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448411448411B0030FGMFYA264XXAQG3ZV4Anattaya pimolpan0051252368000dogwells treatI defenitely recommend this product. I have 2 shiz zhu puppies, they love the ck&apple treat so much, this is really good for training treat.
448412448412B0030FGMFYA367GBD0NH6MRKDrone Bee0051243296000The Dogs Loved ThemMy dogs love this product. It was a lot cheaper to buy it from Amazon than at the local pet store. Quick shipping.
448413448413B0030FGMFYA1HB6QCNV4YJ3OGr8Cook "5dog_ma"00512432096005DogMomAll my dogs enjoy this product. They can't get enough. It is packed with healthy ingredients so I don't mind giving them this treat often. I can't keep up on the orders as they go through them so quickly. They are offered through subscription order on Amazon and you save a good amount. I compared the prices with the local pet supply store and these treats go $5.99+ a bag whereas I am paying $21.34 for six bags and free shipping. I am very satisfied.
448414448414B0030FGMFYA1YU8JIDDGWQI3Cherilyn Gentry0051242777600A FAVORITE Treat!My Bichon has to have eye drops twice a day and she hates the procedure, so I looked for a treat that she could look forward to after the treatment. This is it. Both my dogs absolutely love these treats and they're large enough to cut in two, thereby doubling the package. One Bichon and one Havenese give these treats two thumbs up!
448415448415B0030FGMFYA24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"0051238112000My golden can't get enough of theseI have been buying these for awile now for my older golden retriever for two reasons; the glucosamine in them and something less fattening and better tasteing than milk bones. He just loves these. They look good and smell good. As soon as I open the package, he is there waiting. He seems more active and I am hoping with the glucosamine in these and other glucosamine supplements I give him it helps his arthritis. Amazon has good prices on these and with ther occasional promotions and free shipping their price can't be beat.
448416448416B0030FGMFYA38RPYSPWBYNU2M. Belflower "owned by a Pharaoh Hound"0051233878400Happy Hips for a happy dog!We buy the Happy Hips treats for our 14-year old Husky. He LOVES them and they're great if you need to tuck in a pill for an easy medication dose. Best of all, the treats contain glucosamine and chondroitin so movement improves over time.
448417448417B0030FGMFYA19CCYF29VC0OZMerry Homm0051233619200Dogswell veggie life happy hips chicken & sweet potatoMy dog Mona just loves her Happy Hips chicken & sweet potato treats. They are not only delicious or so it seems, but they seem to ease the stiffness in her hips. Please keep making them.
448418448418B0030FGMFYA16AXQ11SZA8SQMamaBear007 "MamaBear007"0011233532800My dogs won't eat this!My dogs love the Dogswell supplements made from chicken, so I assumed they'd also like the sweet potato supplements. Neither of them would eat it! Even my aggressive chewing lab didn't like these. They're almost impossible to chew (unless I soak them in boiling water for at least 30 minutes, which presumably would leech the nutrients from the chews). When the lab first tried these, they cut her gums, and when she would leave pieces of the chew on the floor, if I stepped on them before noticing them, they'd cut my foot! I noticed this about ALL the varieties of Dogswells Sweet Potato Chews. I threw them all out.
448419448419B0030FGMFYA1ETE4DII8NLX7C. Trimble0051227657600Dogs love these.My 2 poodles just love this product. And they are good for them. And I received them in just 2 days with free shipping from
448420448420B0030FGMFYA30GB73PSSXRFCJames W. Joubert0051227312000Dogswell Veggie Life Happy Hips Chicken & Sweet Potato, 5-Ounce Blue Pouches (Pack of 6)These doggie treats are very good (Just ask my dog!) and quite a bit cheaper than purchasing them locally. Same product I had been purchasing at the local pet store but at quite a savings.
448421448421B0030FGMFYAFH8OMHQQZFNVJoy Brier "Exec Sec"0051222732800A great snack for your dogMy poodle just loves these healthy and nutritious snacks. The natural sweetness of the apple combined with the chewiness of the chicken wrap makes a perfect treat. He jumps for joy at the sight of the bag (which is resealable for freshness). Great choice!
448422448422B0030FGMFYA2K933OD32Q4O2Eleanor Wallen Toe1251328486400My dogs love themThe only problem I have with this item is ONLY giving my dogs one a day! They love them! Better than almost everything else! They are hard to get locally, so I ordered them on here. I have a golden and a belgian, and both are larger and one is already showing hip issues. So I give them both supplements (the best I can get) and this is just one more item. I keep organic peanut butter cookies and other snacks for them, but they would prefer these!

