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448381448381B0030FGMFYAEWOA06UPPNYURetiredMilitaryOfficer1141270771200Dog loves themMy daughter introduced us to these dog treats. Our dog absolutely loves them, but we have to limit her to one a day due to the cost. I would rate these as a 5 for quality and dog taste tests, but I would rate them as a 3 -- at best -- on cost. They are expensive!
448382448382B0030FGMFYA3IUW081KXD3PEpixels and bits1151267056000Chewy veggie bliss!I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered these. I knew my dog liked sweet potatoes and because I've been buying Dogswell Happy Hips brand treats for years I thought we'd give it a try. Here's the skinny:

They are smaller than the other treats. This is because they are pieces of dried sweet potato with chicken wrapped around them! This makes them a bit chewy and thus should work well to aid in the daily cleansing of your dog's teeth. There is no unpleasant odor, nor is there an oily or greasy residue. They are the same high quality treats we've become accustomed to buying from Dogswell. Our dog LOVES them and we'll be buying them again in the future as they are a nice change from the "meat" jerky varieties she has been eating for years. Next time we'll try apple!
448383448383B0030FGMFYA2S7F8L4F8K6E9Pete W. Horne1141267056000Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken and BananaMy dog loves them and they absolutely help with his hips and joints. He is an 8 year old Lhasa Apso that did have some joint problems, but since I've started using the Happy Hips those have gone away. I just hope no one ever tells him that they are good for him.
448384448384B0030FGMFYACOW1XJQ55PP8Clarissa S. Zanwood "Clarissa"1151266364800Great chicken with banana treat for my 2 toy maltese's, they love them!Great little treat for my 2 Maltese's. These two will not eat any grocery store bought treats but they love these. Thanks for creating this product!
448385448385B0030FGMFYA1GYCLXKB0Q26GPennyK1151265414400My dog loves theseMy dog has food allergies so it's hard to find snacks for her since she can't have biscuits or meaty treats. She loves these!! The are dried so they can be a little tough to chew so they might not be great for older dogs, but my yellow lab loves them (she's about 4 years old). These treats are highly recommended. She eats one almost every day as her night time snack.
448386448386B0030FGMFYA2FLG13VEITDDAMarlene A. Ashcraft1151261008000Dogswell Veggie Life Happy HipsMy German Shepherds love Happy Hips. And, I am happy to be able to purchase them at Amazon! We all thank you.
448387448387B0030FGMFYA1533UHM87FNCQFelicia "ohai!"1141260489600Another favorite snack of my dogsFor them, they just like how they taste. For me, I like the fact that they have the glucosamine added to them, and that they are just very basic food, chicken and sweet potato. I would have given this 5 stars if it was made in the US. I'll probably always, now, be somewhat suspicious of any pet foods or snacks that are made in any part in China. My older dog is very creaky and arthritic, and so far we haven't found anything that helps ease her pain, so I can't attest to the healing properties of the glucosamine/chondroitin in these snacks, but I figure it can't hurt to feed her foods that contain them.
448388448388B0030FGMFYA2KVGDQAPZ4O6NE. Scott Dunham1151258588800My dogs favorite treatsDogswell brand treats are the best I have found. After the gluten scare I searched for natural ingredients treats and found these which he loves. Even though they are made in china they are continually tested here in the US for quality control and have always passed. My dog has alergies and with two basic ingrediants I don't have to worry. He is also a picky eater when it comes to treats and he takes these every time.
448389448389B0030FGMFYA1PL4HHP44M4FBKate "OhNo"1151258502400more, more , moreMy 7 1/2 year old Sheltie, Max, just loves these treats. We also have to watch his diet--don't want him to gain weight for those joints to work harder and these are just perfect because they are very low in fat. Seem to "perk" him up that he gets around better.

