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447511447511B001E5E1L4A1J70U8C7CDTNPMagrath0051316822400Very GoodThese are very good on everything. We sprinkle them on salads, roasted veggies, veggie tacos, wraps. Taste is similar to sesame seeds.
447512447512B001E5E1L4A10C4O0Q0TWXOLNancy Rector "Author of A Painful Truth - The...0051316736000Nutrition PLUS taste!This stuff tastes wonderful. Its also one of the most nutritious things on the planet. Use it as a topping for just about anything or put in smoothies.

Nancy Rector
Author of "A Painful Truth - The Entrapment of America's Sick"
(How Being Ill Got Me Arrested)
447513447513B001E5E1L4AQMGQDYE9M4G4Linda Logue "~LL"0051316390400Excellent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!This product tastes GREAT and I highly recommend it! It's very beneficial to your diet. I love it so much that I put it on an autoship program to make sure I don't run out! hehe. I make all kinds of things with a little hemp seed in it, but by far, I love my whole grain pancakes with it in there! YAY!!!!
447514447514B001E5E1L4A2W12I4KTWEY9QFranco Salerno0051316217600Comporable Quality, Excellent PriceI use to buy these same hemp seeds at the supermarket. When I realized that Amazon sold them and they were available on Subscribe & Save, I immediately ordered them. The Subscribe & Save price is half the price of what I was paying in the supermarket and you can't beat Amazon's efficiency and convenience in getting you products on a regular basis via Subscribe & Save.

The quality of the hemp seeds were the same exact quality that I experienced from buying them at the supermarket. If you are looking to buy high quality organic hemp seeds and save money, buys these.
447515447515B001E5E1L4A2RGZUVVP7570OR. Messner0051314835200Hempseed Power Packed Spoonful of Goodness!This was my first time at trying hempseed and it was a very positive experience. The taste has been wonderful. My daughter and I love it in cereal. A few scoops of this offers a power packed meal full of so many good omega's and protein. Additionally, I feel better and thinner!
447516447516B001E5E1L4A1AMT2LV9Y3OUWALBG0051314662400love itGreat taste,
I've used it in my smoothies, salads, and mixed in with yogurt and fruits sometimes too =]
It tastes mildly nutty, but MILDLY; the seeds are very small too, like the size of a flax seed but flat and round so it blends really easily. I gave a bag to my dad and he likes it best in his yogurt.
I guess throwing it in soup would make a nice addition too, but as a very LAST addition once the soup is cooked, so that the heat doesn't kill that much of the nutritional value; raw is best nutritionally... (except for eggs).

In short: totally try it, you might love it =)

447517447517B001E5E1L4A3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"0051309392000Sebastopol SeedsNutiva is an organic company based out of beautiful Sebastopol, California, also home to Guayaki Traditional Mate, Traditional Loose Yerba Mate, 16 Ounce package and Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Herb Tea Sampler 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6). Nutiva has its own line of hemp and coconut products. Nutiva shelled hempseeds are excellent in stir fries and salads. They add a nutty flavor. They're also good in vegan desserts from Vegan Fusion World Cuisine: Extraordinary Recipes & Timeless Wisdom from the Celebrated Blossoming Lotus Restaurants, such as Mayan Wonder Bars with raw almond butter and halvah with raw tahini.

This hemp seed is nutritious and delicious!
447518447518B001E5E1L4A1LT8AINZB9D8Uptarzan800151339459200Great Addition To PestoThis product was my first experience with hemp seeds, and I was very pleased. I used the seeds in place of nuts for my vegan spinach pesto, and it was absolutely delicious with a lovely, nutty flavor. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.
447519447519B001E5E1L4A2CI0RLADCRKPFT. J. Ryan3731239235200tasty, but it gave me gasI liked the taste okay, but when I cooked with it (in a vegetable stew) it contributed to a lot of post meal gas, if you get my drift.
447520447520B002Y2OWAQA1A955F3HK5EBCMargaret G. Van Nostrand "Gaibzmom"3351315180800Best instant I have had to date.......After tiring of pouring un-used brewed coffee down the drain, I decided to buy some instant and use that for those times when a whole pot was not needed. I tried several brands, then stumbled across Community Instant. I have often bought Community whole bean and ground, so I expected it to be good..... It far exceeded my expectations. It is a very flavorful coffee, and I expect to be purchasing it again in the near future!
447521447521B002Y2OWAQAAZ4UDYKMMRD2Allen Childress3351287532800Louisiana CoffeeI love Community coffee and got four jars at a reasonable price without having to return to Louisiana.

