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447751447751B002CJGT16A2GXUAG8RH2GGNCheryl Warters0031345593600Mighty Dog Rotisserie ChickenThis is the only dog food that my two dogs like to eat. It is so much easier to order in bulk and have it delivered than carting it home from the store. Satisfied with most shipments. Sometimes the boxes are a little damaged and a couple cans here and there have gotten opened from this and damaged. Product is wonderful, shipping and breaking open is sometimes a problem.
447752447752B002CJGT16AERIDTU8HI1NAAmanda0041341619200dog food reviewmy dog really loves this stuff, she will only eat dry if wet is on top and this flavor she really seems to love!!!she is a 75lb dog and is 8yrs old.def give it a try!
447753447753B002CJGT16A2L9TPSOLAJKTImoonpatti0031336521600not sure if Amazon or UPS problemI just opened my case of Mighty Dog and to my disappointment-9 out of 24 cans are smashed so bad I am not sure it is safe to feed this to my dog. If Amazon is going to continue selling this item I think greater care should be taken with the cans.
447755447755B002CJGT16A3NLI2Y7M58686Bella Boxer "Online gaming girl"0041324857600Chicken dinnerThis chicken dinner is a real hit with my 12 year old, toothless miniature schnauzer. I find these canned dinners to be less offensive than other "mushy" canned dinners out on the market. I like making my old man happy as well as being able to go easy on my wallet by buying this Mighty Dog chicken dinner. Quality at a price I can afford, it's a win-win!
447756447756B002CJGT16A35GETIQGG407LBrian Benson0041296777600dog liked the foodThis is wet food that is good for putting pills in. My great dane loved this stuff, however she figured out after a week or so that I was sneaking pills in it and wouldn't eat it anymore (she was on 12 rather large pills/day). Product came fast, and is as described.
447757447757B002CJGT16A34JS3CSLGZ5T4Dawn0051290816000This is the best buy and our dogs like it too!So much cheaper than store prices and same taste at almost half the price at walmarts! Got 2 older dogs and they picky about their food and love do like this but this is a real bargain if you feed dogs canned food!
447758447758B002CJGT16A1VJS5J9RWVQ5KPuff n Fluff* ®™ "Puff*"0151308873600Our little dogs LOVE this flavor Might DogOur two little Toy Manchester Terriers (8.5 lbs) have very sensitive digestive systems so we are careful what we feed them and they are also a bit fussy about what they'll eat.
This flavor - Rotisserie Chicken and Chicken with Rice agrees with them just fine and they love it for the 2x a day feedings.

We do feed a moistened dry high quality dry food mixed in with the Mighty Dog just to make 100% sure they're getting a well balanced diet and we like them to have a bit of crunchy food to help keep their teeth clean.

Our vet tells us they're both in tip top shape and their coats have a beautiful show quality shine. We believe that the food they consume has a lot to do with that.

Yes, Mighty Dog is a little higher priced than some but it's a good quality food that along with regular vet visits and exercise will keep your dog healthy for their lifetime.
447759447759B000MIAOYCALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"181951268006400Creamy Smooth and Satisfying Soup at Hand!This Campbells Cream of Broccoli "heat and eat" soup is so "Creamy Smooth and Satisfying!" I added a few spices and heated it a little longer than suggested the first time I tried it, and it instantly won a permanent place in my fast food pantry! A cup of this soup rounds out a simple lunch perfectly, or it makes a quick, convenient snack anytime, just about anywhere. I had to try this soup blind because Amazon doesn't list nutritional details, but it was worth the risk. Here are a few facts, so YOU know what you're getting: Campbells Cream of Broccili Soup at Hand contains (per container) -
150 calories
3 grams protein
7 grams fat
3 grams sugars
7 grams fiber
and gets 40% of its calories from FAT!
447760447760B000MIAOYCA3VBZDYGHF4NK8Movie Maker "Rik"4451232236800What a great idea to send to seniors,or yourself! Yum! Served on movie set's too!Excellent product, that would be a good "just because" gift to almost anyone you care about.

Seniors, college kids, or anyone who might need a bit of comfort food. Not sure if it can easily be sent to the troop's, but I am sure it would be welcome.

I first found this product on a film set, when it turned up at a craft service table on a late-night shoot.

