Amazon Fine Food Reviews

448224448224B0021L8XRIAEH4T140115ZACrystal A. Hughey "Crystal"2251319846400Tasty TreatsOur Boxers were super excited to have these bones. They ate the whole thing, the bones didn't upset their stomachs. We will definintely buy these again.
448225448225B0021L8XRIA2HMWF3239TIPMDissatisfied Customer2251290470400CAIRN TERRIER HEAVEN!I recently purchased these bones for my 4 Cairn Terriers. All my dogs absolutely LOVE them ! Even the 11 year old enjoys chewing them and getting off a "little crunchy bit " . The one review stated that they are a little " messy" . That is true as there are some loose pieces of grizzle when you open the plastic wrappr ( that itself is a GREAT feature to be INDIVIDUALLY wrapped). How I have solved this problem is that I wash each bone under running water and then towel dry it before I give to the Cairns . That way there are no loose crumbs. The dogs enjoy chewing these and it keeps them busy for a long time. When all the the crunchy tendons on the bones are gone , they still enjoy chewing at the marrow. I have not yet seen any diarrhea or even any large pieces chewed off the bones. They dont seem to splinter either. THUMBS UP for this product ! They are all natural and even my Male Cairn who has multiple allergies can enJOY them!!
448226448226B0021L8XRIA39W6VQW3UCAWXbt2251285113600what a treat!these knee bones are amazing! our 1 yr old puppy loves them. after having him try a bunch of different types of bones, this one has kept him busy and they've been safe for him splintering yet! he's a really strong and avid chewer and these bones have held up. great product! we'd definitely get them again!
448227448227B0021L8XRIA3DJ5UVCM75A1NBrian Christopher Forit2241264204800Dogs Love themThese bones kept my dogs busy for a half hour. I like how these Natural bones did not leave a flaky mess like some other bones do. The one thing I didn't like was the cost. I thought I received a good value and would really like to buy them more often but not for $8 for 4 bonz.
448228448228B0021L8XRIA1BSY6BNRLY3AHCynthia D. Bell "mumcmom"4521268092800Smokehouse lamb bonzDogs got them as an alternative to beef bones which they are allergic to. They got right into them, but you must supervise as the knobby ends break off and they are about the size of a large marble so could cause some trouble. I also noticed they splintered, so they were removed at that point. I like the idea, but the safety issue was a problem.
448229448229B0021L8XRIAK3BC1RW44BL2Lesley Bosnak "pug lover"1131327881600NOT FOR STRONG CHEWERS!These bones splinter extremely easily for Medium to Large Dogs! I would only give them to Toy or small dogs and with careful supervision.
448230448230B0021L8XRIA3GY8NYC3K6JF3rita1151316390400USA & Size MattersMy dog doesn't like big bones. She barely chews them and then they lie around all yucky! These knee bones are a perfect size. She eats them all up. The fact that they're USA bones is a big selling point for me. I would NEVER give my dog foreign bones because I don't know if they are processed correctly to kill bacteria. American dog: American bones!
448201448201B001IA99FSA1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner2251267574400Hmmm, hmm goodIt is difficult to tell if this is better than the Teriyaki or not they are both so good

I highly recommend both.

