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448081448081B002C1WDL4A2ULF3CXTV4R1PTexas Rose "Texas Rose"0051301616000Smells so good and the cat loves it!My cat went into mourning when our dog died and wouldn't eat, so my friend gave me a tin of this to try and that got her back on track. So, I ordered more and boy, did she love it. It even smells good, almost like human tin food!
448082448082B002C1WDL4A2ETDX2PIFTCQDAmethyst Marzipan0051300924800Extremely high quality cat food at affordable priceI love BFF by Weruva because it's incredibly healthy, with only quality meats and supplements and no grains or by-products, but is so much cheaper than any other "premium" brand of comparable quality out there. I don't even know how they manage to keep the price so reasonable. The difference in quality is obvious when you open the can, as the food hasn't been ground into unrecognizable oblivion but still has identifiably shredded meat and looks a healthy flesh color, not some unsatisfying 'blah' brown. I'm a student, so I'm on a very tight budget, but it's worth it to me to purchase BFF for my cats because I believe in preventative care. Feed my cats well from the beginning and they'll live long, healthy, happy lives with less health problems that will leave me with expensive vet bills. As for now, my cats and kitten gobble it up in a second flat. It's obvious they love every flavor I've tried with them (and one is even quite picky). Their fur is like silk, too. This is clearly a great food.
448083448083B002C1WDL4A3T0GISQQDOHIINicole0051300579200BFF Tuna and Bonito Be Mine, 5.5 oz. 8-packI recently upgraded to higher quality canned food, first trying the standard Weruva offerings and now the BFF (a Weruva sub-brand?) I like that BFF offers flavors with gravies and others with aspic, as it increases feeding time variety. BFF is certainly a good value compared to the other high-end natural and grain-free products, and even my pickiest senior guy enjoyed the tuna and bonito variety. I will continue purchasing the standard Weruva in Paw Lickin' Chicken since my boys love it, but we are happy to mix it up with BFF. The inclusion of the skin on some fish pieces is certainly a confidence-booster that my cats are getting real food, not mystery meat. I also appreciate the 5.5 ounce can size, as we can share a can each feeding and both cats get their fill.
448084448084B002C1WDL4AAKOCT2HJRWW0Ari0041299110400Good food good priceMy cats love BFF and lick the bowl clean every time. The reason I don't by it more often is the pungent smell that seems to be much stronger than other cat foods.
448085448085B002C1WDL4A2QJF1B00I7BT7iluvadeal0051299110400My cats love it!It's great to find a grain free product that is actually appealing to my cats. They are excited about food again.
448086448086B002C1WDL4A2QJF1B00I7BT7iluvadeal0051298678400Cats love itAfter one of my cats experienced some tummy problems, I decided to look for some grain free options. My cats love this stuff. I've tried several flavors, and they like them all. They are excited again at meal time. The best benefit is that the "tummy problems" are so much better.
448087448087B002C1WDL4A2QJF1B00I7BT7iluvadeal0051298678400Cats love itAfter one of my cats experienced some tummy problems, I decided to look for some grain free options. My cats love this stuff. I've tried several flavors, and they like them all. They are excited again at meal time. The best benefit is that the "tummy problems" are so much better.
448088448088B002C1WDL4A2QJF1B00I7BT7iluvadeal0051298678400Cats love itAfter one of my cats experienced some tummy problems, I decided to look for some grain free options. My cats love this stuff. I've tried several flavors, and they like them all. They are excited again at meal time. The best benefit is that the "tummy problems" are so much better.
448090448090B002C1WDL4AYG3T2MZCDFY8SuzanneOB0051296518400Best Feline Tuna ShrimpCat loves it, and she's on a high protein, grain-free diet healing from cancer. She'd been extremely picky about eating anything other than feed mice or shrimp(expensive taste). Was giving her canned innova evo, but she seemed to tire of it and this is good quality and cheaper and she LOVES it.
448091448091B002C1WDL4A1P2T3G40HFLUIJeffrey Abshire0051296259200My cat goes crazy over this stuff.Out of all of the various types of cat food I've bought, the Tuna and Bonito is definitely the best for my cat.
He likes Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken more, but given an equivalent amount of this BFF vs the Chicken, he tends to stay happier longer. He tends to beg for food, and after eating this, he won't beg for almost the full 12 hours between feedings (vet's orders!), while with many other foods, he'll start begging way before that.
448092448092B002C1WDL4A1RDHASSNJE6XEm0051295740800BFF is better food than some and not as expensive as othersI did place an order with Amazon for this particular item, but it was canceled because the supplier at the time was not able to provide it (it was not PetFoodDirect - I have had excellent service from them through Amazon). I managed to order the 4Eva through another source, and the kitties like it. It was something I wanted because the majority of BFF (and Soulistic, made by the same company) are tuna based (other fish added too, but mostly tuna and fish). Once in a while it would be nice to have something else; we get tired of the same thing every meal too! In general the BFF foods are a good choice - better quality, not outrageous prices.
448093448093B002C1WDL4ALTWS8ZOMWUUDFormer Employee Of0051294704000Real meat!This is very nice cat food. Our little cat just loves it. Big chunks of dark fish in sauce.
448094448094B002C1WDL4A263T0EFU3GJA5Neunerball0051290643200Excellent cat foodAfter reading the other review for this wonderful cat food,I wondered why the previous reviwer had decided to give it less than 5 stars? She mentioned that her cat didn't care for the salmon in it, however, the concept of the food is excellent. Well, yes, I agree, although, I would have given this excellent cat food the highest rating. My cats, all 5 of them, love all the flavors of this brand. And they are very finicky too.
I hope they introduce even more flavors of this ultra healthy brand of feline food in the future.
448095448095B002C1WDL4A1CU27U2IBD0P2Shelly Page0051287100800All four of my cats LOVE the BFF moist foodsMy four kitty cats are in love with this food. I have been feeding it to them for about a week. You can tell they enjoy it way more than their old boring moist cat food (nine lives). You can actually see yummy chunks of chicken in the chicken recipes and smell the fish in the fishy recipes. So far my cats have tried the following recipes and they loved each and every one just as much as the other.

