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448598448598B002K61TTSA1B3LGRDY472NWsokodukaman "sdk"4751249171200Wagh Bakri Masala Chai - Makes you Healthy, Happy and Content!This Masala Chai Tea takes me back to my childhood. It is the original blend from the best of Indian black tea, flavorful and refreshing, with a mild mix of Ginger, Pepper, Pepper Root, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove boosting the Anti-Oxidant, Bio flavonoid properties of this tea.

I drink mine with some fat-free milk and a little sugar (brown or raw) or honey.

Pour freshly boiled water into a cup, steep in the tea bag for a few minutes (according to how strong you like your tea), add the milk and sweetness to taste,

Sip and Enjoy, mm, mm, ah!
448599448599B00105LIO6AF0C0V2241RCRoy0051314576000Doggie Addicted!My Pom Gidget is absolutely addicted to these. She HAS to have a piece of one of these EVERY NIGHT! I break them in quarters, she's a small dog so a full size cookie is too big. Your dog will love you longtime for giving them this treat!!
448600448600B001BM6SDEA23GB02H58T2R5H. Howard0041343606400Health Valley Organic Chili Spicy TomatoThis Health Valley Organic Chili Spicy Tomato product is, for canned chili, low in sodium, above average in taste and I will buy again.
448601448601B001BM6SDEA1HAFY0Q9QI9VZStraight Wires0051314230400DeliciousMaybe the other reviewers got a bad batch, I don't know, but this chili is super good. It's got a great kick and is just the right consistency. You can add chopped-up steak to this too, and it's great!!
448602448602B001BM6SDEA1Z839ES1YD3X9Theo Clifton Park "coffee searcher"0011261526400Awful Canned ProductIf you can take every thought or horrible taste about a canned product that you have ever had, it is all contained in this chili. It was simple awful, and I ended up giving my entire case- minus the one can I tasted and threw out- to the food pantry. Now, however, I feel sorry for the food pantry people who get it.
448603448603B001BM6SDEA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"0011259539200Pass.I thought I'd give it a try, but it tastes nothing like chili. It's pretty soupy, not enough beans in my opinion. If I drain some of the liquid, I can use it as a side dish and it's OK, but I would not purchase again. Taste is very subjective, of course, but this just doesn't make the grade for me.
448604448604B0017JFLYSA2LIOQTR4LYKL5David Butler "Hell O))) Ween"6651295222400The BOMB!!!I love me some tijuana mama's!! It says they are "300% Hotter." Hotter than what I dont know. Cant be the Big Mama variety cause these arent even all that hot. They just taste awesome. My friends make fun of me cause I love these but if you love pickled sausage like me you know you are a rare breed that has a need to feed. Buy or die.
448605448605B0017JFLYSA2VKM4ABGG9XZPChadwick Johnson "Default"5551246924800YUMMMGreat taste. Fresh. Would not suggest as a breakfast food. Learned that the hard way.
448606448606B0017JFLYSAEQ2AVQHJ6Y2JOcampo Elizondo4451263254400Awesome!!Locally I can not find this variation of penrose products. So when I found them on here I had to get them. They are the best tasting hot pickled sausage I have tasted. Anyone that likes pickled products should give this a try.
448607448607B0017JFLYSA1MENGPO9YCE5RW. Crook3351226707200Awfully GoodThese things are quite easy, and not as hot going in - as they are coming out, but for some reason they are delicious and addicting as bleep.
448608448608B0017JFLYSA2TQP15UQH5RH0Penny Taylor "littlecove"2251238457600Great Stuff!My husband cant find these in the stores anymore and of course, I knew I could find it on Amazon. Great product. Really fresh! Fast shipping!
448609448609B0017JFLYSA24DEFCXRGMVT5Marcine M. Miller "tobteachable"2251226361600tobteachableThe students love them at school and my sons and husband do as well. thanks so much, tobteachable
448610448610B0017JFLYSAJN60JA88K6XVW. A. Scott "Your powers are weak old man."1151315267200For Spicy Food LoversA very good, but extremely spicy, pickled sausage for those who prefer their food on the 'hotter' side. The texture isn't as delicate as most pickled sausages I've come across, and seems to be less 'mushy' than most, with a firm, but tender texture to the meat, which I like. I've eaten these little delicacies several times and have been rather pleased with the product during all occasions. Really the only after-effect is that you feel as if you were ****ing out a supernova the next morning.
448611448611B0017JFLYSA102RZX2CNMOZECrazyAsian1151310428800Delicious!!!!This sausage was awesome. I remember eating the original kind when I was a kid. The Tijuana version is spicier. They taste great and don't at all seem odd in the meat. I recommend these to people who like pickled and sour stuff and even sausages in general. They aren't really healthy though. Don't eat this stuff everyday, just like how you won't eat fast food everyday; same concept.

