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447991447991B00020XNUCA406975UD2540Wanda0051302825600My brother in law got these for meMy brother in law got these for me. He instantly rose in esteem. These are by far the best chocolates on the market in the U.S. Godiva seems like Hersheys in comparison. I was used to to mixed Leonidas collection (white and mild), but the dark chocolate is heaven and even better.
447992447992B00020XNUCA34DISI1HER5Z3Darrel0031301011200it's ok, butThese chocolates are very tasty, and maybe I just don't have that discerning a palate, but they seem awfully expensive for what you get. Most were very good, but some were so so and a few were downright disappointing.
447993447993B00020XNUCA242TH9FDN3MGUcheesesuperstar0051292716800my dad loved themgreat present for my dad, who is a dark chocolate-aholic. he loved them. arrived quickly and in great shape. would buy again.
447994447994B00020XNUCA3G8BV96WRS7IJJameelah Highsmith0051284595200Well worth the wait!!!I Googled best dark chocolate and Leonidas was among the results. Their wonderful, personal touch customer service (rectified a delivery problem immediately) and the BEST dark chocolate I've tasted (as a dedicated, life long chocolate snob) make Leonidas Belgian chocolates a keeper. A well earned reputation.

To Jacques and Tess, thank you again...Heerlijke! Magnifique! Delicious!
447995447995B00020XNUCA38K04MT5LR0JCPop S "The FT Clan"0051260835200Best of the bestMy wife loves dark chocolate. She formerly ate only Godiva, but when that company changed form vanilla to vanillin, she no longer liked it. She LOVES this stuff. She says that you can taste the fresh and she doesn't want anything else.
447996447996B00020XNUCA1YGES74N0BFGNButterfly Johnson0051258675200Best chocolate ever!!!!!I have traveled in several countries in Europe and ALWAYS try the local chocolates. My friend was coming to visit me from the Netherlands and brought this Belgium chocolate for my husband. It was unbelievable! Definitely the best chocolate we both have ever had. My husband still mentions it and it has almost been a year since she has come so instead of buying a birthday cake this year I am going to surprise him with a box of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates and I'm sure he will not be disappointed!
447997447997B00020XNUCA30N5YANVA004CJonathan Thomas0051258156800Great!I bought some of these chocolates for my mother for her birthday. I was a little scared about the quality since they were significantly cheaper than Godiva, etc... BUT my mom (a chocolate connesieur) said that these were some of the best chocolates she has ever had! If you're considering chocolates, go with these and save some $$--they are a great value!
447998447998B00020XNUCA4CQA05N16UUWScooter's Mom "lbp"0051255910400My mother loved themSaid they were among the best chocolates she's ever had.
So that is good enough for me. They arrived sooner than advertised so I was happy.
447999447999B00020XNUCAL64J5ZURRZUHI. Gribble-Neal0051232236800The best chocolate everThis is the second year I ordered this assortment for Christmas gifts. My family now thinks I am wonderful. Thanks, Leonidas.
448000448000B00020XNUCA2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao1251212710400dark belgian chocolatesThese made my Mom's day. She LOVES dark chocolate and this was a treasure trove for her and she can't thank me enough for sending these. She says they're smoother, less bitter and less sweet than Hershey's.
448001448001B00020XNUCA7XO1DM6W3DOSJ. Seidman "Jim"92031229904000Average chocolate, strong fillingsThese are definitely "mid-range" chocolates, not quite as good as Godiva or See's. If you're used to low-end chocolates like Fannie May or Russell Stover, you'll probably find these to be very good. However, if you're used to very good chocolates like La Maison du Chocolat, you'll be sorely disappointed.

I found the chocolate to have unexceptional flavor and a somewhat waxy texture. The fillings were mostly very sweet or alcoholic, which is a common practice to cover up mediocre chocolate.

I guess they're a good value compared to Godiva, although I think See's Candies has an even better value. Don't expect Leonidas to compare to a high-end chocolatier.
448002448002B00020XNUCA14IW692IJ45NIJohn Thomas "Pine Island"0521265846400Some Flaws in the CandyFirst thing is their web site. It is terrible. I wanted to complain about their candy but was unable to do so on account of the web site. Secondly, there were little sugar crystals imbedded in the chocolate that were quite noticeable and ruined both the flavor and the texture. I would not buy them again.
448003448003B00020XNUCA31ADXPMW49U5JPenny Barber "Penny Play"43521197158400Can't judge by the wrappingUpon hearing that I love chocolate, a friend sent this. I ate a couple of pieces and threw the rest away. It was waxy and not the least bit sweet. Choxie is creamier and more flavorful than this stuff.
448004448004B006H33PZGA2ML9D9BIBSXZFMaria M. Smith0021334361600NOT odorless!Short review: Absolutely not odor-free!

