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448111448111B001FXU6QOA14UUJMRQ6ULRVShaunnaMichelle0051323216000Just what I neededThe AmeriColor AmeriMist Edible Paint and Airbrush Color Gold Sheen worked great with my airbrush or you can just spray it on. Awesome color, just as in the photos.
448112448112B001FXU6QOAYJ33PQ0H8A7PBrandi0011322784000Is this a joke? If I could give it a 0, I would.First of all, I am aware that this is made for the gun, however after reading the reviews I purchased it and let me say I have never been more dissapointed. In the picture the gold is brilliant, bold, and intense. When I got this product it was oily in appearance and looked like vinegar in color. I used a paintbrush as I read in a previous review. The color is a yellow, maybe a copper tone---nothing like gold. I used part of this for an anniversary cake--I had to drive to the arts and crafts store to purchase Wiltons Gold shimmer to attempt to cover this disaster. I thought $15 was pretty expensive in the first place, but after using the product I am sure it is not worth a single cent. I cannot believe how grotesque this color is. If I wanted a copper/yellow tone I would have just used edible dye---I sure would have saved the money for something else. I bake hundreds of cakes each year, and I am confident to say that this is the worst item I have ever used. Garbage. I have another bottle that should be arriving in the mail in a couple days for the silver color, I will be sending it right back and getting my money back for sure!
448113448113B001FXU6QOA1K0TEFCRCKU9BChelas Cakes & Fruit Arrangements "Chela"0051322179200Blue Pearl Sheen, AmeriColorEverything AmeriColor that I have purchased works great! I was looking for some lighter tone colors, everything I had was pretty bright. These sheen colors are light with a pretty sheen, it's great! Thank you!
448114448114B001FXU6QOAUHEZA8AYSXOEVera0051321920000Love itLoved it. I didnt have an airbrush so I just shook it real good and painted it on. Came out beautiful I had to do a couple coats though.
448115448115B001FXU6QOAKGIHE73N0HJWjennifer0051301875200Love this product works amazing!!!I love this product, first it was supose to get here between the 5 and 20th which made me mad, but it actually got here on the 3rd. So that was awsome!!!! Also some people say that its to thin to paint with, not at all it paints amazing!! Looks great works great and came fast, in one word...........perfect
448116448116B003MOXA6CA2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"121451279843200Great Taste.. plus Healthywell I think the nutritional info is very good...but the taste is better.
I am going to try all the crunch's now
Think thin is little sweet for me.. but not these bars
448117448117B003MOXA6CA1KK5J1NXTHABEGreg ELVANDER "amazonian"6641282608000Meal in a barAs a diabetic, this bar is excellent for high protein. Substituting it for a meal while on the go keeps my sugar in control with very little "spiking". The flavors and textures are wonderful.
448118448118B003MOXA6CA960YN78OY8V1C. Wilcoxen "C. Wilcoxen"5551299628800Awesome taste!I have tried numerous protein bars and all have that lovely aftertaste like I just ate cardboard covered in multivitamins....but not this one!! This one is absolutley wonderful. I am a hairdresser and there are a lot of days where I dont eat at all because I am booked back to back, so I have been looking for not only something that tastes good but will be relativley healthy and keep the hunger pains away and I have forund all of the above with these bars! Again, I love them....just saying.
448119448119B003MOXA6CA88RADKTD8VO8D. R. Strough "advisingprincess"7831302134400Very Tasty BUT NOT SUGAR FREEI eat several varieties of the Think Thin bars, and they are a good, low carb snack. This particular variety, while VERY tasty (not to mention a higher fiber count than the other varieties), is not contains honey. For anyone NOT doing a low carb diet, this may not be an issue; however, for low-carbers out there, you know that the carb count alone isn't enough. You have to read the ingredients. I was sooooo disappointed to see honey on the list.

Oh, was a nice, one-time indulgence.
448120448120B003MOXA6CAYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"4451281657600Now My Favorite Breakfast BarCompared to my other favorite breakfast bar, Kashi Honey Almond Flax, this bar:

Cons -
* has 21% more calories & 55% more fat
* costs 1/3 more

Pros -
* has 15% less sodium, 20% more fiber, 40% less sugar, 30% more protein
* tastes about twice as good

