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448831448831B000YGMK1WA35BUNSR84RHK7B. Stone1151293840000mostly fruit, almost, almost, healthyDelicious. At least it looks healthy. 420 cal per 4oz serving, but you don't really need 4oz. And 13g fat. Keeps well in refrigerator - we have just finished some from a year ago. I heartily recommend it. I am from England many years ago, and never had fruit cake as good as this.
448832448832B000YGMK1WA2L837BIEJ511IKen Barry0041326499200Love the dark fruitcakeExcept for the fruitcake I make myself, this is the best I have ever tasted. A little sweet for my taste, but otherwise outstanding. I have ordered these a couple of times online, and they always arrive in perfect condition.
448833448833B000YGMK1WAF2YBTAEBQN7MC. Lilly0051303862400Good price and fast deliveryThese fruitcakes are my passion. It's great to find a place to buy them outside of the Christmas season.
448834448834B000YGMK1WA2SKDNO7VMEIRXR. Lombardo1251290470400Piece of cakeThe product was as described, at less money than the manufacturer would have charged and it arrived in quick time, undamaged.
448835448835B000YGMK1WA1SDHVTNMKYQ40John Painer2521321920000Too expensiveI don't think that this is a good deal. I saw the same 1 pound fruitcake loaves at a local discount grocery store for $4.99 each. That would equate to $15 a box. Why is Amazon charging $10 more? What a ripoff.
448836448836B000YGMK1WAWD4VXMZRB8EEDeborah Mcgee "Deborah M"0231293667200Claxton FruitcakesThe fruitcake wasn't what I expected. Too much fruit and other ingredients, can't taste the cake part of it at all. As far as the taste of the fruitcake it was great but no cake taste whatsoever.
448837448837B00437AB1OA10MBPTTQA249ASparkle2521332460800Design Smudgy & Dirty Inside the General Mills BoxI bought these for a cute celebration of St. Patrick's Day for my Team Members. I was trying to decide between the little boxes and these and chose the cup over the box because of the convenience of just adding milk to the cup. Though the idea was still cute, each cup had very smudged artwork and the cups all had black ash on the outside of them while sealed in the General Mills box. It was so bad, I almost thought they might be counterfeit. The cereal seemed to taste the way it should, but since I bought these for their branding and aesthetics too, I was disappointed. Next time I'll get the small boxes instead.
448838448838B007ZUGS68A16TBCC9OYKZ23Anonymous0051346198400I was surprised by the quantity.My dogs love these. I know the description said how many packages I would get but I ordered something similar from another seller and didn't receive what I thought I was buying. I was very happy to see how many were in this order. I would order them again from this seller. Thank you for the bargain. These are so much more expensive in the store.
448839448839B00520I9GAAERKXILRCFWAStef1141321574400Good ginger candy - not too strongI purchased a bag of this and another brand at the same time to see if they would help with morning sickness. I did not care for the other brand I purchased, but this one works for me. It has the distinctive ginger taste and smell without the overpowering spicy taste that some ginger candies have. Would definitely recommend anyone give it a try!
448840448840B00520I9GAA1O4F81GWJE9HLConstance "SGS"0051349654400Strong Ginger Taste, no bitterness, delicious!I love Ginger flavor and these candies deliver. The flavor is sweet but strong which sometimes brings water to my eyes and makes me cough a bit. They really have a nice, smooth flavor, with no bitterness.

Ginger has been used by many cultures all over the world for medicinal purposes. My personal experience is that these candies help quell nausea. There are times when no pills or even water will go down, but I can suck on a few of these and the nausea eases up so I can then take the required meds.

Also, when it comes to times that my asthma is acting up and I have taken all meds as directed but not gotten relief, sucking on a few of them seems to help clear the air ways a bit. This may just be specific to me.

Most importantly these things just plain taste great. Once I start eating them it is tough to stop.