If (1) my puppy didn't love it so much and (2) if we didn't have a backyard where she could enjoy this, I would've rated it 1 star due to it smelling the exact same as bully sticks that don't call themselves odor-free. And yes, the label says "Odor Free Bully Stick". If you don't mind the smell of bully sticks, and you want something for your puppy to gnaw on that they will totally enjoy, definitely get this.
448005448005B0070HS2TCA1PMFCCUZXDQQZHeather.M.E.0051347148800Birthday GiftThis was a gift for my Father-in-Law who lives 4 states away. A week later, we got a picture with a very happy man with his M&M's! Such a cute gift, thank you!
448006448006B0002IMS5KA1LIV9QXL6YEU8MoLaw9710121198454400DisappointedObviously, the price is right -- so that's 1 star right there. And the convenience of super-saver delivery spares me I don't even know how many trips to Niger. That's another star.

However, try as I might, I could never get this stuff to enrich to fully weapons-grade. If it worked half as well in my ballistic missiles as it does in my research reactor, it'd be 5 stars. Maybe you'll have better luck. It's possible that my centrifuge is hinky.
448007448007B0002IMS5KA2DI7UGT3YX4Q9NyiNya "NyiNya"475051248393600Duncan Hines is my GodThere is no price too high to pay for such a miracle of taste and science. Get this. It is a cake IN A BOX. Like is your mind blown? You just add water, shove it in the oven and CAKE. I'm not making it up. Powder. Water. Cake. Just like that. Like those sea monkeys, only less crunchy. And good? Man,I picked up a piece, took a bite and next thing I knew, I ate my own hand. That's real cake, I'm telling you, moist and rich. Okay, some of it was the hand, but even so. Go get some. You'll see. Only when you eat it, use a fork.
448008448008B0002IMS5KA292UBQX322O0CJeremy C455211215129600Epic FailDoes not work as advertised.

When I input into my centrifuges, it just made a mess instead of depleted uranium ore that I could turn into plutonium. Very inconvenient for a man who is looking to have delusions of grandeur.

However, when baked in an oven, it makes a delicious treat. I recommend combining the oven-baked product with a product known as "icing". No, "icing" does not cause anything to freeze.
448009448009B0002IMS5KA1IH611R94BJZGColor Me Confused222421243555200What is this odd substance?Not only was it not moist, this product wasn't even cake! Rather I found myself confronted with an odd powdery substance which had very little flavor at all, even when mixed with Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. Fortunately through I can sell my slightly used copy to what will most certainly be some other very unsatisfied customer.
448010448010B0002IMS5KA1OUQCTNVKPVR9Timboliah PantsOnFiyah "Timboliah Pants on Fiyah"111251248220800Delightful cake mix... a bargain AT ANY price.Let's be clear about one thing, I likes my cake mixes. You've heard the rhetorical phrase "Does a fat kid like cake?" The original phrase was: "Does Tim like cake?" but it was changed due to some confusion that it caused for folks who knew other people named Tim... apparently some of whom did not care for cake, but I digress. I knew when I saw the $34.00 price tag, this was gonna be a special cake mix. Sure, the temptation was there to go with the "Buy it Used" option to save a few bucks... but since my intention was to wash this cake down with some Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, I thought why cheap out on the cake mix? It did not disappoint. Moist and delicious. 10 times better than the $4.00 cake mixes you find at your local store, so there's your value right there.
448011448011B0002IMS5KA2GHU8I0P3HFRWWandrwoman "Wise as Aphrodite, Beautiful as A...101251252281600What goes better with Fresh Whole Rabbit?Nothin' says lovin' than somethin' from the oven! Everybody knows that Duncan Hines has moist, delicious and foolproof cake mixes. Why buy a single box from your local supermarket when you can buy an entire 6 box case? Even with the hefty shipping charges, this is a great investment! A great investment in Classic Yellow Cake!