My daughter purchased this product at a local pet store (of course paid more) --my dog liked them that much lthat I searched on the Internet and found them alot cheaper than buying them locally.
Will be ordering again, again and again.
448390448390B0030FGMFYAKW0TNIB3T6LPC. Wilenski1151258416000Dog TreatsMy dogs just love them. They are very picky about their treats and they just love these.
448391448391B0030FGMFYA1VHDD89TY4FMNKB_Texas1151257206400Our Dog Loves These TreatsOur vet told us to switch our dog to a treat that contained ingredients he hadn't had on a regular basis because we're working to determine what is producing an itchy allergic reaction. So far it looks like he may be allergic to chicken and maybe corn, neither is in this treat. Amazon has a better price on this than any other place that carries them. The only problem we have is now the dog tends to "guard" the hall chest where we keep the treats and gaze hopefully at anyone walking through. :-)

Our dog has been getting them for about a month. While puppy-sitting, I also gave the same treat to my Mom's dog and my brother's dog. They both went nuts for the treat too. I'll admit that's not exactly a discriminating audience (they aren't finicky dogs) but it seems to be quite popular.
448392448392B0030FGMFYA2WU2DLPSFMEV3Shay1151239753600Tough chewer LOVES these!My yellow lab destroys everything. These chews keep her occupied for a bit AND they are healthier than raw hyde.
448393448393B0030FGMFYAVQ1NMPRENR08C. Waters "Gift Giver"3421324080000great product but it is from ChinaI don't trust dog treats (or much else) from China.
I love my Amazon prime account. I would be willing to pay a few dollars for a "PRIME USA" account
448394448394B0030FGMFYA2O9JC9S0DKHGVA. Bartholomeusz "MsAmber"3411287964800Items were spoiled/faultyThe initial shipment of treats were spoiled - the sweet potato was moldy inside the bag. Requested replacement and they were the same. Obviously these have been stored somewhere unsuitable and they were ruined. Have given up trying to convey this to Amazon as they obviously don't get it...
448395448395B0030FGMFYA3I2BMWHPAPIL5Sunrise 0262351325635200Breakfast for StellaStella starts her day with chicken and banana treats or chicken and apple. My little rescue dog loves her treat and waits patiently for it every morning. I can only tell you that it must be tasty because she is both happy and satisfied ... A wonderful way to start her day. This is a great product and I recimmend it!
448396448396B0030FGMFYA1K6N7EQCATWI1Zeus2351323216000Zeus LOVES these !!!Our 150 lb, 8 year old bullmastiff absolutely loves these. When he hears us say "happy hips" his ears perk up and he follows us everywhere. The infusion of glucosamine was just ingenious for a snack that apparently tastes so great! We're on a monthly subscription so we don't run out!
448397448397B0030FGMFYAMFVD9RAWR4RAL. Fisher "Amazon dot calm"2311316131200Unhappy hips! supplied by AMAZONDogswell Veggie Life Vitality Sweet Potato Chew Treats for All Dogs, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)A year ago these treats were perfect and my pooch loved them, "just what the doctor ordered". HOWEVER, the recent shipments have been of inferior quality, poor quality. The product is dried-up and as far as my dog is concerned, unacceptable. She refuses to eat the treats and walks away from them. While the expiration date is in 2012 the product has to be tossed, it is anything but fresh.

What illuminates this even more is that the local pet store is now stocking these treats. At the pet store, the products look and are soft and well managed and loved by the pooch. Clearly the treats from the AMAZON vendor is without quality and may have been rejects.

While the cost in the pet store is much higher, it is well worth it. Proves that you get what you pay for. If it is 'Happy Hips' that your dog likes go the pet store or perhaps AMAZON will find a quality supplier.
448398448398B0030FGMFYAOH7GK7HYGVPrkwpark2341287273600Dogswell swellagain although made in china, my dog hasnt had any problems. he loves when we cram a bit of sweet potato into a KONG and he goes batty trying to get it out.
448399448399B0030FGMFYA1WGKR2V0DUE57Ellie B.2351246147200yummy & healthymy dogs love the sweet potato chew! agreed that it isnt very chewy, but it occupies them for a little which is nice. i have two little shih tzu's and they usually eat them in 5ish minutes. my dogs love the taste and i love that its healthy.
448400448400B0030FGMFYA395XPJ103IDIJNamaste Coo2311229385600Not a "Chew", its more like a Jaw-breaker!I like Dogswell products and have purchased the "Vitality" Chicken Chews before (which are actually chewy). But these sweet potato chews are hard as a rock! I seriously couldn't even chew them, it was like biting a lolipop or jawbreaker - way too hard. My dog and my roomie's dog didn't care for them one bit. I purchased them because they were on sale (deeply discounted) and now I know why....

