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448021448021B001QXYL3MA3QADW59ISMV2LMark Hanson "dogbrains"0051276560000Incredible, unique herbal tea...Hmm... I wonder what the previous reviewer was looking for when he ordered Bigelow Sweetheart Cinnamon and was disappointed. It's honestly an incredible non-caffeinated/herbal tea - a totally exquisite one-off of deliciousness. In addition to cinnamon, it's got other components associated with love and/or St. Valentine's Day and/or simply brilliant flaming redness: rose petals, rose hips, the teeniest, tiniest smidgeon of tart apple (almost an apple blossom flavor, rather than the standard baked & sweetened apple one), hibiscus, and a touch of dark and snappy licorice root (again, not really the dessert kind). Whoever put this blend together was an absolute genius, and I'd love to know what other Bigelow teas they created - I'm not too terribly fond of a lot of Bigelow teas (or maybe it's just that they're kind of weak by the time they're purchased by me at the grocery store), but this, like I keep saying, is a totally mind-blowingly wonderful brew. One of the coolest things about it is its color - a transparent flaming fire-engine red that's especially impressive in a clear mug. It's so bright, it almost looks like a beverage an alien would be sipping in a sci-fi bar, but it's 100% natural! The flavor, too, is unusual - not the standard apples 'n' cinnamon sort of flavor, it's got more of a, well, SPICY, red hot sort of thing going on, with amazing floral/big red rose undertones. Anyway, just try it. I'm going to order some right now, and if it's discontinued, I'll cry.
448023448023B00020XNUWA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"131351156982400A Dream of a ChocolateFresh butter creams are a true luxury, but none so luxurious as the coffee butter creams. One taste and you will be in a soft creamy world of buttery chocolate and creamy coffee flavor. Highly recommended as one of the best chocolates I ever tasted. This is a chocolate you will be talking about in 10-20 years. I fell in love with Leonidas chocolates the first time I tasted them in Belgium and would look the world over for a box if I couldn't find them here. If you are looking for the best chocolates in the world, you just found them!

~The Rebecca Review
448024448024B00020XNUWA16FUGGYWOPXSMJames P. Vokoun8851167782400Best gift item everMy partner only eats white chocolate. It's difficult to find GOOD white chocolate to satisfy his tastes. He says this is the best he's ever had. I'll re-buy every Christmas!
448025448025B00020XNUWA2H9AVU3UIK9R9R. Edwards7751247616000Best Customer Sercie Experience I've hadI opened my first pack of Leonidas chocolate to find them completely melted. I thought for certain I was out $40. I skeptically emailed the company through the amazon provided link expecting never to hear back. Not only did I hear back by later that evening, but the next day I had a new package of chocolate in Perfect Condition with no additonal charge. The Chocolate in and of itself is great, but I believe that good customer service, especially in this day and age, should be commended. I would highly recommend both the Chocolate and the company and will be doing business with them again.
448026448026B00020XNUWAB2USZPJQUR18J. Pogue6651173657600Holy SmokesI lived in Europe for several years and Belgian chocolates are what made me a chocoholic. Of course, being young when I came back (preteen) I forgot about exactly how good Belgian chocolates are. I tasted my first Leonidas Manon Café and it all flooded back... I was in heaven. I won't eat any other chocolate now!
448027448027B00020XNUWAHFGB7Y4EKH0Zthirty ought seven1131329264000Good, but...... not $54 + $12 shipping good.

I haven't tasted these in 25 years. My French boss used to bring back a box or two whenever she came back from Europe, and back then I thought they were the best thing I'd ever put in my mouth. Imagine how pleased I was when I discovered they were available through Amazon!

Well, a lot has changed since then. The filling texture seems margarine-y to me (somewhat like whipped Crisco) rather than the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness I remember. Also, the flavor seems less pronounced, and the hazelnuts are definitely not as fresh and crunchy as they once were.

Maybe it's just me, or perhaps this is a shipping version of the recipe, better suited to handle temperature swings and rough handling. Whatever the reason, I wouldn't pay $66 for 1.5 lb box again; $25-30 seems about right.
448028448028B00020XNUWA2I6JD87WM3GERqualianimus1141290643200worlds best chocolate!Hard to find in the USA, only a handful of cities have a leonidas store.
Only reason they didn't get 5 stars was that the chocolates arrived in imperfect condition after shipment.
They did have nice outer styrofoam packaging .. but some of the chocolates ended up fused together.
That's because of the old-school packaging - the style you would get from a chocolate store in belgium, like leonidas.

