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439531439531B001EQ5HQGAA0YPCLUF78B4Elizabeth0051308960000Addictive!I love these bars, especially this one...the roasted mixed nut bar. It has three nuts in it: almond, peanut and cashew; and, the nut butter on the bottom is very flavorful. I also like the peanut version, but the almond and cashew varieties seem overly sweet. Don't know why. They are very crispy and crunchy. They arrived in perfect condition.
439532439532B001EQ5HQGA3SZAG11FJ2BYXJ. Hamilton0051305763200Nutty and Delicious...These Nature valley sweet and salty nut bars, were really a surprise. I usually purchase the cashew flavor, but thought I would give them a try. As with the cashew flavor, I love the sweet side underneath and these bars are full of nuts, which I love. I will be ordering these in the future, because sometimes I don't feel like cooking, or I'm on the go and can't eat right then. I have chronic pain and anyone in that possition, knows that you have to eat something before taking your medication. These bars are perfect for times like those, or when you just want something to go with a cup of coffee. I highly recommend them, and the subscribe and save feature is great. It keeps you from running out!
439533439533B001EQ5HQGA3I24IB0CJEXGJJonbz0051300838400Great for the price!These are really great bars at the price I paid on sale. The only problem is the peanut butter coating melts when they get hot in your backpack. However, still a great snack when out hiking or fishing just try to keep them a little cool.
439534439534B001EQ5HQGA2G47V5WLVSVUMAlan C. Chance0041298678400Excellant productNature Valley Sweet & Salty bars are an excellant granola and nut food bar that tastes great and is perfect for between meal snacks.
439535439535B001EQ5HQGA5KW8URATUTHAJ. Hostetler "Mommy to two gorgeous babies!"0051297555200Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars - EXCELLENT!The Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Mixed Nut Granola bars are THE BEST granola bars I've ever had. Not a great low-fat option, but if you're looking for a quick, great-tasting bar that will give you long-lasting energy and nourishment, this is the way to go. My kids ages 4 & 3 love these things and would eat the whole box in one sitting if I let them. I recommend these to everyone. You won't be disappointed! Especially great for trips to the zoo, water park, etc.
439536439536B001EQ5HQGA2AZ1QA0CRO7RDDealMommy30051297123200SOOOO yummy!I ordered these at a great price from here and we LOVE them. I am huge on nutty type bars and these were just awesome. Soft and chewy and just yummy! My 6 year old loves these too and often asks for them as a snack instead of other sugary snacks! My hubby takes them to work for snack and they are good just about any time of day! I would recommend these to anyone who loves roasted nut bars! YUMMM
439537439537B001EQ5HQGASQHFJO4G7PA0northernbound0041296432000very good!These bars are very good, they do seem to have quite a bit of "fillers" in comparison to actual nuts as opposed to the peanut version, but still very good. My son ate all six boxes in 10 days. ugh.
439538439538B001EQ5HQGA2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"0051236816000Delicious!Just bought more of these today. They are a delicious snack and/or breakfast bar and all the goodness of roasted nuts and granola.
439539439539B001EQ5HQGA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0051212624000Excellent and delicious tastingLove this product in a snack bar. Good variety of nuts and a treat to eat.
439540439540B001EQ5HQGA20K6K9TZGX7RQYoli1241282435200sweet n salty roasted mix nut barI really enjoyed these bars, the salty and sweet taste go so well together. It definitely satisfies my sweet tooth craving.
439541439541B001EQ5HQGA271G35YO9E0WYKLW "KWL"0151273881600For busy people on the go...Great product and great service Amazon provides with the subscription service. I'm always assured that my supply of nature valley granola bars are stocked for lunches or a healthy quick snack.
439542439542B001EQ5HQGA1OUB5B4VNFMQDJohn McInnis "Puckk"0151216339200Very GoodThis is the best bar I have tried so far. Not only great tasting, but good for you!!!!
439543439543B001EQ5HQGA3RKKTODMIQ0YPKelley Oberhart "kelleyanne"0151209254400Yum!These are delicious, good balance of protein, carbs and fat, and not too high in calories.
439544439544B001EQ5HQGA1WUQA85YW6QNPCaliforniaguy0231286150400Sweet and meltedThey are very tasty however not as nutritious As you would think. Also most of them were melted previously.
439545439545B000EMOBVSAQ01Q3070LT29James McDonald2351155859200Instead of mayo, use Banana Yoplait yogurt instead.This is a delicious, easy pasta salad to make and it only takes 21 minutes to make until you put it on the table. Just follow the easy directions on the back.
Health hint: May I suggest instead of adding 1/2 cup of mayonaise, use Banana Creme Pie Yoplait Yogurt instead for a real tasty treat.
Put it in the freezer for 7 minutes to serve cold.
439546439546B000EMOBVSA2DOJYYO9BDZS4Leslie G00513483584008150 nickI have bought this item many many times. Always arrives well packaged and worth the price. Shall continue to purchase again in the future.