So, when you're sitting there thinking what to serve with that Fresh Whole Rabbit Fresh Whole Rabbit you just ordered, this is just the thing! A 6 box case of Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Classic Yellow Cake Mix is sure to wow the most finicky eaters. The possibilities are endless.

Here's an easy, tried and true recipe that will turn an ordinary, ho hum, fresh whole rabbit into a festive company pleaser.

Combine a massive mound of yellow cake mix (6 - 12 boxes), at least one fresh whole rabbit, a gallon of water, or if you're feeling really fancy, milk Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. Fold ingredients gently into a teflon coated, cast iron cauldron and fire roast at 375 degrees (f) for 1 hour 45 minutes until golden brown or until an inserted broom stick comes out clean (without crumbs). Allow to cool, slice, de-bone and serve!

For very special occasions, chocolate frosting adds an elegant touch.

Voila! A feast for the family.

448012448012B0002IMS5KAMIN8NL4ZOK6WCam L. Tow "God of Rotis"6851248652800And the winner will get a Duncan Hines Cake!!!I was once in this dance contest and I won one of these delicious boxes of Duncan Hines Cake mixes. My Duck Walk cleared the floor as the crowd shouted for more. It is a great first prize for any contest, easy to make and will not ruin your hair weave if you accidentally get it all up in there.
448013448013B0002IMS5KA5UBMK0DCCD7GJames K Polk "Napoleon of the Stump"3451324598400This is heavy, Doc!According to the box, you could win a trip to the 2004 Daytona 500. THE 2004 DAYTONA 500! So not only does this box contain delicious cake, but it's also a frickin' time machine! Huzzah!
448014448014B0002IMS5KA1FK14ZCV3B1RABladen's Mommy82651235865600BEST CAKE MIX ON THE MARKET=)I absolutely love this cake mix. It is moist and delicious every time. I always cook on 325 in a metal pan. I only buy Duncan Hines cake mix. It is by far superior to the others on the market. I hope this helps=)
448015448015B001QXYL3MA2OKVVLIHBRWKTC. J. Abel "finamoon"0051329091200Good Tea.Sweetheart Cinnamon is an herb tea with a blend of delicious sweet apple and exotic cinnamon. It is all natural and caffeine free. It also has hibiscus, rose blossoms, rose hips, and licorice root in it. I love the flavor! This tea is going on my list to buy when I run out. Not as apple flavored as I would have liked, but still good.
448016448016B001QXYL3MA290XYC4V2U1S3msg8250041325116800Where is the cinnamon and appleI like this tea though I cannot taste either the cinnamon or apple. I would consider it a sweet light tea and I'm sure I would drink it again I would just like the cinnamon and apple to be stronger.
448017448017B001QXYL3MA14RDHX7FBE10RR. Martinez0041301616000Mmmmm CinnamonI first tried this flavor in a variety pack at Sam's Club. The box also had an Apple Cider flavor, but this one has much more cinnamon flavor. I really liked it, but I couldn't find it by itself locally, so I ordered the six pack from Amazon. I seem to taste more apple flavor in the ones I received from Amazon, but it may just be my imagination. I do still like this flavor, but I don't find myself drinking it as much as I initially thought I would. My daughter and husband initially liked it, but have since decided that they don't. I think it is one of those teas that taste good while hot, but not as much if you let it sit.
448018448018B001QXYL3MA2A2RPOLRL027HGiGi0021300492800Not what I was thinkingThis tea tastes A LOT like Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple tea and that flavor is just not tasty.... This one is a LITTLE bit milder but not by much. I am disappointed that I had to buy 6 boxes of it in order to try it... oh well, I am sure someone else might like it.
448019448019B001QXYL3MA3OI50K9K9XSO5kkbock0051296777600My favorite tea!I love the Cinnamon apple tea. It is like a cup of hot cider without the calories. I took a box to where I workout (they supply hot water and tea for us) and it disappeared very fast. It was a big hit! It is by far my favorite. My daughter is hooked on the Ginger snappish. We recommend both of them to anyone who likes a good cup of tea. As always, is a great place to order items from--competitive pricing, free and fast delivery--what more could you ask for!
448020448020B001QXYL3MA1UW25AQJTCCE0gnpi0041296086400cinnamonlusciousThis tea tastes as good as it smells or vice versa!! I love it. Since cinnamon is so very good for you, it is not only delicious but it helps your bp!! Try it, you'll love it by the fireplace this winter!!! with your sweetie!!!

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