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439771439771B000Q5NSASADL99BNQIWH7BJammer6651218067200Just like the real thingProbably the best dried fruit I've ever had. It tastes very close to the fresh fruit, and it has just the right amount of moisture in it.
439772439772B000Q5NSASA264UDLWWRJ7X4D. Summerfield3351235520000Succulent, Luscious, Addictive -- You will LOVE this dried fruit productI love mangoes. But I had never tasted dried mangoes, and I must say that these are the best-tasting dried fruits I have ever eaten. I don't know what else to say. I have been snacking on them since they arrived, and so have my three teenaged daughters. This is a wonderful treat, and worth every penny.

If you like a trail mix kind of treat, these are good cut up into smaller bits and mixed with cashews and sunflower seeds.
439773439773B000Q5NSASA1D51G3QV58E9Obayu_88882241283990400Do not buy this from Eauction!!! You will get another brand.The dried mangoes are great. They are a little bit too sweet though. Anyway, once you start to eat it, it's kinda difficult to stop.

WARNING!! If you want to buy this dried mangoes,Phillipine Brand. DO NOT buy from Eauction. I placed an order with them, but got the Royal brand which is cheaper and doesn't taste as good. I just want to warn everybody about this seller.
439774439774B000Q5NSASA168BTPX4TQFITRornDoone0051347321600Seeeeeeriously goodThese dried mangos are wonderful. I use them as a natural way to get something in my tummy at the start of my day. They are so much more tasty than the kind available in local groceries, and they're more moist, too. Watching TV in the evening, my 8-year-old and I WILL tease and bargain and jostle for the very last of the bag if it's even mildly close to empty (actually I'm thrilled that she loves them, too.)! She'll even choose these over some sugary, empty-calorie dessert. To make a sweet deal even better, these scrumptious morsels get to me in 2 days flat, which is quicker than I can get my spouse to remember to pick up a package of those sold locally! These are seeeeeeriously good!
439775439775B000Q5NSASA12WR8WOD4B749Mark0041338163200Tasty and sweetThis was some good mango. But there were too much sugar in it. Otherwise it is fresh and tasty. It's a little bit pricy though. You can buy this at Costco for half the price.
439776439776B000Q5NSASA2XNW56ZFHPIB7A. Ruiz0031323302400Great--minus the large sugar infusionThe dried mangoes are delicious. That said--way too sweet. They are coated in so much sugar. I dipped the pieces into a bowl of water to get some of it off. Such a shame, as it is difficult to find fresh dried mangoes. All in all: Great--minus the large sugar infusion.
439777439777B000Q5NSASA2VWGXK4AUO26CJML330051317945600Delicious!I love the Phillippine dried mango products because they are not too dry and have a very authentic mango flavor. One of my favorite snacks.
439778439778B000Q5NSASA32XLMISTXC3PLHarold E. Timmons0051278201600Dried mangoWe have tried various other brands, and were not as happy as with Philippine's. Price prohibits buying locally, but by watching our supply we can have these in just a few days. Price, quality and fast shipping, what more can you want.
439779439779B000UK7DYGAA6HC5IJNB829Pat J. Dooley1151340496000Tasty treatsI like beef jerky so I was interested to try Salmon jerky. This product is chewy (good) and flavorful. Watch out for the odd bone (the extra chewy bits!). When I run out, I order more.
439780439780B000UK7DYGA2BAEHHC6BN710Shopping Maven "Fiddle Whiz"0051347926400TASTY BUT SOOOOO EXPENSIVEDELICIOUS stuff here...but the price (as are all the brands I've perused) is a real put-off. I get these as a "treat" from time to time...the smoke flavoring is marvelous, salted just right for my palate and the pieces are a good snack size...when I win the Lottery I'll buy dozens of these to have on hand...but until then, I'll have to carefully savor this delicious but expensive treat...
439781439781B000UK7DYGA39CLXSUND6MXVAmanda Enriquez "Ex-Tex in Oregon 30 years!"0051347840000Gift for 85 year old aunt in Oklahoma.My Aunt Pauline in Oklahoma turned 85 and I sent it as a gift for her. She loved it! - amanda
439782439782B000UK7DYGA3RQP8KB39011UMr. Review0011347840000SALT CITYI had purchased salmon jerky at a fish market in the past and had hope that this product would be good. The salmon jerky was so salty that I had to toss it in the garbage.
439783439783B007FSCHCYA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1151335052800Long Lasting FruitDried fruits can be traced back to 4000 years BC in Mesopotamia. The dehyrated fruits maintain their nutrition and have the bonus feature of longevity. Fresh fruit in our house only stays fresh a few days before overripening. This bag of dried apricots with the easy seal top can sit on a shelf for weeks maintaining freshness, taste, and nutrition. I noticed that the source of the dried apricots in this product is Turkey.

