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448171448171B003MOXA6CA1R377IPZOKLMMGina B "It's a dry heat!"0051280534400Delicious nut bars!I was surprised that these bars tasted so delicious - I found myself unable to stop at just one! The bar is a loose conglomeration of nuts & soy, coated with honey. Highly recommended as a low carb snack that will keep you full for hours. I find them great to throw in my purse for a snack on-the-go.
448172448172B003MOXA6CA12FMFPEZ0V3B3patc0051280361600Great tasty snackWorking on a low carb, higher protein health plan. I like a number of the Think Thin bars. This bar satisfies the crunch and nutty taste. This bar is a winner.
448173448173B003MOXA6CA14AJ9Y7TZEF7OLaberg1311338508800Might be Genetically Engineered SoyWhen I read the ingredients in this product, I found that there is alot of soy in it, it does not state organic...might contain Genetically Engineered ingredients.
Check out this link or just google GM or GE foods:

448174448174B003MOXA6CA3CSJNM7QIBGUBNaga Parsa0531282608000not that greatMay be the taste is person dependent. I didn't like it much. It's kind of ok.

I got better one at costo. Better taste and cheaper.
448175448175B003MOXA6CA1C38OQLTAEONUT. King0631279843200Haven't purchased yet, but...If you want the nutrition info on these bars, go to [...]. All the info you need is there. The crunch bars are 190-200 calories each. I think I'm going to try a couple of different ones. I'm always looking for stuff that is not artificially sweetened and that has "good stuff".
448176448176B003MOXA6CA3TS7BAOQ47DI7RV Lady199311279843200CALORIES????My first thought when I saw this product was "Yum. These look good. I'll order some." I am ALWAYS looking for a healthy, lo-cal treat. My next thought, after reading the description was "Why would anything sold with the name 'thinkTHIN' NOT tell you the calories in their description?" Wouldn't just about anyone who is looking for a healthy, nutritious treat want to see the nutrition information? Come on, people! What are you hiding? I will certainly NOT order these until I see more information, be it here or somewhere else. Maybe the nutrition labeling is here, and I just don't see it, but it should be front and center.
448177448177B002AN6XBAA2NXT8RDXHT910sartorius2251274313600Great all natural productI feed my cats only high quality food and treats. These are great crunchy treats that are natural, healthy AND my cats like them! I don't have to worry about excess fats and gross by products when I give these. My girls usually only get freeze dried meat treats, so these make a great alternative. Innova is fantastic quality brand.
448178448178B002AN6XBAA3U4FCEAT75XLSCynesige1151312761600Cats truly love this stuffWe've got three cats, and they absolutely love this stuff. Just picking up the little packet of it will bring all three of them running from all ends of the house. I'm not even talking about opening it - just the little crinkling sound of picking it up off the table. These are "treats", so despite their being on the healthy side of the genre, they're not intended for main meals, and it'd be too expensive to do that, anyway. I typically give them a small handful (10 to 20 pieces each) at night. Their main diet is Blue Buffalo wet and dry foods, and Wellness Core dry. These treats are just supplements to a main diet. If you're looking for something that will really get your cats excited and get them out from whatever corners they're nesting in, try the Innova Cat Treats. This stuff is like catnip. Actually, it has catnip in it, which may explain part of the excitement.
448179448179B002AN6XBAA3NPACKJFKAZIEChavez1151311724800FabulousMy cats (3) absolutely love these treats.In fact, as of this writing I have to order more.
One of the cats loves it when I slide them across the floor one at a time,which encourages him to run to have to get it.
The other 2 love to watch him running while they chow down into their plates
(They are Siamese,and Siamese are to be waited on,they can not be bothered to have to chase their treats!) :)
I love the ingredients and feel that my cats are getting a healthier treat.
Will definitely order again.
448180448180B002GWHAVMA33K6S0W79DB53Dianne K Taglienti/Claudio Taglienti0051319846400Great tasteThis coffee tastes great. I have tried Lavazza and other non organic brands, but the taste of this coffee is very good and the price is reasonable. I will purchase it again.
448181448181B002GWHAVMA3IN8R6ZNEJQ9Sdrglenn0041270339200FairTrade EspressoCoffee Bean Direct Fair Trade Espresso, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Very nice espresso - not my absolute favorite, but good quality. Would buy again.
