Amazon Fine Food Reviews

448231448231B0021L8XRIAIPJK5O8JYWCXAverage Joe1151315612800Dogs love themWe have 2 Min-Pin mixed breed dogs that are 2x - 3x larger than normal min pins. Because of their size, normal treats are either too big or too small. These knee bones are perfect for them and we finally found something they won't power through in 10 minutes. These bones are a bit messy so we either give them to the dogs outside or on a blanket inside. They do have a smell when first being chewed but it goes away as the dogs work on them. We are very happy with these bones.
448232448232B0021L8XRIA1W2F15YRW36XFCallieRFrazee1151314576000Puppy love!These dog treats smell so awful but your puppy/dog will be the happiest you've ever seen in your life. If you ever find yourself annoyed with your puppy because he/she just wants to play, play, play... give em one of these little things and you will not hear a peep for hours! They are kind of messy, so be sure you give one to your puppy in a safe area. And of course, always keep a close eye on him/her when they have one because there are bones in these!
448233448233B0021L8XRIA2GJ8E2JIJW08EG. Staffiere "Commercial & Graphic Artist"1151276473600Messy but enjoyable treatThe only thing our 2 hounds like better are the bigger bones cured the same way. They are messy and I suggest they become and "Out door treat" at least until all the meat is gone.
448234448234B0021L8XRIA6YKLUPM4VICAKales2311297900800GrossThese bones are just gross. First of all, they are not wrapped tight enough to keep them fresh. When you open them up, they just smell old. They are dry and brittle and break just by touching them. I gave one to my 2 year old lab and within seconds it was splintering. I threw the entire pack away, along with the pack of smokehouse knuckles I bought at the same time. GROSS. I would not recommend these. Ask the meat man has way better quality products. Real bones for Real dogs, not this fake crap. Don't buy!
448235448235B0021L8XRIA28WI8P2N11E3YC. CRABTREE "bionix"0051344211200Our Min Pins love themWe buy these regularly. These do not splinter and they do keep the dogs chewing for quite awhile. We have one little guy who likes to chew a lot. We keep a couple of these laying around and he is perfectly content to chew on these (new or old) instead of chewing on inappropriate things. Love them!
448236448236B0021L8XRIA1P91BNTGGDSG8Linda Gableman0051335744000Popular at my houseI have given the knee cap bones to my 75 pound chocolate lab and 11 pound miniature dachshund for years. When we added a 5 pound miniature chihuahua to the mix I wondered if she could hold on to her bone with the larger and more savvy dogs in the house. No problem! She is quick and limber and gets to chew whichever bone she wants. She likes to get hold of a bone the older dogs have been chewing on because they have softened it up a bit. Then she chews it for all she's worth. The older dogs are indulgent with her, and she always leaves one nearby as a trade. I take the bones out of the mix when they get small enough the lab could choke on them. The little ones get put in the crate with the chihuahua when we go in the car. All my dogs have great teeth and I credit these bones. They never splinter, but the dogs can chew off smooth bits, which they eat. This brand of knee cap bones are huge and provide many hours of chewing enjoyment for my animals. I highly recommend them.
448237448237B0021L8XRIA2SSW2KJ47I8M5DLP0021328227200Not for strong chewers, part IIMy 5 lb. Pomeranian was able to chew off the large knobby end of the bone, and then managed to chew off a a smaller 1" knuckle-shaped piece from somewhere (by this time I had already taken the larger knob end away from him), getting it stuck in his throat. Luckily, he threw it up while we were rushing to the vet. Even small/toy dogs who are big chewers should not be given this product.
448238448238B0021L8XRIA38SPKGCW19ZIFM. Blalock "L. Blalock"0051307577600Dogs devoured this!My 2 boxers loved these bones. The only negative is that the bones don't last long. My dogs ate them up in 1 day....better stock up!
448239448239B0021L8XRIA6YKLUPM4VICAKales0111297900800Do not buy!I would not recommend these to ANY dog owner. First, they are package very poorly. Most bones are wrapped in plastic with no air inside, these come in loose plastic and therefore lose the freshness that you expect them to have. They don't smell like regular dog bones..they smell OLD and just gross. I bought the knee bones as well as the regular dog bones from smokehouse. Both were gross. Splintered very easily and were way too brittle for a dog to chew on. Sometimes cheap things---are really just CHEAP.