I enjoy the taste and texture of these dried apricots and don't find them overly dry. Quality of each piece is consistent, though occasionally one comes across a piece that might be a little drier than the others. Apricots are a soure of antioxidants, potassium, and fiber. I just noticed that the bag suggests refrigerating after opening for best quality; guess I'd better start doing that now.
439784439784B006QGG5GKA32B6A532454UDD. Taylor "Tech Gadget User"3351334880000Great for salads, tasty and wonderful to cook withIn the last year we've been adapting to eating Gluten Free. Receiving a Celiac diagnosis in the family caused us to eat lots of salads as we worked out our other options. One of the things we missed was croutons. We tried several kinds and didn't like them much. Once we discovered these we have been incredibly happy with them. We'll grill chicken and have a tasty grilled Chicken Salad with these croutons and some Walden Farms dressing and it's a very satisfying meal.

These croutons taste great, are crunchy and flavorful, and best of all they freeze well. We buy several bags and keep them on hand, defrosting them as we go through them. Biting into them, they have a firm texture but not soft or mushy. At the same time they are not too hard, really just about right.

One added bonus is that we save the crumbs at the bottom of the bag and use them when we want to cook recipes that need bread crumbs. Chicken Parmesan and so forth. These really work well to give us a Gluten Free option when we want that crispy breaded flavor. We have found really great tasty items by sampling the New Grains line of products. It's helped us deal with the difficult challenges that come along with the necessity of eating Gluten Free.

