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448741448741B003D331JSA1488ZOT1E6L7OKaitlin Mauer2241348617600GoodThis is a little more expensive than I would like, but until you've had a good organic coffee, you have not experienced true coffee. Starbucs has nothing on this brand.
448742448742B003D331JSA27TT7D1BIATO4John Markham2251322006400Best organic coffee on AmazonI've tried both Cameron's Organic French Roast Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) and Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, French Roast, Ground, 12-Ounce Can (Pack of 3), but I think this coffee is the best taste (and value).
448743448743B003D331JSA1IDCJKZ3F20P0linkydio1151345852800One of the best!Tiny Footprint Organic dark roast is one of the best coffees we have ever consumed.
It's very consistent, and always delicious.
448744448744B003D331JSA1KZUXE70GYNGOtalonmedic1131340150400Love the Idea, Coffee not so muchFigured I would try this (trying to be ecologically concious) as it seemed like an interesting Idea. Well I tried but the coffee is just not worth it. Tastes really bland, nothing special about it and not something I would order again. There are so many better coffees out there,German, Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain etc. Now those may be more expensive but there are less expensive alternatives too. This is just not it.
448745448745B003D331JSA36UPC18J6SZCDDouglas L. Eatough2331327968000Just OkayFirst of all I did not pay attention when ordering. I thought I was buying coffee beans and got ground coffee. My mistake.

Second of all I did not properly view the item. No where on the package is there any seals for Organic or Bird Friendly or Rain Forest Alliance, of which is really important to me. Bad me.

Third of all, I have been using the ground coffee and I would rate it Ok. Nothing special and takes a lot of coffee to make it a robust cup of coffee.

So, I am not impressed with this product and would not order it again. Dissapointed to say the least.
448746448746B003D331JSA2CBZX20LLTAEXThelma Meyer2551295222400Excellent rich strong coffeeThis is an excellent rich, strong coffee. (Like it much more than Starbucks). I see there is only one left (better grab it).I do hope Amazon reorders!
448747448747B000WFRWXGA3I9MCGO36KZ7VShawn Kovacich "Author and Creator of numerou...4451225065600Great Cat Food For Those Kitties With A Sensitive TummyI used to feed both of my cats a different brand name cat food that was supposed to be for those kitties with sensitive tummies, and it was okay, but this Pinnacle cat food has the other brand beat hands down.

We have been feeding our cats this food for about a year now and we have been having a lot fewer instances of upset tummies compared to the incidents we were having prior to switching over to this brand of cat food.

Both of our cats love it even though only one of them has a sensitive tummy issue. Initially, it took a couple of weeks of mixing the old cat food with the new Pinnacle cat food and then slowly eliminated the old cat food until they were just eating the new Pinnacle cat food. Now my cat will stick his head in the bowl and eat a hole to the bottom before working his way around the edges of the bowl. Quite funny to watch actually! Ha Ha Ha

My other cat is a strange one indeed, he will get a mouthful of food and then walk a couple of steps away from the bowl, drop the food onto the ground and the proceed to eat it from the ground. Not quite sure what is going on with that.

Anyhow, I would highly recommend this brand of cat food for your kitty if he or she has a sensitive tummy. And don't worry about the price; it is an investment in the health of your furry four-legged children, as all of us good parents know. And if you haven't already purchased one of these for your kitty Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain, be sure and do so, it is the absolute best cat water fountain on the market at this time.

Shawn Kovacich
100% Cat Lover
448748448748B000WFRWXGA17KSTX7EUCX1AE. Bunting3351220313600Amazing food for cats with sensitive digestive systemMy ten month old cat was switched from dry kitten food to dry adult food (Science Diet) He immediately developed bloody diahhrea. I took him to the vet. She gave him a clean bill of health and guessed it might be a dietary problem. I tried him on a few different brands of dry food, most containing corn or brewer's rice and chicken. No Improvement in his condition. I then found Pinnacle dry cat food. I noticed no corn or rice in this food. I fed it to my cat and it was amazing. Within 12 hours his diahhrea was gone. If your cat has a sensitive system, I would strongly urge you to try the Pinnacle dry cat food. It is a bit expensive, but worth every penny for the health and well being of your cat.
448749448749B000WFRWXGA2JT0K2KF9W0VDY. M.1151272067200This food is greatI found a stray and adopted her. She is smelly, breath and elimination. This is the only food that controls her odor to a tolerable level. Highly recommend this food if you have a smelly cat.
448750448750B000WFRWXGAA8YKC2LOYDN2Rouslan Chtcherbina "Life is Good !"3421268265600Expected better qualityWe have two cats and we were feeding them with "Advanced Pet Diets Select Choice" food but unfortunately it was discontinued so we had to research for another great product. We were recommended this cat food by several people who know what the ingredients suppose to be in it and because this food is made by the same company so we expected same quality.When we got it and opened the bag we noticed different smell (not very pleasant ) and that this food is very dry( the old one was kinda oily ) and both cats didn't like it at all, sometime they don't even want to come and eat it even they are hungry. Now we will have to donate this food to the pet shelter but we learn the lesson, the only way to find the right food is not just by reading the ingredients but buying samples and give them to the pets.
448751448751B000WFRWXGAVJJ2D4G5I0Z4Michael A. Behr "mabehr"0051334620800Tastes great and is great for themI'm so impressed by Pinnacle that I'm trying out some of their wet food such as Pinnacle Chicken & Tuna Formula Cat Food - 24 5.5-Ounce Cans. It's tough to evaluate the health of the food when I'm not a vet, but it seems to have decent ingredients: the first two ingredients are Chicken Meal and Chicken, versus Friskies where you have to go three ingredients in to get to chicken by-product meal, and way down the list to even get to something with the word "meat" in it (meat and bone meal).

