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447988447988B00020XNUCA18X7DO6O7VSSTRichard Burford "ethelthe"0051326931200Excellent chocolates, great customer serviceI ordered a box of these chocolates as a part of my girlfriend's Christmas present. When they arrived they were a bit battered, but still taste great.

I emailed the seller, not for a replacement, but just to say that the chocolates were really good but the packaging left a bit to be desired.

The seller over nighted a replacement box to us. Great customer service, and very enjoyable chocolates. I will definitely buy from them again !

Thank you !
447989447989B00020XNUCA2JPI61CPEPJ6LHomer Simpson0051318032000Wonderful product, wonderful serviceLeonidas is some of the best chocolate in the world, and this is a very good way to get it. They ship overnight, so it arrives fresh. It is not shipped in any special insulation beyond a hefty Styrofoam insert that holds the chocolates inside the shipping box, so you definitely want to order this during the cool months--I'm sure it will melt en route during the summer.
447990447990B00020XNUCA1GQIYMVCG9LY4J. Gerhardt "design engineer"0051304035200Quality ingredients produce quality chocolates!I give these chocolates to others for special occasions as gifts. They have never let me down. When you say Belgium, I say Leonidas. Dark chocolate can be an aquired taste, to know what is good. This dark chocolate is superb! In bars you can tell the crisp fresh break of quailty dark chocolate and the aroma and the taste. These creams just blend their ingredients with the dark chocolate to create an exquisite taste. Bottom line, They don't skimp on the ingredients and as long as they don't, I will continue to buy their products. The packaging is great because it comes gift wrapped already. I would like to see how its made and the people who make it.
Cheaper than a ticket to Belgium and always delivered fresh!
447961447961B003FCZOPQA175HQM91O78L5Joyce Y. Chang0051322870400Yummy!!, from a black licorice aficionadoI got a free sample (2 bags worth) and hands down, this beats Panda licorice and Paul Newman's natural licorice. This is more flavorful and softer than Panda or Paul Newman's. Even though Panda is almost as good, I love this stuff so much that I'm willing to go the extra mile to buy it on-line, as I cannot buy it in any local grocery store. Both my kids like this the best as well, independently arriving at the same rankings for the same reasons.
447962447962B003FCZOPQA27MWJE1UQ8UXL. Ann Reid0051313971200Habit Forming.It had been years since I had found a source to buy licorice.I remember as a child you could buy long strands of it. Natural Vines Licorice taste just like I remember from long ago.
447963447963B003FCZOPQA2XBMMQY8GYAIZBill Cummings0211342742400The Worst EverAmazon is a mess. This is not earn any kind of star, but you have to or you can't submit your review. If you are looking for the worst product ever that Amazon sells, it is this. Tastes like plastic.
447964447964B003FCZOPQA2LGRPM88JDWP6Outrageous0621286409600Bad MistakeI wish I never bought this brand. Darrell Lea is way better tasting to me and the expiration date is longer too and it comes from Australia.
447965447965B000YPKOIYAE26L26WK2RSKprgent1131286236800Dinosaur eggs oatmealVery happy with the product. I complained about the cost being so much higher than in the stores and the seller gave me a goodwill refund. Awesome seller! Thank you.
447966447966B00020XNUCA2CG5T4H5CB3IOGeorge T. Norris404151146873600Best of the Belgian Machine-made ChocolatesIntroduced to Leonidas several years ago, on successive trips to Brussels I returned with the two other, more well-known brands (Godiva and Neuhaus), when I couldn't get to Leonidas before my plane left. My wife advised me that in the future it was Leonidas or nothing.

They are machine-made so the price is not bad (as opposed to the hand-made varieties), but they are also made fresh without preservatives so they need to be eaten or refrigerated quickly. In this house, the refrigerator rarely sees the package.

They are excellent and a treat you owe yourself.
447967447967B00020XNUCA1QSS9BLNW3RQ4db "dubby"424451158883200Belgian FavoriteWe have lived in Belgium for 8 of the last 24 months. There is no question that the cheapest Belgian chocolate is better than anything you can buy in America. It is tough for us to gag down American chocolate anymore. They grind the cocoa beans finer and use less fat and less sugar, so it is much better for you. I am diabetic and it does not send my sugars up.

Belgians have very strong opinions when it comes to which chocolate is "best". They don't always agree, but more Belgians said Leonida's was the best than any other single brand we heard. This is not something you eat. You savor and treasure every piece. The price is good and you will not be disappointed.
447968447968B00020XNUCA17DJ05LDINF0BMoonlight "old story"161651139616000Best chocolate I've had in many years!I had an excellent shopping experience with Leonidas. From my experience, I can assure you that if you ever have any problem, Leonidas will be courteous and considerate in dealing with you. As for the chocolate, my husband and I are very fond of dark chocolate and have tried many brands before. We found Leonidas ideally bittersweet in its taste and also generous in quantity. In fact, the best of all the European brands we've tried in our five years of dating. It's the kind of chocolate that you not only would buy for gifts but would also want to buy and keep for your snack.
447969447969B00020XNUCA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"171851112659200Dark and DeliciousIf it is possible to fall madly in love with a box of chocolates, then the assortment is the perfect place to start such an adventure. These chocolate are named after Leonidas Kestekidis, who definitely knew how to create chocolates for the true chocolate connoisseur.

