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447720447720B001ET63YSA20UF1ZMNO4BSCJess4990051279584000Can't live without.This is by far the best tasting Olive Oil my family has ever used. We are Italian so we have tried many.. Although it may be a pricey it is worth it's price. It has a very rich taste but is a product I use on almost everything because it's not overpowering. A must have for great tasting foods. (especially pasta dishes)
447691447691B0009F3PP8AJ8QMR4OGCKJEhsj820021151347321600Miracle!On the recommendation of an Ayurvedic practioner, I tried Raspberry Leaf Tea. I'm peri-menopause and am having problems with my cycle -- heavy bleeding, severe cramping, and bleeding for long periods (21 days). I bought the tea and tried it at day 4 of my period. After one day of drinking the Raspberry Leaf Tea, the cramps stopped. After two days of drinking it the bleeding slowed down to only spotting. The spotting continued for 5 days. My period, which had been lasting 21 days shortened to 10 days, after only drinking the tea for a week. I continued drinking the tea every day until my period started again. This time I was back to regular bleeding, no cramps and only 5 days of bleeding. I have been suffering with long, heavy periods for over 6 months! This tea is a miracle. It also tastes very good. I love it with almond milk and honey.
447692447692B0009F3PP8A4VHWT1HBXWS5LindseyMomma1151344297600Great value for a great productI originally got this product for trying to conceive, but now I am using it to try and strengthen my uterus for birth. Not sure if it will do anything, but it tastes really good (nothing like raspberries of course..its just a black tea) and I love drinking tea so I figure it won't hurt to try.
447693447693B0009F3PP8AMX3C7N8J32GLJordis Mcewen1151342742400pregnant 2 weeks after starting tea drinking regimenThat's about it. We were trying very actively, with OPKs, the whole shebang, with no luck for over 4 months... so I got this tea and 2 weeks after drinking it every day, I got pregnant. Also, this may be TMI, but I got a Moon Cup, which I read could help facilitate conception, and I used it after sex every time... so not sure which of the two did it, or if either did it, but for someone looking for help, it's not too much investment- and the moon cup seemed like it would be an amazing menstrual solution... I haven't gotten to use it for that purpose yet! Due in Jan 2013- good luck to all you ladies who are TTC!
447694447694B0009F3PP8AJ48RTGL6EBPXreid0001141334707200doesn't induce labourI was told to drink Raspberry leaf tea to induce labor by a friend.

I researched it but there's no evidence to support that it actually can induce labor. But I did find a HEAP of other benefits for moms-to-be on Mindful Mum here [...] so I bought it for the other benefits including vitamins, lessening bleeding gums and lessening nausea (thank God!)

The tea is tasty and has a lot of benefit for me and my baby. I recommend this tea on! Good value for money.
447695447695B0009F3PP8A1J1XQXRDGX999a.Que1151294963200Pretty Good, but still waiting to see if it worksI am drinking this tea because I was told that if you start drinking it around 7 months pregnant until after delivery, you should have a short labor. It's suppose to prepare your uterus for delivery and afterwords it's suppose to make it contract back down faster. We'll see. I've heard nothing but good stuff about it though.
447696447696B0009F3PP8A2IKQUFBZEIO5ODMWMother Nature3451288310400Natural HelpThis was great at making my monthly Aunt Flo's visit easy. It took a month of daily use but I feel so much better and can tell a difference when I don't drink it for a couple days. Two weeks out of the month I was miserable and had pain now thanks to the tea life is good.
447697447697B0009F3PP8AJDUF63Y0SI17Gianna W "loves Ireland"111651333152000Thank God for this Tea!!I did not purchase this tea on Amazon (like I do everything else), but I came here to see what other people who used this tea felt about it. This may sound strange, but God led me to this tea back in October, but I didn't heed the 'sign' until recently. After having been on the pill for 10 years straight, I got off of them last year. My normal periods started up within two weeks, but then after a few months, they just stopped. I had started working out strenuously and not eating right and think this is what caused it. I eased up on the exercise but my period didn't come back (this started last July). After ruling out being pregnant, I prayed about it, asking God what was wrong with me. I'm pushing 40 and not quite ready for menopause and I didn't think this was what was wrong, but I was scared. I didn't go to the doctor because I didn't want to go back on the pill or any other type of drug.

After a week or so of praying about this, I went into our kitchen at work (by now it's October, three months after my periods stopped)and was rooting around in the cabinets for something and found a box of Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf Tea in there. I read the description and froze. It talked about how it works for irregular menstruation & promoting healthy menstruation. Was this God's answer to my prayers? I went online to do research but found more women who had used it while pregant than for irregular periods, but this whole herbal angle stuck with me and I went to something else for help - Vitex. I ordered the supplements from Amazon and took them for 2 weeks. It gave me horrible heartburn and I had to stop. Back to the drawing board, back to praying.