Note on sellers: I ordered from an alternate vendor by mistake recently. What I received was a clear plastic bag with no product information or markings of any kind filled with some kind of Ginger drops that looked a tad beat up. It took well over a week to arrive when Claey's delivers within a few days. I'd highly recommend sticking with buying directly from Claey's. Their packaging is great, they are very responsive in quickly filling orders, and their candies are top notch.
448841448841B00520I9GAA2B29R6ATPJYOHLinda J. Shideler1251315612800this a very good hard candy.the
claey's sanded ginger has a good flavor, not being to weak or to strong, but as a well known story book character said "just right".... enjoy..Claeys Ginger Sanded Candy Drops ~ 2 Lbs ~ Old Fashioned Flavor
448842448842B0042ROFQ2A1RD1YGKZMTNYCCH47A-131220051350604800TREATS FOR OUR YORKIESOur two Yorkies love the treats. I have given them three different flavors and each one has been a hit. Our little male is a picky eater and will often turn his nose up at anything new. But not these.
448843448843B0042ROFQ2A2QRRP3DGLZ5HECrystal A. Kollross "Infrequent buyer"0051349913600Buddy biscuitsExcellent product and excellent service. Arrived very quickly. My dogs love them. Soft and chewy for my older girls who have some teeth problems. The biscuits are just the right size.
448844448844B0042ROFQ2A39SKV601VBNXIJennifer O Kinney Cote0041349395200Great Mid-Value Treat for Your Dog!I've been feeding Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits to my three dogs for years. They're great because they break apart easily, so you can give them whole or break them down for training or to fit appropriately in interactive toys.

Some dogs may not be thrilled about the lamb flavor as much as other Buddy Biscuit flavors (our three dogs seem to favor the Beef and Grilled Chicken), but I've never seen a happy dog turn them down.

I note these as a "mid-value" treat because I've tried using these as a high value treat for a fearful dog, and they just didn't cut it. It's not surprising, as high value usually needs to be something like cheese or meat, but I did want to make the distinction.

That doesn't mean they wouldn't be high value for your dog (every dog is different), but they do not work for us.

They are not "mid-value" as in quality. They are high quality treats, with good ingredients, made in the United States. We currently buy every flavor we can on Amazon through Subscribe and Save, if that says anything about how we feel about them.
448845448845B0042ROFQ2AB58PYAVNWECJBetty Ann Kelley0051332460800Cloud Star Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits from AmazonWe have two small older dogs that have no teeth,Buddy Biscuits are perfect!!!! They love them and since they are soft it is easy for them to chew....Thank You!!!! Ordering thru Amazon is so easy...Always received from supplier in a timely manner....
448846448846B0049T5BK2A334SM8A3SZLKMAlfred L. Moniot0051325462400Ronzoni is the bestGot both the egg and the spinach Linguine. World class with the Linguine and white clam sauce recipe from the Best Italian Classic's in the Cook's Illustrated series cook book.

I gave one to a friend in a Christmas goody box - she made Stroganoff last PM and raved about the pasta.

FD: she is an Italiana.
448847448847B0049T5BK2A1OGJHC7PPTXCGS. Lamb0051303776000Affordable, Good quality Egg NoodlesI was not able to locate this product locally and the egg noodles I have been using were pricey. The flavor is excellent.
448848448848B00473TWXCA12K9QYDUJCHYBScone fan0041308528000Very goodEasy to make.Use the Scone Pan sold by Amazon for best results. Very satisfying low fat recipe.Nordic Ware Scottish Scone & Cornbread Pan
448849448849B003Y5ZQ70A1UJVH594EAVW1Katharine G. Myers "Kitty"0051350518400These egg noodles are the REAL thingWhen I could no longer find the old fashioned flat, wide egg noodles anywhere in any store, I tried searching online and found Inn Maid brand. They taste much better than what is now sold in stores, just like I remember from my childhood.
448850448850B000J2DQ2SA14FER0RLJLB5ZAlan C. Hahn111151210204800The bestFound these at a local Trucchi's supermarket, but they don't always carry them. Snow's clams are the worst, mushy and tasteless. Atlantic clams are not bad and around here go for $1.50 a can. These cost me $2.99 locally when I can find them and they're worth the extra money. It's cheaper on Amazon though especially since I have Amazon Prime and get free shipping. Starting to do more and more food shopping on Amazon now that we signed up for Prime.