439547439547B000EMOBVSA6RBH03O57SO4Charlie G0051282262400Easy and Delicious Pasta!!!Great pasta! All it takes is a little mayo, about 10 min of boiling and BAM, delicious pasta! By far my favorite flavor of the Betty Crocker Past line. I definitely recommend. Also, buying in bulk like this is great. Especially with the Prime shipping savings. Only like $2 a box right to my door-step!!!
439548439548B007RO7BQ8A10ZSJA04HF6CXMichaela0051339200000Best Chai to dateThis is probably the best loose leaf masala chai I have tasted in the US (outside of an authentic Asian restaurant). I dont often write reviews, but if you've ever had real masala chai (and not the syrup stuff they sell in Starbucks et. al. coffe shops) you'll love this stuff ... inexpensive, high quality ... beats Teaism hands down ... I just ordered more, and I'll keep ordering more ... if you're British/European, and you're looking for a nice black tea ... this is the one xxx!
439549439549B0000ICLLSA27C32R7ZW8T2BSarah Field3351239580800Spicy DeliciousnessThis candy is a lollipop that has sweet hard candy mango center covered in a spicy tangy chili powder. Its almost like a blow pop getting to the center you get the gum. Except there's not that much chili on these. Some of my friends growing up would scrape of most of the chili to "tame" the candy. In México you can find these candy at every corner market. If you don't like spicy food, these aren't for you. But for those of us that like to have a little kick with your food then you'll love these. Now not everyone likes mango flavor.... But I've never met anyone that didn't like the watermelon flavor. They do make the lollipops also without the chili. But I rarely ever see those. The water melon is my favorite but these are these run a close second. The balance of tang to chili to sweet is perfect.
439550439550B0000ICLLSA35NQJKWXDKP47V. Sokol3351231632000Tasty!!!!One would be hard pressed to find such Mexican delights in Ohio.. but thankfully with the Internet all things are possible. These Vero Mango lollipops are a tasty treat for anyone who likes a little spice in their life! Reminds me of California
439551439551B0000ICLLSA8330REW6O5YTMarlena Shearn1151272153600Great candyThis is good candy and u can't beat the price I grew up on this candy I love it
439552439552B0000ICLLSA1HTIE44F9TULASamantha Renier1151266105600AwesomeThe students in my class are obsessed with these suckers. The price seemed very reasonable considering the prices in local stores, and the product came in a very timely manner. They have served as outstanding motivators in my classroom.
439553439553B0000ICLLSAPHG7E8HNOIBHC. Newsome0051347148800A tatse of my California Childhood in U.P. of MichiganThis is one of the many Mexican Candies that me and my sister used to eat as a children. The package arrived the first day of the estimated arrival time given. If you have tried these candies before you know what your getting and they are exactly what I remember. I will most definatly buy more products from this company/seller! Yummy!
439554439554B0000ICLLSAO5C92ZFQT3GXDee Iznbii0011346025600Good golly, one of the most disgusting items I've put in my mouth!These suckers have got to be one of the most gosh-aweful pieces of "candy" I've eaten. I like spicy things, yet this candy felt like I sucking a salt-lick dipped in chili powder. Granted I don't like salt-rimmed margaritas either, so those who do, might like this candy. Honestly I couldn't get down to the mango bit in the center, I threw it away after the first taste.
439555439555B0000ICLLSA30I605ZSV9C30Chas0051344124800Great buyI received the item right on time and it was exactly what I was expecting. I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase.
439556439556B0000ICLLSA1NY6O8XQFTINBSamuel T. Donahue "booklion"0011341878400Tastes slightly bitter and very high in salt.At 240 mg of salt a pop, that seems awfully high to me. That is about one tenth (10%) of the salt you need in a day.
439557439557B0000ICLLSA2OXNQ43JBMAEInene0051341619200candyThis is the best candy that I have ever had and the product came right on time. Fast shipment and a good piece of candy.
439558439558B0000ICLLSA3T2RAKIKOEKMOKira0051339891200Loved Em!They were very good i love this product, might be getting some more very soon. These lollipops are just amazing they are my favourite mexican candy! i I love the chili power
439559439559B0000ICLLSA1W4FX11IW3VCBMonique0051337126400Vero Mango is...mMMMM...Delicious!Vero Mango tastes so great and it reminds me of my childhood. I received this product really fast in the mail, it wasn't melted or anything. There are different Mango colors in the bag-Red, Green & Orange, etc. Great Mexican Candy! It's an accustomed taste. My aunt tried it for the first time and she loved it; she's a fan of spicy food. To her, it was different having a spicy coating over such a sweet candy. Try it :)
439560439560B0000ICLLSA1HOXKR7OKJ1X1L. R. Dana-kirby "Leslie Dana Kirby"0051337126400Delicious flavor profile!Admittedly, I have unusual tastes, but I just love these chili covered mango lollipops. The lollipop is dusted with spices which are both spicy hot and a bit salty. Just when it seems a bit much to handle, the sweetness of the mango comes through. If you like the flavors of Mexico, you will enjoy this delightful treat!

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