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448731448731B00164V4ZEA1BX4EZ3UGX2HXMT0141273968000Yummy cookiesI remember seeing these cookies and imagining how nasty they must taste. I tempted myself into trying some and was quite delighted. Granted, they are not the best cookies (that title belongs to Keebler's Soft Batch) but they are certainly an excellent substitute for those who like to eat cookies and not worry too much about weight. They're quite expensive at the stores (between $3.5-4.5 a box) so I ordered them in bulk from Amazon which bought per box cost down to $2.50.
448732448732B00164V4ZEAVL8500FA9KMZCrittercove "crittercove"0151266710400Not a ringer for Nabisco!I can't speak for anyone else, but I am most definitely not a spokesperson for Nabisco! I love these cookies. They are super yummy,not too sweet, not too "blah." They do not taste like a "diet" cookie. I like these as well, probably better, than your normal, everyday "who cares about weight" cookie.

I will say this. I am not a fan of marshmallow. I don't like marshmallow peeps, marshmallow in cookies, marshmallow "moon pies," any of that. I DO however, like the marshmallow in these cookies. So that said, it means the marshmallow in the Snackwells is very different than what you find in the above-mentioned snack/sweets. Therefore if you do like the peeps, moonpies, etc., you may or may not like the Snackwells. However, the marshmallow is such a small part of this cookie, I don't think it will matter. The star of this show is the fudgy chocolate.

For the person who felt the cookies were bad, I wonder if there could have been a small hole in the packaging and they were, in fact, stale. I don't typically have any sitting around long enough to go stale, but when I do, they do lose their positive attributes!

I think my only "complaint" about this cookie is the fact they are so good, I end up eating too many, taking away any advantage of the fewer calories they contain.
448733448733B00164V4ZEA32DDKLY942A84PrinterCPE "damnsilly1"0141261526400Good product at reasonable priceThis is a tasty snack with acceptable calories and nutritional values. With Amazon's "Subscribe and Save," the cost is considerably lower than at the supermarket.
448734448734B00164V4ZEA35I8V3H9XJAB9flash0151240099200Son has maintained weight loss with these cookiesWeight loss camp recommended these as a snack, and they have helped my son
maintain his weight along with many factors. He enjoys them and doesn't feel deprived in the low fat diet our family adopted after his weight loss of 40 lbs.
448735448735B00164V4ZEA17VTZG4KY8N2EA. Hoffman2631248998400Dry. Easy to tell that it's fat-free...These 5 star reviews are likely written by somebody paid by Nabisco. These things are definitely NOT sheer indulgence. Crazy. Dry as sand... outer chocolate covering is just weird... strange flavor... just don't expect much.
448736448736B00164V4ZEAVLF04K08IT0GJ. Angeles1621243900800Sent me the wrong productI got the wrong item. I paid $20 and I got an item worth $5. They refunded me the money
448737448737B00164V4ZEA2APHQA8UQTV0Marija01311217635200My taste buds were overloaded after having just 2 cookiesWith all the talk of Snackwells being low in sugar, their cookies seem to be a little sweet on the flavoring side. I had several of these as a midday snack and my tongue didn't recover until early the next morning the things are so sweet. Don't munch on these before bed either, I guarantee you will up at least until the wee hours of the morning.
448738448738B000Q9N0YIA2DY1A4SRQ0XOEReviewer Mary5551221004800Chinese Style Beef JerkyI love it cause it's nice and juicy. However, unless it's on sale, the normal price from the manufacturer is about $1 per ounce.
448739448739B000Q9N0YIA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu6751259798400A tasty beef jerky treatAmerican-styled beef jerky like Pemmican or Oberto are typically chewy, dry and salty, but Chinese-styled jerky is much softer and far less salty tasting. This particular brand is tenderized and flavored with fruit juices, and is moist inside the bag. The meat is very juicy and tender, with a nice, but not overpowering, note of sweetness to it. It's not sour, as the description erroneously says. Also please disregard the strange Genmaicha Green Tea inset in the photo. It's obviously a mistake. Reviewer Mary is right that it should be about $1 an ounce, or maybe just slightly more due to inflation.

