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447421447421B000E1FXNYA1GW04RRKA9AK9noreen turnquist1151278806400custardI really enjoy custard but do not like making from scratch and baking. "Jell-o Custard" is simple and easy to use. For some reason the stores in my region do not carry it any more.Decided to check the net one day and found it. Now I can have custard whenever. Good for snacking, when you have been ill and things just dont sound or taste good.Better then Chicken soup as far as I'm concerned.Also nutritious.
447422447422B000E1FXNYA2GKSMA8KJQCA1Gabriele Dumble1151275782400Wish we could buy it locallyExcellent product, that for some reason stopped being available in area stores. We will continue to purchase thru to get this wonderfull custard. Have been unable to find anything that compares. Not even home-made.
447423447423B000E1FXNYA20DDH4NT6Q1E8Koala13561151266537600Yummy!I used to be able to buy this in the grocery store, but I haven't seen it in ages, so I was tickled to find it at Amazon. The case of 24 packets that I received had a "Use By" date some two years away, so I have plenty of time to enjoy my custard.

There are two ways I like to make it. (1) Add an egg yolk to the milk/mix, and bring to boil. Pour into a baked pastry dish. After it cools, top with Rediwhip cream and shredded coconut, then slice for a custard cream pie. (2) Slice bananas into a serving bowl and cover with the boiled custard mix. Sprinkle with nutmeg and place in fridge to cool.

Overall rating: Yummy!
447424447424B000E1FXNYA2MOYH7CBTFWGODevon1151259539200New Box, New Name, Same Americana Egg CustardA few years ago this product disappeared from the store shelves. I thought maybe it had been downgraded to a seasonal item, but year after year, and with every trip to every grocery store I shopped in, I had finally all but given up hope of ever finding it again. Searching the net as a last resort, I just found it here on Amazon. My trust level was low at first, after all, how could it be the same if it didn't come in a brown box? But I took a chance based on other reviews and bought the case. Sure enough, it's The One. I ate the first box before it even set. (don't tell on me!) I'd give it 10 stars, but Amazon only gives us 5.
447425447425B000E1FXNYA15N12ELLSSI66P. Weihl1151255219200Great StuffProduct is very simple to use and always turns out great every time. Wonderful taste, shame it is no longer available in stores. Shipping was super fast and price very reasonable.
447426447426B000E1FXNYAOLE5ZE1OS5S4Pauline Robles "greeneye"1151251244800excellant custardi have looked all over the place for this custard. it is excellant and
makes great pies. try it and you will like it
447427447427B000E1FXNYA3O9M44MC2W7CKjoan "joan"1141247097600Jello Cook & serve egg custardI love this stuff, but can no longer find it in grocery stores. In order to get it, I have to buy a case of 24, but it's worth it. You can add an egg yolk to make it richer and/or add toasted coconut to make it taste like coconut cream pie without the crust.
447428447428B000E1FXNYAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker3451282003200If your allergic to egg yolk, this is fantastic!I am allergic to egg yolks, but LOVE custard, so I either never get to have it or sneak a bite and suffer a horrible tummy ache. LAME! But since Jello Custard uses flavoring and not actual eggs, I can enjoy it again. I used to make wonderful trifles before diagnosed with my allergy, and they are now back on the menu again.

To keep it from giving me a sugar crash, I mix in flavorless protein powder (it is amazing and sold on amazon 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate (Natural) Unflavored (Mega Pack) 10 lbs ) in the milk and it truly stays out of the way of the wonderful custard flavor and doesn't make me feel rotten afterwards. In fact, I find it actually leaves me full and satisfied and not wanting seconds! I have been making sure to ALWAYS have carbs and protein together, even in my occasional desserts, and I have lost 14 pounds in 10 weeks with that single change.