448182448182B0021L8XRSA3QQRMRZHPXRAHPorcelain Monkey111151263340800happy chewing from two dogs for hoursI have two Dogs, 12 and 1 yr old, medium size and a bit larger. both have strong health teeth, chewing bones like this for most of their lives. I was told by my Veterinarian one of the main reasons (besides no soft food) the have great oral hygiene. these natural bones are the right size and the dogs never leave them alone until they are gone or I take them away. Dont give these to them before bed time (crunch crunch crunch). I notice they develop a thirst after chewing for awhile. No digestion problems as a result of eating on these. a great bang for the buck as far as dog treats go. Strongly recommend for dogs that have good teeth.
448183448183B0021L8XRSAEH4T140115ZACrystal A. Hughey "Crystal"2251319846400Tasty TreatsOur Boxers were super excited to have these bones. They ate the whole thing, the bones didn't upset their stomachs. We will definintely buy these again.
448184448184B0021L8XRSA2HMWF3239TIPMDissatisfied Customer2251290470400CAIRN TERRIER HEAVEN!I recently purchased these bones for my 4 Cairn Terriers. All my dogs absolutely LOVE them ! Even the 11 year old enjoys chewing them and getting off a "little crunchy bit " . The one review stated that they are a little " messy" . That is true as there are some loose pieces of grizzle when you open the plastic wrappr ( that itself is a GREAT feature to be INDIVIDUALLY wrapped). How I have solved this problem is that I wash each bone under running water and then towel dry it before I give to the Cairns . That way there are no loose crumbs. The dogs enjoy chewing these and it keeps them busy for a long time. When all the the crunchy tendons on the bones are gone , they still enjoy chewing at the marrow. I have not yet seen any diarrhea or even any large pieces chewed off the bones. They dont seem to splinter either. THUMBS UP for this product ! They are all natural and even my Male Cairn who has multiple allergies can enJOY them!!
448185448185B0021L8XRSA39W6VQW3UCAWXbt2251285113600what a treat!these knee bones are amazing! our 1 yr old puppy loves them. after having him try a bunch of different types of bones, this one has kept him busy and they've been safe for him splintering yet! he's a really strong and avid chewer and these bones have held up. great product! we'd definitely get them again!
448186448186B0021L8XRSA3DJ5UVCM75A1NBrian Christopher Forit2241264204800Dogs Love themThese bones kept my dogs busy for a half hour. I like how these Natural bones did not leave a flaky mess like some other bones do. The one thing I didn't like was the cost. I thought I received a good value and would really like to buy them more often but not for $8 for 4 bonz.
448187448187B0021L8XRSA1BSY6BNRLY3AHCynthia D. Bell "mumcmom"4521268092800Smokehouse lamb bonzDogs got them as an alternative to beef bones which they are allergic to. They got right into them, but you must supervise as the knobby ends break off and they are about the size of a large marble so could cause some trouble. I also noticed they splintered, so they were removed at that point. I like the idea, but the safety issue was a problem.
448188448188B0021L8XRSAK3BC1RW44BL2Lesley Bosnak "pug lover"1131327881600NOT FOR STRONG CHEWERS!These bones splinter extremely easily for Medium to Large Dogs! I would only give them to Toy or small dogs and with careful supervision.
448189448189B0021L8XRSA3GY8NYC3K6JF3rita1151316390400USA & Size MattersMy dog doesn't like big bones. She barely chews them and then they lie around all yucky! These knee bones are a perfect size. She eats them all up. The fact that they're USA bones is a big selling point for me. I would NEVER give my dog foreign bones because I don't know if they are processed correctly to kill bacteria. American dog: American bones!
448190448190B0021L8XRSAIPJK5O8JYWCXAverage Joe1151315612800Dogs love themWe have 2 Min-Pin mixed breed dogs that are 2x - 3x larger than normal min pins. Because of their size, normal treats are either too big or too small. These knee bones are perfect for them and we finally found something they won't power through in 10 minutes. These bones are a bit messy so we either give them to the dogs outside or on a blanket inside. They do have a smell when first being chewed but it goes away as the dogs work on them. We are very happy with these bones.
448191448191B0021L8XRSA1W2F15YRW36XFCallieRFrazee1151314576000Puppy love!These dog treats smell so awful but your puppy/dog will be the happiest you've ever seen in your life. If you ever find yourself annoyed with your puppy because he/she just wants to play, play, play... give em one of these little things and you will not hear a peep for hours! They are kind of messy, so be sure you give one to your puppy in a safe area. And of course, always keep a close eye on him/her when they have one because there are bones in these!