At least as importantly, my cats eat it. I won't say that they love it the same way they love the Friskies: I can harass Purina for their ingredients, but I don't think anything healthy will really ever match Friskies for taste! I guess it's sort of like hot dogs versus a chicken breast on whole wheat bread with low-fat mayonaisse. But I'd rather keep my little kitties around for as long as I can, even if the food doesn't taste all that great.
448752448752B000WFRWXGA2IJERI8PXUGVFJoy B. Madison Wisconsin0051330905600Awesome cat food!My cat is crazy about this cat food! He has not been accepting of three others I have tried to give him. He has a sensitive stomach but this food causes no problems for him. Amazon is the only place I have been able to find it as it was discontinued at two small stores that couldn't maintain an inventory of it for some reason. Grain-free cat food is hard to find and I'm so grateful to have a source now through Amazon. Little rescued Sonny thanks you too!
448753448753B002GK0NFOA3J5PAA8BIT8CPklbmarsh "klbmarsh"1131331424000Not as good I'd hopedI ordered these to help keep me full and not be hungry so often. I was not prepared for how much fiber they have! They go right through me. They have no flavor of their own, so they don't taste as bad as they smell--you rinse them off before you put them in soup, stew, or sauce.
448754448754B002GK0NFOA2BWJE33YXG4LS. Miller5741287014400JFC Brown Skirataki Noodles 220 calorie meal !Shiratake Noodles which are only 25 calories per bag provide a very low calorie meal. The noodles must be washed in a large screen or collandar with very hot water for several minutes to remove a somewhat fishy smell. Drain the noddles well and then cut them several times in a bowl with a dinner knife and fork so they are not so long. Get "O" brand organic garlic marinara sauce at Vons and pour half the container (180 calories) over the contents of the entire bag...add a little Kraft parmesian/romano shaker cheese on top and you have a meal which is only about 220 calories...slightly rubbery but acceptable...enjoy!
448755448755B002GK0NFOA1PTDO69715K2Pcharleen "charleen"1211331424000Do Not PurchaseYUCK. The worst! Do not purchase. I saw these noodles on a segment of The View and one of the ladies commented that they smelled fishy and it was quickly passed over by the guest chef who offered rinsing them as a solution.

I was looking for a low-calorie pasta-like alternative and was quite excited about this product and ordered 4 packages:

1.- The come suspended in a liquid
2.- exceptionally fishy smelling
3.- placed them in a colander and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed to get the smell out
4.- they are a gelatinous, disgusting glop os worm-like noodles (if you dare to call them noodles)

Even under sauce, they are heavily robbery and gelatinous. I thought that I would give them a second try and put the dish in the fridge. NO, they are still horrible and I am not a picky eater.

I threw them and the other 3 packages in the garbage. What a waste.
448756448756B001IVWDI2A33Z8L75OXCP78Eric Schenk1151333497600A real, hearty ginger brew with a bit of a kick.My local BevMo used to carry this. I loved it and would buy it regularly. But, apparently not regularly enough as they stopped carrying it and there is nowhere else around here that carries it. So, it has become the holy grail for me. I have no interest in wimpy canada dry or schweppes ginger ales. This is the kind of ginger brew you want them to use in a good "Dark and Stormy" and the little bit of "heat" really gives it that extra kick.

If the idea of a hearty ginger brew appeals to you, you've got to try this. As some carbonated beverage company used to say, it's the real thing.
448757448757B001IVWDI2AFUO3G84XW66Zsullycake0051344470400Best ginger brew aroundI am a ginger soda aficionado of sorts, and recently becoming pregnant - it's my 'go to' when i'm feeling a bit queasy. So needless to say I've had just about every ginger brew i can get my hands on at the local Whole Foods, or my co-op, and this is hands down the best ginger I've ever, ever had.
448758448758B001BCOZ70A2844FUDCBLUMZR. B. Briggs2251244419200My Dog Loves It!My dog can be a very picky eater.