When he moved back to Belgium he not only married his true love, he created chocolates the world now adores. When you taste these chocolates, your taste buds will also finally know true chocolate happiness. Whether you try one of these with a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy one as a daily indulgence, these will impress.

If being "in love" gives you a zest for life, then the "I Love You" chocolate with dreamy lemon filling embodies this sentiment. Each chocolate has a unique design and the I Love You chocolate has two hearts, ribbons and a seal. After you sample the variety of chocolates, specific flavors will stand out as favorites.

Here are my favorite creamy fillings (ganache and butter cream) which come in dark, white and milk chocolate depending on the selection (dark if you order this box):

Antoinette - A smooth Brandy flavored ganache

Lingoit Lait - Absolutely delicious vanilla flavored fresh butter cream filling. Time definitely stopped while tasting this chocolate.

Irrésistible - Dark chocolate and Strawberry sauce.

For ever - If you love coffee this may be one of the most delicious milk or dark chocolate chocolates ever made as it is filled with a special coffee cream that has hints of caramel. I ordered an entire box of these and they come in a variety of flavors. The milk chocolate and cherry filling is like Claude Debussy's Rêverie. It is difficult to describe besides saying it is like a delicate cherry icing wrapped in milk chocolate.

Merveilleux - Milk or dark chocolate filled with coffee ganache.

Europe - Dark or milk chocolate filled with rum filling.

Ganache - Milk or dark chocolate with pure ganache.

Tosca - Milk chocolate with a special ganache.

Poésie - Dark chocolate and a Cointreau filling.

Antoinette - Delicate caramel hints in the milk chocolate coating mingle nicely with the vanilla filling.

Eve - Milk or dark chocolate with a creamy dreamy banana filling.

Alexandre le grand - A milk or dark chocolate with caramel cream.

Also Recommended:

If you wish to also try the Napolitains, I'd suggest the 1 pound sampler Ballotin with six varieties. You may also want to look for the new Palet d'Or. A deeply delicious and strong bitter chocolate filled with ganache. The center is made with butter, cream and chocolate and the outer coating is a masterpiece with gold decorations.

Leonidas now has over 1700 stores and sales locations worldwide and they offer over 80 varieties of fresh chocolates. The chocolates are air freighted weekly from Brussels so you will always find the quality to be superior.

My chocolates arrived fast and were as fresh as if I had purchased them in Belgium. They were carefully packaged in the famous gold boxes with signature/seasonal wrapping and a ribbon. The boxes were then placed in protective Styrofoam containers to protect the chocolates during shipping. The expedited shipping is recommended from May to early September.

~The Rebecca Review
447970447970B00020XNUCA2OJSRYTFCVGIFDork Inc121251135641600Move over GodviaIt was much better than I thought it would be for the price, a true value in chocolate. Outstanding shipping as well. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered more for holiday gifts ...
447971447971B00020XNUCA1GVGQGWK8HI03K. Avery182051104796800Gooooood Dark Chocolates!!!!I purchased these for my dark chocolate fan (hubby), and he said that it was excellent candy. "They have nice texture, rich and delicious"!!! says the hubby. "Definatly a five star candy".
447972447972B00020XNUCA2EVLLP76JXKGBJill Roberts111151136851200This was a great gift for a party!This was a great gift for a party. The dark chocolate is not bitter like many others. I've had many different types of chocolate from Belgium and all over, and can guarantee that Leonidas is the best af all of chocolatiers. Great sampling of ivory, milk and dark chocolate. If you love chocolate try it. You will not regret it.
447973447973B00020XNUCA387E0707AUYGIT. Goulde "T&Z"9951104278400Sweet Service - Five Stars!Through no fault of Leonidas there was a delay in the delivery of chocolates to my sister for Christmas, Leonidas was fully responsive in covering the order as quickly as possible.

I am told the choclates are delicious!
447974447974B00020XNUCA2V977UJ02Q48ESteffie B5551189382400Ridiculously wonderful...This chocolate is so, so very good. Really. And it was delivered super fast in a protected container. The variety and utter wonderfulness of the chocolate itself, however, causes immediate addiction. So beware!
447975447975B00020XNUCA3TU2PWKE8GBAKMark Twain "S-L"7851135209600Everyone said GREAT!Unfortunately I never had a chance to try these chocolates. However, I sens them to my boss and my uncle just a few days back and both of them said, these are GREAT!
447976447976B00020XNUCA3UK3XN1Z5MEH8E. Stern "Elizabeth"4451200009600Makes a great present!I recently bought this item for a friend whom I rarely get to see because we live far away from one another. Her birthday was coming right up, and I found out from another friend that she loved dark chocolate. shipped the item very quickly. I had been contemplating sending the item with expedited service, but ended up assuming my friend wouldn't care one way or the other if the item arrived on time for her birthday. In fact, the item showed up just two days later, ON TIME for her birthday, when I had just paid for standard delivery. My friend immediately sent me a very excited e-mail thanking me for the present, and said that she loved it. Thanks, amazon!
447977447977B00020XNUCA3CWM6BCNMXABFMark A. Mona4451189209600For the Love of ChocolateIt's plain and wife goes "ga ga" over these chocolates. For a beautiful 5' 4" 115 pound woman...she has devoured almost 5 pounds of these delicacies over the past few months.