Gunner, 2010
448202448202B001IA99FSA1Y6C0EADBU9B7Dan ""D""2251248048000AWESOMEProbably the best beef jerky I've ever had! The country cut is just so moist and flavorful. If you like beef jerky it is a must try for anyone!
448203448203B001IA99FSA257Y0XQK3OM6TBrandon Hale "PSN ID: War_Lord83"2251245888000Delicious jerky!I bought a few flavors of Buffalo Bills jerky based on positive reviews that I saw here on Amazon. It is very delicious and tender, with just the right amount of barbecue flavor. I highly recommend this jerky to anyone considering purchasing it!
448204448204B001IA99FSA14HK5I31UI1E4Garjo2251244851200Sweet & TenderThis is a great tasting jerky. Thick, sweet and tender. I prefer the teryaki but this is real close. Keep up the good work! (ship me some free and I'll be even happier!!). Thanks CCR crew!!
448205448205B001IA99FSA2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao1151333843200BBQ beef jerkyMoist, satisfyingly thick, and not overwhelmingly smothered with flavorings. Perfect camping food or just watching the game with a few brewskis. And it beats that dry, tough jerky in convenience stores.
448206448206B001IA99FSA794GE4PNVPODGula1151325376000Great stuffAll of their Jerkies I have tried so far are very tasty, not too dry and not all soggy. Great flavor
448207448207B001IA99FSA28SZB5UO9EAOSJohn H. Austin Jr. "John Austin 'bookworm & geek"1151314748800Great taste! Superior service!This beef jerkey is so good, it's addictive! I got a sample pack from this outfit with another order and tried it. It is moist, sweet, tangy, with a slick kick of heat. I will be ordering this myself again.

I cannot say enough good things about the speed and accuracy of the order delivery. They delivered way ahead of schedule, with the right products, in great condition.
448208448208B001IA99FSA3TA5QO02YYYR6Girliegirl791151276214400Best Jerky Ever!I got the bbq flavor jerky as a free sample and LOVED it more than the other 3 flavors I purchased! It was moist and tender and absolutely delicious. Will be ordering more. Keep up the good work!
448209448209B001IA99FSA5T9FG0W9C8UBMatthew Kordes0041342742400Good flavor but not greatBased on the reviews here I tried some of the jerky from Buffalo Bills. This is the only one I think I would order again. Moist, tender, very good flavor.
448210448210B001IA99FSA1XFKWAR5STF0John Woods "TObject"0051334188800Very good jerkyWow, this is the best beef jerky I have ever had. I just ate the whole bag, and I was not even hungry. Very good quality cuts too, there was only one gristle in the whole 8-oz bag.

This jerky is very soft and juicy, as far as these types of products go.
448211448211B001IA99FSA1PSAFYB19T4I1Hatchett0051318118400Favorite Flavor.You cant beat this flavor. The texture is splendid and very nice for a snack any time of day. Enjoy!
448212448212B001IA99FSAGN4FXLIVXZC8K. Hong ": D"1231277769600Hmmm..These were very tender, but too salty for my taste. They weren't as salty as the Teriyaki ones though.. :d
I really LOVED Buffalo Bills Dead Meat jerkies so I thought I give these a try.. but I think I'll stick to the ones I love :)
448213448213B000E1FYT2AMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson3351205798400Just like the No Bake CheesecakeIf you buy this expecting the flavor of a warm-from-the-oven New York Deli cheesecake, then yes, you are out of luck. If you're looking for the same taste you get from the Jello No Bake cheesecake products, this is it.

Prep and bake time for warm-from-the-oven New York Deli cheesecake..... about 1.5 hours....taste points 10.

