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448621448621B003OB0JHGALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette2251328400000Nice easy to make, very cheesy tasteIf you like cheese, you might like this definately has a nice cheese flavoring. It is very easy to make, just add hot water. There are no frills just noodles and the broth.
448622448622B003OB0JHGA1D0URD0AL237JMother of Pearl1151334620800great flavori liked the jalapeno cheddar better but this one is good also just had to add some hot sauce to it but the taste was good
448623448623B003OB0JHGA1YI4CZA7RE09DO. Taylor1151318291200a quick snack.Not exactly healthy but very tasty. I like them and My son does also. My husband hates the flavor, so I guess it is a matter of what you like or not. Quick and easy.
448624448624B003OB0JHGA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051344729600Two of my favorite foods combined.I wasn't sure how I would like these. They have ramen noodles & cheese, 2 of my favorite foods ever. I had some last week for the first time & I really like them. Easy to make & eat. So now I've got to get some of them.
448625448625B003OB0JHGA2H2LJCQ5DJ5K3rc "Adopt a shelter pet PetFinder."0031340236800Watery when cookedRecommend putting less water. If you fill it to the line like noodles, it comes out like soup. The mixture isn't thickening enough. So I would say put less water when cooking them. The flavor was lacking a bit, but I think that's because I put the recommended amount of water. I think when I put less water it will be more flavorful (less diluted).
448626448626B003OB0JHGA3O0CSSR3AWG5UR. Brooks3511328486400Cheaper at WalmartMy kids love these so I thought I would look on Amazon to see if they had them. I was happy to see they did in a multi-pack but was appalled to see how much they were. They are only $.28 at Walmart so for a pack of 12, only $3.36. Even with the subscribe and save, it's more than double the price on here. Very disappointing!
448628448628B003OB0JHGAR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon0251295049600Maruchan Instant Lunch Cheddar Cheese Flavor DeliciousThis will be a short comment. These are delicious. Enough said, except that they only let you order one at a time.
448629448629B003OB0JHGA3MNC1OXDEJRZJNom de Plume2611330905600Not fit for a dogI threw this out. It can't be deemed food. I thought to donate it to a shelter but that would be cruel.
448630448630B000673RACA3D6TFYRMIV3ZLThemis-Athena151651100044800The King of Teas.Unquestionably the most refined of teas, Darjeeling comes from a region in the Indian (West Bengalese) Himalayas close to the Nepalese border, 7000 ft above sea level. Originating with the small-time, private, mid-19th century plantations of a British civil surgeon named Dr. Campbell, tea has long since transformed the region into a major economic center, with over 80 running gardens producing over 10 million kgs (over 22 million lbs) of tea on a total area of almost 20,000 hectares (approximately 75 square miles), and employing over 50,000 people on a permanent basis, with a further 15,000 being hired during the plucking season (March - November). The area's natural climate with its mixture of rainfall, sunshine and rich soil makes for a very distinctive flavor, and to be called "Darjeeling," tea *must* have been grown *and* processed in that particular region.

Darjeeling tea comes in several harvest varieties or "flushes": the lighter Easter harvest or first flush, and the stronger Spring harvest or second flush, which has an unmistakeably fruity, Muscatel-like note. (There is also a Summer harvest or third flush, which is even stronger than the tea from the second harvest, but it is somewhat less refined and therefore less popular than the first two varieties.) Twinings' variety is a second flush tea with a subtle, quintessentially Darjeeling perfume; a great introduction to this region's exquisite teas that will hopefully make you curious for more.
448631448631B000673RACA1VAC8UE3NVL4Shirley D. Moran5551141084800Twinings Darjeeling tea loose leafOne of my favorite stores has carried Twinings Darjeeling Tea in loose leaf form for years. Suddenly it has disappeared from all stores. The product is great. Tea bags are every where, but loose leaf is difficult to find. The only problem with the tea from Amazon is that the shipping charges are about the same price as the tea. I am still looking for an affordable version of the tea.
448632448632B000673RACA2OCINUVTZWBWGary Coffrin7841231459200Good value and fun introduction to the 'champagne of teas'Twinings is known for delivering consistency and value. This tea is no exception.

Most of the Twinings Darjeeling blend is black, but you can spot some green particles. The Twinings loose tea has no uncut leaves. The blend uses smaller, less-expensive particles which infuse more quickly than whole leaves.

The Twinings tea has enough tannins to tolerate milk or a sweetener. It has some harshness when infusing is done at too high a temperature or for too long.

