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448160448160B003MOXA6CA1Q4TN9GBQ6D21Jolly Quilter0051308009600Best Nut BarI'm a quilter and a snacker. ThinkThin Mixed Nut Bars are a perfect product for me. I love nuts, which are often salty, greasy, or messy to eat. ThinkThin Mixed Nut Bars contain all the nuts I like with just a hint of sweetness, and the convenience of a bar. A great snack for a quilter or anyone trying to watch their weight.thinkThin Crunch, Mixed Nuts, Gluten Free,10 - 40 gram BarsI have mine on Amazon's subscription program so they are delivered automatically each month. ThinkThin Bars also come in chocolate, white chocolate, and orange cream!
448161448161B003MOXA6CA2H03V8PAZDU9JLMPGAP0041307836800Too much soy at timesI can taste the soy lecithin very easily so I do get tired of these things, but they are a good hunger fix if you are short on time.
448162448162B003MOXA6CA24IMIHTTLIRX0Karen Syed "Karen L. Syed, Reader/Author/Publ...0051307750400Finally Some FlavorBeing a relatively new overweight, diabetic, with a gluten intolerance, my life has become a bit of a challenge. Especially when it comes to eating.

I need foods that I can carry with me that don't taste like cardboard. I have been scouring the Internet and ran across these bars. I picked some up and was pleasantly surprised.

Good flavor, good texture, a little more fiber than most and on top of it, chocolate. YEA!!!!

Not your typical gluten free, low sugar food. Good stuff!
448163448163B003MOXA6CA1MODX0Q6IJ46AR. M. Watkins0051306886400Really, really like these!This bar is probably my favorite of the Think Thin brand bars. The Chocolate is a very close second. Yes, it is sweet, but it doesn't leave a cloying aftertaste like the fudge bars. I will definitely continue to buy these, and enjoy them!
448164448164B003MOXA6CAZ357WNYVF7GOGo Penguins0051305072000Packaging and formulation changed.. even better!Tastes better.. more chewy as opposed to crunchy. I like the change. Great meal replacement for me. Throw in the purse and good to go.
448165448165B003MOXA6CA1U732A5SX60SPYarDost0041282608000Great taste though a little too much on the sweet sideA decent tasting bar that has good amount of protein and fiber. A little sticky and sweeter than I prefer, but not bad at all.
448166448166B003MOXA6CA2RMR1DKIF7HIPhari.s.hariharan0051282608000Great tasting/nutritious barBought this product a couple weeks back. Both me and my wife love it and she takes it everyday as a breakfast bar. I use it as a desert bar after dinner. Perfect balance between nuts and chocolate. Sad that we did not order more when it was on the special deal. Maybe next time! Highly recommend the bar
448167448167B003MOXA6CA3BC51PZJ8L67RAdam Lasnik "Frim Fram Sauce Extraordinaire"0041281744000Surprisingly tasty and fillingThese compact bars pack a nice punch of taste, texture, and healthiness. Given their largely natural contents and reasonably low sugar amount, I feel fine grabbing these for a snack on occasion.
448168448168B003MOXA6CA3O6RE381BUYCIPamela L0051281139200These Are DeliciousI've tried many low carb bars and these are very good. Not too sweet but a perfect balance of sweet and crunchy. They don't have that funny chemical taste that many bars have - probably because they are made with maltitol, which can cause gastric distress if you eat too much of it.

One reviewer complained about the lack of nutrition information provided in the description, with which I agree. However, I have that complaint with Amazon overall for the food items they sell, not just this particular item. I look up nutrition information elsewhere before buying on Amazon, which shouldn't be necessary.
448169448169B003MOXA6CAF31VB4KWLGXTA. Davis0041280880000A better nut barThis is the least sweet bar I have tried thus far (which is a good thing). I like the taste, but wish it had more nuts. But even on sale (about $1 per bar), it's still a expensive. I need to find a good recipe and start making nut bars myself.
448170448170B003MOXA6CAKEFR4CBQDGI7Jester217770041280620800I like themIf you like Kashi bars, you'll like these. They have just they right blend of chocolate, oats and nuts. Plus they are overly loaded with sticky syrup. A great bar for those in between meal cravings.
448141448141B003MOXA6CAM80T4HEKN1Z4F. Yang0011340150400Stale nutsI read a review, commenting that the nuts were stale. I thought it might have been an one-time deal. The nuts in my bars are stale as well. The expiration is Feb 2013. Even though grocery cannot be returned on Amazon, customer service refunded me without asking for return. (When I checked at the store, where the bars have been fresh, the expiration is April 2013.)
448142448142B003MOXA6CA2UX5R9EFQ6TKKRI book worm0051338249600Delicious and nutritious on the go snackTastes great and is packed with protein. A nutritious snack that stops hunger. Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts is my favorite thinkThin flavor.
448143448143B003MOXA6CA2N27BQPTBVVHEDanielle0051336348800Good healthy snackThis a great healthy snack.
Even me that was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, has
gluten intolerance and all sorts of food limitation is enjoying
this snack with no problem.
I'm trying the chocolate ones next... let's see !
448144448144B003MOXA6CA2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary0051327017600they love theseTwo member of my family have celiac sprue and so we have been plunged into gluten free living over the past few years. Although these are not organic, my husband and daughter do like these to have a bit of variety in their lives. There are only so many Larabars one can eat in a lifetime. If you are looking for a good organic snack type product and have not yet discovered Orgain drinks, run there and order them immediately.