Please know, I'm not a religious fanatic. I'm just a sinner who has faith in God. And sometimes it takes a while for me to realize He has already given an answer for something I keep praying about. After months without a period, worrying about it and trying to accept that I might not have anymore, a couple of weeks ago, I came across that box of tea in the kitchen where I work again. I had never given it a try - why not try it now? I went out and bought some and just started drinking it, 2 cups a day. Last week was my first week and it made me sleepy but I kept feeling these twinges in my lower abdomen. My guess is this was my uterus contracting. It was strange but it wasn't unbearable. I didn't stop drinking the tea though and got through last week. Then, this past Thursday, 3/28, I came home from work and went to the bathroom and was surprised to learn I was bleeding. Oh, my God! After less than 2 weeks on this tea, after eight months of uncertainty and worry, my period had returned. My flow is normal and I have no cramps. Hallelujah!! I know this is the first one, but I am thoroughly convinced this great tea is responsible. I just wish I had had the faith when I first saw this tea back in October.

Sometimes God will snap His fingers and make things right for you, and somethimes, He will lead you to the tools to make things right for yourself. For anyone with irregular periods, I would definitely recommend trying this tea. I plan to keep it as part of my healthy daily regimen - and to pay better attention from now on when I pray! I will come back and write a follow up when I get my next period:-)
447698447698B0009F3PP8A3MNZCG04NCWPSsas2351315008000Great DealI ordered a case of raspberry tea, got a much better deal than any other place. I just love the convenience of Amazon, and the great deals. The good thing is their ever expanding stock, and their Prime membership makes shipping so much cheaper. Oh about the tea, I use it to help ease the worries of growing older and things getting out of place, great tea, makes me feel fine.
447699447699B0009F3PP8A2PVYQUUMGGJQOArica B0021350691200Packaging suckedThe tea taste good, but it took 2 weeks to arrive! Not only that but the outside box and every single box inside was dented and ripped! It was very disappointing! I will be ordering my red raspberry leaf tea from another vender next time!
447700447700B0009F3PP8A2WQHRKON3YYYIEve Hickman0051350604800Got Milk!!!A local health food store rep recommended organic raspberry leaf tea to get my system back on track ( tired, moody, stress, indomnia,overweight) though skeptic, I started drinking the tea three times a day as directed. By day two I noticed my milk supply began to increase it doubld. By the end of week 1 friends and family notice a positive mood change and my milk supply had tripled I went from 4oz to 8oz every 3 hrs. Im at the end of week two and I am now at 12oz per pumping session! I tripled within two weeks of me taking the raspberry leaf tea! I have enough milk to freeze now. As far as the issues I had mentioned above all are decreasing but not completely gone away. My life is more in order due to me being less irritable and being able to sleep, I haven't loss weight but I am not gaining weight either with exercise. It's only been two weeks and I feel as though my body is getting back on track! I love this tea and it is a must have, keep and share!
447701447701B0009F3PP8A1KU4WYGZBAX0GAnsley Clements0051336953600helps with period symptomsI see this tea has reviews already, but I will attest to the balance it brings me during PMS and after my period. Both those times can be difficult for me physically and emotionally. This tea lessens those tendencies. The taste of it is definitely of the leaf. You shouldn't expect a raspberry taste with this. It isn't as herb-like as other teas I've had. It reminds me of a mint leaf tea--not a strong mint flavor, but it is a bold taste that you will likely notice. It has a strong effect going down. Not a subtle tea.
447702447702B0009F3PP8A1WMQDA2TONP77VReviews0051330819200This tea made my periods SO much better!I'm always into more natural ways of treating things and turn to herbs quite often. I have always had bad periods, with bad PMS symptoms and heavy flow. I have to admit that I did not know about this tea even though I had purchased the Mother's Milk tea for a colleague as part of her baby shower gift basket. My colleague came back a few months ago and let me know how much the Mother's Milk tea had helped her and sounded so relieved. That's when I started researching the other teas in this brand and came across Red Rasberry Leaf tea. I had heard about this tea from another colleague who was pregnant some years ago, so I decided to give it a shot.

It has been 2.5 months since I started drinking this tea and I can say that it made a difference even after the first few days. I have gone through 2 period cycles now and last time, there was a marked decrease in menstrual cramps just after a few days on this tea and less flow as well. This month, the difference is quite noticeable. First, I did not have any of the PMS symptoms - no bloating, migraines or intense cramps. In fact, i had slight cramping the day before and then the flow is substantially lighter!!!