Total time from box to table for Jell-O Instant Pudding & Pie Filling Cheesecake....about 30-seconds....taste points 8.
448214448214B000E1FYT2AI2CT570EO422A. Johnson2221269734400Not the same as the filling from the No Bake Cheesecake boxI followed the directions for "pie filling" and got pudding anyway. Lame. It's nothing like the creamy deliciousness that you get from the mix in the Jello No Bake Cheesecake. I don't care for the crust that comes with the No Bake Cheesecake and I had hoped this would be just the filling component. It's not. :(
448215448215B000E1FYT2A2WC9NFLG57W4HMomma Mary "Expert Mom!"2311198368000cheesecake pudding.?.......not really!Not even close, nobody cared for it, now I have a case to get rid of! Ugh!
448216448216B000E1FYT2ATRSBSCAQG9WChristina Z "Simply me"0041334707200Solo, maybe not - but as an ingredient...No, this pudding mix doesn't have the thicker texture of the no-bake cheesecake mix. It's cheesecake /flavor/ pudding. And in a brownie-based trifle with raspberries, the cheesecake flavor is a winner over the more traditional vanilla or french vanilla puddings that are more readily found in my local stores.
448217448217B005WKDVI6AT1BK9RLD5SCCJolyn0051331510400Choir of happinessI highly recommend this coffee and the other brands from Cafe Pura Vida. If you enjoy high quality pure coffee, it is in your best interest to enjoy try this for your home and office.
448218448218B001EO69WYA3NN2TELI89ZF8MKinVA2221284249600maybe it was a bad pack of 6this was the first time we got this molasses flavor and i'm not sure what it was - if the molasses formula leads to easily broken pieces or if the package just got dropped a lot - but every box in this pack of 6 came with broken pieces! mind you, this is the itty bitty ones already so they were really really small! not that my dog noticed the difference, he gobbled it up regardless! i like the itty bitty size because they are just the right size (each one is thin and less than an inch tall) for a little treat time for my dog (about 35 pounds). i will continue to get cloud star treats, but will skip on the molasses itty bitty treats next time
448219448219B001EO69WYAOJDZG90R95R4P. dowie1151285804800great size for smaller breeds!I have a maltese and worried that too many treats would add pounds so I was thrilled to find these tiny dog treats. No more guilt about giving treats! Super fast shipping, too!
448220448220B001EO69WYAPXC7STYFYGBOOklahoma Wind1151285372800The ONLY dog snack my dog will eat!I love this dog snack because it's vegan and nutritious. My dogs love it for the taste. Buying snacks for them is very difficult because most snacks on the market are full of unhealthy ingredients. It's also difficult to find good vegan snacks. (My little dog cannot digest animal protein and is allergic to a lot of non-animal products.) Cloud Star has more than one vegan flavor, but my smaller dog loves this one so much that she won't eat any other kind. It's the perfect size for her tiny little mouth. The itty bitty biscuits are the only ones that she can eat without my help. I also love the size for the sake of my older dog, who is a bit overweight. I can still give him snacks without worrying that it's going to make him gain more.

I cannot buy these anywhere in my area. Only the larger biscuits are sold, which are too big for EITHER of my dogs to eat. I am thankful for the internet because it makes it possible for me to keep the pantry stocked with them.

Oh yeah, one more thing I like about them is that there is no disgusting smell when you open a package. They smell fresh--good enough that I tried one. Certainly not something I'd eat on a regular basis, but the dogs sure LOVE them!
448221448221B001EO69WYA13NB5XGNB5JNVT. Farmer "T. Farmer"0051343606400Great training treatsThese treats are the perfect size for use in training rewards for dogs. All dogs I have used them with loved them and they are small enough for any breed. You never feel that you are over-treating a dog during training due to the morsel size. After initially purchasing them in a local store, I had trouble finding them and the 6 pack from Amazon was a much better value than the singles I had found in brick and mortar stores.
448222448222B000121C5OA2KQRUKXGEIPJ8Spencer Little0051345161600The best Tahitian beans on the marketI am a graduate student at UC Davis working on the vanilla genome and this product is the BEST Tahitian vanilla beans you can find on the market bar none. They are worth every penny for a superior quality of cured Tahitian vanilla bean.
448223448223B0021L8XRIA3QQRMRZHPXRAHPorcelain Monkey111151263340800happy chewing from two dogs for hoursI have two Dogs, 12 and 1 yr old, medium size and a bit larger. both have strong health teeth, chewing bones like this for most of their lives. I was told by my Veterinarian one of the main reasons (besides no soft food) the have great oral hygiene. these natural bones are the right size and the dogs never leave them alone until they are gone or I take them away. Dont give these to them before bed time (crunch crunch crunch). I notice they develop a thirst after chewing for awhile. No digestion problems as a result of eating on these. a great bang for the buck as far as dog treats go. Strongly recommend for dogs that have good teeth.

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