Tuna and Chicken 4Eva
Tuna and Tilapia Twosome
Tuna and Bonito Be Mine
Tuna and Salmon Soulmates
Tuna and Chicken Chuckles
Tuna and Chicken 4Eva

I highly recommend this to any person that loves their cats.
448096448096B002C1WDL4A2SRB4GMY8I8X7Anna0041283472000My Cats Refuse To Eat ItMy cats have rejected Tuna and Chicken Chuckles, but I'm only docking it one point for that because I don't think it is the food's fault. It looks just fine, mostly red tuna mixed with shreds of chicken, (there is way more tuna than chicken, the chicken shreds are almost like a condiment). My cats like other flavors of BFF, they just wolfed down a plate of Tuna Too Cool for dinner, but they do not like this one. I've tried feeding it to them several times and they just don't like it. One of them ate a bit of Tuna & Chicken Chuckles and threw it up and the other just refused to touch it. My cats are really picky, though. I'll donate the rest of the case of this to my local shelter where I'm sure the kitties will find it a glorious treat and get my feline food critics something else.
448097448097B002C1WDL4A1YDGJZFIVLZKMoldy Oldy Computer Geek1211344643200Nothing but sub-standard tuna from ThailandRead the labels before you buy. All the flavors of BFF list the following two ingredients at the top of their lists: Tuna & water. Every can is just low quality, dark gray, shredded tuna. The company adds a trace of other ingredients so they can claim to have several flavors, but don't fall for their tricks! Rather, when you want to give your kitty some tuna for a treat, just feed him/her some regular tuna--the good kind humans eat. Not only is it far superior quality, but it's cheaper, too!
448098448098B002C1WDL4A1AL1QDY1TTZ3IAnn1231284768000My cats don't like the salmonThis is a great product and my three cats eat the Tuna Too Cool and the Tuna and Chicken canned food, but they don't like salmon, I guess. You would just have to try it to know for sure. This is a very healthy product because it contains NO GRAINS and is produced by human standards. I know BFF is an excellent product.
448099448099B002C1WDL4A1T1DXCJ7QAOMGClaude "Handyman"0131315180800Look good to me but expensiveBest Feline Friend cat food cost more for less food. I did not try it but my cat eats few bites and look at me for something else. I found that it has a very strong smell of fish compared to other brand. In other word may be the food is too concentrated.Despite the much higher cost I would have given my cat this brand if he would have liked it.Sorry "Best Feline" but I did not decide. If you want more details ask Wicket, my cat.
448100448100B002C1WDL4A25R6GV3ZTC0O5M. Stover0131299542400Not the best flavor of BFFMy cat completely ignores this flavor. Instead of the normal slab of meat, like BFF's other flavors, this one is soupy, and apparently not very good. My cat looks at me like I'm crazy when I give it to her. I don't know if I got a bad batch. If someone has gotten this, and it wasn't soupy, please leave a comment.
448101448101B002C1WDL4A236V1U1P2K4OGAndrew I. Munro Sr.3621286668800Paws down from 2 out of 3 cats !I am always looking for good quality cat food and thought I would give this a try.
Sadly it did not go down well in my house ! Two of my cats just walked away without a mouthful and the third ate about a quarter of a can. Whereas with Fancy Feast, they inhale it.
Maybe it's like humans, the stuff that is bad for you simply tastes better !
448102448102B002C1WDL4A33GBMWX8VH1MJAnna Meredith0331313798400Cat loves it, but it STINKS horriblyI've been feeding my cat this food for about 2 weeks and my cat loves it. However, I feed my cat in the dining room and I eat my breakfast in the living room because the food stinks and the smell lingers.

