAlex0031323302400too sweet!I purchased this product because i thought it would make a good breakfast bar, but it is way too sweet!
439527439527B001EQ5HQGA198JRUIP09HX5V. Gera "deal hound"0051322352000Awesome!! Wish they made it with Macadamia & Pecans/WalnutsThis is really good stuff. They taste really good and are satisfying snacks. They're also pretty sweet, so its a nice way to soothe your sweet tooth. I bought the mixed nuts and I have already gone through six boxes in four weeks. I hope they go back on sale so I can stock up.
439528439528B001EQ5HQGAZZSHWHHCLQSSkyeblue "Sky"0051317340800Delicious!Delicious! Just the right blend of sweet & salty that I love. Fine quality of nuts and chocolate. A+ rating from me.
439529439529B001EQ5HQGA2NNRZOM0WZEGKfox0051314057600snackThese are wonderful for a snack and they make you feel full without being too full for a meal later.
439530439530B001EQ5HQGA2QOGOXPOVKAJGmimimc0051309996800Love these bars!Yum!! When your looking for something sweet and or salty these do the trick. The almond is my favorite!

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