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447466447466B003C5PD9IA3ARVWLRF8WPPZLilly Miller0051335225600My Dogs FAVORITE Treats - stinks that it's sourced from China!Far and away these are my dogs favorite treats - and I've always liked the fact that it's really just pure jerky with a few added beneficial ingredients. She really loves the "Duck" Happy Hips the most for whatever reason, but she also likes the Chicken Vitality Treats and sometimes the Chicken Happy Hips.

She started eating these intially (when I first brought her home) because my local Safeway used to sell them at a decent price buy one, get one free. I would stockpile like crazy whenever they went on sale and as she got pickier and pickier as she got healthier these remained one of the few treats she would eat.

Unfortunately I know that "free range" chicken (or duck, or any poultry, really) doesn't mean a thing as the requirements for a farm to be called free range are not stringent at all. Pretty much they will pile them up on top of each other but so long as they can "touch the ground" (not in cages) it's "free range." (Ugh, now I remember why I've been a vegetarian for 15+ years....)

I have heard of a number of issues with the jerky chicken treats sourced from China and I keep closely monitoring her for any changes; in the interim I limit the amount of treats she gets anyway and the air dried raw food she eats is sourced from New Zealand. Hopefully I will eventually be able to find something to replace these with, but until then I'm fairly confident about them.

After all, I feel better feeding these even if they ARE sourced from China because they are (at least) not irridiated and I feel better feeding these than the biscuit-style treats that have little nutriotional value.

Unfortunately my Safeways finally stopped their buy-1 get-1 sales and raised their prices accordingly so I started orderign online via Amazon. I'm cautious whenever I open a new package of ANY kind of treats so I really like the fact that I now buy the larger packages for "bulk" discounts. It means I am using the same bags longer.

Of course not all treats are for all dogs, and if I was starting from scratch I'd probably avoid feeding her these. (I really like Jones Natural Chews and would love to try their USA-sourced jerky) However, considering I'm on a very tight budget at the moment and she is picky beyond belief I have to made do.
447467447467B003C5PD9IA37ZKUB3RTZPVBbarbhsc1251318204800My Doxie's LOVE this product. They go craZy if I run out.Happy Hips is great!! My Doxie's are just crazy about them. I sometimes run out and they can kill with the "LOOK" I get when they have to have a substitute.
447468447468B003C5PD9IA1OW3NQDYFE3IQMrMagoo "Magoo"2411325635200Made in China, distributed in usaWas so very disappointed when the company promised our offices they were a USA company, then we find they are actually mfgr in China, and only distributed in the usa. Honesty and integrity are essential in all supplements, we no longer will endorse this product and have removed from our watchdog list, read all labels and make sure of mfrg place not distribution place for all food items, with over 70 dogs dying from dog treats it is essential to only buy from usa companys who have a zero recall track record like Flint
447469447469B003C5PD9IA2C97F31XAE31HDavid0111339372800purchase with caution!!!I normally buy Canyon Creek Ranch brand duck and chicken strips from Petsmart; my dogs love it and they have never gotten sick or had any problems. Unfortunately, I was out of town with my dogs on Saturday and I bought two 15 oz bags of the Dogswell Happy Hips duck breast treats from Petco. After giving my two dogs a strip each, my little dog started vomiting five minutes later and my big dog seemed fine until the next morning when I discovered vomit all over his crate. It is a strange coincident that both of my dogs got sick after trying this product. I am throwing away both bags and I will never buy from this brand again. I would rather pay a little more for quality treats than risk the health of my dogs.
447470447470B003C5PD9IA2J5RVYVNVXKHJB.A.3611326585600DO NOT TRUST THIS PRODUCT! MADE IN CHINAI had been buying my 2 year old Bichon Frise these Happy Hips Duck Treats for months until recently when I purchased a large bag from Petco that, upon opening it, reeked of some sort of chemical substance which smelled very much like chlorine or bleach. The smell was overwhleming and disgusting. Not knowing what was wrong with it, just out of curiosity I looked on the back of the bag to read the contents and sure the bottom of the bag were those dreaded words, "Made in China".

Up until this time I had assumed their treats were made in the USA, and some of them are. But after looking through all their products it seems that their duck and chicken breast treats come from China.