I conclude that it is a nutritious, tasty, filling, reasonably priced breakfast bar.
448121448121B003MOXA6CA2LXWKXCO8T6O8bb3351302393600healthy, delicious!Looking for a low sugar alternative in a bar, this is it!My husband was munching on Zone bars until I glanced at the sugar it contained! This bar was a great substitute without the high sugar (his trigycerides were much too high) and now it's part of his daily food choices. No complaints about taste, the crunch and chocolate are very satisfying. Buying on the monthly plan is also cost effective as they can be costly bought individully at the store. In all, a win win.
448122448122B003MOXA6CA15G43AQI4BIWMT.Ali3351297814400Perfect condition.I usually buy a few of these for $1.70 each. They are perfect for people on-the-go. I am an active person, always on my feet at work. This box works out great because I don't run out after a few days and its works out to be more economical than paying per bar. They taste delicious and are low in sugar, high in protein. In between work and school, eating one of these with a bottle of water holds me over until I can get home for dinner, because who in NYC can afford to buy dinner every damn night? They arrived a day late, but it perfect condition, no melting and just a few were broken in half, but that even happens at the store. Great product and great price.
448123448123B003MOXA6CA26KIN6LSNH840R. Huffer2231324339200Hit or missThese taste good, but the quality of the nuts used is inconsistent. Sometimes the nuts are painfully hard and brownish, looking like an almond you found in the couch cushion years after someone dropped it in there. They are nice and crispy, but sometimes they are too hard to bite.
448124448124B003MOXA6CA1NGRUBUH56TNFT. Resin2211317513600Delicious Bars but STALE from Amazon!I ordered a whole box for work and was so disappointed when I realized they were all STALE! I usually buy these at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods but the price was better on Amazon so I ordered them. Unfortunately, they were stale and old. So, no more buying these delicious bars from Amazon. I would rather pay more but get a fresh product. Why doesn't Amazon do something about this? I am not the first person to have had this experience. I didn't bother reading the reviews before I ordered them on my iPhone. Oh well. I hope they fix this or at least that others will read this!
448125448125B003MOXA6CAMWT1TL8J4WEQJen Gosnell "review junkie"2241289606400Good crunch and not too sweetI like these bars because you get the crunch and flavor of a nut bar without too much sugar. They are peanut-y, without the weird texture and gross sweetness of other peanut butter protein bars. In my mind these are positives.

Be prepared that there is not likely to be a large amount of chocolate coating on any given bar. The first time I bought one, I was disappointed when I opened it and compared the appearance of the actual bar to the picture on the packaging. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste so I decided to buy more.

They can sometimes leave an impression of being a bit dry or gritty, which I suppose is due to the soy crisps or tapioca starch, or maybe just how dry my own mouth happens to be that day. I simply make sure I have a glass of water available when I plan to eat one of these.
448126448126B003MOXA6CA2S9OONRXUIJ0SAJP2241284249600Tasty barsThese bars are very tasty and contains less calories and sugar than bars from other companies. They are not very chewy or very crunchy.
448127448127B003MOXA6CA3FOM5AA39AAS0Vasiliki "vasiliki"1111350172800Recal effective 10/12/2012[...]
Recall -- Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.
Creative Energy Foods, Inc. Recalls Crunch® thinkThin Nutrition Bars Due to Possible Health Risk Associated With Sunland Inc. Peanut Products


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 12, 2012 - Creative Energy Foods, Inc. (CEF) is voluntarily recalling Crunch® thinkThin nutrition bars which may contain blanched roasted peanuts supplied by Sunland , Inc. to CEF. The decision was made as the result of the expanded recall of peanut butter, nut butters and peanut products by Sunland because of potential contamination with Salmonella.

Salmonella bacteria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. Consumers with the above symptoms should consult their physician.

While no illnesses associated with any of these products have been reported to date, as part of our commitment to the safety and quality of our products we have decided to issue a voluntary recall.

Consumers who have any products covered by this recall should dispose of them. Consumers who have any questions about the recalled products are urged to contact CEF Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 4:30PM Pacific Time at 510-567-1200, extension #1. Consumers with questions or concerns about their health should contact their doctor or health care provider.

The Best-By-Dates for the recalled products are listed below and can be found on the back of the package, underneath the seal.

These products were distributed at retail chain stores nation wide from March 2010 to October 12, 2012.

The following products being recalled:






Crunch® thinkThin

Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70840 9

101812, 110912, 120112, 022813, 040413, 041913, 050913, 051513, 052313, 060113, 060813, 061313. 062713, 070913 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

Crunch® thinkThin

White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70861 4

030113 ,032513, 042013, 052213, 060113, 061513, 062213 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

Crunch® thinkThin

Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70843 0

101812, 102612, 110812, 110912, 120312, 030713, 030813, 031613, 032513, 041213, 041313, 042113, 042513, 042813, 051213, 052313, 052413, 060713, 061413, 062613, 062813, 071813 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

Crunch® thinkThin

Caramel Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70879 9

112812, 030813, 040513, 042113, 051013, 060113, 061513, 071313 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

Crunch® thinkThin

Cherry & Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70915 4

022313, 032513, 041913, 042513, 061113 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

Crunch® thinkThin

Blueberry & Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70906 2

111812, 022313, 022413, 032813, 040413, 042113, 051813, 051913, 060813, 062713, 062813, 071913 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

Crunch® thinkThin

Cranberry Apple & Mixed Nuts

40 grams

7 53656 70909 3

030813, 041113, 052913, 062213 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012

