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448771448771B002EM2JWEA4GESWD0PPIAIDrix1131328832000Nice Bottle... OK waterThe water didn't seem crisp or refreshing. The bottles were pretty and very interesting though. I would rather have something that looks great and tastes great also. Still on the search for the perfect tasting water. I would recommend this for parties, but not for need. The amount is mighty small, and might leave you thirsty for more water.
448772448772B002EM2JWEA2UG220UJU5DORichie0041343260800goodI work at CVS and whenever someone buys this water bottle, it's because of how appealing the bottle actually looks rather than the water. These come in two different types of bottle, one being glass and other being plastic. This one is a plastic bottle. Don't get me wrong, the plastic bottle still looks beautiful and is very sturdy, it's not your average poland spring bottle. Aside from the looks, the taste of the water is no different than Poland Spring or Nestle bottled water. These usually sell for $1.60 at CVS so, this price online is kind of high. If you really want to try this water, or just want the bottle for the look and future use, just go to a local drugstore or grocery and pick one up. It will be much cheaper and you will get to see and feel the bottle in person to see if it's for you. Overall, it's a good buy and offers a very appealing bottle but the taste is pretty much the same as any other bottled water. I personally bought a bottle because it is so sturdy and I can refill it for everyday use, plus the appealing presentation of the bottle doesn't hurt either.
448773448773B002EM2JWEA1Z4UAZWBFQKJQHappy Mom0031311638400VOSS H2OVoss taste great, clean, but you can purchase this on clearance at grocery stores in florida in the plastic containers, not sure about if its available in glass in grocery store.......
448774448774B002EM2JWEABXANRX4GPYRZhdtravel3551296432000Really Good WaterThis is good water from Norway.

It comes in convenient plastic bottles that should not get broken getting shipped to your home. That is nice.

Enjoy and be refreshed and hydrated !
448775448775B002EM2JWEA2QYPNVGQKJS6YiMac i71211306454400What happened to pricing?I loved VOSS water in the 11.2-Ounce bottles. $11.14 per pack of 12. Unfortunately, I have to stop purchasing as the price has increased significantly from $11.14 to $18.89 per pack of 12. :(

I would rate the water five stars and the pricing one star.
448776448776B0034L8UZYA3KLHRFXATIUOCChilnVilan0051335052800Labrada has great customer serviceThis product came to my door from Amazon and when tasted it had small clumps in it, definitely something was wrong. The product was within date, so I called Labrada and talked to their costumer service. They told me that it was nothing to be alarmed, that it was due to the protein coming into contact with cold temperature, and it was probably caused during shipping.

Labrada immediately shipped me out a brand new box and the new box was perfect.

It's really nice when a company provides great customer service. I was worried because I bought it off Amazon instead of a retail store, but they said that was fine and they would still honor their product.
448777448777B0034L8UZYA1LRAEN9BVTC0EANGELO PULEO JR0051316390400Great itemDef fills you up. I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks so far and this drink in between meals gets me through the day!
448778448778B0034L8UZYAAV6I2G1X9XTYEric J. Kocian0041314057600Labrada Nutrition Lean Body DrinksNo problems at all with the packaging or the delivery. I was not so much a fan of the flavor, but that is just my own preferences.
448779448779B0034L8UZYA6ZBHGUVN5Z1CAerienne0021308009600Great nutrition, awful tasteNutrition-wise, these were everything I was looking for in a meal replacement on the go. High protein, extremely low carb, with 1/5 of your daily nutrients, these are fantastic.

But sadly, the taste was pretty bad. I bought them because they came up as a crazy good deal - $16 shipped for 12 RTDs is really amazing. However, the flavor is pretty bad. The fake banana flavor isn't so bad, it's the terrible taste that the vitamin and mineral mix has. Seems like it's something that some people taste more than others, but to me it tasted like I bit into a multivitamin. It finishes with a really sickly fake sweetener taste that lingers along with the vitamin taste. I don't get that with most protein powders or RTDs, this one comes through far more than I've tasted before.

