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> Blue Diamond Roasted-Salted Almonds are moderately roasted with canola, safflower, or sunflower oil (but not oily or greasy), and lightly salted. These are "heart healthy" oils which are actually good for you, as is the almond oil itself. Roasted Salted Almonds are available in bags or small cans small.
> Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds are similar with wonderful smokey flavor. At this time Smokehouse Almonds are available from Amazon only in 16 oz (and smaller) bags.
> I have not tried the "lightly salted" variety but I presume that they have almost no salt.

Various types of Blue Diamond Almonds are available in bags or small cans. The small cans (3 1/4" in diameter by 2 3/8" high) are very convenient and assure that the almonds stay fresh until openned, and afterward, because they don't stay "openned" long (it is easy to eat a whole can at one setting). Arguably the bags more environmentally friendly, but you don't get much of a price break for the much cheaper packaging. I prefer the convenience and freshness of the cans.

EVALUATION: Excellent and flavorful. Well roasted and crunchy. I cannot decide which I like best: the Roasted Salted or the Smokehouse. Although not oily, the roasting oil does effect the flavor. Whether that's a good thing or not is a matter of individual tastes. I happen to like the roasted-in-oil flavor.

If you prefer less-roasted almonds, roasted without added oil, consider Back To Nature California Almonds, Sea Salt Roasted, 11-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3)

Unroasted almonds are available Back To Nature California Almonds, Unroasted & Unsalted, 11-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3) but beware that thorough roasting makes almonds more digestable. Unroasted almonds are susceptable to fungus which can be carcinogenic. While commercial domestic almonds sold in the US do not contain significant levels of cyanide, bitter almonds, (which have a much richer almond flavor, particular in baked goods). Indeed natural almond extract is made from bitter almonds---artificial almond extract is safer. Bitter almonds are sometimes illegally sold in the US and are often encountered in other countries, and do contain dangerous levels of cyanide when raw. 7-10 raw bitter almonds can kill a child. Moreover, a child raised on raw almonds may conclude that raw peach pits (essentially a variety of almonds) are safe to eat---they are NOT. The safest practice is NOT to eat unroasted almonds.
439622439622B000ZSX4D2A10GVY892KV8P8Mahali Benjamin0411338508800100% Natural or Chocolate covered for meI bought Blue Diamond Natural Chocolate almonds before & 100% Natural almonds it was good but this one made me feel sick i only eat 10 for the day & i dont know if it's the salt or something else with this but i have to throw this away. i cant even move to workout im hoping i can sleep this off. but i guess im the 1 in 1 million that this happens to.
439623439623B003NYM238AD9MUBSCIFK9UKhi Khi0051299024000GORGEOUS!!These roses are amazing - I love ZEBRA print and these were perfect, such a wonderful suprise when they arrived. You can't go wrong with these! The vase is so pretty too!
439624439624B000DZH1CMANRHQZPPZTW8QT. Cannon "Luvs2shop"6651282089600Great cookies, not so good shipping!I eat these cookies all the time! Best ever. It was unfortunate when I received them they were broken and lots of crumbs. Not sure if I would order them again online.
439625439625B000DZH1CMA3O3T8AWZOETXDr. Mom to Three6651183420800So Good, Even My Kids Like 'EmI can't eat wheat, and it's hard to find cookies and baked goods that don't taste like cardboard, or worse. These chocolate chunk cookies are so good, even my kids beg for them. There are lots of large, chocolate chunks, and just enough cookie to hold them together. They're gluten free, so whether you have a wheat allergy or a gluten sensitivity, these work. I've tried every brand of wheat-free cookie, and these are by far the best.
439626439626B000DZH1CMA1A1FJDRAVLIDHCarmapeka "Carmapeka"5551212192000Awesome!Having celiacs still want you sweets and sometimes you would just love a chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are fabulous. The chunks of chocolate are larger than "regular" store chocolate chip brands. They are sooo good, my kids want to eat them now instead of
the other.
439627439627B000DZH1CMA38MKMO1ETN8STL. Wilson2251311897600Best when frozen!My family went wheat free about 15 years ago. This is the first cookie I absolutely loved. Yes they are crumbly which is why my family puts them in the freezer. They taste best that way and are good for dipping in almond milk (we are also dairy free). The only time I find my body has an adverse reaction with this cookie is if I over indulge and eat the whole box in a day. Its been known to happen but 1 or 2 at a time and my body handles it fine. Good luck and happy eating!
439628439628B000DZH1CMA18VNSDK0S03YZREJOICEMusic "rejoicemusic"2241287532800Pretty, pretty, pretty GOOD gluten free cookies!I like these cookies! If you've eaten GF items before, you know that GF foods tend to be a bit more "dry" than items made with wheat flour, so GF cookies can be more crumbly. These aren't too bad - they hold together, but aren't a rich gooey type of cookie. The chocolate chips are nice and big. I would definitely buy these again.
439629439629B000DZH1CMA1ZV7GB5WMMNJInstadrew4551154476800I can eat wheat, but I still like Pamela's bestI have bought these cookies for years and I don't have a wheat problem. They're not syrupy sweet or dripping with butter like some brands you might find in the mall, but they are very good. I prefer them over anything else I have tried.
439630439630B000DZH1CMA2X1XBJOQXQ3W8JAMES1111349481600Cross-contaminated!!!I used to sell these cookies in my health food store. Several years ago my celiac and gluten sensitive customers began complaining that they had reacted to these cookies. I read the back of the box,(you should always read the back of the box) where it stated that these cookies were made on equipment also used to process wheat. I also found that in order to make these cookies more price competitive, the manufacturer added soy flour to the recipe. I would suggest to anyone who is celiac to look for another brand that is made in dedicated wheat free facility.
439631439631B000DZH1CMA3I3K3BZRTQCKGJoseph M. Dolan1141345420800My son LOVES these cookiesWe order these items in bulk because they are one of the few cookies my 17 year old son will eat. He loves the taste and it is not unusual for him to go through a box in one day. We started him on these cookies when we were trying to limit his gluten intake, and while the rest of his diet has returned to non-restrictive items, he keeps these cookies as his primary snack on a regular basis.
The only reason for a 4 rating instead of a 5 is that the cookies are not cheap, but the bulk purchase and subscription discount helps bring the cost down a bit. There are 9 cookies to a box.
439632439632B000DZH1CMAKXCQP3DLGW7FA. bauman "Mother, Wife, Artist"3441152230400For those on a GFCF diet, these are greatThese cookies are great for kids on the GFCF diet. My daughter loved them. They are a bit pricey, but taste great.