448240448240B0021L8XRIA35W6IXIDQ0M27K. Bullard "tennismama"0221244851200Upset my dog's stomachGot these for my chocolate lab and it gave her diarrhea. I also have a black lab mix and she can chew on them just fine. To be fair though, this chocolate lab has a very sensitive stomach. I have to take her own food when I board her at the kennel and I don't have to do that for my other dogs so if your dog doesn't have that sensitive a system, I think these will work just fine. My black lab loves them. (I just have to keep them away from my chocolate lab.)
448241448241B002UQ6XIUA36WET2V5EEN6UK&K3321327190400This tasted musty to us.This was the first time ( and the last ) I've ordered Rooibos from this supplier.
We drink this tea all the time and I've never had any that tasted like this bag.
It has a taste I'd describe as musty, like it had started to mildew' when they fermented it.
We tried making tea twice with it and do not consider it drinkable.
448242448242B002UQ6XIUA1PVQTIU3JXBZ1Noesis4511294963200Don't know what went wrong...I have been looking for a replacement for Carmien rooibos that is no longer available through Amazon and decided to give this one a try. It tasted awful! I brewed several cups, but each one tasted as though the tea wasn't dried correctly - it wasn't precisely moldy tasting, but it certainly did not resemble my favorite beverage!
That may have been a one-off, but I'm not giving it another try.
448243448243B002UQ6XIUAG9GXI6QIL4INShashasha1151274140800Great rooibos!I am used to teabagged rooibos. Imagine my surprise when after placing my steel infuser full of Zhena's rooibos into my mug it turned a rich, dark red. The rooibos I was used to turning more of a dark orange-red, not this rich, delicious color. The flavor was so intense and delicious. It was even good for a second brew. I love rooibos with a spoonful of agave nectar stirred in. MMM.
Also love how it's fair trade and organic!
448244448244B002UQ6XIUA1FJ3CVFX9GBMVAvidReader0051349568000Zhena's Gypsy Tea African RooibosThis is an excellent tea for those looking for an alternative to caffeine based teas. It has a mellow, smooth flavor without any bitterness.
448245448245B002UQ6XIUA5S001QHU5XVCAlex0051341446400Very high qualityThis product smells, taste and looks fantastic, this has helped with my acne in ways I could never imagined (as long as I also stick to a medium gluten free diet). I will continue to purchase this product for as long as it is available. I love this tea.
448246448246B002UQ6XIUA3SGRLT3AYY56LSarahR0051316131200Exceptional Quality.I am very impressed with how fresh the tea was when it arrived. I admit I had never had Rooibos tea before this and maybe shouldnt have bought such a large bag to start out but I have no regrets. The aroma almost reminds pipe tobacco, as it has a very rich, sweet smell and taste. Very good.
448247448247B002UQ6XIUA1BVOVJGL4MXLMLucile Cheng "cat slave"0051309132800Better than caffeine!Rooibos has been a longtime favorite, but it is difficult to find loose rooibos in the stores (only bags). Found this on Amazon, and ordered it because it was so much less expensive than ALL the others. But it tastes wonderful! There is a delightful sweet aftertaste, even when made strong. Zhena Gypsy, I am a fan...
448248448248B002UQ6XIUA24O3SSGYIQ6WWJeanine Odom0051294444800Excellant Rooibos TeaThis product provides an excellent brew that is very fragrant and colorful. The taste is delicious and has a sweetness I had not seen in other, prepackaged Rooibos products. Fast delivery, too,
448249448249B002UQ6XIUA1BSZVP1I6BKBPAGK0051283212800Great Service A++++Love the product and the service was A+++. Scott (@ Zhena's) was very professional. Much Thanks. Will buy again.
448250448250B002UQ6XIUA25YOOR7C85SD9coley-cole0051273795200Smooth & delicious rooibosI can't have caffeine, so rooibos is the closest I can get to black tea without the buzz. This is a very mild but flavorful rooibos that is good plain or with sugar & milk/cream. I try to have a cup everyday. Good stuff!
