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447680447680B0009F3PP8A14JS22NJPUW2GS. Harris7741258070400For Labor/PregnancyI read and read about midwives etc who recommended red raspberry leaf tea for strengthening and toning the uterus in preparation for labor. I finally bought this, and worked myself up to 3 strong cups of it a day after my 36th week. I'll just tell you what I know. This was my 2nd pregnancy. With my first I went almost to 42 weeks and then induced (and subsequently c-sectioned). This time, I spontaneously went into labor at week 38 (and had a VBAC). My labor was about 2 hours long. INTENSE (and kind of terrible). I don't know if this tea really did strengthen my uterus into being more efficient, or if it brought on labor. I definitely had a very different outcome this time around. And if nothing else, how can it harm? Hey, you're not only getting hydrated, but it's good for the psyche too. You feel like you're doing something to help your little one come out to your arms, safely. I'd do it again.
447681447681B0009F3PP8A16K6ZO3PTDP23Lian6651320796800I'm Pregnant!I'd been trying to get pregnant for 17 months, after two rounds of Clomid I decided to add this tea and Restoring Fertility by Drs. Brandon Horn, PhD, LAc (FABORM) and Wendy Yu PhD(c), LAc (FABORM) into the mix to try to tame my PCOS and Clomid aches for cycle #3. I ovulated early and thought I'd missed out but I got a "Pregnant" on a digital test last night and this morning! Just waiting for my doctor to confirm!
447682447682B0009F3PP8A31WRXBAH40MLFCandida Van Natta6651318118400Raspberry TeaMy teenage daughter uses this tea to decrease the flow and pain of her menstruation and is really impressed by it.
447683447683B0009F3PP8A213XDNALMBK14Mark Skuba6651298678400Great tea that really works!I used this tea first when I was pregnant. It was my first pregnancy and I had read great things about it toning the uterus to make labor go a bit more smooth. I drank 3 cups a day starting at 37 weeks. my son was born at 40+ weeks and my labor was short and the pushing didn't last that long. I do attribute that to this tea. This tea is also great for taking away menstrual cramps. Today in fact I took many different medications to try to get some kind of relief, and nothing would help. I found this tea that I forgot I had, made some and what do ya know, cramps are gone. I highly recommend this tea to all women.
447684447684B0009F3PP8A2BGJZECBWZT10T. Chen5551298592000helps with crampsIt helps with my cramps and I like the taste of it. I drink a couple everyday! It's sold at local stores for $5+ per box, so Amazon's bulk discount price is very good.
447685447685B0009F3PP8A2SA0VYSM5Q882Niaree5551291161600All women should drink this dailyRed raspberry leaf tea has a long tradition as a tonic for all women. This tea tones the uterus making the monthly cycle easier and also helping achieve positive outcomes for pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Of course I can't make medical recommendations.

However from my own personal use I can tell you this tea tastes OK and helps me with my monthly cycle. Without it, I am finding myself take up to 600 mg of ibuprofen every few hours. With it, I can be without pain and without pills.

The best way to enjoy this tea in the winter is to pour 8 oz. of boiling water over the tea bag. Let it steep, covered (so it doesn't cool off) for 10 minutes (15 minutes for a stronger brew). In the summer, just pour over ice and sip as a chilled drink. Very refreshing.

Happy sipping!
447686447686B0009F3PP8A1V22TS2ZCHYWC. Staab4451279756800Wouldn't buy anything elseExcellent tea. I bought several other brands but was not impressed with taste. This tea actually has a great taste. I bought this tea because my midwife said it helps to strengthen your uterus for labor. I'm not sure about about that...but I did go into labor 2 weeks early. Not sure if there is a connection...but it's an excellent tea that I will recommend to anyone!
447687447687B0009F3PP8A3E7354539PAJURaivyn "Raivyn"6741274659200Seems good...but how would I know?I purchased this on the advice of a doula. I am told this is supposed to make your uterus stronger. I don't know how I could tell if my uterus is stronger or not until perhaps after I have my baby, so I guess you could call this an interim review.

What I do like is that it is organic, a warm drink I can have, and the price on Amazon is way better than the natural food store I originally found this in. I personally don't like the taste, but I'm not a tea drinker. I do drink it on average 0 - 3 times a day depending on if I remember to, and for the most part I am able to drink it with no bad effects (other than I don't like the taste), and its a good way for me to stay hydrated other than water.

Amazon's shipping was pretty good. If you already know you want to drink this and are convinced it will help you, then I think its a good deal. I'm just going on blind faith that it will do what I'm told it will do, and hopefully my labor will be fast and easy.