It is definitely better cold than warm. I'll probably try them in coffee like the reviewer who loves them, to see if they are at all palatable to me that way. I hate to waste, but as is, consuming these would be like taking medicine, rather that actually eating.
448780448780B0034L8UZYA3KV7KD0PRNLR5M. Cook "Georgia Peach"0051307232000This stuff is awesomeI have only tried the vanilla ice cream flavor and this is so good I drink it in my coffee, no joke. This by far the BEST protein shake flavor I have EVER had. To me there is NO aftertaste. Believe me I've tried them ALL and this one is the best taste.
448781448781B0034L8UZYA15GDVKMYRUPRCBigfun "Lucy"1231304467200Wished I had tried just one firstThese taste ok but unfortunately for me they do not agree with my stomach, I plan to give away the rest of the carton.
448782448782B0034L8UZYA1LLMVVFWQCL1Fmarty blu "marty"1231288569600Not bad, just ok.I don't think it's bad, just so so. I would buy it again but it does have a little aftertaste that's not banana,(mabey a fake sweetener?).
448783448783B0034L8UZYA38VE35PFM8KKOZack0111315958400NEVER BUY ON THE GODo not buy on the go RTD. The taste is horrible. Suck it up and pay the little bit extra for the 17oz lean body.
448784448784B0034L8UZYA2RT20DNPFZGAFAnonymous0121308873600Very strong chemical taste. Wont buy again...I was very let down by these drinks. The Atkins and Slimfast low carb shakes taste fine. However, there was something very wrong with these. There is a very strong chemical taste to these shakes and it doesnt taste like banana at all... These shakes also dont mix well either. As much as I shake them, theres still small chunks of something as I get toward the bottom of the shake and its pretty unpleasant.

Im giving them 2 stars since I will try to finish the case I bought, though Im going to have to use them in a blender with other ingredients to cover up the taste. Really defeats the purpose of "on the go" when you have to drink them at home only.
448785448785B003Y7AWM2A10QE9LDUZ5N28PrimeLover1141316044800Great potato chip! Not as thick as you would imagine thoughLay's Natural chips are excellent. I love the way they taste, how crisp they are and that I don't get a bad aftertaste like I do other brands (with all the preservatives). That being said, Lay's Natural Ruffles are my fave and are actually stronger (do not break as easily) than the thick cut.

FYI - these chips typically retail for around $3.50 an 8.5 oz bag. So keep that in mind when purchasing! :)
448786448786B003Y7AWM2A3F11QGTT6C5DQJohn0211290038400Waste of MoneyEven though thick sliced chips sound good, these chips are not. They are over priced, took forever to ship and came in crumbled pieces.
448787448787B000LRH6RMA2NP8RNW9T5BQFA. Brazhnykova1121350000000Bad ingridientsI was exited to find a filling, so i do not have to go through a headache to create my own...bu this one got too much bad stuff like corn syrup and modified corn starch... looks like it has more corn than poppy:)
448788448788B001ASC022A2M459TAWSBBOBE. Mitchell5551308355200OutstandingI use this on roasted pecans - incredible. Have also used on shrimp, homemade baked potato fries (potatoes cut in strips and baked, not fried) and other items. Love this spice. Use it like salt (as in salt to taste) and you get a very nice hot flavor with cayenne pepper and other spices along with it.

A little bit goes a long way - we've been working on one container for a year and will order another soon.
448789448789B001ASC022A3RIZG8F1UEHWVKC "TeamORillo"4451312848000Easy Instant Flavor!Deliciously salty and tangy with a hint of spicy - absolutely perfect for kicking your chicken or veggies up a notch very quickly!

Use sparingly - it's strong - and no need for additional seasonings with it (it's pretty salty on its own).