It was a hit,and I have been hooked ever since. Outstanding product!
447761447761B000MIAOYCA384LZOLFNB023NeverSleepsaWink ;) "<3"4451204848000Cream of BroccoliMy favorite store bought soup ever!!! I love cream of broccoli, and so does my son!! It came out to be $1.70 each..I have free shipping. Its cheaper on Amazon, at Stater Brothers its $2.00 each when it is on sale. Not including sales tax, and gas I use to get to the store;)
447762447762B000MIAOYCABUL0WH1PNP5XMarlene M. Peterson2251244937600Great Soup!!!This tastes really good. Once I take the little metal lid off to microwave it, then I need to carry the jar with me. And I don't want the soup spilling out of the red lid opening. So I cut a piece of Ziploc bag out. I use the plastic from that to put over the soup, and snap the red lid over the plastic which is over the soup. It works great!!!
447763447763B000MIAOYCAOINAOO0NQRGNRooster Eberle0051342310400Tasty, cheap, and convenientI've been buying these soups as a matter of cheap thrills and convenience. They are probably best used as a no-fuss and light lunch st work and school. Not all of the flavors are created equal, however. I rank the ones I've tried as follows:

1. Tomato Parmesan
2. Cream of broccoli
3. New England clam chowder.

The first two are very tasty. The third is a bit bland but still pretty decent.

I can think of three advantages of going with this product:

1. Cost. Bloom charges me $1.89 a can for this soup. Amazon's subscription plans often make the soup significantly less expensive.

2. Ease of preparation. Just shake, microwave for 90 seconds, and you're ready to go. No other cooking utensils or preparation is required. The metal rims on the containers do not cause sparking. Pretty neat.

3. Ease of consumption. Just sip from the container, which seems to be a foam material or plastic that doesn't conduct much heat and is easy to hold. It fits easily into car cup holders. No spoons or bowls are required.

Anyone on a low-salt diet should think twice. The soups have 30+ percent of the RDA. The fat content is a bit elevated. These things are to maintain the flavor. Calories don't go above 220 or so.

All in all, these soups have turned out to be an unexpected winner. I expect to be buying more.
447764447764B000MIAOYCAP8EJ8WI0K64Kgramma 800021330473600cambells soup at hand cream of broccoliwas very disappointd with this soup at hand product soup was very thin and no taste to it it is not like the condensed can of cream of broccoli which i love very much i will only buy the condensed can of cream of broccoli
447765447765B000MIAOYCAG3G6Z8MA7KT6Erica Reid005132062400010 Stars!I got these for work after I had severe morning sickness and couldn't keep solids down. This worked wonders for me and this soup is really tasty. Creamy, cheesy and I love the broccoli flavor. This is a must have this winter!
447766447766B000MIAOYCA1VW8OGM6V1A43seb33sf0051312329600Convenient and tastes greatThese are really convenient (just microwave for 1:15 and it's ready to drink, no spoon needed). This one is actually my favorite flavor. I used to buy it at my local Target and they discontinued it (not sure why, since this flavor would always sell out before the others). The Amazon Subscribe & Save price is competitive with the Target sale price and much lower than the Safeway price for this item, so I'm very happy with my purchase.
447767447767B000MIAOYCAVC6YIUVVNJALow Carb Queen0051303344000Quick snack or mini-meal YUMThis is my all-time favorite Campbell's Soup. I was looking for one of their "At Hand" soups so I would have the convenience of using the microwave and having no dirty dishes.

To add some sticking-power and extra protein to this flavor-packed soup, I add some Kraft Grated Parmesan, 8 Ounce Cannister (Pack of 12) to the top and after a few bites (no, I don't use the sippy lid although one could) I shake more into the cup and stir it in. I know it's not Parmigiano Reggiano but, hey, it's microwaved soup.

I like the Cream of Broccoli soup so much that I doubled-up on my subscription.
447768447768B000MIAOYCA2MO40NB40QN94Jennifer S. "Jennifer S."0041297296000Convenient productThe deal available through subscribe and save is a great price- I got 8 cups for about $10 with free shipping (much cheaper than my local grocery store).

The soup itself isn't the best soup you'll ever eat, but is is a very good soup for coming in a plastic cup that just needs to be microwaved. I keep these around the office for a quick lunch or snack.
447769447769B000MIAOYCA2XNJJ9TF70P4JAngie0041291680000Pretty good!Pretty good, definitely not worth 5 stars. The taste is good but is a little weird and bland but it's totally edible. It's also super easy to prepare and consume. Sprinkle some salt and pepper in there and you're good to go.
447770447770B000MIAOYCAVL8500FA9KMZCrittercove "crittercove"0051266364800Yummy!I have tried other flavors of the Campbell's Soup at Hand and did not like them. To me they do not taste like the soup they are supposed to be duplicating, nor did they have the same texture. However, the cream of broccoli hits the mark. It tastes just like the original. It's creamy and delicious (and very difficult to find in the stores around my area, so I was glad to find it here). If you like the taste of the cream of broccoli soup by Campbell's made from a can where you add water, then you will like this. It tastes the same, just more convenient.
447771447771B000UXHCYOA2GOE7ITDGYVELee Brownell6741244332800Great Rice but a little priceyWhen trader Joe's stop carrying wild rice I ordered this. It is wonderful rice but more per pound than trader joe's. Trader Joe's has begun carrying wild rice again at $5 a one pound bag.
447772447772B000UXHCYOA2EDWI5EGP4V9Nsharkychick3351333065600What took me so long to find this gem?This is exactly what I've been looking for. I use wild rice in a few applications and hate that all my grocery store carries is these little boxes (6oz by weight - 1.6 cups by measure) for over six dollars.