UPDATE: I had my baby, he was 4lb 8oz. While he was very small, once I was fully dilated, I pushed him out on 31 min. I now understand the benefits of a strong uterus!
447688447688B0009F3PP8A13MT0UODQZ0WICarla Jean101351233014400For Inducing LaborI bought this to try and induce my labor. I drank a few glasses 5 days before I was due to give birth. I started drinking the tea around noon and I had my baby that same night. I was however taken by surprise. Contractions came out of nowhere around 7:30pm.... and they were a million times more painful than anything I felt with my first labor. I didn't want to wait around to time them since they were so painful, we left for the hospital at 8:05 pm, arrived there at 8:30 and she was born at 8:45pm. I didn't even have time for pain medicine or an IV... so a little scary... and I felt things I'd rather not ever feel again...but the tea seems to have done the job :)
447689447689B0009F3PP8A3VW4FYOEYREIWAnnie2251333497600Amazing Product!I started taking it for my irregular periods. It was 3 months since I got my period last. After reading soo many reviews and benefits of this tea I decided to try this and 2.5 weeks later I got my period. I also conceived the same cycle(not sure if that's coz of this tea or not)! But anyways great experience with the product!! :) :)
447690447690B0009F3PP8A2UP16AUG8E7HSAdela Srinivasan "Mioara"2251275004800Great teaLoved the not know if it really helped in the long run during the labor- and you will never know since the whole thing is a war zone at that time- but I trust it helped and eased the process.
447661447661B000E1HVX4AWK6Q8HWZ0Q31New Horizons0051324771200My @1 fave salad dressing!So relieved I can find this on Amazon. No stores in my area stock this item. This dressing is basically Catlina salad dressing with a sweet, smokey taste from bacon bits. Love it!
447662447662B000E1HVX4A3SFXMZVNRH4KSRudolph L. Reed "Rudy"0051323388800Tasty DressingI could not find this flavor in the local stores anymore, so I was pleased to find it at Amazon. Its a tangy tomato dressing, a little sweet, with the taste of bacon mixed in. It doesn't have the peppery taste of the other Catalina dressing. Mmm Mmm Good!
447663447663B000E1HVX4A2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0051303689600WonderfulI absolutely love this dressing. It's the perfect compliment to the blue cheese crumbles I like to have on my salads. The combination can turn an ordinary salad into a flavor adventure. I hope they never stop making this flavor.
447664447664B000E1HVX4A1A46RAEC5ZBC6Dale Edmund Walden0041282694400greatvery tasty product.just under different name seller worked with me very happy with product and seller..
447665447665B000E1HVX4A1X8A4QHXSSKOMLillian J. Thrasher "Jean-Baltimore"0021264809600Good dressing, expiredI cannot find this salad dressing in my area anymore, I have ordered 2 times on Amazon and it must be ordered in a case of 6 bottles, which is fine, however when it arrives all of the bottles have the same expired date. I ordered this in Dec. and all the bottles expired in Jan. the next month. In order for it to get used we have to give it away. This happened both times.
Very disappointed for this to happen both times. Will not order again.
447666447666B000E1HVX4A1MA2LQDY931FXJohn Kline "jster51"0051257033600Good Stuff, MaynardThis is one of the best marinades and dressing that I have ever come across! Great on salads and chicken. It's a real shame that Kraft doesn't distribute this item more. Amazon is the only place that I have been able to find it, and even here it is not readily available. I will continue to buy it as long as I can find it.
447667447667B000E1HVX4A3RW4QV6LO2XGRChris Wolf0041252540800Very bad shipping packagingI agree with a prior review that the fresh until date was VERY short. All six bottles had dents (thank goodness they weren't glass!) and one had a cracked cap. However, this dressing is so delicious and so hard to find that I can forgive the terrible shipping packaging and short date. If you can find this dressing locally, grab all you can.
447668447668B000E1HVX4A395QPK6CJZPAYGreenchik0051249516800A Delightful DressingThis dressing is a welcome change of pace for a number of salad combos. Wonderful flavor, not too tangy or too sweet. Also try it as a dip for chicken tenders or as a bit of sauce on a bacon cheese burger for. Since my household is very small, I opted not to get a case, but I am able to find in readily in several supermarket chains in the northern Virginia area. This works for us.
447669447669B000E1HVX4A1FZ7D47M1DPJWP. A. Kiley0051243987200Kraft Tangy Tomato Bacon DressingFamily loves this dressing. Has a great flavor and just emough tange. Can no longer find it in the markets in my area and was very happy to be able to order directly.
447670447670B000E1HVX4A33YA7VUBUXCS7Joel Andrews0051240617600hard to findthis is not available localy so i was glad to get it by mail this is the best dressing for lettuce in the world
447671447671B000E1HVX4A2F46PVNG406K2Cindy H.0051237161600Good Stuff!Oh my, this is REALLY good on a cold, crisp salad! Makes you feel like you are splurging! Glad I bought it in bulk. Cant wait to try it on a hot summer day.
447672447672B000E1HVX4A1S675SQATMIU3A. Brooks0051229040000The joys of salads, once again.Fantastic. I have been searching for a store/distributor for months and months. I had almost given up, but that's when the magic happened. This flavor is discontinued by Kraft. Yes, I wrote them a letter and called them, but that's when I got the bad news. Later on, I was on and figured it couldn't hurt to try their site as well. Magic, I tell you, shear magic.