The cookies are a little on the light & airy side.. but the chips are yummy... the taste is good. They arent your regular chocolate chip cookies, but they will make the grade with the kids ;)
439633439633B000DZH1CMA2ZGV7IQQPBV6HRose f. Kulikowski0051350432000Grat productMy son has been gluten free since he was two; this product is the best. He loves the cookies, eats them all up as soon as I get it delivered . The product is really taste. I fully recommend the product.
439634439634B000DZH1CMAOFDQZ58OZFF1S. Semanco "nontechy"0041350086400My Celiac son loves these!The texture reminds me of a Pecan Sandie, so if you're looking for a chewy cookie, this isn't it. The taste is good, if a little "manufactured", but overall a nice choice for a packaged Gluten Free cookie.
439635439635B000DZH1CMA1DIFL0333QPEBMarcus T. Brody0051343606400Excellent Gluten Free/Dairy Free cookieI've had a lot of them, but this is probably the best I've eaten. I'm talking about Gluten Free cookies, of course. I love chocolate chip. Always my number 1 flavor, but most of the GF cookies are so bad, that I find no pleasure whatsoever in eating them. That totally changed when I found this product. I understand everyone has unique tastes, but I can't comprehend the many negative reviews I read about this product.

The price on here is FANTASTIC by the way. Currently under $3 per box with Prime shipping included. I think I paid $5 most recently for one box at my local grocery store.
439636439636B000DZH1CMAAFIARQ0LLY96Sheri "Sheri"0041340236800Love these!I'm a big fan of Pamela's products. Love these Chocolate Chip cookies. They are delicious with big chunks of chocolate which is of course the best part.
439637439637B000DZH1CMA3IN5O9624L8WISfpreemiemom0051338249600Delicious!Buy these! You won't regret it! I love these cookies! I popped the extra boxes in the freezer and they taste even more delicious!
439638439638B000DZH1CMAWHP5OM23PIEVD. Kelley0011328313600disappointing, dry and eggy-tastingI've been trying a lot of gluten-free cookies, and these are one of the disappointments. They're very dry, almost powdery, and the flavor is dominated by what I'd describe as the taste of plain egg whites. Even the chocolate chips can't make up for it. Obviously they're working with very little since the product is also non-dairy, but so are Mary's Gone Crackers chocolate chip cookies, and they're delicious and have the consistency of real cookies: Mary's Gone Crackers love Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 5.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) I recommend those instead. I won't buy these again.
439639439639B000DZH1CMA123HHC0ZA3Z2YSpiritually Growing "Stacey"0031299456000Good for Gluten-freeThis is not a fabulous tasting cookie, but it is better than some of the gluten-free cookies that I have had. I like to have something once in awhile without having to bake it myself. The chocolate chips are large and do taste good. The Walmart in this area sells this cookie and I would recommend buying a box there first to find out if you like it. If you do, then ordering six boxes here would make sense.
439640439640B000DZH1CMA2QXVBULGHDV34Cooking it up0031293753600Gluten Free CrumbleI liked these cookies alright for some reason my son liked them too. The flavor like someone else said was kinda yucky they could defiantly use some more improvement on that part. The Chocolate in the cookie was good oh ya they crumbled a lot or broke into pieces. I don't think I will be buying these again.
439641439641B000DZH1CMA39EQ3W2L5ANQXStacy Kiell0051293062400Yum! Choc. Chip CookieI like Pamela cookies. You can't beat the price, better than any store around here. The taste is good, but crumbley.
439642439642B000DZH1CMA11S0ZJBJ5BXT1Andrew Alan Olson "Kathryn"0011286755200ewhThese cookies arrived in crumbles and tasted like wood. I understand now why they were such a good price.
439643439643B000DZH1CMAM1BTEOMR6969TheFridgeNinja0051284249600Great Gluten-free cookies!I used to have an allergy to wheat products. I still try to eat a relatively gluten-free diet. Therefore, I have been looking for a good cookie alternative. These cookies are delicious. They are slightly buttery-flavored and do not taste grainy. While they are slightly crumbly, they are better than any gluten-free cookie that I have come across. Definitely a recommend buy for any gluten-intolerant person.