Sorry to get off topic, it is just exciting to be able to have my custard and eat it too :)
447429447429B000E1FXNYA1K0IH16THHVQ5Nancy S2351238976000Jello Cooked Custard mixExcellent custard, can be prepared on the stove or in the microwave. Microwave is easiest. The company sent it out quickly and we are pleased.
447430447430B000E1FXNYA35RAKB62SW6FCJessica M. Small2351237507200Americana Egg CustardAmericana Egg Custard is something we use all the time. We love how easy it is to make in the microwave. Also it is not available at our local stores so I am happy to be able to get it at Amazon. Please continue to have it available. It's delicious with a little nutmeg sprinkled on top or add some fresh fruit to it. i also pass it on to friends.
447431447431B000E1FXNYA1K3UUTLHVM762Rachael M. Williams "former WAVE"2351233532800Delicious custardI'd been looking for this product in stores for a long time but couldn't find it. I'm delighted to get it through Amazon. It was an excellent transaction and the custard is delicious.
447432447432B000E1FXNYA2VQ6WSJY7NVJ3Darlene F. Upson2351226793600Great ServiceThe prompt shipment of the product was unbelievable and the Jello was exactly what I ordered.
447433447433B000E1FXNYA13XTASTM65QKCPhyllis Hall2351215907200Terrific, easy, nourishing, delicious dessertThis is so easy and SOOOOO good. Microwave in a few minutes, chill for a few hours, and you have this satin smooth, luscious custard. Never fail, add a dash of nutmeg and it looks and tastes just like Grandma used to make. Can't beat it!
447434447434B000E1FXNYA2MM4GJDJ3E91NLauretta Rodriguez "BabyRN"2351198800000Tastes Great!Hard to find Item. Delicious and easy to prepare. Kids love it! Arrived very fast!
447435447435B000E1FXNYA2UZLROYNS6XKGKMM0051349654400Custard!So glad to see that we can still get this custard. For some reason our grocery store doesn't carry it anymore.
447436447436B000E1FXNYA14ADOB0XS07G8Mary Talley0051348963200Jello Custard MixI was so happy to find this Jello Custard Mix. I grew up on it and was dissappointed when all the local grocery stores stopped carring the product. The product is very is to make and still tastes great!
447437447437B000E1FXNYA117NOQIMH79Y6Ina Rae0051348790400Jell-o Cook & Serve Pudding CustardWe have used this product for many years now and it is something we think we can't do without. My husband has a small bowl each evening.
447438447438B000E1FXNYA19NNE8J63F09Csnoopy0051345334400fantasticI like this product. I don't under stand why you can't buy it at any of the stores where I live. I plan on order more of it when I need some.
447439447439B000E1FXNYA3F2BY3SO2XS22pud0051344902400greatSo happy to get my favorite pudding, don't know why they don't still sell in the store. They brought out a bunch of new flavors, that have already gone away. They need to bring back this one. It is in a different box than it was in the store, but yes it is the same (yummy). Buying a case seemed a hard way to get a box of pudding, but when you have been craving something for a long time, well you just got to do it. I Just put the extra case and all in the freezer and bring out a box a little ahead of cooking it. Haven't had any problems.
447440447440B000E1FXNYA1PCM2F60KDZHUI Buy Old Railroad Lanterns0051325894400Every bit as good as I rememberedMy Mom used to make this and we all loved it, then, it disappeared from store shelves. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and Amazon, I found it. I hesitated at ordering, as one has to buy a rather large quantity . . . such a foolish hesitation. Everyone who has it wants to know where they can get it . . . the answer . . . a few boxes from my "stash" go home with them. Yes, it does take a bit of time to prepare in today's "everything is micro-waveable and ready in 60 seconds" world, but the results are so worth it.
447441447441B000E1FXNYA34A2SL5D1GA6Skatfivecents0051313280000egg custardThis is the same great egg custard my mom made every time I was sick. I love it, and certainly don't wait til I'm sick to make some up!
447442447442B000E1FXNYA2O8EM1JHEKOXSPete0051313280000Jello CustardCan't find it in any store was so glad to see it on amazon. Thought i was done with custard piebut thanks to amazon I'm not Thank You , Pete
447443447443B000E1FXNYA2FVG91156DX2Vwadetheskyman0051295568000It doesn't get any better than this!I have been passionate about custard, specifically this custard, since I was a small boy. When they quite marketing this in grocery stores, I wrote to the Jello company and inquired. I am so grateful to have found it on and it was at a good price value as well. It was delivered as promised and I couldn't be happier.
447444447444B000E1FXNYA1XUNZ2UVZNRC7grandma fine "grandma"0051287705600found an old friendhappy to be able to get some thing that is no longer on the store shelf by me.
amazon was fast and amazing.
447445447445B000E1FXNYA3LJ1PIA7NGS71Roger A. Harper0051260057600Jello Custard desertThis was a great find. The stores in our area, West Virginia, quit carrying it several years ago. Now we can make our custard rolls and pies
447446447446B000E1FXNYA3J17NU0KRW7QTH. Stockwell1251304812800Bread PuddingI have been making Bread Pudding w/ this for years...I just make as directed, adding 2 beaten egg yolks, then soak whatever bread I'm using and put in a greased crock pot for 2~3hrs on low...I crack the lid during the last hour so it isn't too moist. Sometimes I use raisins or raisin bread and others I used small diced candied fruits...It's so easy and I get many compliments on it...I'm happy to find the case lot. Might not be as good as my Grans, but it's sure close.
447447447447B000E1FXNYA301UNZSRXIBILD. Moore1251233792000Jell-O CustardIt's been along time since this was available in our area. It was really great to finally find it available on Amazon. My girls were excited to finally be able to make some. It is going fast and will have to reorder soon.
447448447448B000E1FXNYA3V6U6GGIR4ASRLynn D. Fleeger1251233360000Jello Americana custardCould no longer find this product in the grocery store so checked on-line. Same great product at a better price!
447449447449B000E1FXNYA3S3O6EU28WU8GMarilyn Marshall0151317081600Delicious custardMy husband is limited to food in his diet that he can eat and he loves the Jello-O Cook & Serve Custard. It is easy to make and the taste is delicious. It doesn't stay in our refrigerator very long, I have to make more as fast as he eats it. I can't find it on shelves in the grocery store, and I don't know why, so I buy it from Amazon. It is delivered quickly to my door.
447450447450B000E1FXNYA3VRR0S95C0RX1ilovevegas0151315267200Hard to find...... great productHave been searching stores for Jello Custard Pudding
Finally found it on Amazon. Same great custard I remember from my childhood. Amazon was great shipped out quickly....the problem was with their shipper ENSENDA. First delivery attempt I was home all day long waiting....seems the driver tried to deliver my package to the FUNERAL HOME down the street on a Saturday. So being a Monday holiday I had to wait till Tuesday for my package. Finally arrived on my front porch Tuesday morning.Wish Amazon would get rid of ENSENDA for their deliveries or I will have to think twice before I order again from Amazon. My house is clearly marked easy to find.....UPS, FedEX and the USPS have NO problem finding my house...just across the street from the Funeral Home I guess ENSENDA only hires MORONS as their drivers.

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