If they want to peddle their toxic crap from China they can look elsewhere because this customer will NEVER buy their product again.
447471447471B003C5PD9IA1J3WCQP8UFWAFfitz "fitz"3611323475200This Product Almost Killed My Dog ! Beware Made in ChinaCheck on the web FDA WARNING, I bought this for my 10 pound Havenses, he only had 2 of these and got deathly sick. Went emergency to the vets over a 1,000.00 bill, and my dog is still not well, but he is alive. 70 dogs have died this year from this product so I guess we were lucky. Please BEWARE my little guy was so sick, he could not stand or walk he had watery bloody stools,vomiting, shaking uncontrollably. This was nearly 2 weeks ago, he is still sick and not eating well. I know for fact it was this product that made him so sick as I home cook his meals daily and this was the only new thing I ever gave him, with in hours of giving him this he was vomiting, and throwing this POISON up. The dog is never out of our sight, we have to watch him even when he is outside, to many coyotes here. Amazon Please, don't sell this, the MADE in China is so small I could not read it with my glasses on, larger it says Dogswell dist, Ca
447452447452B000E1FXNYA1MX66PK7NXD81kalama-sue0151293408000CUSTARD PIES MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTSJello custard takes about 20 minutes to make and costs about $1.50.A pie crust about the same.In 20 minutes for $3. you have an unforgetable Christmas present.oh yea, sprinkle with cinnamon&sugar or nutmeg. Merry Christmas
447472447472B000YPIR7YA1LE0VZW800CS7Cynorita1151208131200Can't find this in stores anymoreCinnamon & Spice is the only instant oatmeal flavor I like and its just not in stores anymore what gives? I am glad I am able to find it online :)
447453447453B000E1FXNYA3ZWG0QH0FUGUJan Wilkins0151288828800I love this product!!!Order arrived on time (sooner than expected).
This item is hard to find in grocery stores. Now I am set for several months!!
447454447454B000E1FXNYA33316T86WXZ8XWendy K. Mueller "53722sam"1351236988800americana instant custard puddingI have been searching for years for the instant version of americana custard pudding. I am allergic to eggs and this was the only egg free product I could eat, and I loved it. Just mix it in a blender with milk, refrigerate and enjoy. Always got compliments from guests too. Now the americana cook and serve I'm sure is great, but what happened to my instant?
447455447455B000E1FXNYA2YZ3GOKTMV8VEConnie Fleishauer0251324339200I need sugar free custardWe have always loved Jello products and enjoy sugar free jello, but I recently had a gastric bypass and in two days I can eat sugar free custard.
Do you carry this product?
I will make it from scratch until you notify me.
Thank you
447456447456B000E1FXNYA1H00FRAJUI093Dave Maran Munisamy "DMM"0611260748800Threw this awayAfter looking at the Chips Ahoy that came in powder form and the betty crocker mashed potatos with bugs, I threw this out into the trash. Will never order food from ever again.
447457447457B003C5PD9IA2DDEWUAF8VKUYMichael Clark "--Michael"4451327622400Made a big difference for our dogOur dog, an 11 year old lab mix, has struggled with arthritis and issues in his hips. Our vet suggested a product like this and we have tried several favors now of the Happy Hips brand.

I can certainly say he loves these -- as another reviewer mentioned, they're now an expected part of the morning routine and the look of betrayal should we run out ... Well, we don't run out often.

The change in his mobility was gradual, but noticeable, it was more noticeable after we stopped giving him the strips for about two weeks after our first batch ran out. Suddenly, he was struggling to get up the stairs again, and the sudden decline was shocking. We checked with our vet who said this was a common reaction to,supplements like these, after a day or two of the strips again he was back to a normal, active, happy dog.

We've used these for about 3 years now and never noticed any issues with quality or strange smells. Our dog reports he likes the lamb and chicken, but the duck is by far his favorite.
447473447473B000YPIR7YAPPSOQ33RZP5SRavenlost0151207440000Quick, easy and tasty too!Excellent product. Quick and easy enough that even my hubby can fix his own breakfast! Great value too.
447458447458B003C5PD9IA9BFB1GHYHMHLD. Cray "binkrulz"2251326412800dogs dont know its not americanMost people have a cow that it isn't American made but I work in an office where a lot of people bring in their dogs and I have yet to find one who didn't like this.
447474447474B001E5E1L4ALKJNMVW3NZFYWky Pete575951203724800HEMP!!!!!!!!!I love hemp. I am a vegan college student and find it really difficut to eat enough while taking six classes and wasting my life away doing homework. Having such an accessable form of protein, minerals, and essential fatty acids is nice (3 tbsp. = 22% protein DRI!!) No other food can claim that while being super-digestable. Flax seeds go right through, hemp is easily digested. It has an interesting taste, somewhere between sunflower, almond, and pine nuts. It is good.
447459447459B003C5PD9IA3804TLWZL33O5Lina1141336435200Great for Dogs with ArthritisAfter discovering that our dog had arthritis in two legs and spinal disc degeneration, we took her to a veterinary specialist who closely examined our dog's food for irritants and inflammation triggers. These treats were one of the few things the vet did not disapprove of.