439644439644B000DZH1CMAFLO47WWTZXBGMEH0041277683200Not bad!I got the chunky chocolate chip cookies. They TASTE really good, yummy flavor and the chocolate is great. Like many gluten-free desserts, the texture leaves a lot to be desired. They're very crumbly, many of the cookies didn't even make it to me in one piece, and they'll often fall apart in your hands. Not sure if the other flavors are the same, I have only tried the chocolate chip, but they do taste good enough that I'd try another flavor when I run out of these - which will take a while, I'm the only GF person in the household and six boxes of these plus some Betty Crocker GF mixes and I'm set for a while!

I'm fairly new to gluten free baking at home, but I've yet to find many recipes that have very impressive or even edible results. Some aren't bad, but few come anywhere close to the "real thing." These might have a bad texture, but they're still very satisfying cookies. No weird tastes from the flours used. The few cookie recipes I've tried at home were absolutely horrible, but if I could choose any GF dessert, I think the (other brand) cake and muffin mixes are better than these for sure. Nice to have around when you don't feel like making your own though. For ready-to-eat GF foods, these are great.
439645439645B000DZH1CMAA863O2GL444VM. L. Tomaino "FitFreak"0051266796800Pamelas Wheat Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies - Yum!Love them! I think that these are one of the best wg free chocolate chip cookies out there. I usually try not to buy them because I will eat them all. Even my daughter (who is not a celiac) eats them when she comes by. I told her eat the other ones but she prefers these over other brand names. Kudos.
439646439646B000DZH1CMA6SBTLD4CCEW1Mamaof2 "Mamaof2"0041264464000best store bought GF cookie I have had!I just recently have gone gluten free and miss my chocolate chip cookies! i bought these at a local grocery store and I think they are wonderful. They still have that "store bought" cookie taste BUT I can't tell the difference between other store gluten-full cookies! They are a bit steep at 120 calories per cookie but sometimes it is just worth it!
439647439647B000DZH1CMA5EF8E0RB7RNHKaryn "cookie monster"0051264377600insanely delicious, gluten free, chocolate chunk cookiesJust like my title says, "insanely delicious". These gluten free cookies loose nothing in translation. They stand on their own merit. When serving to guest, you do not have to apologize for them in anyway shape or form. They stand up for your taste buds.
439648439648B000DZH1CMA2HEQMV17FL4SWJ. L. Streett "RVGypsies"0041261008000Three out of four of us LOVE these!Three out of four of us in our family LOVE these cookies. My older son does not care for them. However, we've ALL been told very recently that we can no longer have wheat. I think after a time of NO cookies at all he may decide that these taste fine. I personally like the hearty flavor and am grateful to have a cookie choice for special occasions.
439649439649B000DZH1CMA1HM09FIPZ75C3GFMom "Alana"0051243296000Six boxes gone in 2 weeks, these cookies are THAT good!Having imported chocolate chip gluten free cookies from as far away as Canada and across the United States it is a joy to find Pamela's gluten free chocolate chip cookies! Unlike the overbaked, dry and sad offerings of other retailers, these are soft, delicious and completely edible! Our family LOVES them and I am forced to hide them or whole boxes will literally disappear overnight (my dear husband "the midnite muncher") isn't on a GF diet but loves these cookies anyway! Buy them, for once you won't be disappointed in a premade GF cookie!
439650439650B000DZH1CMA2ZFD6S21S0Q6FD. Dale "Di"0041229558400CookiesThese are my son's favorite cookies. He has hf autism. He is sensitive to Gluten, Casein and Soy products. These great cookies do the trick for a snack or part of his lunch.

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