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439581439581B000DZH1CWA1B8XNBHDBK82BMars1141296864000Love these Cookies!I try to avoid Gluten as much as possible in my diet and these cookies really help. They are chewy and substantial and I can eat one and feel really satisfied. I can understand the reviews that say there is not enough peanut butter flavor but they are still one of my favorite gluten free cookies. I look forward to a cookie with my tea or coffee every day.
(The Pamela's dark chocolate/chocolate chip are excellent but I want to eat three of those and that does me no good at all!)
439582439582B000DZH1CWA2J1MM9A9F9LX9Lisa S1151187136000I am not missing anythingI am a recently diagnosed Celiac trying to navigate the world of gluten-free. I bought one pack of Pamela's Pecan Shortbread and one of Peanut Butter to try. BINGO!
The peanut butter cookies are good, but too chewy for my taste. My husband suggested a few minutes in the over. 350 degrees for five minutes made them wonderful! REAL peanut butter w/ molasses flavor in a nice crunchy cooky.
The pecan shortbread are simply fabulous!! I think because of the texture, some were crumbled, but I'll do crumbled any day for a cooky this good. My husband, who loves Oreos told me to put these away and keep them for myself because the cost is, of course higher than ordinary cookies. He agreed that these taste better than any other shortbread cookie either of us has ever had.
439583439583B000DZH1CWA1ZSIPHXFRD0K9Darran White "Old Ty Murr"0021284163200Used to taste better...I was severely dissappointed in the Pamela's Peanut Butter cookies. They have almost no peanut butter taste--even with a couple of chopped up pieces of peanuts on top. I had these cookies a year ago and they tasted much better. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the other 5 boxes I bought--even putting ice cream with them doesn't help. The only good thing was that the cookies were soft, not hard as a rock.
439584439584B000DZH1CWA3OVQLKDNSOOWUSis0021283817600wHERE'S THE PEANUT BUTTER?I liked ginger cookies but these cookies had bad texture and not enough peanut butter flavor
439585439585B000DZH1CWA15KOCRQBWI5I5Debbie "Debbie"0051261353600Pamelas GF Peanut Butter CookiesGreat cookies
Great price
I have never been disappointed with any Pamelas products or
439586439586B000DZH1CWA2QKSSC67YST05Jo M. Peckinpaugh1211260576000gluten free peanut butter cookiesPeanut butter Cookies: Yeach. the pecan shortbread cookies are so wonderful and these had 5 stars beside them, so I ordered a case. nobody will eat them-- they're rubbery. I'm surprised because most of Pamela's products are so tasty.

Chocolate Chunk Pecan Shortbread: These are WONDERFUL, gluten free cookies. The only problem is, and it's a BIG PROBLEM, that they were shipped in a tiny, tight box and so they were all in crumbles by the time they arrived! Had Amazon packed them in a larger box and used bubble wrap OR the plastic air bags they often package with, the cookies would likely not have crumbled. So disappointed, because these are GOOD COOKIES.
439587439587B000DZH1CWAY444N7Q1NBVQMcMom1251162771200better valuebetter value same ole good gluten free peanut butter cookies. Will order again
439588439588B000DZH1CWA2W2R5ZV18MGGRichard Chambers0211258329600terrable cookiesI've liked other Pamela products so I figured these would be good wrong the were almost uneatable I threw them all away.
439589439589B001HTPBMAA1TWV6J49GPMG2Amanda1121317081600found a fly in the bottle of apple juicefast delivery, well packed because it's all glass bottles. I rated them 5 out o 5. Definitely will order this item from them again.

I left above comments right after I received the case of apple juice(12 big bottles). But after we went through couple of the bottles, we found out there was a FLY inside of the just opened apple juice bottle. That is very gross,nasty and yuk!!!

Without second thoughts we discarded the whole bottle juice and contacted the company right away by email. After exchange couple emails and because we didn't take any picture of the fly was swimming in the apple juice pool, the company said he can't replace or refund us anything. I completely understand that, this is an evidence world and honestly speaking, a bottle of apple juice doesn't cost that much of money (maybe $5?).

But the main problem is, if there is a fly inside of the bottle, is that mean the whole container be polluted during processing by the fly in the factory? I hope not!!!