My favorite on wilted spinach for a delicious, very low calorie side dish. Also excellent on eggs in the morning or as part of your standard beef or pork marinades.
448790448790B001ASC022A2D0PXBTOJO3YRLaLa "LaLa"4451297555200Awesome on everything!I like just a little, but people who love spice can add more. This spice mix is great in eggs, tuna salad, just about everything. And keeps well, doesnt clump.
448791448791B001ASC022A2LLZXO078CWOCG. Hodges1111333497600Saltier than salt?I didn't think this was possible but it is. That's all you can taste too. There's a little heat at the end but that isn't enough to make this a worthwhile product sorry.
448792448792B001ASC022A1TNL35VDGAXWEJim Gorman Jr0041349308800My favorite Cajun spiceI love adding this to my dishes to give it a kick, some nice heat but not too much, and a lot of good flavors too. It works great on anything you want to add a little heat and flavor to
448793448793B001ASC022AFMAXBSIUUIU0R. Whitaker0051345161600The Real Deal!I bought some TC's Creole a long time ago and loved it. Haven't been able to find it until I searched Amazon. This stuff is the REAL DEAL. Hint: try it on pizza. OMG!
448794448794B001ASC022A3F7NO1Q3RQ9Y0Juiblex0041344988800Good stuff but over shadowed by liquid marinade.Whenever I use injectable marinade and make fried chicken, I always use this stuff.
It works really well on the skin. Great Louisiana flavor.
Contains sand though. Very tiny (even compared to regular sand particles) pieces used for anti-caking.

For a premixed seasoning, no complaints.
448795448795B001ASC022A68INYLYFN9HGJ. Williams "arthritis sufferer"0051335916800Best Creole seasoning ever!!!I was introduced to this seasoning by a friend who prepared a dish in my home. I was not able to find it in any local market and my friend could not recall where he had purchased it. I bought other brands that were not as potent. I finally found Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning by doing a search at Amazon. I placed my order and received the seasoning a few days later.
448796448796B001ASC022AXFEVH5NZYCSHMilesColtrane "milescoltrane"0051330041600truly the besttruly the very best all purpose seasoning available. i'm surprised it is not more widely known. perfect for meats, fish, and vegetables
448797448797B001ASC022A3AZVS46G24LNOteresa0051327363200good on everythingseriously great on just about everything. my favorites are french fries and hamburgers, they're just not the same without tony's on them.
448798448798B0064O77LQA11MJWNRVQG65XJames B. Giebler "Popajones"0051349395200love this yeastI have used this yeast for several years and think it yields the best. 20% yield fermenting after only seven days, consistently.
448799448799B0005YXP9YA25B9A3NZR8EVGJames Chaffin "Bachelor Cook"1151325894400My Favorite Light CookieThis cookie is very good. I eat as many as I dare, but my primary use is a a substitute for graham crackers when making 'crumb' pie shells for ice box pies and cheese cakes. They work wonderfully and provide an alternative flavor. Also great as a substitute cookie for making that Southern favorite, banana pudding.
448800448800B0005YXP9YA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin1151180310400I've Given My Heart To These Pepperidge Farm Cookies !!!Pepperidge Farm has a long history of making premium quality cookies; and these "Chessmen" butter cookies are certainly no exception. They contain no artificial flavors, no preservatives and they are crunchy but oh, so wonderfully smooth as you roll them around in your mouth before you swallow them. Awesome!

Another reviewer notes that they are aesthetically pleasing; and that reviewer is correct. The cookies have four chessmen on them--you get the rook, the bishop, the queen and the knight--this enhances the appeal of the product. Yes, chess players will love that; but just about anyone who enjoys a good cookie can appreciate these butter cookies. Even if butter cookies aren't your personal favorite, you will fall for these ones--they're THAT good!

The cookies are kosher, if that matters to you; and they are certainly designed tastefully enough that you can serve them as snacks for any company you may have visiting you. One caveat, however--these cookies do contain sugar and some fat; and the sugar could convert to extra fat in your body if you are not too active. If sugar and/or fat content pose dietary concerns for you then I would ask a doctor before eating these cookies.

Overall, obviously, these cookies are just about the best and they will remain some of the best because of the classic Pepperidge Farm high level of quality control. Buy a bag or two and enjoy some tonight! SMILES

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