This wild rice is the same great quality as what I've been buying for so much more. Since I tend to use it in one cup increments, I just measured them out and vacuum sealed each cup separately to store in my freezer. I got OVER twelve cups of wild rice out of the 5lb bag.

The only thing that was unusual for me was the cooking instruction. I just went ahead and revised that to what I thought it should be - boil water (three parts water to one part wild rice), put wild rice in boiling water, pinch of salt, give it a stir, cover, turn heat way down to almost low, and set timer for 50 minutes. Came out perfectly.
447773447773B000UXHCYOAGEOMTZFAQ25MCarol Morgan "Strangirl"3351207872000Wild riceThis wild rice is excellent and the price is the same. Service was good and the product was received in good condition and in a timely manner.
447774447774B000UXHCYOA2YP8F3ZV9Z9XGkbe0051342828800Wild Rice!Top-notch grains, more like a bag of A+ grade than A. My 5 pounds was shipped within a day or so of my order. This 1s bargain priced $6.00 a pound quality wild rice that cooks up delicious and nutty. I'll be buying again from this merchant.
447775447775B000UXHCYOAEK026X4KYVZFDona E. Russell "donarussell"0051329177600sweet nutty flavorLove this rice. I mix it with sweet sticky and brown rice, soak and sprout it for a very healthy and easy to digest rice dish. Good quality rice. Nice on its own too. Takes less time to soak and cook than regular brown rice.
447776447776B000UXHCYOA3BXNABYRR66INBarry Tegeler "Barry"0051327795200good quality and priceSince wild rice is one of the recommend foods used to balance PH we consume it on a regular basis. I have purchase other products packaged by Roland before with mixed feelings but this wild rice is good quality and tasty.
447777447777B000UXHCYOA2FEVL6T2SWFEXCT Freebird0151328400000Great product at a great priceLocal markets don't carry wild rice or charge about $6 for 6 ounces. After searching the net, this was the best deal I could find and it is a good, high quality rice that cooks up great. Enjoy!
447778447778B002GZIEP0A1XZ2R37RYKZXIS. Schafer273111268697600reacted very badly to this pastaMy wife and I ate the recommended serving (2 oz dried). It was delicious, and we felt full afterwards. Later that night, neither of us slept well because we were so hungry. I don't know if this is related, but we both had heart palpitations that night.

We both woke up feeling starved. I usually don't even feel hungry in the morning! My wife checked her blood sugar levels (she has gestational diabetes) and found they had skyrocketed.

This is not a low-carb product, it is a high-carb product where the carbs have been altered in a way that affects absorption - but not necessarily to truly lower its glycemic impact.

If it works for you, great, but it REALLY did not work for us. We're throwing out all the boxes that I bought based on the 5 star ratings here. If you want to try it, start with a single box and see how it makes you feel.
447779447779B002GZIEP0A2VD9KWGBO456RFroniga101151251331200Great source for low carb pastas.The Dreamfield Pastas are a wonderful low carb product. The pasta texture and flavor is exactly like the higher carb pastas. The prices here beat those in the supermarkets, and are a regular staple in this house. The choices are wider than in the supermarkets too. The package came promptly, was well packed.

I'd had a problem due to the post office not notifying me of the delivery, the people who sent the product promptly answered my inquiry and helped me quickly resolve the lack of postal notification.

I'm now a loyal customer. Try it, you'll like it.
447780447780B002GZIEP0A29OLN6QZGS8BBCaroline Bender5551328832000Not low carb unless al denteThe reason, I suspect, that people have varying results regarding glucose levels after eating Dreamfields. Their website explains that it must be cooked precisely according to the individual box directions in order to retain the low carb aspect. This should probably be explained on the box as well. The website states:

"It is very important not to overcook Dreamfields because over cooking can damage the protective matrix and increase the digestible carbs per serving. We also recommend pouring any sauce over the pasta just before serving. If the pasta is mixed in a pan with the sauce, do this only over low heat for a short amount of time."

I don't cook mine even a minute longer than the the recommended time.

With the exception of the lasagna noodles, it's not recommended for storage after cooking, either. The company recommends only preparing what you will consume at the time. Storage in a sauce, especially an acidic sauce (like one with tomatoes or vinegar), will also break down the protective matrix which prevents digestion.

Needless to say, portion control is important, too. A diabetic friend told me that her blood sugar level rose significantly after eating it but, upon further questioning, she admitted she'd eaten almost the entire box at one time.

This product does work, but has to be as directed.

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