The order arrived quickly and was wrapped well. I will order again!
448423448423B0030FGMFYA35XUI9HGMAJEXCarlisle Wheeling1241327276800Great Substitute for Freebirds Chicken Apple Wedges When You Can't Find Them.Our dogs love the Freebird chicken apple wedges, but the economic two-pound bag is too hard to find since I purchased them at here-today-gone-tomorrow Costco. The small bags are a bit pricey BUT they're not made in China. My brother always insisted that we only buy dog food made in the USA when we had our three labs. Now I have a beagle and a blue heeler with my guy, and we are always trying to treat them for good behavior. I found and buy these at Petco. The bag has more content than the usual packs of Freebirds, and they like them as well, but I didn't realize until reading other reviewer comments where they came from. Filled with condroitin and glucosamine for the mature dog with hip problems (the blue heeler), I thought I'd give them a try. Though I don't see any distinct improvement in our 12 year-old Sydney's hips, I don't see anything detrimental either. They come to the cupboard after coming in from outside or a bath just as before and gobble them down like a kid with candy. The China factor makes me a little uneasy, especially at that price, but I see no ill effects thus far. I asked my vet today what she thought, and she said that they're probably fine as long as they're not recalled, but the laws in China are less strict about what they put in their products. It makes me wonder if I want to risk my dogs being a recall factor if that should happen, so use your own judgement. All I know is that my own canines love them, and others here seem to have no problem with them either.
448424448424B0030FGMFYA3VZVU1ZBECQL0Laura Miller1251312243200My toy dogs LOVE these treats!These are my Yorkipoo and Shih-Tzu's favorite treats!
I've tried getting other brands of similar treats, but they don't compare to the quality of these Veggie Life Happy Hips Chicken & Banana treats. Even our Labrador loves them! It's a lot to order at one time (6 packs), but they're well sealed so they stay fresh.
448425448425B0030FGMFYA12XDH20ENZO1Wousooner011251311897600Our dog LOVES theseOkay so maybe my dog loves any treats but we think he loves these the most. Not only are they yummy to him but they also help his 12 year old aging bones.
448426448426B0030FGMFYA2JZ8T64YZDQSI~purplemoon~ "The Quiet Corner"1251303171200These are amazing!These are great, healthy treats for your pooch. The larger pieces keep them busy for a it as well. Much, much better than rawhide! We've tried a couple different flavors and our dogs love them all!
448427448427B0030FGMFYA2NKQJIEW07GMAMiss Ann1251302912000Happy Hips makes happy dogMy granddog stayed with me while my son was deployed to Afghanistan, and I found these special treats for her. They seemed unique, and healthy, so I gave them a try. She loves them! I only give her one a day, after dinner as dessert. She knows what that word means, and will whine if I wait too long to give it to her. She is an older dog, and does have some joint issues, so I really like that these treats have glucosamine and chondroitin. Who knew that dogs like apples!
448428448428B0030FGMFYA8EJ2H1P3ELL3catrs1251301875200Great TreatLove the benefits of hip & joint care since I have a Great Dane. She enjoys getting one every morning after she goes out. Good in more ways than one!
448429448429B0030FGMFYA1PHEW6DG2PXAFAvid Reader1251296864000I own a finicky shih-tzu!I own a shih tzu that hardly eats anything, and as far as treats go will only eat Happy Hips and (groan!)- Snausages! Unbelievable! He'll turn his nose up at filet mignon, but will wolf down a Snausage! Of course I would rather he eat something somewhat healthy and I have bought many 15 oz. bags of Happy Hips treats through local merchandisers for around $18.99 a bag (plus tax). Comes to a little over $20 a bag. Three 15 oz. bags through Amazon with shipping - around $35, vs. three 15 oz. bags through local retailers - over $60. Same great product - do the math.
448430448430B0030FGMFYA1DYQU3SKN4YA2Sonia C. Stewart1231240790400Kind of tough to chew!My Springer Spaniel ate them right away but the Malamute sniffed it a lot and finally ate them. I'll stick with the Happy Hips Chicken products.