Buy other Dogswell Chews, just not these sweet potato ones...
448401448401B0030FGMFYA38T7TRL7WXZ50Avid Chef "Lee"0051350432000My Dogs Love ThemMy two Springers are 12 and 9 years of age. They love "Happy Hips"! The Chicken and Banana variety is their favorite. Try it!
448402448402B0030FGMFYA1NFJ0O1J7IXRNE. Olson0051343952000Good treatMy dog loves these and they were fairly reasonable in price. I didn't like having to purchase so may bags at once, but it does keep them fresh. I will purchase again.
448403448403B0030FGMFYA19TWMIQUCQJ02Willie X. Shapiro "xiomara"0051343606400Chicken & Banana TreatsMy dog is really picky and has turned up her nose at some treats even though she's known as a "walking stomach" because she loves to eat so much! These, however, are different and everyday at 3:00 she lets me know it's time for "her snack". I feel I do my part for her health by buying these healthy treats. They're love in a package!
448404448404B0030FGMFYA2WVEN8JF81ZAWFish0051342310400The Best!Our Sheltie absolutely loves these treats and they are great for his joint conditioning. We've been using them for over a year with excellent results. Highly recommended!
448405448405B0030FGMFYA2YZBIF2WXNHJDNikki0051331510400All dogs go crazy over these treats more than anything!Any dog puppy to senior and any breed dog loves these treats. They go crazy over them!!! They are healthy too. I have been buying them for a few years now. How I first found out about them is I read an article online about the oldest dog to live ate these treats. So that made me want to buy them for the health of them. So I do feel good about feeding healthy treats that dogs really like the taste of!!!
448406448406B0030FGMFYA12QW4Z8JHTOHLSunshine0051295136000Healthy TreatsMy poochie absolutely loves the Apple and Chicken Happy Hips. She looks forward to one in the morning and one at night. She gets soooo excited and would eat more if she were allowed.
448407448407B0030FGMFYA1BXCSQ08D28OVMeliha0051256083200dog loves themMy dog is picky about his treat...but seems like we've found a winner. He can't seem to get enough of these!
448408448408B0030FGMFYA3T4ZIB8VW0P6RDog Lover0051255910400happy owner!In my search to find yummy treats for my dog, that don't make him sick, I stumbled upon happy hips, which is perfect since my dog is a lab mix predisposed to hip problems. He loves them!! In fact he has gotten to the point where he refuses other dog treats. I love the fact that these are all natural and my only complaint is that it was a little pricey (over $7 per bag) and a little difficult to find. Well, amazon took care of that! They came quickly and were quite a deal. I will purchase again and again.
448409448409B0030FGMFYA1MZGR8EYNWCDTT. J. Anyan "smokeysmamma"0051255824000My picky Smokey loves them!Smokey if very picky with foods and treats. He loves these and they seem to help with his bad hip. I wish they weren't made in China, but hopefully since they are all natural, it won't be an issue.

Try them for your sweetie.
448410448410B0030FGMFYA2HBSX7252L0PXJ.G0041253404800Dogs love them but ... seems to make them sugar high?I have two young dogs, a dachshund (1yr) and a chihuahua (6mths). I use these to crate train them. This treat seems to cause them to be overly excited and even after eating, they would go to extremes to try to get more. Good motivator. But I am not sure if it's the natural sugar from the banana. I have many different treats for them before but this treat seems to make them super "high" and they had to race many laps in the yard to get off that energy. Maybe someone who has the same experience can comment on this observation. Overall, I am satisfied with the price of the item. I wish the pieces were a little smaller since they are about a quarter size (too big for my small dogs). Recommended not more than 2 pcs a day for small dog under 20lbs.

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