448192448192B0021L8XRSA2GJ8E2JIJW08EG. Staffiere "Commercial & Graphic Artist"1151276473600Messy but enjoyable treatThe only thing our 2 hounds like better are the bigger bones cured the same way. They are messy and I suggest they become and "Out door treat" at least until all the meat is gone.
448193448193B0021L8XRSA6YKLUPM4VICAKales2311297900800GrossThese bones are just gross. First of all, they are not wrapped tight enough to keep them fresh. When you open them up, they just smell old. They are dry and brittle and break just by touching them. I gave one to my 2 year old lab and within seconds it was splintering. I threw the entire pack away, along with the pack of smokehouse knuckles I bought at the same time. GROSS. I would not recommend these. Ask the meat man has way better quality products. Real bones for Real dogs, not this fake crap. Don't buy!
448194448194B0021L8XRSA28WI8P2N11E3YC. CRABTREE "bionix"0051344211200Our Min Pins love themWe buy these regularly. These do not splinter and they do keep the dogs chewing for quite awhile. We have one little guy who likes to chew a lot. We keep a couple of these laying around and he is perfectly content to chew on these (new or old) instead of chewing on inappropriate things. Love them!
448195448195B0021L8XRSA1P91BNTGGDSG8Linda Gableman0051335744000Popular at my houseI have given the knee cap bones to my 75 pound chocolate lab and 11 pound miniature dachshund for years. When we added a 5 pound miniature chihuahua to the mix I wondered if she could hold on to her bone with the larger and more savvy dogs in the house. No problem! She is quick and limber and gets to chew whichever bone she wants. She likes to get hold of a bone the older dogs have been chewing on because they have softened it up a bit. Then she chews it for all she's worth. The older dogs are indulgent with her, and she always leaves one nearby as a trade. I take the bones out of the mix when they get small enough the lab could choke on them. The little ones get put in the crate with the chihuahua when we go in the car. All my dogs have great teeth and I credit these bones. They never splinter, but the dogs can chew off smooth bits, which they eat. This brand of knee cap bones are huge and provide many hours of chewing enjoyment for my animals. I highly recommend them.
448196448196B0021L8XRSA2SSW2KJ47I8M5DLP0021328227200Not for strong chewers, part IIMy 5 lb. Pomeranian was able to chew off the large knobby end of the bone, and then managed to chew off a a smaller 1" knuckle-shaped piece from somewhere (by this time I had already taken the larger knob end away from him), getting it stuck in his throat. Luckily, he threw it up while we were rushing to the vet. Even small/toy dogs who are big chewers should not be given this product.
448197448197B0021L8XRSA38SPKGCW19ZIFM. Blalock "L. Blalock"0051307577600Dogs devoured this!My 2 boxers loved these bones. The only negative is that the bones don't last long. My dogs ate them up in 1 day....better stock up!
448198448198B0021L8XRSA6YKLUPM4VICAKales0111297900800Do not buy!I would not recommend these to ANY dog owner. First, they are package very poorly. Most bones are wrapped in plastic with no air inside, these come in loose plastic and therefore lose the freshness that you expect them to have. They don't smell like regular dog bones..they smell OLD and just gross. I bought the knee bones as well as the regular dog bones from smokehouse. Both were gross. Splintered very easily and were way too brittle for a dog to chew on. Sometimes cheap things---are really just CHEAP.
448199448199B0021L8XRSA35W6IXIDQ0M27K. Bullard "tennismama"0221244851200Upset my dog's stomachGot these for my chocolate lab and it gave her diarrhea. I also have a black lab mix and she can chew on them just fine. To be fair though, this chocolate lab has a very sensitive stomach. I have to take her own food when I board her at the kennel and I don't have to do that for my other dogs so if your dog doesn't have that sensitive a system, I think these will work just fine. My black lab loves them. (I just have to keep them away from my chocolate lab.)
448200448200B001IA99FSA3P68S1EF4GEH9J. Rosett2251305676800delicious, tenderI recieved this jerky as a free replacement for another buffalo bills product with I hadn't liked. They definitely stand behind their products and are very pleasant to deal with. This jerky has a sweet barbeque flavor, and is quite tender and moist. Very few pieces have a little gristle; for the most part they are easy to eat. I agree they could have less salt for my taste, and also for health reasons, but they are quite delicious as they are. This is the best jerky I have ever had.

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