You can find these at gas stations in the beef jerky section. They are 1.25 a piece. I've found these in gas stations in Michigan and Texas, so I think they are pretty spread out in the states.

But remember, don't eat this daily, I also wouldn't recommend eating more than one sausage a day if you have a weak stomach. This stuff isn't the healthiest things to eat. They just make a great snack once in a while.
448612448612B0017JFLYSA2UHC1JMW4W5Z2Peter R. Brown1151296777600Multiples for real heatThese are exquisite. As others have mentioned, they are quite possibly the best picked sausage on the market. They are still sold in some California stores but are becoming almost impossible to find. I started buying all that I could find, due to their increasing rarity. Their heat is perfect. One is not too hot, and the taste is great. Taste's better quality meat than the slushy types. It doesn't taste "mushy". That's a big plus. If you want real heat, eat multiples. Three or four of these will leave your mouth burning, and some level of regret the next day, but individually, always worth it and a great snack. I've just added them to my wish list, so I can always find them in future. :D
448613448613B0017JFLYSA2ELANSTMIZHND. Powell1151273795200My favorite pickled sausageThese things are great, I get one nearly every time I enter a convenience store. Try one with a bag of Funyuns
448614448614B0017JFLYSA3VZ9ULV9S2QIAJ. Koppel0051349395200One of the best snacks to go with your beer.Every now and then I want to have a pickled sausage with my beer. There aren't really a lot of options, but my grocery store does have a cheaper alternative.

What gives this an edge over many pickled sausages I've had over the years is the heat. When someone says something is spicy, it's usually different for each person. I do eat a lot of spicy food, so usually it's not until the end of the sausage where I can really feel a little heat.

I usually buy two for this reason, and also add that I'm always washing this down with beer between every couple of bites, it's probably even more spicy to eat it straight. This item is really a classic to me. Growing up; even as a kid I liked pickled sausage. I remember a brand(Not by name) that actually had beef hearts listed in the ingredients. =) All of these sausages probably have beef hearts, but it's wise to not let us know because some people get grossed out.

If you're looking for a fantastic treat to go with your beer, this is one that sticks out for me. 5 stars without a doubt.
448615448615B0017JFLYSA3TQ64KI6NJ6ELochmewa0051344384000Penrose Tijuana MamaI have been eating these Sausages for a long time and I find it is a lot cheaper to buy them online than to buy them in the store
448616448616B0017JFLYSAPPVMXSWM7H57chang0051333584000WOW!! BEATS OUT 5 HOUR ENERGY ANYTIMEWords cannot describe how amazing each bite of a TJ mama is. Its like Chuck Norris doing a round house kick of love on your face. It's like a sitting in a waterfall of popcorn with butter drizzling down. It's like driving the fastest road car on a track made of fire with a ring of cheerleaders cheering you on.

This is the real deal.
448617448617B0017JFLYSA2UFE1EHH7LANMD. Barnes "CallMeDee"0051331596800Ahhhhh!!!For some stupid reason I've never thought to look online for these! I just bought 2 big mamas thinking I was grabbing the tijuanas but it's all good cause I just found these. Im tooscared to buy the big jars I see in the grocery store that look like these cause in the jar it looks gross lol. During a lunch break with one of my coworkers I grabbed 3 or 4 tijuanas & when we got back to work I started munching on one & everyone was looking at me laughing with their noses turned up but my girl was willing to try one & she LOVED it!! Every now & then she would even stop & buy me one on her way to work. So glad I could turn someone on to these. Didn't mean to write a book but I'm so glad I don't have to grab 3 at a time at different gas stations anymore. Will be ordering asap!!
448618448618B0017JFLYSA1CKKSG2SBKQFZmariha130051325030400better than the ones at the gas stationI love Tijuana mamas but the only place for me to get them is a bit of a drive. When found these on amazon i was very weary. It just doesn't seem right to order food from amazon. I did see that they came straight from the company so that made me want to try it out. I'm glad i did! These Tijuana mamas are yummy! I noticed that occasionally I would get a Tijuana mama from the store that tasted a bit off, I have never never had that problem with these. the are better. if you are questioning the quality, don't, they are great.!
448619448619B003OB0JHGA5G8BKM4CT9XVJesse M.L.4421330214400not for meat first i thought it was going to taste like mac and cheese. But it does not. It is the noodles in a soup form of cheese. I also do not like the flavor. it taste funny.
448620448620B003OB0JHGA2MNGD6YATG7S0nathan86502211334880000Not what I expectedAs someone else pointed out in their review, it looks and is expected to taste like Mac and Cheese.......does not.

