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447541447541B004772OWEA34P62SQB2DRGXStarlette B. Gwaltney0051307577600Tea Tottler!I am not a coffee drinker, so tea is my thing. With the Keurig machine, it makes it all the more easier to get a cup of tea.
447542447542B004772OWEA2AIGDKK3BQDJWAF Pilot0031307059200Tasty, but didn't delete my need for a Starbucks run.These k-cups taste good and are great for a quick Chai fix. They're also a good coffee alternative, but they not good enough to replace my Starbucks stop for a Chai latte or an Apple Chai.
447543447543B004772OWEAU8VKKC2H0LSLSanLee0051306195200Excellent FlavorThis Chai Tea has excellent flavor and I have enjoyed many Chai Teas. This one for Keurig is by far one of the best I have enjoyed over the years. Thanks.
447544447544B004772OWEA2JM4TKX99S313House of Raven0051305504000Morning BeverageAn excellant tea for Keurig Brewers... Did I mention that Amazon is the only place I can get many of the brewing cups for Keurig Brewer!
447545447545B004772OWEA1PJAQP9MUSAXNT. Collins0051304553600love this teaI've always purchased this tea in bags. Wanted to see if it tasted the same in the kcups. I really do love this tea but it is economicly better to by it by the bags. kcups are great and convenient but just a bit more than I want to spend right now.....
447546447546B004772OWEA1M976FVAIMAZ7RescueRanger0031301788800Good, but...I like it, but.... there's a little bit too much of a sharp after taste. Even adding a ton of sugar didn't make up for it entirely. The product still has good flavor, but I'd gladly take Lipton Spiced Chai over this, if only the Lipton came in a K-Cup.
447547447547B004772OWEA2SH6KIZQ5LMMGT. Schmidt "tas"0051300924800Celestial Seasonings Devonshire English Breakfast Black TeaI highly recommend the English Breakfast Black Tea. I'm not real big on tea most of the time but I give this one 5 stars. Don't be shy and try it.
447548447548B004772OWEA3NWJPIRABJXX3Priscilla A. Smith0041300665600Tasty Chai teaI was skeptical thinking this tea might not have a bold enough flavor. It is instead very flavorful with just the right amount of spice.
447549447549B004772OWEA28ZG1SE6DKWKACatherine Montgomery "Emeraldquest"0051300320000English Breakfast teaCelestial Seasons has one of my favorite K-Cup teas in English Breakfast tea. I am a repeat customer in buying this brand of tea.
447550447550B004772OWEA1T7IB6NJ3KZFBJ. Miller "a_tech_guy"0051298505600Great tea/better priceSometimes it's hard to find good quality products for the K-cups. This is a good tea. I love green tea and this is a good brand. I like this brand and Bigelow organic green tea. I think the Bigelow is my slight favorite, but this is good tea. No aftertaste and nor are there grounds in the bottom of the cup. The price on this one puts everything to shame. Usually the K-cups are more expensive, so this is a bargain. Get it now.
447551447551B004772OWEA38TPUN6VBAYYPR Owens0051297900800Wonderful flavorThis tea reminds me of the spicy Christmas concoctions my mother made years ago. Fresh and spicy, but not hot-spicy, it's wonderful served hot or cold.
447552447552B004772OWEAZ880BV5XBANQJ. Howard "JH"0051297296000Great Green TeaThis is an excellent green tea. I enjoy this brand and one from Biglow.

I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes green tea. And it is organic for those of you who are into that stuff.
447553447553B004772OWEA32I2NNNQF5TWVasilion0031296864000Very StrongI generally like Chai Tea, however, this one is very, very strong for use in the Keurig. I would suggest watering it down or something.
447554447554B004772OWEAC4MO7EL9T29TSarah H. Knauss "Lab Lover"0051296432000Perfect Chai taste!This tea is bold and smooth at the same time. If you are a lover of Chai, buy this. Easy to use with Keurig and no artificial sweetners or additions to take away from the tea.
447555447555B004772OWEAC5LQDZ8D4XXXsusie0051296345600green tea dream...easy quick great hot or coldLove quick....I can fix it if I want it hot or if i am in the mood for a cold drink. I do recommend you give it a try....
447556447556B004772OWEA1FHVEKX1PDM2ND. Godi "frogfly"0051296086400Better than Starbucks!I love this stuff! I add sugar and half and half and get a drink that is very much like Starbucks Chai Latte. The price on the product has gone up since I ordered it on Jan. 7th 2011 -- so, I ordered the CS Indian Spice Chai tea bags instead. I put 2 teabags in MY K-Cup and it tastes exactly the same. You get 6 boxes of 20, so that is 60 servings for me (2 bags at a time) for the 13.95 (subscribe and save) these cups used to be. If I want the tea a bit stronger, I will remove the tea bags after brewing from the my k-cup and throw them in my mug. Let is steep a bit longer and it is wonderful!