anyway it's delicious and i'll order again
448042448042B002C1WDL4A1AL1QDY1TTZ3IAnn101051278979200They like it!I learned recently that cats are not supposed to have GRAINS in their food. It causes them health problems, including weight problems. The first few days of trying this I couldn't decide if they were liking it or not. They had always eaten dry food. After a few days on this canned they really started to show that they were liking it. It is a little chunky, but the chunks are easily smoothed out - it's also better to add some warm water with this to make it a little soupy. If it has been refrigerated, let it get to room temperature. All 3 cats like this as well as the Tuna Too Cool and the one that has Shrimp and Chicken combined - but they didn't like salmon.
448043448043B002C1WDL4AQRJWDODWT0DJR. Ricks8851292457600Grrrrreat!My two cats can't get enough of this food. They will eat and seem to enjoy several of the other BFF flavors, but with this one they hardly pause to inhale. The price on Amazon is great, especially if you can get the free shipping.
448044448044B002C1WDL4A2EBJNX1R1DPH0kznny5551340150400Please understand what it means to go grain free.....This product is a good product and really good health wise for your cats. If you are looking at this product you are probably interested in feeding your cats something better. I just wanted to address some of the negative reviews of this food - many of them by people who don't understand that all cat food is not the same. I took the time to switch my 8 year old street rescue Louie to grain-free food (tried many brands before I arrived at BFF), and here are some of my observations.

All grain free foods costs more for the same reason that grass-fed antibiotic free, free range chicken costs more per lb than a chicken nugget. It's better for your cat! Anyone who has a cat that's on a farm - ever see it eating some of the corn or wheat that spills off of the truck? Never! That is because cats don't eat grains. In cheap cat foods these grains are used as fillers to round out the portions and are not of any nutritional value to the cat. When I went grain free my cat ate much, much less - thereby negating the price difference. I even tested it a couple of times - my 13 lb cat can eat 2 - 3 ounce cans of Fancy Feast in one sitting - but cannot eat a 3.3 ounce can of BFF in one sitting.

Another point on cost. If you are the type to take your cat to the vet and take care of it when it is sick, then you save so much money and trouble with foods like this it is crazy. When you hear people talk about diabetic cats, food allergies and all the other assorted sicknesses our animals are getting - most of them come from food. Diabetic cats - did they continuously raid the cookie jar? All the money you think you will save (but are not actually saving) will go to the health care of your pet in later years. Its the same way McDonalds and Denny's don't have to absorb the cost of all the diabetics they helped create - the taxpayers pay for it through Medicare and higher insurance costs 30 or so years down the line (and sooner with all the young diabetics we are creating).

Most grain free cat foods smell. EVO stank up the house horribly and I had to move the cat bowl from the kitchen. Minus all the fillers and grains - you are getting an all natural product that is better for your cat because nutrition of the cat is put first.

Cat's are notoriously finicky. Most cat foods that have grains and other filler ingredients have to add heavy syrupy mixes to get the cats to eat them. They take corn, wheat, soy, barley and gods know what else, add some vitamins and then add a extremely strong tasty syrupy mix to get the cat to swallow it all. So cats fed this for a period of time get used to it the same way babies get used to sugars in their formula. Then, when you want to give the baby vegetables with no sugar added guess what? Baby rejects them - they want the sugar! Same happens with cats fed with cheap filler foods.

When switching to grain free a cats habits and consistency may change. Their digestive system is learning how to digest what it was actually made for. Same thing happens to humans - look up the "Whole 30" and see what I mean.

Switching to Grain Free
Its a process more involved than opening the can and plopping it down. Took me months. Google can help you do it but don't expect to just give this to your cat and have her dive right in thanking you for it. That may happen, but more likely than not you have to mix old and new foods until they are used to it.