448128448128B003MOXA6CA27ULPK1RGCNU6Picky CO Mom1131350172800RECALL NOTICEAmazon is pretty good about these but I had no idea and was getting ready to order more. Here is the recall info effective October 12, 2012:
thinkThin Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts
40 grams
UPC Code: 7 53656 70843 0

Best by date lots that are recalled:
101812, 102612, 110812, 110912, 120312, 030713, 030813, 031613, 032513, 041213, 041313, 042113, 042513, 042813, 051213, 052313, 052413, 060713, 061413, 062613, 062813, 071813 AND expired lots prior to Best By 101012
448129448129B003MOXA6CA3E4J6KF7T9IUYLyle R. Creamer1131318377600Satisfactory but very little chocolateThese bars are 'crunchy' with a strong peanut flavor. There is just a hint of chocolate on the outside edge. If you are hoping for a good chocolate bar with a few nuts you will be disappointed but if you want a crunchy peanut bar you will probably be delighted.
448130448130B003MOXA6CA2BGJZECBWZT10T. Chen1151298592000great snacksThese bars have less sugar content compared to most nutrition bars out there, yet they are tasty. I eat them in between meals or after a workout as snacks.
448131448131B003MOXA6CA33IYH19QJXA4ZE. A. Quam "booknut Betty"1151282608000I bought this as a gift...for my daughter and she loved the bars. Nice and crunchy with a great nutty, chocolate taste. She shared them with friends on a trip and had to hide them so they wouldn't all be eaten. I have given the friends the manufacturer name and steered them to Amazon to order them
448132448132B003MOXA6CA1RRMZKOMZ2M7JSue Katz "Honey Bee"1141280361600Decent but heavy on the peanutsThese are decent ... and MUCH better than the other think thin bars. However, the #1 ingredient is PEANUTs. I'm not sure that "mixed nuts" is apt but it's tasty for being so low in sodium (90mg) & sugars (3g) and gluten-free. I'd buy them again but would wait until they're on sale.

Nutrition: 190 cal, 11g fat, 10g protein, 5g fiber

Major Ingredients: Peanuts, soy crisps, almonds, chickory extract, cashews, maltitol, brown rice syrup, honey, soy lecithin, flavoring, salt.
448133448133B003MOXA6CA1HTIPIY81G66JBecky A. Behrmann0041350604800Great SnackI eat these high protein bars about 4 hours into my 12-hr nursing shift. They keep my blood sugar from plummeting, and they feel like a real indulgence because they are so good.
448134448134B003MOXA6CA3CJUNUDMNX5SLMary Moone0051349222400DeliciousThe Think Thin products are well made and gluten free. The Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts is particularly delicious. It's got a great combo of sweet and salt and is very chocolatey. Easy grab-n-go breakfast.
448135448135B003MOXA6CAIQ7S0ND2NJ7TA. T. Griffith0041348790400Great protien/snack barI really like this protein/snack bar. I worked to find a bar that is gluten-free, dairy-free and low in sugar. This line of bars is the closest I have found that fits my criteria. They taste good and are a quick on the go snack that tides me over until I can get a meal.
448136448136B003MOXA6CA188FL1P49QW2STerry "tleah444"0051346803200Great combination healthy, gluten free and yummy!These have become a family favorite and always have them on hand. No one even knows they are healthy and gluten free except me, they are so good and low in sugar too.
448137448137B003MOXA6CA1N10XYZN0ASA7Quilting Nana0041344384000Healthy snackThis low sugar, high fiber tasty treat tastes more like a candy bar than a healthy bar. Great for those of use that love nuts. Not non-fat, however the fat is does have is a more "healthy" type found in nuts. Gluten free if that is important to you.
448138448138B003MOXA6CA1HNBS6ICM87LSCustomer0051341619200Love these...My favorite, all around snack bar. Total love that it's not overly sweet. I'll never get tired of these, they're great with a smoothie as a meal, and I eat them as a snack at least a few times a week. The best tasting bar I've had, and I've had quite a few.
448139448139B003MOXA6CA1C0GW1Q0KMWIMsoo jin chung0041341187200Little too sweetI was looking for a nut bar made with 100% wohle nuts for a meal replacement.
Saw Think Thin here and tried it.
This bar tastes good. Whole nuts and soy crisps and everything.
But for a meal replacement, it's too sweet.
It says to be 70% less sugared than leading fruit and nut bars. I wonder which bar it's reffering to? It's still pretty sweet. I'd call it sweet snack than meal replacement.
When I have less than satisfying meal, I would eat it for desert. For me it's canndy bar replacement.
I feel guilty eating it instead of a meal.

Everything is laced with so much sugar now days, when I eat something for health, I want no sugar or very little sugar in it.
This bar would taste even better if it were less sweet.
448140448140B003MOXA6CA77DN61BDRO72Barbara McCracken0051340496000Crunchy break!Whenever you need a crunchy break, this is the bar to try. A little sweet and salty hits the spot!

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