I highly recommend trying this product if you've never tasted Chinese-styled beef jerky. It is an excellent and tasty treat. The spicy fruit flavored variety is also fantastic and even better than this one if you like a bit of kick. You might also like Chinese-styled pork jerky such as Formosa Pork Jerky Original Flavor-16 Oz, a popular brand in Chinese grocery stores and supermarkets.
448740448740B003D331JSA2MAERVNP1NMOAllyson3341316736000Yum!I love this coffee - it's the perfect strength for me. I use it in a cafetiere and am so happy to have a delicious cup of coffee every morning. The pack of 2 offers great value. I also like that purchasing the coffee helps to plant trees in Ecuador. And I like that the packaging is not too bulky, is simple and can be recycled. the only improvement for me would be if this company produced a coffee which had more floral notes. That's my personal favorite. But overall it's a win win!
448711448711B000LR7SZMA35A5S6H1WROO6Wood Wren "Wren"1111239667200YukI fear that I must report that my experiences with this product mirrored another reviewer's here. I too ordered this stuff through a local store, for a party I was giving. It arrived and it was a complete disaster. My friend and I tried some (thank goodness) before the event and it was horrible. I am not sure what they did to this poor fish, but what ever it was should be illegal. There was a definite overwhelming after taste that took four brushings and a half a bottle of Listerine to somewhat erase. It had sort of a chemical flavor to it. The fish was very poorly prepared and had the consistency of mush smothering corn husks. I fed a portion to the five feral cats that live on our street and they would have nothing to do with it either. Now this is not a lot of money for this product, but you certainly would expect more.
448712448712B000LR7SZMA3C4P61UFJM0PMK-Squared "KK"1111232755200Blech!I love salmon. Fresh salmon, smoked salmon, any kind of salmon. So I was pretty psyched when I ordered the Norwegian Hot Smoked Peppered Salmon from the Gourmet Food Store. Unfortunately, this salmon should have stayed in Norway. It was terrible. Dry in the middle, overly moist on the edges, it formed a gummy paste with every bite. Add to the fact that while it had some kind of colored sprinkles on top it was, by no stretch of the imagination "hot" or peppered. (Smoked yes. I'm still tasting the overwhelming smoke flavor and I'm sure I will be tasting it for the next few days...) Especially for the price, this salmon is a terrible disappointment.
448713448713B0016CSRXSA1SHHQSPOWR00Fjust another customer3341318204800I really like Dalfour Fruit SpreadsWe started buying the berry flavors of Dalfour about a year ago. I find the flavor very good, although sometimes a little subdued (because it's not packed with sugar). Just like the other reviewer, Jean, I also use these to satisfy my cravings for sweets, but they make good PBJ sandwiches too.

Personally, I like the texture better than most jams. Notice that whole fruit (raspberries) is listed as the first ingredient. That means the product contains more fruit than any other ingredient. Many other so-called 100% fruit spreads contain various fruit juice concentrates as the first one or two ingredients, meaning little real fruit is in the actual product. As long as the ingredients are derived from fruit (eg, juice concentrate, pectin), they're still able to call it "100% fruit".

So, with these Dalfour spreads I know I get something pretty good (but I do like my sugary jams like Bonne Maman maybe a little too much).
448714448714B0016CSRXSA2Z9K0ECM3C19TJean Hurley "fan of otherworldly books"2251251417600St. Dalfour preserves are amazingEver since I started using primarily organic products with natural sugars, I've relied on St. Dalfour's products to satisfy my sweet cravings. Their preserves are amazing. They haven't been over-processed like many common market jams/jellies. When you get the blueberry one, you see blueberries. So, yes, the texture may be a bit different, but the quality and taste are unsurpassed.
448715448715B0016CSRXSA3NOE94QLHZ9N8Busy and active "prepared meals lover"2611222041600Taste not great.Though the small jars are very convenient, I felt the taste and texture of the jam was not to my liking. Ended up throwing them away.
448716448716B0038IEWKAA21GPR0JNQ9NPPWarren Liebold "WLNYC"0041313884800Fine Chili MixThere is a difference between the chili mixes available in your local megamart and those available either in specialty stores or online. The better ones, like "The Senator's" include higher-quality chile and other spices which can make a real difference if you really like chile.

BTW, this can be a great playful gift for a friend who is a political conservative who likes chili. Goldwater's Foods is owned by two generations of Barry Goldwater's family. Their claim is that he originated the recipe. They also make a good line of salsas.
448717448717B0038IEWKAA3J0RLBUY8OJEBRicky0051310083200Excellent flavorSure this is just a packet of seasoning, and you've got to add all the good stuff, but man is the flavor of this awesome! They clearly put some time into choosing what types of dried peppers to use, and blending it. This is not your bland ordinary "chili powder". Give it a try and compare the flavor against any product labeled as generic "chili powder".
448718448718B00164V4ZEA2S0IAHU1CR2GCMARY W.6811279929600GREAT COOKIES IF THEY ARE FRESH!Nabisco Snack Wells Creme Sandwich Cookies 1.7 oz. (Pack of 12) 20.4 oz. net
I purchased these cookies in the store several times and thought they were a great alternative to other indulgences. When I saw them on Amazon, I thought it would be a super savings. However, these cookies must be fresh, or they are simply not worth eating. The photo above is a very good sample of some very old and dried out cookies. When they were received in fresh condition, they were excellent, with soft moist cake and marshmallow and a chocolate coating that was a solid, shiney dark brown. In this photo above you can see a very dried out product with an old and pale, discolored coating. I ordered 3 seperate times, 1st box was "great" other two were not even edible. 1 FOR 3 MAKES THEM A VERY POOR VALUE.Nabisco Snack Wells Creme Sandwich Cookies 1.7 oz. (Pack of 12) 20.4 oz. net
448719448719B00164V4ZEA11PTCZ2FM2547D. Mikels "It's always Happy Hour here"1151238371200Thank Goodness For These Little Tasty SnacksI could eat a devils food cake a day. . .but then, I'd be so big I would require my own zip code. So I'm darn glad the folks at Nabisco came up with SNACKWELL'S DEVILS FOOD COOKIES. These are the real deal: a little devils food cake, surrounded by a marshmellow layer, covered in chocolate. Zero fat, zero cholesterol, only 50 calories--but this little snack sure doesn't taste like no fat/no cholesterol. It tastes like sheer indulgence, and that's always a good thing.