447673447673B000E1HVX4A1KDDZM6AES99ARebecca Page "Pages"0051228348800Great for SandwichesThis dressing is a "special collection" and no longer available in stores. It is absolutley awesome on sandwiches. It is similar to a sandwich dressing from my favorite wrap restaurant. I've never really had it on salad. I hope Kraft brings it back.
447674447674B0009F3PP8A2CHC96L503Y0ELnanaa333351230854400Works great during my pregnancyDuring my pregnancy, I read that raspberry leaf tea can help strengthen the uterus for labor. I started drinking this tea 3 times a day on my 39th week. Before I went into the hospital for a cervadil and induction, I used 2 tea bags and infused it for 30 minutes. I brought some tea bags with me to drink during my stay at the hospital. This is my 2nd pregnancy and this time was more positive and less tramatic for me. I only had to push my son out 3 times before he came out on his own. The contractions were strong enough to push him out without any help from me. I certainly believe this tea helped my labor to be shorter and easier for me. I felt better and stronger for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy than the whole 9 months. I also like the smell and taste of this tea. I continued to drink this tea for my recovery from giving birth. This tea has become my favorite drink now. I definitely recommend drinking this tea during the last few weeks (starting 34 weeks) of pregnancy.
447675447675B0009F3PP8A2494WANZHLB93Vicki "Vicki"313151229212800Suprisingly great for my severe PMS and crampsThis tea is wonderful. I was skeptical that it was going to help my cramps but I decided to try it. I knew the tea by itself is good for you and it's organic so I thought--why not? Because of this tea, this month is the second time I have not been popping Ibuprofen like candy. I drank this tea in the morning (double dose..2 bags in 1 cup) and 1 dose 3 hours later. I was at church so I didn't take the tea with me and the cramps were starting to bother me again. When I got home, I drank the tea and after 30 minutes, completely pain-free. I read raspberry leaf is good for the uterus..Anyway, it helped me. The tea has to steep for 10-15 minutes covered. Honestly a pleasant surprise. Everyone was telling me to take birth control pills to lessen severe cramps but I refuse to because of the serious side effects. Can't go wrong with natural.

UPDATE: I cannot live without this stuff. It has consistently helped with my cramps. I will always buy this.
447676447676B0009F3PP8AKO87Z2RXAUZFlorealM181851308528000Pregnant 1 month after drinkingI drank this tea 3-4 cups everyday and the next period I was pregnant after 7 years of trying. I boiled water and used 1 tea bag drank that entire pot the whole day. I didnt know it would work this well, worth every penny.
447677447677B0009F3PP8A3O54J9FH2W0HUKDUBLov9951279238400LOVE IT!!!I can not live without this tea. It does wonders for my heavy cycles. Has helped with cramping and amount of flow everything!!! I drink it everyday now and I WISH someone had told me about it sooner. I use all of the traditional medicinal products for colds etc. Love Love Love their products.
447678447678B0009F3PP8A3THF36O3637TMJ. Bowen9951254441600I wasn't having periodsWhen I went off the pill, I went 18 months without having a period. That is, until I started drinking this tea every day, sometimes twice a day. After about 3 weeks of this tea, I finally had a period and have been back to "normal" for over a year. Amazing stuff!
447679447679B0009F3PP8A32PJBL3JJ1K9DAngela M. Nichols8851277942400If I could give it a higher rating I would!!!This is by far the best RRL tea ever. Traditional Medicinals uses the best herbs and this particular tea helps me very much. Not only that, but it tastes good, too. I drink three cups a day and don't have to add anything to it. This is an excellent product and I order it through the Subscribe & Save service and I really do save a bundle! Each box only turns out to be like $3 and change. In the store they are $5.65 each. I absolutely love this product!

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