I wanted to give it another month before writing a review, but why wait when the results are so obvious? This tea is great. You do have to let it steep for 10-15 minutes as instructed. The taste gets some getting used to, but believe me, you won't notice after your third cup. I do want to mention that I do not drink this tea every day, 3 times a day as indicated on the packaging. I probably drink once a day, 1-3 times a week. Can you imagine how it would be if I drank it regularly?

I cannot thank Traditional Medicinals enough for the relief. Try it and you won't regret!
447703447703B0009F3PP8A2OH0YZ2XEQA63Maria Orfan1251328313600Nice and full tea bags.I drink this everyday. Though not as bitter as black coffee/tea I still like steeping a Chamomile or Spearmint/Peppermint tea bag with it. It's great to feel better and stay well.
447704447704B0009F3PP8ASTZ6YX8WBD1RAnne Behler1251322438400Good, Clean TasteI love this tea - It has great health benefits and a wonderful, fresh, clean taste! Be sure to brew it for the suggested 10-20 minutes.
447705447705B0009F3PP8A36IIGM19DXP9XMelissa1251321315200YummyLove this brand and type of tea. Use it for breast milk support and well women support. It's a treat to drink with a little honey. :)
447706447706B0009F3PP8A414F7MHMA8WIErin M Mooney1251310774400Excellent Tea, great price!I have been using this tea throughout my pregnancy. I really like that it is organic. I can't say yet how well it "worked" for my upcoming labor but I do know that it is much cheaper to purchase through Amazon! I was buying it from the local grocery for almost $6 a box. So I'm saving over $15 by buying from Amazon. If you're going to be drinking a lot of tea, that is quite a deal!
447707447707B0009F3PP8AUGNPOFLS6EU2Andrina Frank "library lady"1251284076800Organic Raspberry Leaf teaThis is a very good raspberry leaf tea. It is also a good value for an organic tea product.
447708447708B0009F3PP8A325PS8DK3FRUHJennifer M. Garber "JMG"0151299456000Good TeaThis tea is so much like black tea. I'm pregnant now and drink 2-4 tea bags a day. I'll use two tea bags per cup for a nice, strong cup of tea. I do add milk and a little sugar. It reminds me of a nice cup of black tea. A great alternative if you are trying to avoid caffeine. I'm pretty sure that adding milk and sugar takes away from the medicinal benefits, so I do drink it plain once and a while, but as far as it goes I'm sure it is much more healthy than black tea. It's nice to be able to enjoy simple pleasures--guilt free (or nearly!) while pregnant!

Oh, and I almost forgot. I purchase this from via subscribe and save. It costs less than half as much per box compared to what I was paying for it in the store. This enables me to drink up to 4 tea bags worth of tea daily without breaking the bank.
447709447709B0009F3PP8AUCGLJUGAKRHHWordlings1351312502400Raspberry Leaf is an excellent remedy.Raspberry Tea is a staple in my medicine cabinet. Good for virus/flu -- sipping when your stomach just won't settle down or for intestinal distress. Also other uses as mentioned by other reviewers. Raspberry leaf is just an excellent remedy for a multitude of uses. Some local grocery stores are wise enough to stock this tea, so we can purchase a box at a time. If you're not so lucky - share a case (of 6 as offered here) with like minded friends and get yours from Amazon.
447710447710B0009F3PP8AANHR0DB9SZ80OGO "ogo"2551306800000Smooth mellow flavorI have a long history (if not a bit sporadic at times) of a variety of herbal use over the years & I remember squeezing my face in a grimace when I had to take certain ones, such as dong quai or some herbal tea that was deathly bitter & vapid.

I drank Red Raspberry Leaf tea in my 20's & liked the mellow flavor so much that I continued to drink it for several years. I found it not to be bitter or strong but also not weak & didn't have a foul aroma. Overall a very pleasant & enjoyable herbal tea, even if I don't remember why I was taking it back then (maybe for menstrual cramps?). Well nothing ever aleviated my menstrual cramps except pain killers, but I would drink this tea again just for the enjoyment of it. I'm currently on green tea for the past number of years & I'm tired of the bitterness (albeit it's excellent in antioxidants, which is why I'm drinking it).

I don't find Red Raspberry Leaf to be dark like black tea but more like a urine-yellow color (medium to deep yellow, depending on steep timing), similar to green tea. Generally I drank it plain with a little sweetener, though it was pleasant enough to take without any sweetener.
447711447711B0009F3PP8A3USQ0WQNU5291M. Brown4931326585600This bulk deal is NOT a value...I thought this was a pretty good bargain, but each teabag is about a 1/4 full, some less than that. When buying it at the grocery, the tea bags are much fuller. Since I'm drinking it for health reasons, that matters to me.