448251448251B004GUXN4AAG39UQ46SNWKRjebry0051343606400delicious !I am sucker for red licorice, always have been. One day I looked at the ingredients on a pkg. of "red vines" and thought "Oh, my God", Yuk! Red Dye etc.; then I found these in my local grocery store and started purchasing them, they are all natural without dyes and a multitute of preservatives and they tasted great. Then, they disappeared from my grocery store and luckily I found them on Amazon. I purchased for myself and my friend who loves them too. They are slightly tart but taste great, nice and chewy, so I can enjoy this sweet treat without guilt.
448252448252B000TMR6HYA3GU5OIZWMVIKIAAyers1111241395200Used it with twins, saw no change in either baby - worthless!I would like to think that if this product worked, at least one of my stuffed-up babies would have had some relief, but neither did. Anyone with breastfeeding babies knows that stuffy noses are a nightmare since they can't nurse if they can't breathe through their noses. After both babies caught a cold, I was so hopeful that this product would give them relief, but after using it for days, as directed, and seeing nothing, I gave up. I am only glad that I bought it here instead of on the NR website, where it is $40 per bottle. Don't waste your money.
448253448253B001SB0A1EA16WFSV1PCMC72R. Bacon1141258243200Taken off my grocer's shelf.This is a great product for a quick meal. It mysteriously disappeared from my grocer's shelf. After many promises by the grocer to reinstate it, I gave up. Was thrilled to find it available through Amazon, although the price with shipping is considerably more than I had been paying locally. But if you cannot get it locally, it is worth the price.
448254448254B001SB0A1EAMRZPHF5NEQIFinvoluntary mouth breather0041347321600Good base for non-chefs, found locallyYou can use this to make stroganoff - if you find it too salty, try that trick of using a piece of raw potato, later removed (starch absorbs sodium). Some Ralph's locations in L.A. (on Lincoln in Venice just south of Whole Foods, or downtown 9th and Flower) have it, so you don't have to patronize big box no-health-insurance-for-the-help stores.
448255448255B001SB0A1EA2MR4WIK8IHB8ELittle Sister0051346889600So glad to get it at Amazon!Giorgio Dawn Fresh Mushroom Steak Sauce is essential to many of my favorite recipes, it gives dishes like crawfish etoufee a wonderful, mushroom flavor. I have been using it since the 70s. Stores near me no longer carry it so I was thrilled to be able to order it online at Amazon. I love this stuff!
448256448256B001SB0A1EA3HHRQBSECP697Starla Slade0051345507200Oh, yum!I'm not a fan of any processed foods, but when my roommate asked me to start making stroganoff sans mushrooms, I had to get creative. This is GREAT. There are small pieces of mushroom in it (I use an immersion blender so the mushrooms aren't visible) and the taste is awesome. I'm so glad I got 12 of these!
448257448257B001SB0A1EA2P74XAM7DU9PNita0051343692800Delicious!!!When I was young my mother used this all the time!!! My favorite was when she used it on steak....delicious.! I used it when I slow cooked a roast and got RAVE reviews! This stuff is HARD to find so I get it from fact, getting ready to order more!!
448258448258B001SB0A1EA1M1H7EVTDCA7IMarie Shakoor0051332201600Best in the NationThis sauce is excellent on steaks, in spaghetti sauce, over mashed potatoes, rice and over hamburgers. It is awesome.
448259448259B001SB0A1EA3960359GLANQVE. King0041317772800Not the very best but great for lesser steaksYou can surely find other mushroom sauce that's far more exquisite but it'll come at a far higher price. Dawn Fresh is great for those lesser cuts of beef when you're trying to add 'something' to make it just a bit better. It's a staple at our house and for years has been impossible to find on grocery shelves locally. Buying a case of 12 every few months is a hearty way to add something to a quick evening meal. Great on potatoes too.
448260448260B000FK7G16A3LSTGAP7LOV1SAlice Wakefield5541189814400Chicken-in-a-can, not bad at allI got tired of tuna fish, so decided to try the chicken for a change of pace. It's surprisingly good, and real handy to have around for sandwiches or casseroles. The 4.5 oz size is perfect for one or two people with no waste, and costs about the same as tuna.

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