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447901447901B001JYU06KA2S4PKWVONFAQNDan Hartmann1151315699200Dog TreatOur dog, a Siberian Husky, just loves Booda Bones.
We give her one for lunch most everyday and she
pesters us till we give it to her.
447902447902B001JYU06KABTPZ8XWI7GSZWilliam S. Wolston1151307836800Chloe loves them!Our Boston Terrier loves these bones - we give them to her as a treat or to keep her busy when we have company. For a 16 lbs. dog she's a mighty chewer and these last her a couple of hours, with breaks to investigate if she's missing anything! We'll buy more of these!
447903447903B001JYU06KA3QRYMPR0ADQ2Jgardenia871151287014400My dog goes crazy for these!My chihuahua loves these, especially the peanut butter, chicken, and bacon varities. They have become increasingly hard to find at pet stores so I was happy to find them on amazon. I like that they are safer than rawhide bones and easy to digest and she really seems to enjoy them more than other bones I've bought for her. I tried a few other brands when I stopped being able to find the booda bones at pet stores and she would not even eat some of them. You can't go wrong with these, they are reasonibly priced, safe, help reduce tartar, and dogs seem to love them.
447904447904B001JYU06KA2H3RTMXP23Y5DM. Shady "chelle1076"1151286150400my dog loves theseMy 3 year old miniature schnauzer loves these bones. I'm really glad that they started making them wheat-free because he has food allergies.
447905447905B001JYU06KA27SNFI60AS92MMary C. Collins "Fiction lover"1141285372800Awesome bonesMy dogs beg for these treats every night after dinner. I always make sure I have plenty of supply at hand.
447906447906B001JYU06KA37AC3MTIW40CDLefebvres1151278028800great prices, fast delivery!My dog is addicted to these and they're actually fully digestible and don't hurt anything. I've purchased them from everywhere on the planet and will buy from here from now on!
447907447907B001JYU06KA37BNU9KEYV2UCStacey3411298332800My dogs do not like the flavorRegular flavor Budda Bones are great for my dogs but they apparently do not care for the minty flavor on these.
447908447908B001JYU06KAEI8RBVD9S3SLS. Dotty0051349481600Dog loves themThe dog really loved these bones and it seemed to freshen her breath. It was a good treat for a dog with tummy troubles.
447909447909B001JYU06KA2PHKBUVKWDN2FVern's Mom0051346889600Booda bonesMy dog really enjoys the Booda bones. I was very pleased with the price I received and also the fact that they arrived earlier than expected.
447910447910B001JYU06KA3GC53B932W1WGRoyce Nelson0051342742400YUM YUMOUR BEAGLE JUST LOVES THIS PRODUCT
447911447911B001JYU06KA5YO6D3KN7GDRthenautigal0051336694400YUMMMMM!!!!We have three darling Shitzus. All of them adore Booda Bones and look forward to this wonderful treat. Thank you Amazon!!
447912447912B001JYU06KAJTR3W7GOYV0IDDTJ "DDTJ"0051304380800THE BEST!I have a dog who until we adopted her never had oral care,so her teeth were in bad shape. We brush her teeth every 3 weeks and give her 1 booda bone weekly . Not only are her teeth cleaner but some of the staining has gone away. Our vet told us that these are the best thing for her because they digest easily and do not contain plastics.
447913447913B001JYU06KA136VAVDIU9DOUM "sth"1251252713600greatThese are great, but my dog likes to augment them with other types of bones
447914447914B001JYU06KA2DBQWLG9HU8N5Beau1311310601600disappointedThese took FOREVER to ship and when they did arrive they were not as durable as advertized. Was looking for a bone to keep our dogs busy, these were more like a snack.
447915447915B003VKYMXCAUTC8UR7AJOM8Peggy0051308528000Linden HoneyI'm thrilled to find Linden honey. This is a rare, seasonal item. It brings back childhood memories. I ate this honey when I was a child. It has been years since I've eaten Linden honey. Thank you.
447916447916B001BOFJ46A39T65T8S5TFGSKaren Sparr2451301270400Excellent salamiThis is the best salami. makes everything so easy to purchase. I bought some for my house and thern sent some to my freinds i n Arkansas. Amazon handled all of the shipping with such ease. Click,click,click. Yes. I will be back.
Again this salami is the best.
447917447917B001BOFJ46A2J2GD2X49EEQJRebecca S. Grant "Reba"3951267574400This is the best salami!The service was timely by this vendor and the salami came packaged excellently. Would recommend this vendor. This product is great!
447918447918B000MNSTI0AYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"9951205280000Really good!Let me start by saying that I'm a lifelong tea drinker and I love tea, and I've tried all sorts.

I started out years ago with Lipton's before all these different designer brands and flavors came along. Black Ceylon tea was what they called it. Then when all these designer brands and flavors came out I tried all the exotic flavors I could get my hands on, mango, vanilla, raspberry, chocoloate, peach, whatever. I tried different brands, I tried expensive teas, cheap teas, organic teas, the standards such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, etc.

Finally, I came back to this tea. It was like travelling around the world in a circle and coming back to the start. I love this tea because I've found all that other stuff, apple, peach, raspberry, just detracts from the true flavor of tea. This tea is just pure tea, without any other distracting flavors and that's what I love about it. A stong tea, a robust tea with full strong flavor, for a man (or a manly woman).