My cat seems very healthy and always has lots of energy after his meal. He seems very healthy and excited to be fed and licks the can clean.

But I think I'll return to Tiki Cat or Newman's Own. I change his litterbox at least twice per day because I will not have my house smelling like animal droppings. I will not tolerate foul cat food smell either.
448103448103B002C1WDL4A1P99HOPB4LB9ILora2731293062400My cat is a picky eaterand she will evetually "give in" and eat this food, but she doesn't "dive right in" as I had hoped she would do. Granted, she is a picky eater and an elderly cat, but I had hoped she would really enjoy this brand of organic food. I do better to cook and grind my own food for her. Heck, I made baby food when my daughter was a baby what's the difference for an old, sickly kitty cat? As expensive as this brand of cat food is I probably save money making my own. I am disappointed, but when I am a poor, old lady on a fixed income and have to eat cat food so I can buy my meds under Obama-care this is the brand I want to eat!
448104448104B002C1WDL4AO1HCBT9PKWNOGisele "Gisele"0521266710400vomit inducingDespite the superior quality of Weruva, my cats vomit this food the next day. It's just too rich for them, I guess!
448105448105B002C1WDL4A25W56ML0PB3SMshambala1911299801600This stuff stinks literally!!!My cat Joshua is 13years old, he has been with me through thick and thin, good times bad times, you name it. When times were hard, he had to rough it with cat food from the ninety nine cents store, no complaints he ate it up. Lately times have been good so I wanted to buy him something special hence my decision to buy Best Feline Friend, Talk about a emotionally based decision!! this stuff is horrible!! it truly smells worse than any cat food I have ever come across not to mention the fact that he will not even come near the stuff, one whiff and he is walking in the opposite direction. This stuff may be good for cats but if they don't even want to eat it, whats the point? Here's some advice save your money and buy your cat what is good for them but at the same time something they enjoy, that's what your best feline friend deserves, not this stuff.
448106448106B006EQ0J50A3B1360JOYS0GJExpectoPatronum3341326067200Individually boxed and very fresh.I had been craving fruitcake during the holidays but couldn't find the time to go get one locally so I purchased these last week to share with family and friends.

They arrived well packaged in a large box, then inside was a smaller box with 10 individually boxed fruit cakes. They are the same fruitcakes you purchase at stores except each one comes in an indvidual cardboard box. This is great if you plan to gift these because it makes a more presentable package and will probably keep them fresher. I was impressed that each one had its own box.

These also arrived very soft and fresh like they had been shipped soon after they were made and not sitting around in a warehouse all year. These are the freshest I've had including when I purchased them at local stores.

They sell these locally for $3.99 each plus tax. However, the price on Amazon is cheaper than I bought them on the Claxton website and I prefer to buy from Amazon. I will purchase these again next year and would recommend them.
448107448107B001FXU6QOA2QSKQYEA493BYL. Downie4451309046400Wonderful gold food paintI don't have an airbrush, but I used it to paint on the fondant with a brush. It did a great job, will be buying other colours.(That's how we spell it where I come from)
448108448108B001FXU6QOAKLT9KJIBWAIVBB21111343779200NOT metallicThere is nothing metallic about this color. It is gold in the fact that it is yellow, but that is it. There isn't any sheen or sparkle. I was bummed.
448109448109B001FXU6QOA2EN37RUJTLFYLJanstar0021342396800not the sameI bought this product thinking it was a gold sheen as seen on the bottle being sold by amazon. It has no sheen to it at all it doesnt even say sheen,its just "gold"
448110448110B001FXU6QOA3PJD1PGZXD5TFMissy0051324339200Lovely color, great to work withThe most important thing (to me at least) is that the color of this gold is great. It may look greenish in the bottle, but on icing or fondant it has a nice warm color, not too yellow, not brassy, just really nice.

I also like the different effects you can get through layering. One coat produces a pearly gold shimmer, sort of like an Art Noveau enameled brooch. 2 + coats will get you a bolder solid gold look. It's not going to come out like polished metal, but the effect is still VERY pretty and impressive.

I wouldn't recommend this paint for writing or drawing on icing or fondant (you have to stroke over it repeatedly to produce crisp lines), but it's GREAT for "highlighting" raised areas and adding a beautiful something extra.

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