If you drink tea without additions, I suggest steeping not more than 2.5 to 3 minutes to control bitterness. You may even want to check every 15 seconds starting at two minutes, since Darjeeling can quickly 'bolt' to a point of unpleasant sharpness. To avoid particulate matter in your drink, use a strainer or infuser with a fine mesh. (Amazon sells Tovolo, Teeli, and Frieling/Swissgold filters with very small openings in their screens.)

To gain the best flavor, I recommend brewing at a temperature of 185F or cooler. (A clean candy or meat thermometer can quickly guide your efforts.) If you have been brewing with water that is near boiling, you will be shocked by the huge transformation from using water that cools a couple minutes after reaching the boiling point.

I have enjoyed quality Darjeeling, the 'champagne of teas,' for over three decades. And, how do I rate Twinings? A bargain. If your enjoy Twinings, I suggest trying some other Darjeeling teas, perhaps estate grown. The better Darjeeling teas come from the higher elevations where the cooler mountain environment slows leaf growth and develops a fine flavor. Where should you search? Check reviews at Amazon and other sellers. Among the packaged brands, I love Peets - normally known for their coffees.

Twinings is a bargain and a fine introduction to the wide range of Darjeeling teas.
448633448633B000673RACA1C9WVCEU72PJBZechristof "zechristof"2251141603200A great Darjeeling from TwiningTwining has a distinguished line of fine teas. This Darjeeling is one of Twining's best. Darjeeling is a fragrant tea variety with a refreshing but not overpowering tea flavor. Twining's version has no off tastes or after tastes -- just good old fashioned Darjeeling. It brews well a cup at a time, but is also fine in a pot. It brews well over a fairly wide range of steeping times also.

You can buy this tea either in bags or in bulk loose tea. I strongly recommend the latter, as loose tea gives you so much more flexibility in amount and strength of your brewing. However, I can attest that I find absolutely no off flavors from the bags. So if you are on the go, by all means, carry a few bags with you in a plastic bag or other sealed pouch.

You can pay more for a good Darjeeling, but you will be hard pressed to find a better Darjeeling at a lower price than this Twining.
448634448634B000673RACA147D7L48ZHPK2Janice E. Schechter "Fredericksburg Lady"1141204761600Tea is very goodThe tea is fine and delivery time was very good; however, I chafed at the S&H, and will search further in my home town to find loose tea sold retail. Loose tea is so much better tasting (and smelling) than any tea bag tea.
448635448635B000673RACA2EFSZB3GIHAMHKevin N. Barnhard0021335139200Bad News - BitterI usually love Darjeeling tea and Twinnings in general. I am not sure what the problem is with this latest batch, but it is very bitter. It almost to the point where I can't tolerate it. I don't understand it but this tea does look to be more cut and have more particles and "dust" than I remember.
448636448636B000673RACA3E5OEACLIHLVUJos880031334188800Very strongThis tea says its lite strength but it is very strong and bitter. Im going to try using less and making iced tea when the weather warms up. I really love twinnings teas beside this one.
448637448637B000673RACARQ6O9MI3KZ7LS. L. Calhoun0041307750400Twinnings Darjeeling Loose Black TeaTea is very good. Just have to work with it to get the taste you want. Will order when I need too.
448638448638B000673RACAIK50UC0IVLHMysticPrincess7 "Yes, I AM a Princess!"0051200700800Fresh Brewed!I buy this for my husband for xmas every year. It was fresh, tasted good. I ordered it just a day or 2 prior to xmas and it got here on the 24th. Fabulous company.
448639448639B004ZWRA6GA11K70GWSB7A5ZNicole Del Sesto141441308700800Yep. It's gum all right.I am a Trident Original gal. Have been since my youth. Oh sure, I strayed into Extra territory, and who can forget the "Bubble Yum" years? (Red Dye Number 2 anyone? I know, you are too young. Whatever.)

I always returned to my Trident Original. It tastes good, the flavor lasts, it's the right size. But this is not Trident Original. This is fancy pants Trident Vitality "Awaken."

Trident lets you know it's fancy by excessively packaging it. It's a lot of paper and plastic for 9 pieces of gum, so I dropped it a star for that.

The gum is nicely flavored. I do like the texture aspect when biting into a crunchy outer coating, and getting into the soft center. The flavor lasts a long, long time. (I'm pretty sure that's another gum's motto - Hubba Bubba as it turns out.)

I chewed for 45 minutes. At first it's a pretty soft chew, but the gum firms up as time goes on. By the time I was ready to spit it out, the flavor was still there but my jaw was sore. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.