448431448431B0030FGMFYA2SCV2EAI8B8JERobin L. Kulik1251216252800HAPPY HIPS MAKES A HAPPY HEALTHY HUSKY!What a wonder healthy treat we have discovered! I never would have imagined that Teecos Niceah Misty Blue would eat bananas!!! Happy Hips also aids us in our training. Niceah is a certified AKC registered Pet Therapy Dog and our patients have enjoyed giving Niceah her Happy Hips Chicken and Banana Treats during our visits. We highly recommend these treats to all happy canines! Robin and Niceah Kulik
448432448432B0030FGMFYA2O1CPUSD1XNB6Sloan K. Kojis "mustlovedogs"2421260662400Treats were staleThe Dogswell Happy Hips Sweet Potato Chews I bought from Amazon were stale. I have bought these before, in local stores, and they are supposed to be pliable and "chewy". Although the bags had expiration dates that were in code, each bag I opened, contained "stale" chews. They broke like crackers and I could hear my dog chomping on them like a bone. I buy them so I can bend them over and put them in her toys or bones - she can spend a lot of time trying to get at the "treat". With these, all I could do was feed them to her like snack crackers. I was very disappointed. I will continue to buy them, as they are a good product, just not from Amazon.
448433448433B0030FGMFYA2R8CKV5ENL7MXS. PAK "Gadget Guru"0141217980800My dogs love em.... but what's with the white spots?????I would give it 5 stars but deducted a star due to questionable quality. There were white spots all over the sweet potatoes which worried me as they looked like bacteria or something. I emailed the company and they told me that they had already tested it in a lab and it was found to be starch, which occurs naturally on sweet potatoes. But I still feel uneasy about giving it to my dogs. Why wouldn't they post this info on the bags then?????
448434448434B007FG0J4YALSUCLTZREFTH~page0051347235200perfect!This is a fun little gift for sharing some sunshine with a co-worker or friend feeling a bit down. The box is the perfect size for a neat little surprise. The gum even tastes good too!
448435448435B004CPCG6AAMYY33BL7OTN6KMM0111316995200Not as large as expectedWell my fault for ordering cat food from a non pet supplier. These were NOT the larger bags I expected. These are 3 tiny almost sample size? Sighsssss live and learn. Dont order any cat food from this place. Its a rip off.
448436448436B002W9JIK0A3SLIIG4S2BQ5UAnne1151337904000If you are watching your weight, don't break this sealYou know how shortbread can frequently be boring? Patterson's does a nice "finger style" and Royal Edinburgh does the very best petticoat tails, so it is helpful to only open these when you are sharing or just don't break the seal on the package in the first place--they are nicely crunchy without being too crumbly, and really nice flavor so the little devils call out to you when they are in the house. Better than I bake on my own--and I have had practice!
448437448437B002W9JIK0A3SFQQB23IZVVLJ T Cannon Jr0051330905600Fine ShortbreadI bought this for my Father's 90th Birthday and he enjoyed it so much he REFUSED to share it with any other family members. The cookies came very quickly and packaged quite well. I would recommend this cookie to anyone who enjoys shortbread or has a sweet tooth.
448438448438B002W9JIK0A15KYJJ5X56I9TCate2411289088000disappointedI was so excited to receive the box of cookies. Shortbreads are my favorite and I love to use them in gift baskets. I was shocked and horrified when I opened the box and 99% of the cookies were broken. Cookies taste good, packaging is horrible. Major disappointment. I took pics and sent them to Amazon along with a letter stating what had happened. However, I never heard back from them.
448439448439B00467X3NEA3Z4YATKZFVKUKevin1151295654400Another great flavorI've tried all of the flavors, and this one strikes a particular chord with my mouth. I like spicy foods, and try every snack with even a hint of spice. These snacks go so quickly that my mouth is ready for more and my brain forces my eyes and hands to keep searching in obviously-empty bags. They have a light and tremendously satisfying crunch, which adds greatly to the entire experience. I will order some more right this very minute.
448440448440B001FYUVKEA19Y3Z5SFLDYPKBernice Totty Brennan "shopping maven"111151230508800GreatMy dogs love these bones. I bought all sizes. My jack russel loves the big ones and the small ones. My 60 pound mutt loves the big ones. They are great. They are able to digest them and able to enjoy the bones. I bought so many of them. Petsmart for some reason discontinued them I was so upset. I was so happy to see them on Amazon for a great price. I highly recommend them.

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