It's not about the money issue or we try to steal few dollars from this company, it's about quality control and do you care about how does your customer feel? For people will buy cases organic apple juice that means they really focus on food safety and quality. It beyond just dollars!!!!
439590439590B000ZSX4D2A2D5QBFBO231N7Tul90336651200960000THE BEST!These are hands down the best roasted and salted almonds I have had. Addictive yet healthy!
439561439561B0000ICLLSAZ4CNF7GTR8OZAbe0051330992000Very goodWe ordered it for a mexican themed party, and everyone loved it. Other reviewers commented on the handle being coated with the chilli seasoning; there was a little bit of that, but it didnt detract from the product.
439562439562B0000ICLLSA3BNEH0U1JXSJUJessDLara0051330819200YummyMy Husband loves these and he said they are just like the ones he is used to :). He was born and raised here but his grandma was always bringing and sending Mexican candy and this is the kind he grew up on.
439563439563B0000ICLLSA2KQJ174MV0SW3Linda Pierce0051327622400vero mango lollipopsgreat product! yummy taste! fast delivery! i have ordered these before, and could not wait to get them again! They are simply the best!
439564439564B0000ICLLSA24383NQUSG7MMSMoore0041325116800Very GoodThis I bought for my wife as part of her Xmas candy because she loves this stuff. It came in a timely manner and I didn't notice any rips in the bags or parts unsealed.
439565439565B0000ICLLSA16TMLUF1PZUZByoyo0041322524800candythis candy reminds me of home i like it alot but some of them were melted make sure to order it during cold weather and happy holidays!
439566439566B0000ICLLSA1BHOPQVUSS3FBSasha0051322524800Yummmmy!!!This candy is sure to delight your taste buds. I love it and have ordered it twice already and will order again.
439567439567B0000ICLLSA3EJLOKNQ3I9F5PTP0111325030400Chili suppose to be on the candy not the stickThe Item arrived on time with, the bags was sealed well but all the lollipops sticks where covered with the chili and the candy itself tasted salty and not spicy or hot because of all the chili been on the lollipops sticks and not on the candy. Sold by RU Creative and Fulfilled by Amazon
439568439568B0000ICLLSA2P4JNHKEQQLL8Jane0111318550400No Mango Flavor at all!I've had a chili covered mango flavored lollipop before and absolutely loved it. The mango flavor was also artificial but was very very mango-like and tasted perfect with the chili spice. This one, however, was a complete disappointment. The chili was oddly sour and the mango-flavored hard candy inside is completely red food colored sugar block. (The one I had before had a shade of green-yellow-orange-red.) I disposed the whole bag after trying the first one.
439569439569B0000ICLLSARDHD23VWFVZ2Cindy Kalita0311330041600I didn't know something could be so grossEvery once in awhile I like to try different food, and Amazon is a great place to find the unusual. This time I decided to try chili covered mango lollipops. I like spicy, I like sweet, I like mango, and so many people in the reviews loved it. Turns out the chili part tasted dry and stale, I didn't find it in the least spicy like I thought it would be. So I washed the chili part off thinking that all was not lost yet, and I could still have the mango center. However, the mango center tasted like when you get a not quite ripe mango in the grocery store to eat. It was inedible and I had to throw the thing out. I had my mom try it as well, to see if it was somehow just me, but the face she had on spoke louder than words-Gross! I hated it, and will be foisting the rest off at work.

A week of the bag sitting at work, and only about half the bag was taken. The general consensus was that they were horrible, and people wanted to know who brought them in to complain to.
439570439570B0016LULQKA2F1O5BNYLCJEGM. Marglon1151276473600Great Marinade!This is a great marinade for chicken or beef. But what I like the most is using it as a steak sauce. I typically use a dry rub on my steaks or tri-tips and then dip the steak into this marinade. one word.... AMAZING!!! If you want even more of a flavor kick try mixing it with some Garlic hot sauce! mmmmmmmm my mouth is watering now! My wife and I are in love with this marinade, our friends always ask us what it is when they are over for dinner. Buy it, you wont be disappointed!
439571439571B000ZEIB1GA39GO0LI1ETK6BJoni "Joni"0051348617600Great productMy grandpuppies live the variety of natural rawhide, keeps the chewing needs imore nteresting. They last a lot longer than the little sticks or knotted bones.
439572439572B004ZQDO3KA3LCMZ51A09VFALesli0011337904000Expired Dog had the nerve to send me expired dog bones. I do not believe this was not the manufacturer's fault (Sergeant's). In my opinion, this was the intentional wrongdoing of The packages of bones said "BEST IF USED BY SEPT 2011 (mind you, it is almost June 2012 now). Then they placed a sticker (that you can peel off) over the Expiration Date of SEPT 2011 that read "MARCH 2012," which would still be considered 3 months expired!