5 stars, we love these and tend to eat them pretty quickly
439785439785B001M0743SA1HSED8Z7V6ZTZAbsolutely "- ~ Sincerely~ -"6751238198400Don't loose your Gripz!I love these little handy Gripz snack packs. The Keebler Variety Box comes with three types: Cheez It's, Nacho Cheese & Chips Deluxe. Each pouch contains mini versions of your favorite snacks and I do mean mini. Each pouch contains easily 5-6 large handfuls of snack. Or if you are like me, 10-12 small handfuls of snack. These are great for portion control - keeps you from eating a whole box of the scale versions. You can spread them out and make them last. They are handy for those on the go or for ones lunch. I grab one when I head out for the day. They are perfect for car trips b/c of the size. Imagine a bag of sunflower seeds - these are a little shorter but about the same width. This makes them easy to hold onto while snacking. The cheez-it's look like super tiny oyster crackers. They are not triangular like their larger predecessor. Oddly enough - the Nacho Cheez is in the shape of a Cheez It and has a spicy nacho cheese it flavor. My favorite out of the three is the Chips Deluxe. Those lil cookie bites are freakin awesome. Imagine the size of a chocholate chip. That's about how big each mini cookie is and they taste just like the scale version. If you purchase these in a grocery chain like Kroger, you'll expect to pay about $6.50 a box. Amazon has a pretty good price on these - especially if you opt in to the subscribe and save program. At that price with the free shipping alone, it's worth it. Whether you are a busy mom looking for easy lunch solutions for your kids. A hungry dad who likes to snack between meals. A road traveler who is looking for something handy to snack and drive with at the same time. Or a Granny looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, I recommend giving these a try. I think you just might like them. Whatever you do, don't lose your GRIPZ!
439786439786B001M0743SA37AF43G0G5GXNPeter Mills2251249516800Goo stuff in reasonable packsThese flavors are very good, especially the Chips Deluxe. Those taste like mini cookies! The nacho cheese flavor tastes more like a "pizza" flavor than a straight nacho flavor. Packs are a good size for snacking.
439787439787B001M0743SAODLYAXCJ0Q8LL. Thornell "2 boys mom"1141238544000My kids love these!I buy the Grips for my kid's school snacks. They love the variety pack. I figured out each bag costs about .34 each with "subscribe and save", which is an ok deal.
439788439788B001M0743SA1SV3W6F2U0361Blom0051323907200AWESOMEThese are the greatest little snack. My son loves them!! They are small for little guys just starting to snack on thier own.
439789439789B001M0743SA2B2ENQHZ9TL8AJerie L. Putnam "Mrs. Buckley"0051323820800Taste great & are so fun & low in caloriesI bought this very awesome deal and we are very much enjoying these! They all taste like the genuine article yet the smaller size seems with all the surface area seems to make it all taste even better. More baked sides I guess! No matter what, I think this is something I want to keep a steady stream of in our house. :D
439790439790B001M0743SA2UKQDFLZPI3KTJaden P. Brulotte "Jaden"0041323820800Loved them!These were great for packing in both my daughter's lunch and my own and I loved that there were a few different kinds. They shipped quickly, and lasted for quite a while. I would buy them again.
439791439791B001M0743SAI2NOC5BBKP4Elaine0031323388800seemed fakeThe size of the pieces is so small that they do not seem like the original food item. The chocolate chip cookie pieces left me wondering what kind of nano chocolate chips were made to fit inside of the tiny round "cookie". This product is okay if you don't actually look at the pieces, lol. I guess the design is to open the package and pour it into your mouth.
439792439792B001M0743SA3PZDAIZDQF3VWMarc Dunning0051323302400Great Value!The Gripz Variety Pack makes packing a lunch for our 6 year old easy. Along with his sandwich, fruit, carrots and yogurt, we throw in one of the Gripz packs. He enjoys all three in the variety pack so there's never a problem. At the Amazon price, it's a deal that can't be passed on!
439793439793B001M0743SA3KQ65QQRYR44Mgrandma of 2 "Carol"0041323216000good valueThis product was a very good value. I got it for under $10. Just know that you are getting very tiny tiny bites of the product inside the pouches. Great for little kids.
439794439794B001M0743SA1RF8GOB212TSLJessica Johnson0041322179200Good snack for schoolMy kids love the cheeze-its and cookies, but don't care for the graham crackers, so I have to eat all of those. But an easy snack to pack for my kids' snack recess. Especially since I'm sure they don't wash their hands before recess and they don't actually touch the food with their hands.
439795439795B001M0743SA1TS16L4PVH2CQJaymaymama0051318809600Yummy and convenient!My kids loved these easy on the go "mini cookies" and I got a great deal on them with Amazon!
439796439796B001M0743SA3FMPT5IH0CJ50Lindsey0041316995200Tiny!First, I'll say that the kids on my son's t-ball team LOVE these things. The packages are easy for a kid to open, so I like that part of them. But man, the pieces are tiny! They are so easy to spill because they are tiny pieces. I also don't like my 2 year old having these because they are so much easier to choke on. I thought they would just be bite size pieces. But these are smaller than bite size. I think I'll stick to the regular sized snacks.
439797439797B001M0743SA3IXNS6BF34OI9Tracy L. Wall "twall"0041315958400good productGood product but my daughter did not like the Grahams Cinnamon. Nice addition to a lunch box. would like more variety
439798439798B001M0743SAUYJTV2K0BI3Cwrknmom0051313884800Great treat for toddlersAnother item I had purchased and shipped to my grandson. Not quite 2, he likes being able to pick his own snack out, and the size of the package is good for his age. It reduces buying 1 big bag of something that he may tire of eating before it goes stale. Would like to see the pack with 2 sweet and 2 savory items.
439799439799B001M0743SA75Z4TERB8Q7MCraig Snyder0051308355200Get 'em!Amazing price here, buy these! Each bag is no more than two mouthfuls, but they're a great little snack on the go. Love the Cheez-Its and Chips Deluxe, even poured the Teddy Grahams into a bowl of cereal and it tasted good. Very unique, fun snack.
439800439800B001M0743SA11D5K3TRMW1ZAcrbamb20050051306972800Great Size for ToddlersI personally don't care for cheese crackers, but my daughter loves them. At 16 months, she's getting better with gold fish, but doesn't always chew them well. I love the size of these, as I don't have to worry how well she's chewed them, and like another reviewer mentioned, a box of just the cheez-it are expensive at the store. I thought this was a great price (on sale and save more with subscribe and save) and liked the variety (I don't know that I'll feed my daughter too many of the chocolate chip, but she loves the grahm craker ones also). They are also pretty low in sugar (and she only a partial package as a treat at the end of dinner).

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