When I make it just right, the right temperature, the right strength, this is what I imagine Homer's nectar of the gods to be like. It's like Zeus brews me a cup, hands it over and says "here, drink this".

So far I have not been able to find another unadulterated tea with such a full and strong flavor. A 10/10.
447919447919B000MNSTI0A3D6TFYRMIV3ZLThemis-Athena4441212883200South African Secret.South Africans are as avid tea drinkers as the inhabitants of any other country (formerly) belonging to the British Commmonwealth - today, consumption averages about 10 billion cups per year - and tea was first grown in Durban Botanical Gardens in 1850 from plants imported from London's Kew Gardens (commercial production began in 1877, with seeds from Assam). Yet, production around the major tea center of Tzaneen in the Northern Province (formerly known as North-East Transvaal) as well as in the country's other tea growing locations has had an unstable history; staggering badly in the mid-twentieth century and although revived thereafter, available only domestically during apartheid. Only after apartheid ended, South African tea farmers were able to export their products. Hence, black tea from South Africa is still a fairly well-kept secret; although roughly 40% of the country's tea is now sold on the world market and it is already among the world's top 20 tea-producing nations.

Harvested before the beginning of the winter cool, between October and April, a tea fairly well-known outside South Africa is that produced by the Ntingwe Estate located in a remote corner of the Kwazulu-Natal heartland. Established in 1987 and with over 200 permanent employees, 430 seasonal pickers as well as a program involving the cooperation of local farmers with the estate's on-site processing plant, Ntingwe is *the* single biggest employer and source of financial stability in a region otherwise plagued by record unemployment numbers (up to 60%), illiteracy and poverty. Lighter than other African (e.g. Kenyan) teas, Ntingwe tea has gained an excellent reputation in the short time since its introduction to the international market and makes for as great a breakfast tea as an afternoon refreshment or a pick-me-up throughout the day.
447920447920B001EO69W4A1DEDMX0L1P6BRdale sensitive0051259020800easy to make treats your dog will love!!!!These treats are great!!my Golden Retriever loves them..They are very easy to make. They usually make about 48 cookies per pack..(the cookie cutter is included in shape of a bone)..Also, they fit nicely back in the bag they came in If you choose to put them in the bag.. Kids will love making these and they do make a nice gift.
447921447921B00311T312A17JASO35PUSVKEthrem2251339113600My favorite soupsAmy's soups are a staple. They are hearty and filling unlike their condensed competitors and the lentil and minestrone are my two favorites. Unlike most other soups these lend themselves very easily to added spices and they have a lot of potential uses in cooking. Amy's is a great company and I eat a lot of their products when I can afford them. This is a great deal that they have on Amazon.
447922447922B00311T312A3NVUUYGCD4UXASouthern Belle2251288828800Variety PackThis variety pack contains Minestrone and Lentil soup. The pack contains 8 as stated on the box. (The description says 6, but you do in fact receive 8: four minestrone and 4 lentil.) Both soups taste very good and are filling. I wish Amy's offered more variety packs. It is on the pricey side, but it is one of the better organic/healthy soup options out there, so I will continue to buy.
447923447923B00311T312A2TPH171QFO6ZHJane0051326585600Tastiest EverAmys makes my favorite vegetarian soups! I particularly love the lentil, with it's floating carrot and potato bits. It's hearty and very flavorful. The minestrone is the only canned minestrone I'll eat, but it's still not my favorite. It is a delicious soup with a great base.
447924447924B00311T312A2AB7ZTO9JK83SEliza0041291420800YUMLove these soups, great value for money. Would have given it 5 starts if I could have something other than minestrone with the lentil. Not even Amy's can manage to make canned pasta not be mushy.
447925447925B00311T312AXT7XRYIF817QRAMYA R1241322870400Fills the stomachI got this from BJ's thinking they were gluten free. The lentil one is gluten free. Minestrone is not. They do not claim it is gluten free. I had eaten lentil soup before so I just assumed minestrone one was also gluten free.

I have been a vegetarian all my life. So I know when there is a weird fishy smell to something. The soups did not smell fishy. Of course it tastes different. But this can be attributed only to the product being in a can and not being fresh. One can will fill you stomach (unless you are craving to eat more and not actually feeling hungry).
447926447926B00311T312A3NNR09P0HNJXQReno gal0131341964800Missing one canOrdered 2 packages, one contained all 8 cans, the 2nd package contained 7cans. Unfortunately we didn't discover this at time - left the one package unopened and didn't discover shortage until several weeks later when we opened the second package
447928447928B00311T312A9E051IOBPM43Huy M. Hoang-nguyen0521318204800TASTE NOT GOODI bought this at costco for $10 b/c its organic and I like to eat soup before bed.

There are 2 kinds, beans and pasta soups. Both are not good, trust me. Taste like old soup sitting for a long time.

Don't buy
447929447929B00311T312A2B529IO7630X1Matthew D. Copley21211297814400RIP OFF ALERTBeware. The cans were so damaged that two of them were leaking. It would have been impossible not to notice severity of the damage to the merchandise. I will NEVER buy canned goods over the internet again. RIP OFF!
447930447930B00311T312AAIT1DTTPTUSBTn Techie02421290988800Not vegetarianThis product was not what I expected. I opened the first can and all I could smell was chicken stock. I thought this was a vegetarian product.....
Will not purchase again.

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