She will starve if she doesn't like her dog food.

This is a food she took to immediately, cleaning out her dog bowl.

I can rest easy knowing she is getting a really good form of nutrition, and that it is very economical.

Buying this product is a win-win for you and your dog.
448759448759B001BCOZ70A3MYTPKIDL4NUUL. BREEDEN "Joey's Mamma"0051349136000Great food for fido!I mix this kibble with my own meat and sweet potato recipe for Jack our dog.
he is 57 pounds and is active 2 hours a day. 2 meals a day consists of 1 cup kibble mixed with 8 oz. meat. in the morning
and 2 cups kibble fed in the evening.
This diet has improved his coat and seems to be keeping him healthy and happy!
448760448760B001BCOZ70A1C6XG1BQ2WDF9SYK0051344124800Great FoodMy dog loves this food. When we adopted him at 7 months we fed him the puppy version and he seemed to like it less; since he got older and we switched to the adult version, he has started to clean his bowl. I know friends whose dogs have had yeast infections that have been linked to the food they eat -- Ultramix doesn't contain any of those problem grains (corn, soy) and our dog has never had any problems associated with these types of food. Overall, a healthy and seemingly tasty adult dog food!
448761448761B001BCOZ70A1S3Q6UHE71WIXandern0051291593600my dog lovesMy dog is a picky eater with a sensitive stomach. He loves this food. He does not have the constipation that some other dog foods have caused him to have. It is also natural with meat listed first on the ingredient list.
448762448762B001BCOZ70ALTYENIMP3VYNDeanna Vickers0051291507200Excellent quality and our dogs love itI have been looking for an online source to order dog and cat food for a long time. I finally found exactly what we were looking for. This is a quality product with no fillers. It's a little expensive but cheaper than buying other high quality/high priced foods in the grocery store. Plus it's delivered free to my house. We will continue to order it here as long as it's available.
448763448763B004OINZZQA2U1AM4GCM9N8ZSusannah "S.L.O."4451322697600Great tea, buy it from the Twinings websiteThis is a delicious tea, representative of the name (a spicy, cold-weather tea) and the maker (Twinings, the venerable English tea company known for great tea since the 18th century, when some of theirs was thrown overboard at the Boston Tea Party). They seem to have forgiven us. Although this tea would go down fine at any time of year, I love it best in winter when its fruity spiciness heats me from the inside so I can endure the bitter New England weather.

Be aware that you can buy this tea for $2.99 (and sometimes, on sale, for $1.99) per box on the Twinings web site. Google for it. It's delicious tea and I'd pay more for it if I had to but the prices on Amazon are patently absurd.
448764448764B004OINZZQA130NF3NJXACK2C. Richer "Mom of seven"3311323302400Be aware, this came asBe aware, this came as a single box. I thought I was buying a 6 pack for that high price. I love the tea, but buy it straight from Twinings if you have to pay this price.
448765448765B000A44BY2A1HE4TYXZYS28John Crochetiere "John C."0041163116800Curry PowderI found the curry powder to be very good. I wish there could be a bit less cinnamon. The price because of the large quantity, was much better than those little bottles at the grocery stores.
448766448766B000PEFNGCAH0MKF194QMREBird That Flew1151300924800DeliciousThis flavor is delicious! I used it in the crockpot with chicken breasts and it came out great. It has a nice smoky flavor like a good BBQ sauce, and is a little spicy too which makes up for the lack of sodium in it. Excellent product, it makes eating healthy very easy!
448767448767B000PEFNGCA10A9H10YAQSA0happytoshop0051350604800Perfect for ChickenThis was a perfect way to marinate the chicken since I am watching my sodium. It was tasty and easy to do.
448768448768B000PEFNGCA1QEGUH95OANS1Joshua Martin "dark fan"0051252886400love thisi just love all mrs dash products i for one have high blood pressure this make things a little easier to watch
448769448769B002EM2JWEA3BRDCGW7T2X7INicoue Kuete "Nicoue Kuete"242711266278400Product detailI also ordered this item as a gift for someone dear thinking it was clear glass,it turned out to be polythene. I checked on [...] and they have the detail of their products as <Clean glass and (Pet) bottles>. I just want you to add a little more descriptions to items that are made in different forms. That little detail could help your company save on retured items expenses and increase you credibility.
448770448770B002EM2JWEA3IGO0AEVGNNGDChicagal202521256342400Beware of BottleI have had the water before, in a glass bottle. I gave as a gift, only to find out the bottles were plastic. For the price did they have to skimp on packaging.

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