Apparently chicken causes a number of physical and behavioral problems in canines, but duck is okay. What's even better about Happy Hips is that they contain glucosamine, which is beneficial to animals' joints. However, the amount of it is minimal so if your dog has arthritic issues, you should invest in some sort of glucosamine supplement to mix in your dog's food.
447460447460B003C5PD9IA3MQGS3XKV4JMQMarianne T Krumpe1151334188800Happy Hips helped my dog tremendously!I have a 12 year old dalmation/hound mix who has recently started showing signs of hip displaysia or arthritis - he also has allergies (food and environmental) so I have to be careful what I feed him. Happy Hips made from duck breast was the perfect solution! He thinks he is getting a treat (well he is) and he has over the course of several weeks shown improvement. Thanks for carrying this great product!
447475447475B001E5E1L4A3HY04DDDHKWZLJ. Pinneo202051268956800DeliciousI am an active person, trying to eat what's best for me and although I know the health benefits of hemp, I think hemp protein powder is gross. No matter what I mix with it, it still tastes like dirt.

So I decided to try the shelled hempseeds and boy, are they delicious! To me, they taste like sunflower seeds and I just eat them raw right out of the bag.

Delicious! I recommend that you try them if you, like me, hate hemp powder shakes.
447476447476B001E5E1L4AZMR606RD05VMRobin Thomas "CEO, Really Great Freaking Things"202151203638400Great stuff!I've put some of these seeds in my cereal every morning since first buying hemp seeds a little over a month ago. They're delicious, and really do add some substance to your diet. Plus, I swear I've been happier since eating them. Yum!
447477447477B001E5E1L4A19EU3Q26YP3E0J. Rowan "readthequran"161851178928000Nutiva's Organic HempseedsI've just placed my second order for these hemp seeds. I just love them added to my salads and smoothies. My health food store doesn't carry them so I'm thankful that I can get them here at Amazon AND with Free shipping. Next purchase... I'm going for the 5 pound bag!
447461447461B003C5PD9IA31A96J8W51G05Randy B1151333843200Our dogs love them!A high value treat in place of a cornstarch bone. Better for the dogs and the glucosamine is great for their joints. Our vet verified they are good for the dogs. Much less expensive than the pet stores charge which is an additional benefit. Fast shipping as well.
447478447478B001E5E1L4A1W1L7ZBQ8GJRFV. Viti "vviti"9951268179200Food for the body.I make my own hemp milk for smoothies. These were a better buy than at my local health food store. I seem to prefer this brand to what I bought there. Into the Magic Bullet they go!
447479447479B001E5E1L4A2KR8Q4CNFIEVCRonaldinho121351188864000Love it!I love Hemp and this stuff tastes great. I add it to cereal, smoothies and veggies.
447462447462B003C5PD9IA1SHUBSEFG6H91Ronald J. Perrella1151331510400Fantastic TreatI had been looking for a treat to provide my small breed dog during training excercises. She adores the Happy Hips Duck Breasts. I cut them up in small pieces and place them in the training bag. I can get her to do just about anything for a piece of this treat. I love that the treats are great for her hips and health as well.
447463447463B003C5PD9IA2O7IKVY2MFMEAyreuven0051350172800My boy's favorite snacks ever!!!!After trying anything and everything on the market for the last 11 years, we found happy hips and stopped looking elsewhere. Have never seen my boy bully react the same way to any other snack, and was even more extra tic than him that he wasn't allergic to it either.
447480447480B001E5E1L4AFUKIZ96GQPEMJenn Willson "missswissarmy"8851327622400You CAN make hemp milk too!I decided to start making my own hemp milk. My boys are allergic to wheat/gluten, dairy/beef, eggs/chicken, shellfish, peanuts, soy, corn, sesame, mushrooms, maple, oranges and cinnamon so they are very restricted vegans eating a high raw and organic diet. Hemp is wonderful for protein, omegas, and healthy fats!

At first I had subscribed and saved to this 8 oz (pack of 3) organic hempseed for $16.75. I bought 10 (30 packs) to start. That's about 70 cents per ounce. I like the portable packs for traveling, visiting grandparents, snacking out of. An ounce is 3 TBSP which is one serving.