For the Love of Chocolate...Thank goodness for Leonidas!!!
447978447978B00020XNUCA1NYCMEXN2D3QBGuido Levriero4451183507200DeliciousA generous assortment of dark chocolates
447979447979B00020XNUCA35U6M0M17ODHGCraig R. Dods "crdwino"2251233705600best chocolate everi have to disagree with the reviewer who said these are not as good as godiva - no disrespect to godiva chocolates, i enjoy them, but imho these bury godiva or any other dark chocolate i have ever had. i treat my self to 1/night. great chocolate!
447980447980B00020XNUCA3KPJ94YWGBTKR. Brister4551200528000Heavenly!This was a Christmas gift for my husband. He says its one of his best gifts ever; every evening he looks forward to "rewarding" himself with one of these chocolates.
447981447981B00020XNUCA3EIARQKLX48V1G. Fitzgerald4541194480000it got a wowFinding a gift for a son in law is not easy. So often I think the shirt I sent or the gloves or scarves got filed away without enthusiasm even though I always received a grateful note. The chocolates prompted an immediate phone call and a "wow." My recipient and I were thrilled.
447982447982B00020XNUCAJNUYAIZ44892Sara Plunk1151302220800this chocolate is phenominalLet me first say, I have never written a review on amazon. I didn't even buy my chocolate from amazon but from the the Leonidas website directly. It is phenominal. It is delicious. It is the best chocolate ever! The dark chocolate assortment is my favorite. The fillings are like little clouds of deliciousnesss!

These chocolates are so good, I sought out a place to rave about them.
447983447983B00020XNUCA11NIGM8IJWKNTT. Landsberger1151277942400This will keep your mother in law happyThis is a cheap price to score some points. It comes in a box that you get to unwrap and untie the bow. This chocolate is the best ever and after tasting and finishing off the entire box we couldn't wait to get another. That will have to wait though for the price but it was worth what we paid. Do yourself a favor and pay the price just to try it out. I really didn't know much about this type of chocolate and took a chance and got a box. This was a Christmas present for my wife but after all the good stuff we read we had to break into it a month early. I thought to myself how much differently could this really taste than the American chocolate I am used to.
447984447984B00020XNUCA3AIXAT9GM0AFLKeith Boniface1151267747200Chocolate Melts Twin Sister's Heart!Yes, twin brother Keith sent his twin sister, Cheryl, Leonidas Belgian chocolate for her birthday, in a heart-warming act of sibling sentiment. It seemed to work extremely well, as his twin noted an unassailable urge to consume the entire box, ruining her fitness regime for many weeks. Keith plans to write an extremely positive review about his clever and thoughtful gift, which apparently hit the spot. Stay tuned for his final installment.
447985447985B00020XNUCAX1Z5RQ1LWMM2j-rob-821151227139200DeliciousI really didn't know much about this type of chocolate and took a chance and got a box. This was a Christmas present for my wife but after all the good stuff we read we had to break into it a month early. I thought to myself how much differently could this really taste than the American chocolate I am used to. It comes in a box that you get to unwrap and untie the bow. This chocolate is the best ever and after tasting and finishing off the entire box we couldn't wait to get another. That will have to wait though for the price but it was worth what we paid. Do yourself a favor and pay the price just to try it out.
447986447986B00020XNUCAS4TF4K2TXPVGRainbow0051334966400SatisfyingThis year we ordered these dark chocolates and also bought a package of dark chocolates from Godiva. The Godiva dark chocolate box is $36 for 10.5 oz. (really, it's on their website). These are the same price for a full pound. And they come from Belgium, where people are very fussy about chocolates, and proud of their chocolates. It is not just the price. The taste difference is amazing. These are the real thing, a pleasure from first to last. We lived in France, where chocolate shops abound, and Leonidas was quite competitive against the artisan shops.
447987447987B00020XNUCA38DZQHQUP0AYCRonin "Rick"0051329177600Terrific gift!I ordered these for a friend who had travelled extensively in Europe and loves dark chocolate. These arrived fresh, on time, and in perfect shape. She was impressed with the packaging and said that she'd had dark chocolates in Belgium but these were the best she'd ever had. Thanks, Leonidas and Amazon! I'm very satisfied with this order.

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