447522447522B002Y2OWAQA3HRY5JAD2X6UXC. Wall "Proud Mom in Training"0041345593600Great Bargain, Good ProductBeing the only coffee drinker in my family, I tend to prefer the less labor and cleanup intensive use of instant coffee. I also like Community Coffee. This offer was a huge bargain, working out much cheaper than the regular, store bought brand, and it came with free shipping on Amazon Prime. I plan on buying it again if it is still available at such a good price when I need to buy coffee again.
447523447523B007P38O6MA3LC8OV54MT88BM. Patton0051350518400My dogs love 'emFirst, putting my dog's preferences aside for the moment, I like them because they are made in the USA. I will not buy anything for my pets that is made in China. Second, they are easy to handle - I pack them on hiking trips and they almost look good enough for me to eat!
Now getting to my dogs. One is a foodie that will eat anything, but she definitely prefers these. The other is a little picky, but she goes nuts for for them. So bottom line, I like them, my dogs love them, and for the quality, the price is reasonable.
447524447524B001E5E1LOA19EU3Q26YP3E0J. Rowan "readthequran"131351178928000Nutive Hemp oil - LOVE this stuff!I use this Organic Cold-Pressed hemp oil instead of olive oil in recipes. It tastes great, has all those important omega-3 fatty acids and wasn't heat treated, which is important for all of us following a raw lifestyle. I also buy the bags of hemp seeds to add to my salads and smoothies. To top it off... FREE shipping from Amazon. Great product, great price, free shipping = no brainer... you must try this!
447525447525B001E5E1LOA349T3U8Y2A6H. Lawson121251174953600Great ProductI was very hesitant to try this. I was afraid how it might taste. It tastes great. I read up on the health benefits, and I am really trying to incorporate more into my diet. Thank you for offering this amazing product!
447526447526B001E5E1LOA1598WKK8ZGV5BSeacoast resident3351202860800Great supplementI began using this product and another (Harmonic Innerprizes LifeSource Supersprouts powder) at the same time. I put both products in a fruit smoothie every morning as my breakfast. I don't know if it's one or the other, or a combination of both products, but since I've started this routine, I finally have the energy to get through the full day! It's not an "extra energy" feeling, I just finally feel like I have the normal amount of energy that a 30-yr old person in relatively good shape should have. I exercise regularly and eat well for the most part, and I never knew why I was always feeling run-down. I even asked my doctor and had bloodwork done, and everything is functioning normally...and also went on an energy drink kick for a while because it seemed the only way to not feel like I could take a nap at any given moment. I was recommended both products by a local health food store simply for added nutrition and Omega 3 and 6 acids, and the energy benefit was just an added bonus I guess! Even if you don't need energy, I was told that Hemp oil is the most natural source of Omega 3 & 6 acids, and it is the type of nutritional oil most completely absorbed by the body. Definitely give it a try, it's a great product!
447527447527B001E5E1LOA38GZFUV22LJMRBryan Gruber "teacher, musician, photographer...4551198886400Good tasting and Good for youI was worried when buying this about the taste. I absolutely hate the taste of flax seed oil, even in smoothies. After reading up on the benefits of hemp I decided to give hemp seed oil a try. This stuff is 100 times better than flax oil. It has a light nutty taste, almost like the peanut oil in natural peanut butters. I take 2 tablespoons of this stuff straight every morning.

Nutiva Hempseed Oil, along with Nutiva's Hempshakes definitely leave me feeling healthy and energized all day. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to balance out their Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio and get healthy.
447528447528B001E5E1LOA3ON26Z17A1C2EChelB1151238371200My mother really likes this oil....I bought this item as a gift for my health conscious mother. She is very picky about oils so I was a little worried, but decided to buy it anyway for her. Well, she really likes it. She uses it as part of her homemade salad dressing. She told me that the bottles lasted her for many months. As with hemp oil like others....a little bit goes a long way. I do wish though that it came in glass (reusable bottles) versus the plastic ones that are thrown away.
447529447529B001E5E1LOA36JRFK97M9FMPWilliam E. Dail1151213228800DeliciousGreat nutty flavor. And it's good for you. You can't beat that.
Only wish that it could be produced in the US, then it would be cheaper and more plentiful.
447530447530B001E5E1LOAYWREHDOIIGTDRev. Dr. Donald Lee Fuller, Ph. D., CHT0051345248000Coconut Oil for Pakinson's TreatmentI have been working as the Treatment Team Co-Ordinator for a 71 year old male who is in the process of recovering from Parkinson's Disease.