How illegal and sneaky is that? To boot, the dog bones were covered in chicken...not something you mess with regarding the possibility of spoiling.

As far as I am concerned, you should not be allowed to be in business for doing something so unethical and potentially dangerous to my dog's well-being. These bones were incredibly expensive to boot, and now I have to deal with returning them to Amazon, making sure they credit my credit card, and also deal with a third party seller for one of my dog bone order returns.
439573439573B004ZQDO3KA359C468REHQ6LCharles Leistner0051323388800Chickin DippinMy dogs love these. Actually, they love anything that is chicken wrapped. I received the product in a timely manner. I would purchase again.
439574439574B00161M9EWA3QU3MKJKS5AONhapresto0051326326400Blooming Teas!The teas came in the projected time and even included a handwritten, individualized sweet note of thanks and also some guidelines to brewing and selecting teas. Much enjoyed.
439575439575B0023JV3DOA3CA0W9ZPSJKJILuxLady4451258416000Different flavors indeed!I bought the mini-8 pack at a holiday chocolate show in San Francisco. They gave a very interesting experience! We were told to rub it with our fingers to release the oils and the aroma, smell it, break off a piece, let it melt in our mouths and note each distinct flavor that comes from each kind of chocolate (chocolatey, nutty, fruity, and citrusy). I almost felt like I was sampling wine! And yes, they are very similar to their descriptions even though they don't add anything to it to flavor it. Supposedly the cacao beans come from different countries/soils and are processed differently (different temperatures and more?) to enhance the flavors. I can't say I like any one over the other though.. It's fun to try all four and ask yourself why even though they're all made from cacao beans, they taste different! The chocolate being vegan was a nice surprise! I didn't realize that until I came onto Amazon to review it. It's good chocolate (good but not as gourmet as you can get.. this is like a really nice Hershey's bar that you want to keep around and munch on to satisfy chocolate cravings). I would say the real fun is in tasting the different flavors. Seems good as a stocking stuffer or to give as a small gift.
439576439576B0023JV3DOA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky2251298764800A Different TchocolateThe most interesting thing about this chocolate is that the cacao chosen really does lend a citrusy, nutty, or fruity taste to the chocolate without containing any of those ingredients or flavorings. I was very impressed with that when I first opened the container and halfway through, I still am.

Each little bar is two bites and 44 calories.

Makes a nice treat or a cute gift.
439577439577B0000V82KYA2MOQDDTTUAJLTKathleen Leatherbury "Love and God Bless, Kathy"0051347926400FINALLY!!When I first got my dog I started her on Beneful. Then I heard bad reviews on it and so I tried Blue. She hated Blue. So then I tried Kibbles n Bits, but heard that was worse then Beneful, so I went back to buying Beneful until I found some other food. She hated that. Then when I moved, the vet I took her to put her on some type of allergy food. That was horrible. So I searched for food that was good. This way 1 of the top best food for dogs.
She's not a big meat eater. Very picky. She'll eat chicken and fish but she rather eat peanut butter all day. LOL So I finally found something she liked. YAY!! She's 7, so just fyi, this was throughout the years I tried different food.
439578439578B0000V82KYA10O9K1ZJD27E0Carol Hartman0051313280000Solid Gold is superb product!~!Solid Gold is a great product and you can trust giving your pets these supplements or the food. As pets age,they need nurtured with good supplements to keep them from getting arthritis,or as bad, so you can buy these and know you are doing the best for your pet.
439579439579B000DZH1CWA2TZHH7FUDJJURL. Jacobson3351173312000Couldn't live without Pamela's Peanut Butter Cookies!These cookies are just delicious! Even my friends who don't have to eat wheat-free or gluten-free love them! They're so chewy and tasty and filling - they really meet the need for a wheat-free, nutritious treat. I recommend them!
439580439580B000DZH1CWAKXCQP3DLGW7FA. bauman "Mother, Wife, Artist"2241152230400For a wheat/dairy free cookieThese are pretty good. We liked the Choc Chip cookies better, but these will do. I liked the chunks of penauts... fluffy, chewy and yummy. They have a funny aftertaste, but overall, I give these 4 stars. (Most gluten free foods *do* have a certain "wang" to them.))

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