BFF, EVO, Taste of the Wild.... they are all good brands that will improve the health of your cat. I settled on BFF as my wet food because he loves it. I used to give him EVO wet food and he would eat it but he hated it. I still feed him EVO dry food because he likes it. I tried many brands and did not give up on grain-free food because I cared about my cat. I understood as a street cat for years he was used to eating whatever he could and it all was the cheapest, unhealthiest stuff available given to him by well meaning people. He has improved in every way (coat, activity level, temperament, litter habits, etc..) and now is a healthy and happy cat.
448029448029B00020XNUWA4JQCUZ9GOLYRcn1134 "Cynthia"1151262044800Fantastic Coffee Cream White Chocolates!!!This is by far the best white chocolate out there! Coffee-cream center is soft and melts in your mouth but is not nauseatingly sweet like some other types of fillings. Outside white chocolate is sweet and vanilla-flavored but does not overwhelm the senses as you bite down into the chocolate. I don't know how Leonidas does it - crispy white chocolate outside but soft and buttery inside! You hear a soft crunch as you bite into the white chocolate but the coffee cream just gives in without any resistance and begins to melt in your mouth! I don't know if it's the coffee in the butter cream or not but you will get a high that just makes you feel really happy! This tastes like crispy vanilla chocolate on the outside with coffee butter pudding on the inside! Very sensual and hits the taste buds just right!
448045448045B002C1WDL4A6LED509IALBTJennifer Milligan4451313193600Great grain free, high fiber, high moisture food!My slightly aging cat has had horrible colitis in the last two years, and was defecating on the floor and my bed. The best solution I found was to switch to a grain free food, and offer more wet food than dry, so he will have more moisture in his bowels. I switched to Natural Care LDT, and it solved his problem...for about six months. After finding another steaming pile in my bed recently, and a few under my desk, I decided to try BFF, as my local pet store just started carrying it. He is a picky feline, but he sucked the Tuna and pumpkin flavor down like a Hoover. One week later, happy cat, no more poop in my bed, which means happy girl. Great ingredients, and picky cat loves it!
Note: yes he saw the vet. The change in diet was the vets idea.
448030448030B00020XNUWA6CM9PA6B3UHWNHRider1151258070400Incredible!Once you try these chocolates from Leonidas you will never want anything else! I first discovered these when I lived in Belgium in the 80's and have never forgotten them. The taste is simply incredible...melt in your mouth good.
448031448031B00020XNUWASKA823BOKH6BWill P. Thompson "W Thompson"1151227571200Best Chocolate bonbons in the worldSimply frabjous and brillig!!

Great treat for anyone who loves great chocolate from Belgium.
448032448032B00020XNUWA200N4MMCQ7EXEMike Wells lll0051334534400Probably the best there isLeonidas, if not the best, is surely near the top of the world's best chocolates. OK so maybe some niche market limited production chocolate is better, but hey what we can buy from Amazon this chocolate is really good. Great pains are taken to ensure the package arrives with its delicate cargo intact. They are packaged in styro-foam insulating boxes inside cardboard boxes. I think they are shipped 1 day delivery, but if it is hot, the chocolates may arrive slightly deformed. This did not detract from the taste. Although for the cost, I would have expected a little better insurance that they would show up immaculately presentable.
Overall fabulous chocolate, very quick delivery.
448033448033B00020XNUWA1TS27MVS1WGWISandra Lee0051269475200Scrumptious!When in doubt for a gift, this one is a sure-fire hit. This has become my go-to gift. These are excellent chocolates and have been a huge hit with all the recipients including me!
448034448034B00020XNUWAWEQCYUGMK7Q6Nadine J. Jones0051236816000Love these chocolatesThese chocolates are the BEST! I was introduced to them in Belgium and while they are not the hottest name, they are the best chocolate. Amazon's delivery was extra quick, which is good since they are perishable (not that I have ever had one go bad, they don't last that long around my house.)
448035448035B00020XNUWAX1Z5RQ1LWMM2j-rob-822531266883200Good not GreatI know some people will say "aw you just don't know nothing about chocolate" or "aw you didn't major in chocolate in college" or "aw you and Stalin have the same taste in chocolate so who will listen to you" but believe it or not I did not find these great or worth bragging on. I loved the dark chocolate and the milk I had before from Leonidas and I finished them in a day. These I found to be rather bland and after eating a couple I was ready to give them up and eat something else. I found them really enjoyable though with a nice hot cup of coffee. With the taste in mind I even let my wife taste and she agreed that these are not of the same taste quality as what we had before. I think some people will eat these and love them and think they are great but they are just not for me. Its kind of like when my brother use to eat ketchup sandwiches and loved them so I decided to try it and the taste just wasn't for me and in fact was quite terrible. I am not a trying to be a jerk but I find that a lot of people have a hard time believing that we all don't have the same taste but I hope if they struggle with my review they will seek help and counseling and come to an understanding.
448036448036B00020XNUWA2EK7J6I4QRFSZK.S.0331211932800Not Entirely Pleased with This BatchI think I received a bad batch of Manon Cafe and Manon Blanc--they were a bit squished and tasted maybe past their prime. Heat wasn't a factor in the shipping process--I ordered these in January in Seattle. Or, maybe these chocolates have a different consistency than the other assortments. In the future, I think I'll stick with their Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate assortments.
448037448037B0040PUCG8A3VQ3FLM3DD0DMButch0611310860800What is it?There all of kinds of wine made from grapes. They all have names. What is the name of this wine suspose to be when finished?
448038448038B008D5BYRMAYHHNMEJ271NLj.m.0051347321600delicious!An excellent tasting cookie! However, I don't see how I could possibly eat 12 boxes of cookies (I bought a single box at a retailer). Amazon does sell some great food products, but buying in bulk via them in impratical.
448046448046B002C1WDL4A1NBX33XSI4LZXYunmi3351302652800Great catfood with good ingredientsMy kitty is not a picky cat to eat so generally I can't tell what he really likes.
This one, of course my kitty loves it.
For me, it doesn't gross me out with the smell. In fact, it smells like human food.
Also, my kitty doesn't leave a bit on his dish when I pour this can.
I check the ingredients whenever I buy something for my cat, and BFF generally offers pretty good ingredients with decent price. I highly recommend this cat food!
448039448039B000FK7G1QA2MXME0QLYZB67AZ1151253491200Delicious, but not for those watching sodiumThis chicken is moist and delicious. It is seasoned enough to eat right out of the can. It has much higher sodium content than some other's that I have tried, but this is a great deal using subscribe & save, so I overlooked that. Also, I like salt. You may want to try a can at the grocery store before buying it by the case here on Amazon, but I love it!
448040448040B000FK7G1QA1KEIIW32S1EJ8Sarah7770031305417600to much saltand not such a good smell did try tyson was way better would not order it again , just wished to get more dark meat chicken with low sodium
448047448047B002C1WDL4A1OF2Q2BQQEGRVmon2cents3351293494400Tuna, Taurine, My Cat Loves ItThank You. I am very pleased. Quality cat food. Good for male cats, high water content.
Some other brands on Amazon are made abroad then distributed by US. company. The b.f.f product reads
made in Massachusetts. Glad there is Taurine in it. First ingredient tuna, then water for processing,also included: Potato Starch. The Potato Starch may not be for all cats. I am not vetrinarian. I have always fed my cat dry and wet from Premium companies. This was my first time finding a brand for him on amazon. For the price and convenience, I am ordering again... but mostly because my cat loves it. Thank You.
448041448041B002C1WDL4A2SRB4GMY8I8X7Anna242551282694400Two Paws Up!My two cats are, I admit, rather spoiled as far as food goes. I usually feed them Indigo Moon, Weruva and Tiki Cat, and as a consequence they eat a better quality diet than most people do. It's worth it though, everyone who meets them comments on how glossy their fur is. I decided we would give BFF a try as the ingredients list meets my standards and the price seemed right, and I must confess I really liked the label (yes I am that shallow) but I was a little apprehensive about how my two four footed food critics would react. It's probably because I indulge them so much but they are very picky eaters and will turn their backs on any wet food that doesn't please them.