It IS a good tea. I have PCOS, and normally have to take hormones (bc pills or progesterone cream) to get a period each month. I tried doing this alone, 2-3 cups a day, to see if it would bring on a period. I read in the reviews that a woman who hadn't had a period for several months did this, and she got it. I didn't get my period this month, BUT I didn't get breakouts (zits) or bad mood swings like I used to on the months that I skipped periods. I had only been drinking it a couple weeks prior to when my period was to start, so I guess I should stay at it a bit longer. I also bought Fertilitea and plan to alternate it with this. I don't want a baby; I just want to feel normal. :-( PCOS is challenging.

In summer, I grow my own raspberry leaves, and that is always best - so much fresher and stronger. But, this has to do b/c I ran out of leaves, and have to wait til May for a fresh crop. This tea has been of some success, but I know there are no guarantees on whether it will work for me, having PCOS. It is said to balance hormones as well as benefit pregnant women. When I get the barely-filled bags, I double up so I get a nice, dark tea. I like the taste, but it is different - kind of like a mix of green tea and black tea.
447712447712B0009F3PP8A2FOG4X5Z7QGAEkk_in_sf1751306022400Watch out -- Reviews are for a mix of different teasI was looking at the reviews while considering purchase of Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea. Many of them didn't make sense in relationship to raspberry tea, until I noticed that the header of each review mentioned what tea the review was for. All the different teas made by Traditional Medicinals are mixed together. Not very helpful, Amazon. I bought this tea in the supermarket, so I know I like it. The price is good at Amazon, so I'll buy more here.
447713447713B0009F3PP8A1YVYRZJPONAXKPinewater234103121314057600Reacted badly to this teaI actually had bad effects using this tea. I was given it by a friend and was unaware of its medicinal properties (so was my friend, fyi). Within 15 minutes I was starting to get paranoid and less socially apt, and started to feel distant from everything which was going on. Before long, I was also tending towards depression (which I've experienced before while on birth control, so I caught the signs of it). I also felt like fainting at a few points. The effects did go away within about 5 hours. This was after drinking only a quarter of a mug of it.

These are actually the same reactions I had to two different varieties of the birth control pill. So, if you've reacted badly to birth control, be warned that you may also react badly to this tea. Or, you may be lucky in that it will not affect you. Take care if you do try it, and good luck!
447714447714B001EO60GYA2OH45OYJX5CZ7Brandon Singleton "Informed consumer"1141293753600MelittaThese pods have good volume and favor. However, they only work in a Melitta brewer (and not in a Senseo), unless you can use a generic pod holder in your Senseo brewer (which I do).
447715447715B001EO60GYA16QZBG2UN6Z3XToology "Toology"1151237593600Excellent Pods, Excellent PriceFor what you would pay for Senseo brand pods, you get a much higher quality pod with more coffee that is individually wrapped. Smooth and never bitter. Fits Senseo.
447716447716B001EO60GYA30YGYNMR74SAEM. Winter "Home Chef"0051350864000Spicy LadyI have ordered this item before, I like the Taste and the flavored really comes through in each cup I also like the Pods, they go straight into the mulch bin for compost. Melitta Vanilla Hazelnut and other Mellita Flavored coffee are my favorite when it comes to Coffee.
Thanks Amazon for having it available.
447717447717B001EO60GYA2BXMHV2B0QRCMK. Robertson1231264118400Spotty results with Senseo machine & flavor is only so-soI don't see that these pods are advertised as fitting the Senseo machine so I'm not rating them lower--wouldn't be fair. One out of 4 or 5 times, I get a satisfactory cup of coffee--the other times, I get mostly water and a few drops of dark coffee at the end of the cycle. So I'm mostly rating them here for taste, which I think is pretty artificial vanilla-y.

I use the 2-cup pod holder with the Senseo (these pods do NOT fit in the 1-cup holder, as they're fatter than Senseo pods and rounded on both sides), and use the one-cup button. I actually get better coffee by using the two-cup button -- it seems that the one-cup button doesn't get the hot water pushed sufficiently through the pod. Aggravating when I use half milk and only want the amount of coffee that is made with the one-cup button.

I won't buy these again.
447718447718B001EO60GYAB7JW6OY993QDR. Patton0321314921600AddictedThis is not the product that I bought, but it is there for me to review so... I bought the vanilla hazelnut pods, which I get on auto ship now due to them being addictive. It is so much easier to make a pod than a pot and so much less waste. I read the ingredients of this product and I believe I read that it has MSG or some type of artificial flavoring and thats why I did not purchase it.
447719447719B001HO1YPIA3MW2BUBPPS0AMB. R. Leavens "jamminben"0151317600000Looks gross but very tasty!Jack'snaks look not very good, but they have a great taste and are very filling. I received them the first time as a gift, and it took me a few months to get the courage to try them. I was pleasantly surprised. They are hard to find, but worth the search.

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