So I always keep a box around when the sweet tooth starts to take over and I'm needing some guilt-free pleasure. SNACKWELL'S DEVILS FOOD COOKIES. Devilishly good.
--D. Mikels, Esq.
448720448720B00164V4ZEA2TYOJB7EKHLMJRobert Solomon "drrob1"1151226188800good and inexpensiveWhen ordered this way, they are < 1/2 the cost I've seen in local vending machines. If you like these cookies, this is the best way to buy them. Be careful or you may become a cookie monster.
448721448721B00164V4ZEA23ZIIX85CE17LSnakwell Lover2351297555200Loves SnackwellsAfter loosing well over 50 lbs on Weight Watchers, and being a cookie lover, I found that snackwells offer a good choice for a cookie craving. I like to buy them in bulk, and prepackaged so there is no question as to how many I have eaten. Amazon makes it very easy to buy in bulk, as my grocery store no longer sells them in bulk.
448722448722B00164V4ZEA3LSTGAP7LOV1SAlice Wakefield5851199232000Great for chocoholicsThese cookie-cakes are pretty darn good and chocolatey. A bit too sweet for my taste because of the marshmellow layer doesn't prevent me from scarfing down a few, and I do so guilt-free. Kids should love these since they taste like pure junk food, and I mean that as a compliment. Hard to believe they have zero fat.
448723448723B00164V4ZEA1WT1RLV6KTMY2Current Resident3511336780800Loaded with sugars and contains undeclared fats not a health food
448724448724B00164V4ZEA6D70S77UKA4KMonkeyGurl1221308268800A good deal?I love these cookies, generally, and the price is great here on Amazon, but sometimes I question where they come from. In March, I received a shipment (TWELVE boxes) with an expiration date of 12 March 2011. I thought that was kinda "iffy", and the cookies were a bit worn (they had that patina of old chocolate), but they were edible, so, okay. In April, the expiration date was sometime in the far future (September or October of 2011), so I figured the March shipment was a fluke. In May, the expiration date was *again* 12 March 2011!! They were PAST expiration.

Of course, I'm a carb freak so that didn't stop me from eating them, but, C'MON!! I'm almost scared to get my next shipment.
448725448725B00164V4ZEA3US2DEI207GSUCacao1241294531200Same cookie in Family Dollar for less.If you have a Family Dollar store near you and you like this cookie you are in luck. The same cookie-I mean exactly the same is sold under the Family Gourmet name. At one time FD had duplicated Nabisco's packaging, now its in a green and white box. These Devil's Food cookies cost $1.00 as oppposed to N's supermarket prices of close to $4.00 if not on sale. They are probably made in the the same factory. Plus they have a money back guarantee.
448726448726B00164V4ZEA2TQHXTE6SAUH3E. Hoover "Austen Fan"1251290556800Snackwell'sI had trouble finding Snackwells in the 12 in a case package. I was VERY thankful to be able to get them through We love these, as they are delicious, and it is a great way to limit the amount per serving.
448727448727B00164V4ZEABBBP0HLLXJZ9Rhonda Poynter "gannon'smom"1251290124800Repeat Purchase - Great Deal!I think that these cookies are a great deal through Amazon, because the packages are the exact same size and count as the ones sold at our hospital, where we spend far too much time. I'd suggest this bulk purchase to anybody who wants to break free of the $1.25 to $1.75 per pack that a vending machine or the cafeteria will wring out of you...even a convenience store gets right around that same amount, too, so again, just about the best price I can find!!!! =)
448728448728B00164V4ZEA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0151331596800Have always loved these...Have always loved these...Snackwell's Devil's Food Cookies, 6.75-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) But now on Weight Watchers these are ONLY one point Now they are my favorite!
448729448729B00164V4ZEA12HZ0DEXGJIW8BCC0151321228800YUMMy husband loves to keep some in his truck for a snack. We are set up to get some once a quarter.
448730448730B00164V4ZEA37WBBSHFFYJ6GMarie0151275868800Snackwell CookiesThe most convenient way to buy and use cookies. I like the fact that I do not have to open a whole box to have two cookies.

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