But I needn't have worried, they loved it! The Tuna Too Cool is a rich-looking, reddish pate with lots of jelly on top and my twosome were wolfing their portions down and got into a bit of a scuffle over the last couple of mouthfuls. They have no higher praise.
448048448048B002C1WDL4A2GUXRR0DPXM2QDaKon5651292544000BFF Top Grade Cat FoodVery good quality cat food. Made at a human food factory with human grade ingredients. The tuna used is the red meat from the skipjack tuna fish. They get a variety so this is just part of their diet as I do not want to feed them tuna based foods as their primary source of protein. Healthy and cats love this. I try to use this brand, Tiki Cat, Weurva and then for dry food Orijen cat food. My Himalayan cats are on a no grain, no gluten/filler diet. This wet food in combination with the dry has led to great coats, no hair balls, good energy and solid not too stinky poo :)
448049448049B002C1WDL4A79372WBA9IJMMiss Kitty "Timid Observer"2251315267200OMG, it was like TT "totally tasty" - (in the cat's own words)IDK where my BFF mom found this delicious snack, but I have to say TY! Best Feline Friend is dose of rich, ambrosial comfort food. Mini chunks of tender tuna punctuate the smooth tasty sauce. Costing just over $10 per 12 pack, Best Feline Friend is a reasonable value. At that price, this delectable entrée is likely to become a staple of my diet. I heart <3 BFF!

Steve the cat
448050448050B002C1WDL4A1512M624OYCFGpriusapril2251290816000Great FoodI initially thought this was a generic brand of food and of poor quality, due to the label design. However, it's a Weruva product and is exactly the quality of food I normally purchase (Tiki Cat, Merrick, Natural Balance, Wellness). There's no grains or byproducts. My kitties love this and are incredibly picky eaters. I'm going to try the other flavors now, especially at such a great price!!!

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