I purchased several varieties of the Thinkthins when they were on promotion. Best price I have found.
448145448145B003MOXA6CA1203KL8D5AHSRalfred0051326412800Always trying to lose weightThese bars taste wonderful and are not full of sugar. I am a repeat customer. I haven't lost weight, but I don't see any gain when I eat one bar a day.
448146448146B003MOXA6CA3H7NPNDMGLOU4Kerri Elders0031322697600I Like These Bars But They Don't Like MeI love the taste and texture of these bars; they're sweet, but not overly-sweet and have a satisfying, nutty crunch and just enough chocolate to make them interesting.

UNFORTUNATELY, I apparently have a severe negative reaction to the artificial sweetener, maltitol, used in the chocolate coating. About an hour and a half after eating one, my abdomen puffs up like a balloon filled with air, resulting in a very sore, achy feeling tummy and (excuse me) painful gas that lasts about three hours.

Many people have this reaction to maltitol; if you're one of them, you'll have to learn, as I painfully have, to avoid anything that contains this sweetener.

Hopefully, the company can make some maltitol-free versions of these bars in the future.
448147448147B003MOXA6CAYB15CBIKIR56Jamie Greiver0051322524800great meal supplementThese are my favorite of all protein bars. They aren't overly sweet, taste delicious, totally fill me up and are gluten free. I usually eat one for breakfast and am not hungry for 3-4 hours afterwards. Lots of protein too.
448148448148B003MOXA6CAV4JIF8QALQARH. M. Holmes0041320105600Crunchy, chewy, salty & sweet...yummy!Tastes like a Payday candy bar but with protein and a genuinely nutty taste. These bars are great for on-the-go, in your handbag, purse, or backpack and actually fill you up with a bottle of water and an apple for a healthy meal. I don't recommend refrigeration, as they are already chewy and don't need to be hard on top of that. I recommend these bars for athletes, students, moms, and kids alike. They taste great and are very satisfying.
448149448149B003MOXA6CAG9WWT7RE2VFDChelseadog0051320019200Think Thin Bars RockThese are my favorite snack. High in protein, low in sugar and fat. Great for anytime and they taste great.
448150448150B003MOXA6CA1VB7CZP4D775NMARJORIE FUHRMANN0051319760000The best bar Think Thin makesI have always longed for a real crunch in the Think Thin bars. Until this bar came along this sensation was lacking. This bar combines a darker chocolate with nuts in every bite. It's very tasty, and with the crunch, it satisfies one's chewing crave. I have bought this product by the bar in Trader Joe's but when I saw that Amazon sold it by the box, I jumped at the price point. I haven't had any of the shipping problems that other reviewers have mentioned. (Mine are shipped to Maryland.) I will definitely order these bars again. I use these bars are a meal replacement, especially at breakfast.
448151448151B003MOXA6CA3KVY701T49MKWMerissa0041319760000YumThe chocolate was a little crumbly, but the taste is very good. My hubby has celiacs, and it is gluten free, so it is an excellent bar to stock in the pantry for whenever he doesn't have time for breakfast.
448152448152B003MOXA6CA4E1R7XICZRXHK. Tien0051318809600Perfect Snack, Taste GreatThe bar taste much better than many other bars I have tasted such as Odwalla and such. The chocolate is kept to a minimum to the bottom layer, and the nuts used in this product are a good mix with the chocolate. Overall, a very good bar and I would definitely subscribe on this item monthly.
448153448153B003MOXA6CALOF9A2GXGYVYLaura "Discount Dame"0021318377600Think YumThis bar is the best tasting low sugar bar I've had.
I am however concerned about the Maltitol in the bar.
This substance is used as a sweetener and I think it's synthetic.
I've also read that it helps Aluminum cross the blood brain
barrier, yikes! I really love these bars but I'm going to look
for something else, because of the Maltitol. Honestly, I think
I'm just going to have to make my own.
448154448154B003MOXA6CA169D8RFM3WZ68Ding "savvyshopper"0051317945600Tasty ProductThe family found that these bars pretty tasty, travel well, and seem to be worth the calories. We puchased a second box already.
448155448155B003MOXA6CA1EC9OS7PUKEORazldazlrr0041316476800Great for a changeI like to have a protein bar to grab in a hurry and these are a nice change. They are nutty and not too sweet. However, they aren't very big and have a decent amount of calories.
448156448156B003MOXA6CA2QBTQS957UR1ARobinATL0051315094400Love Think Thin Products, Esp This One!The ThinkThin Crunch, Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts with Chocolate are delicious! If you are looking for something a little sweeter than the chocolate peanut butter bars, this one is an excellent choice. Not as filling as the dense bars, but I still actually like the taste of these better. (And I like the one's dipped in white chocolate too!)
448157448157B003MOXA6CA3GGJR45DV9HIUmacy0051312588800Thin Thin Crunch, mixed Nuts, Gluten Free 10-40 gram barsMy favorite that I won't go without it. Its good for my weight management that it help me attain the weight I want for myself. Before or after my morning walk I eat half of the far with my Fuze slenderize drink its a low calorie drink 15 calories a bottle. I eat half for my mid-afternoon snack and later evening after work in my car.Its delicious at the same time its low in calories.
I just love -love -love it!
448158448158B003MOXA6CA31D767DYFB76KLilly0051309305600Thinkthin Crunch , Chocolate Dipped mixed nuts, Gluten FreeSo far I have purchased four boxes if these bars. I like them a lot and take them with me when I travel. If you like Chocolate and nuts you will love these.
448159448159B003MOXA6CAUT0MYSC0CRDEBonita0051308614400TEN starsThese are delicious - very little sweetener - just pure nuts and chocolate. A great snack, minimal carbs (16g carb, 10g protein, 12g fat) - fits the Barry Sears or Eades philosophies of limiting carbs. Whatever - they TASTE good!

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