It's a nice gum, but nothing I would throw over my Trident Original for, and the packaging would give me pause anyway. Though, I will say that one benefit of the packaging means that it is impossible for the gum to fall out of the pack and get purse debris stuck to it, so that's a nice feature, but heck ... what's a little sand and tobacco stuck to your gum? It gives it character.
448640448640B004ZWRA6GA279A4Y2N1CQ26Crestviewer2241311724800Good Gum - Worth the Extra Cost?I like Trident Vitality...but is it worth the extra cost over traditional Trident? I'm not sure.

The packaging is kind of cool - bubble packed gum stores in a thin cardboard box - but forget trying to slip a piece out during a meeting. The process is noisy due to the foil of the bubble pack.

The gum chews nicely - a crunchy shell that quickly blends into a nice texture. There's a little gel bit in the middle. Meh.

There's a bit of ginseng in the gum, but...well...I'd never have known this except that it's on the package.

I've found the flavor to be good and long-lasting.

So...good stuff that's a bit expensive.
448641448641B004ZWRA6GA21B8AV7E3MPXENatalie V. Galasso2251309996800Great gum!Trident Vitality packs have only 9 pieces of gum per pack, as opposed to the similar Orbit White or Dentyne Ice's 12 pieces. However, I usually chew 2 pieces of the Orbit or Dentyne where I only need 1 piece of the Trident as the pieces are larger. The length of time that Trident lasts is comparable to Dentyne and Orbit, if not better. The gum itself has the same hard outer shell, but the inside is softer than the other two which makes it less "annoying" to begin chewing. The flavor is similar to the above mentioned gums and I have no complaints about this brand.
448642448642B004ZWRA6GA2POYXTGSPSW7OWilliam A. Hensler2251308700800Not bad, not bad at allWow, this isn't a bad deal. This gum is like chewing a giant candy cane. The flavor comes on strong for about a 30 minute period. It's quite refreshing and pretty good. Additionally, I like the way the gum is packaged. So, you can put a few in a pants' pocket and not have to worry about them causing a mess. Good Show!

You get a lot of gum in this package and in the boxes. I gave the gum to my kids: like most good parents I dislike the sugary stuff that wrecks their teeth and gives them empty calories.

So, for chewing gum this is a good product. It's clean and healthy. Enjoy.
448643448643B004ZWRA6GA17CQORLF0JIFLDonna2241308614400Very Pepperminty & Long LastingTrident Vitality Awaken is a long lasting sugar free gum, shaped similar to Chiclets gum, that has a very strong peppermint taste with a slight after taste that I associate with food/candy that is sugar free. The after taste is not very noticeable for me but my husband who can't stand anything "diet" doesn't really care for this gum. Most gums I've chewed usually doesn't last long in flavor since I have a tendency to stuck the flavor out while chewing, within 5 minutes or so, but I found this one lasts much, much longer while remaining soft and not becoming hard to chew after chewing for awhile.

I like the fresh feeling this gum gives me, like I'd just brushed my teeth, leaving my mouth feeling clean and minty. This gum will definitely do in a pinch when in need of fresh breath and your caught without your toothbrush. Another plus, it also helps with dry mouth which attributes to bad breath.

As for the "Vitality" part of the gum, I felt the same while the chewing gum and after chewing it, not anymore alert than I usually am. Also, the ginseng in the gum is not noticeable in the flavor.

For those who need to know, the package states:
Allergy information: Contains Soy.
Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine.
448644448644B004ZWRA6GA30JPZ9TZ7I61UChristopher Barrett "Evil Corgi"2331308787200Not bad... but not very good ~I consistently chew gum after eating to freshen my breath (especially after lunch breaks from work or if out and about in town). I have tried virtually every sugarless gum on the market and have settled on Orbit Peppermint as the best available for long lasting flavor and fresh breath as well as non-stickiness (read on).

Trident Vitality is a good effort (I had the ginseng (awake) version delivered). I appreciate that they are attempting to add some pizazz to the gum. They are the hard shell gum similar to Eclipse. My problems are thus:

~The flavor is short and unexciting.
~Does not really freshen breath (stick to Orbit or suck an Altoid - both work better)
~The packaging does little to ease removing gum (you have to pull the foil packet out of the cardboard and pop a piece out - plus the cardboard packing does not like to re-close).
~The gum is rather sticky, I have a permanent retainer and it does like to stick to it. Not a problem if you don't have dental work!
~There is little benefit to the small amount of ginseng in the gum - it is more marketing than anything.
~You have to have the whole pack on you unless you cut a piece with the foil to take with you. (Orbit has those individually wrapped pieces).