447557447557B004772OWEACHKXS1PNBMMUDebbie0051296086400Calming and flavourfulI like Indian chai tea and this teas was very flavourful, not too strong easy to work in my new Cuisinart coffee machine.
447558447558B004772OWEA2865VA8CZJNKXKevin W0051295049600Celestial Green Tea with White Tea for smooth taste is a win!The BEST green tea I have ever tasted. Extremely smooth and great taste! Tastes better than from a tea bag!
447559447559B004772OWEA3ECI859GVJ2KLisaVA0051293840000NIcely SpicedThis is the only chai brand that i've tried so far but it seems to be very good. nicely spiced. not to strong or weak.
447560447560B004772OWEAEI9Y1R8F00BNS. Goffstein0121332028800India spice teaI was thinking this would be a nice break from the normal tea. However it is a bit too spicy for my taste. Unless you really like the spice chai, I wouldn't recommend this tea.
447561447561B004772OWEA2QW39KWLVPX9DSheri L. Hasty0131326067200Not a latteBe sure when you order this product that you do not want the latte. It was my first order with the K-Cups and I ordered the wrong thing.
447562447562B004772OWEA2OY1B4GRU1VYYRebecca C Williams0211301875200Celestial Chai TeaThis tea taste and smells awful and there is no return, be careful before you buy it, try a smaller version of it.
447563447563B004772OWEA28I19Q54MYXGVBuffy1511313539200Celestial Seasonings India Spice ChaiWhat I was expecting was a chai tea similar to one I find in popular coffee houses: a spiced tea infused with cream and sugar. This tea smells wonderful but the taste when you are drinking it is very plain to me. Also it is missing the cream and sugar elements so it has none of the flavor and body of a coffee house chai. I've also tried three other chais from Timothy's, Bigelow and Gloria Jean's and had the same reaction to them all during my side by side taste test. The K-cup chais are simply not the same as the coffee house chais. To approximate the coffee house chai you'll need to add your own cream/milk and sugar/honey and give it a little shake.
447564447564B004772OWEA2ADC9XMNOO6G1Ready2Fly0611317945600expensive and a waste of plastic$15 for 24 servings?? that is crazy, especially that you can get green teas in a box cost a few bucks. Also, the plastic cups go in landfill. i will never buy these cups again.
447565447565B004772OWEA4VMQ6ZTSXSSLkiwanissandy "Go Bucks!"272851292457600Delicious with 5 spice aromas, not full of sugar and creamThis India Spice Chai while brewing fills the whole room with wonderful aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves almost like the Chinese 5 spice blend. There is no added sugar or cream so if you want that go with Cafe Escapes Chai Latte K-Cups for Keurig Coffee Machines - 16 Pack. Those k-cups which are delicious as well have the cream that many expect in a chai tea. This particular brand of Celestial Seasonings is just tea. You can add what you want after the fact. I've not had any trouble with the packaging, nor having the tops flop off while brewing. This is just a nice cup of spiced tea. It's not peppery and won't offend or be too spicy for most. I really like it and highly recommend.
447566447566B004772OWEA3JXBZ8F65100OFerdy141451294963200Converted me to tea over coffee - it's that goodBefore buying my Keurig brewer, I never really like black tea. I would drink herbal tea from tme to time but black tea always seemed too bitter. After trying Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Tea, I was instantly converted. There is no bitter taste and it's so much less acidic than coffee and therefore much easier on my stomach. It has a mild, slightly fruity taste that is perfect with breakfast or really anytime of day. I've tried it plain and with a bit of milk and sugar as well. I honestly have become more of a tea drinker than coffee drinker since trying this delicious tea.
447567447567B004772OWEA1RGNH6GLPV3G9Zasu "Kolacky Girl"8851296000000One, two, chai, chai, chai!The India Spice Chai is delicious! I usually buy the Chai Latte (which I love), but decided to try the Chai tea. This is not a creamy drink like the Chai Latte. It is a regular tea. The spice blend is delicious. The aroma is divine! Try this, you won't be sorry.
447568447568B004772OWEA3PU5ECUMTNV9PHolly Mardis8851295049600Great FlavorI drink this tea nearly every day (sometimes twice) and really like the flavor. With the health benefits of green tea, and the convenience of the Keurig, I drink more of it now than I used to when I did the wait/brew/wait/brew thing with old fashioned tea. I highly recommend it.
447569447569B004772OWEA3JDAHAQHP4ITMDogRescue "Di"6651308009600YumYum Yum Yum... I love Chai Tea and this was closest to Starbucks. Of course I dress it up with a bit of almond milk.
447570447570B004772OWEA346O72R8U5VD4Pupshine5551303344000Excellent tea!I love my Keurig and use it every day, several times a day. My mum was born in England and is VERY particular about the taste of her tea. I got her to try this and she really liked it. I love it! True tea lovers will like this tea. It is the only K cup tea I will drink.

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