Is a "soupy" cheese & noodles. Does not taste like cheese, flavor is not that good, ended up trying to give them away to friends who tried them and gave the rest back to me. Had to throw away due to the taste
448591448591B006LO05P4AIRPAA7NYCR7JG. A Wheeler "gramix"0021302220800Weird taste nothing like caramelI read some glowing reviews on blogs of these bars and decided to try this one as it was considered the "best tasting" by many.

The outer chocolatre itself is good, but the "caramel truffle" had a quite unpleasant taste that I did not like at all. After two bites it ended in the garbage. Oh well...

For now I'll stick to Lindt 85% Cacao bars which are cheap and meet my needs of a very low sugar chocolate treat.
448592448592B006LO05P4A3ACVADJIVP83BBeth1211344988800OMG YUCK!I do not even know where to start, horrible texture, grainy, sweet, no flavor...
Is there really chocolate in it? If i did not live so far from the store I would have
taken it back, did I say overpriced? I would not even try the other flavors, yuck!
448593448593B006LO05P4A4RC4JM0SBQHOPixie Rose1251311465600Best gourmet raw chocolate barI've had a LOT of raw chocolate bars. Nothing compares to this brand. I've tried all the different flavors and they're to LIVE for. I feel really healthy after eating some of this chocolate. I would recommend buying it at a local health food store because they're quite expensive to order here. I have the same thing to say about their other flavors.
448594448594B006LO05P4A4RC4JM0SBQHOPixie Rose0151311465600Best gourmet raw chocolate barI've had a LOT of raw chocolate bars. Nothing compares to this one. I've tried all the different flavors and they're to LIVE for. I feel really healthy after eating some of this chocolate. I would recommend buying it at a local health food store because they're quite expensive to order here.
448595448595B006LO05P4AIRPAA7NYCR7JG. A Wheeler "gramix"2511302220800HorribleThese were selling in my gym and I decided to try this and the Caraeml (which I reviewed separately and gave two stars).

I managed to eat two bites of the caramel. I spat out the first bite of this one. It tastes disgusting. Furthermore, despite it not being passed its sell-by-date (two months from now) it looks bad. The caramel bar looks like dark chocolate; this looks like medium brown sand.

Definitely the worst chocolate I've ever had (and in a world full of Hershey's that is saying something).
448596448596B006LO05P4A3OD12AXDCHFMTSam1511334102400Beware!This was an impulse buy while standing in line at an organic foods market. First off, I have to say that I've had raw chocolate before, and I really like dark chocolate. So after a surprising cost of $5 I was hoping for the best tasting sweet to ever hit me in the mouth. Wow, I just have to say that this was so awful that I feel like I have to warn the world. I was a little disappointed in the small size of it at first, but now I understand that no one could stand to eat one of these if they were full sized. For one, the "caramel" is an unflavored paste-like substance , and the only way I can describe the whole eating experience is by likening it to having a pill get stuck in the back of your throat and being stuck with that rancid flavor until you manage to eat something less horrible. As I sit here in my buyers remorse stupor, I can't stop thinking about the many more pleasing things I could have done with my $5. For instance, I could go bowling, tip a stripper, wash my car, or buy 2 or 3 less disgusting chocolate bars. I'm only righting this review in the hopes that I may keep some other poor unsuspecting shopper from being duped as I was.
448597448597B002K61TTSA3TDKV1EP6EDKNS. Mersereau3421303689600Mediocre At BestI drink chai in all of its forms, from the Masala to the Oregonian to the Starbuckian. The Indian recipes have always been my favorite, and as I ran out of the Masala Chai my daughter brought me back from India I began looking for a rich replacement. In the end I came to these Amazon reviews and offerings, and ultimately ordered the Wagh Bakri bags.

Their chai is, in my opinion, mediocre at best. Heavily colored, with strong black tea but less of the spice recipe that makes chai a delicious adventure. It is certainly not "India's Best Tea", and I won't be ordering this item again.

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