It is not nearly as bad as some of the sugarless gums out there, but skip this one and go for Orbit or Stride.
448645448645B004ZWRA6GA34UZAPGI8XR7Zihavenoalias0041345334400I'm a convertDecided to give this gum a try because I liked the idea of ginseng in it. All-in-all, I like it a lot. The flavor is good, lasts a long time, and isn't too harsh. I'd also recommend trying some of the other Vitality flavors. They've got a vanilla mint that's particularly soft and lovely.
448646448646B004ZWRA6GA7GJI0EUD7J1LSunshine "cchptato"0051335830400Stays SoftThis is a very good gum with a snappy taste. I'm surprised it can't be found in the local supermarket. This is a pillow type gum rather than stick. With this type of gum I usually pop 2 into my mouth because they're small. This gum is very large as only requires 1 piece. They stay soft and chewy for a long time. I'll likely reorder this gum because I'm an avid gum chewer.
448647448647B004ZWRA6GAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051329955200Somewhat Expensive, but Possibly Well Worth It.I seldom chew gum. Almost never. However, I've been on a few long driving trips with my wife and I felt myself getting drowsy. I noted such to my wife so as to warn her. She asked if I'd like a stick of gum. She said it helped you to keep alert. Hmmmm. I'd never heard of that. Well, I tried it and chewing gum worked remarkably well for that task. It makes good sense. Have you ever tried to chew gum and fall asleep at the same time? It just won't work.

Well, the other day I was in our nearby grocery store and I spotted some Trident Vitality gum of a variety called Awaken. That sounded like just the thing to have in the glove compartment of the car. It's a real fresh, zesty, peppermint-flavored gum with added ginseng. Tastes real good. Plus, it's sugar free. It comes in little "pillows" rather than sticks and I'd probably have to chew a couple to get a good effect. It's somewhat expensive for chewing gum, but if it helps to keep me awake on the road, it's well worth it.

Gary Peterson
448648448648B004ZWRA6GAEEC2ZKY44WX9Sebastian Rosiak0051326412800Love that!That is my newest discovery in chewing gum market. And so far the best. I used to like Wrigley products, but Trident is the winner right now.
448649448649B004ZWRA6GA25CGBLRJB6X0SC. Batten0031313539200No ginseng taste, very sticky, a bit gimmickyFor whatever reason, I didn't realize this was the 'chicklet' style gum squares as opposed to stick gum. Normally I wouldn't purchase this style of gum because the packaging seems wasteful for what you get product wise and because there's no wrapper left to spit your gum out in on the go (blister pack houses the gum pieces).

That said, I think the box is pretty cool (the top 'clicks' when you open and close it) and the gum is tasty but sticky! I could definitely see this as being problematic for anyone who has dental work, such as braces (though I suppose technically if you have braces, you shouldn't be chewing gum).

As for the Vitality "Awaken" aspect of this gum, pure gimmick IMO. Ginseng infused my tushy! It seems to me they just put 'Ginseng' on the box to attract 'wellness seekers'. There's absolutely no Ginseng flavor to this gum whatsoever and that doesn't surprise me, since it probably wouldn't suit most western palates. If you want to know what Ginseng is 'supposed' to taste like, albeit sweetend, so you at least have an idea of what this gum 'doesn't' taste like - do a search for Lotte Ginseng Gum. Haven't had it in years but that's the gum we chewed as kids in Korea for that real 'ginseng' taste when there weren't any honey soaked ginseng roots available for us to nosh on.

That said, if someone were to offer me a piece of this gum, I wouldn't decline - but it's something I would pass by at the checkout counter. I'll probably stick to my orbit or stride.
448650448650B004ZWRA6GAG90OGHDGOOVHDavid Stapleton0041313280000Not a gum chewer, but this is tastyI don't chew much gum, more of a hard candy person, but I did find these chiclets (candy coated gum) to have a nice flavor, not overpoweringly sweet or minty with a subtle herbal flavor. The flavor does last for a reasonable time, best guesstimate is around 30 minutes, at least that's the longest I was willing to chew on a piece.

The gum is packaged in a flip top box with each individual gum separated in a blister pack sheet of 9. Aside from the taste did I notice any added benefit from the 'dash of ginseng,' not that I can tell. The amount in each piece of gum is fairly small based upon the location of Ginseng extract in the ingredient list, so I wouldn't expect this to be a substitute for any supplements people are taking (I'd rank it more in line with holistic medicine levels).

Bottom line, I find the gum good, but not good enough for me to switch away from my hard candy habit. P-)

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