Since "conventional" medicine does not understand the cause nor the correction for the disease, they do not know how to treat the "disease", and the best they can do is to try to manage the undesired symptoms. Conventional Medicine's prognosis for the disease is as dismal as the effects of their approach to "managing" the undesirable effects of the disease itself. Dopamine Replacement Therapy's side-effects can be just as devastating to the patients health as the Parkinson's.

Therefore, we have elected to take an Alternative Medical Approach, a wholistic approach, and as part of that alternative medical approach, we have elected to use Coconut Oil as an essential ingrediant for brain health and well-being, as opposed to using Fish Oils. Coconut Oil is more natural, and better, for the both the brain and body.

As a result, we use this product as our source for organically grown, pure, virgin coconut oil. It's an oustanding product, comes is various sizes, and at an affordable price. We recommend it, and it is performing an essential part in my client's overall recovery from Parkinson's Disease.
447531447531B001E5E1LOA1BURQKA29R3Zkate phillips "katemarie"0051265328000love this productbetween the kitchen and the therapy room, i use this product often...
nutiva is offering a quality oil and amazon's price is good
447532447532B001E5E1LOAC1T81845USH2G. T. Rensch0051255478400Great ProductI am not a vegan or anything, I was just looking to add some healthy fats to my diet, so I tried this product, and I could not be more impressed. The shipping is fast (to PA) and very reasonably priced, and the product quality could not be higher. The oil comes in black light-proof containers, and keeps very well (I keep mine in the fridge). If you are considering this product, buy it. You will not be disappointed.
447533447533B001E5E1LOA3G518BEUSP75YW. Stokes "W. Stokes"0051209600000Great product!!!It has a nutty taste as most articles have related, maybe those who cannot tolerate the taste are just genetically predisposed to not like it?? Whats not to like with all the INCREDIBLE benefits of this oil - omega 3, 6, and 9, GLA, most suitably balanced for human consumption...... the list goes on...
447534447534B001E5E1LOA34E61B4Z52UERE. Lockett0811197417600Nasty TasteI read the two favorable customer reviews before purchasing this item on Subscribe and Save. I feel like I was tricked. The product is not eligible for return or I would definitely return it. It tastes nasty and is unpalatable. Neither my husband nor I can tolerate it. I can't even mask the taste in a smoothie, which was my original intent. This hemp oil was a waste of my money and I'm disappointed and upset that I have to eat the cost of two bottles.
447536447536B006V788T6A3BHMH8C67TLTRLori A. Mcdaniel0051350518400great sugar free optionthese, as well as the golightly fruit chews are a really great tasting alternative to sugar. i eat them to add something sweet to my day because im diabetic. i also like the chik sticks and the crystal light fruit chews. so glad i found the for some variation. the russell stover chocolate toffee bars are my favorite. you can buy all of these here! just be careful and dont eat too much at one time. .. kaplowie. :-)
447537447537B001ET63YIA10WX4UBTW6G0WThomas A. James0051288656000World Class EVOOI have enjoyed much EVOO over the years but this is the best I have tasted!Raineri Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
447538447538B004WMB1AKA1XRXZI5KOMVDDKAF1958 "amandaf0626"1141331510400Tasty crackersGood points:
Nice crunch, not too salty, quality product, great with butter or cream cheese and lox.

Bad points:
A bit expensive, not enough product in each box. Fifteen ounces of product for $15.75 is
cost prohibitive.

Will purchase again for special occasions, but not often due to the price.
447539447539B004772OWEA3JDAHAQHP4ITMDogRescue "Di"0051308009600This tea was yummy.Will purchase again! It was less expensive online but could probably find in stores everywhere now. Amazon has great deals. Just gotta look.
447540447540B004772OWEA5PC6KU9TQFRYGeorge Carte "Knik Wind"0041307750400Very nice green teaThis is a very nice, full flavored green tea. Also very convient in the K-Cup packaging. I have tasted some lose leaf premium green tea that is a little better, but much more expensive and not in K-Cup style.

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