I bought quarts of commercial hemp milk for years, Manitoba Harvest, Living Harvest and Pacific (Pacific Vanilla was our favorite.) I did the Amazon s/s program. But when I bought my Blendtec Wildside blender I started thinking "I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF!"

Here's what you need:
a high performance blender like VitaMix or Blendtec is best
Shelled hempseed, 8 ounces
purified water
a nut milk bag for straining (sold on Amazon for $8)
a sweetener like honey, agave, dates, or brown rice syrup
vanilla if you like
Real salt or sea salt of high quality
two 78 ounce frigoverre glass jars with tight sealing hermetic lids (sold on Amazon for $10-15) or equivalent

Make 1 gallon of hemp milk by adding 1 quart of pure water and the an entire 8 oz package shelled hempseed to a blender bowl and blend on medium about 2 minutes (soaking 15 minutes first is optional). Line the inside of one of the jars with the nut milk bag (hold the bag so it won't fall in) and pour the cream into the bag. Squeeze it through the nut milk bag into one of the jars, twisting the bag to extract, then pour the strained cream back into the blender. I added 1 teaspoon Real Salt, 1 tablespoon organic vanilla, 4 tablespoons raw agave, OR Lundberg brown rice syrup , OR a handful of high quality dates to sweeten a bit. After blending again (more blending if using dates) pour equal amounts of the flavored cream into the two 78 ounce jars. Add pure water to fill the jars. Seal the hermetic lid properly. They keep for a few days and I can gently shake the jar before opening and serving to reincorporate.

This way makes 16 - 8 ounce servings of my own hemp milk, the same strength as commercial hemp milk. Just calculating the hemp in each 8 ounce bag gives totals of 1360 calories, 108g fats, 20g carbs, 16g fiber, 84g proteins. Making 16 eight ounce servings in a gallon means each serving (just the hemp numbers) is 85 calories, 6.75g fat, 1.25g carb, 1g fiber, 5.25g protein. I used the average of Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest brand nutrition facts for these figures. As ready as packaged quarts of hemp milk are now I no longer have to carry in heavy cases of premade milk and throw away all those containers. And it only takes me 5 minutes to make milk.

Compared to a commercial quart this milk is fresher, it tastes 'greener', smells like cut grass but doesn't taste it, and the milk is still very 'nutty' in flavor, just as smooth and creamy.

You can make a heavy cream to drink or use in smoothies by doubling the hempseed OR halving the water. "Banana Milk" with hemp cream or hemp milk and a banana is awesome. Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest have recipes on their websites.

I have started buying the Manitoba Harvest 25# tubs of shelled hempseed. It is not labeled organic. But, as hempseed needs no chemicals to grow wonderfully, and it is NON GMO, eco farmed without insecticides or pesticides I have no problems with it not having a label. I store it in the deep freeze in divided portions. The savings on Amazon is incredible. The 25# tub is about $136 on the s/s program. It is 500 oz and costs 27 cents per ounce. So if I use 8 ounces to a gallon of milk I've spent $2.16. That's $.54 per quart! I used to pay $4 per quart at Whole Foods!

Please study hemp and its benefits over dairy. Of course you may have thought you needed dairy for the protein and calcium. I grew up in Iowa, I was taught that, I was a huge milk drinker. I had even seen the reality of dairy/beef processing but ignored it. When breastfeeding (the best milk I could give my son) he was spitting up/vomiting every feed I realized the urgent need to stop drinking it. Now at 5 years just a splash of skim milk on his arm will give him red boils and blotches. Soy milk is out too, even if he could drink it hemp is better. We do sometimes have homemade organic brown rice milk and organic NON GMO gluten free oat milk.

I hope you explore hemp milk yourself! You will save money, and no driving to the store for every gallon of milk you drink, or recycling or waste, plus think of the health benefits. Share what you know with others so we can become growers and not just consumers of this wonderful superplant.
447464447464B003C5PD9IA1GJWWQZL0WM89Michael R. Mccoy "Mac"0051347753600Good ChewsGreat product!
Good price!
Fast delivery!
My dog love them!
My older dog is going on 15 years old and he's still rearing to go for a daily one mile walk.
447465447465B003C5PD9IASH03WI06DLHLcman0051347494400dogs love itGreat product my dogs (chihuahuas) love it! and I can see their coat getting shinier and healthy . It also has glucosamine which helps with their hips and joints.

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