Open a can of BarHarbor and just smell the juice. You'd swear they just came out of the far the best tasting clams I've ever had. Tastes and smells like they were just harvested. We have spaghetti and clam sauce one a favorite meal. Olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, red pepper, parsley, little butter, salt. Yummy!!!
448851448851B000J2DQ2SAJQ6VP795LYEFRes Buen "Isabel"6641300665600Bar Harbor vs. SnowsWanted to help out on the comparison with this relatively expensive brand of canned chopped clams and Snow's, a brand easy to find in supermarkets where I've lived.

The textures are very different. Snow's has additives to retain some semblance of fresh clam's springiness; being "natural," Bar Harbor's are somewhat rough/chalky, but not so much to be unpleasant (I've tried both cooked briefly--under a minute--for clam sauce with pasta). Interesting also that Snow's has added sugar, probably a small amount. I find both delicious, with the flavor of Snow's clams a little "louder," a plus for Snow's.

Some other relevant considerations. A can of Bar Harbor clams has 150 calories and 8g of protein, whereas a clam of Snow's has 75 calories and 4g of protein. To me, this is a plus for Bar Harbor--seems to mean more food in the can (I always eat a whole can, which is supposed to be 3 servings for both). On the other hand, while I've never opened two cans side-by-side, I haven't noticed a striking difference in the volume of the meat. Also striking that a Bar Harbor can has 150% daily value of iron, compared to only 6% for Snow's! So something about the Snow's processing seems to be draining nutritional value. Snow's has slightly more salt, too.

OK, I think these are some good considerations for the buyer! Myself, I'll probably buy Snow's regularly just for its cheaper price, and occasionally upgrade to Bar Harbor whenever I feel I need to eat more iron. Bon appetit!
448852448852B000J2DQ2SA27N0ZSE790WY2wskyjak15511297468800WHERE'S THE CLAM???Before you plunk down your $$$, I suggest you shake the container; you'll hear a lot of sloshing--that's the itsy, bitsy clam pieces in the great gray sea. For a Bar Harbor All Natural Chopped Clams, 6.5-ounce can, I measured 2 ounces clams, 4.5 ounces liquid. I close with, "Where's the clam?"
448853448853B000J2DQ2SA2NK2X39CVYZ0NS. Elliott "clam lover"6751212192000Bar Harbor Chopped ClamsThese clams are the best canned clams that I have found. Most canned clams don't really taste like clams to me but these are appetizing looking and taste great. I used them in a linguini with white clam sauce recipe and it was yummy!!
448854448854B000J2DQ2SAR4H5H9F0RK98Jennifer Y. Goetz3311250726400Not as good as SnowsI bought these because of the reviews. I was disappointed. I like the chewiness of clams and the texture and these clams have neither. They don't even taste like clams as far as I am concerned. I will go back to snows!
448855448855B000J2DQ2SA3D7WGHMU2EVSOConee M. Spanos2211302739200STOP..don't buy these clams!!!I just received these clams (and I use the term loosely) First of all they are not chopped, they are minced. Second, they have no taste at all. I use chopped clams alot but I will not buy these again. My cat won't even eat them, Stick with Snows chopped clams. You get what you pay for. YUCK!!!
448856448856B000J2DQ2SA12JQNDSRZGCYCW. Witt "W Witt"2251236038400Bara Harbor All Natural ClamsBar Harbor All Natural Chopped Clams, 6.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
If you really want to treat yourself to the top shelf of chopped clams this ones it. Far better than the run of the mill clams you buy in the regular grocery store. A little pricey but worth it.
448857448857B000J2DQ2SAUAKJJGJT36INBARRY C GUTHARY1141306022400Best canned clamsAfter trying most of the other canned clams, this is the best of the bunch. The clams have more flavor than most others.
448858448858B000J2DQ2SA591B9XSUG2NRR. Birnbaum1151293494400terrific without the chemicalsTook some getting- use to without the preservatives of a life that I have, love the wonderful clean taste of the clams ,and liquid..We all adapt when we have to....
448859448859B002ZOG2B0A2D4VH1GILGTDTSwamp Wizard4451317513600Swamp WizardHazelnut 8 O'clock coffee is very fresh and tasty. The price is great,and considering the hastle and cost of gasoline of going to get it, it is a good deal to have it arrive at the door. Since it is a flavored coffee it is not easy to find where we live so being able to find it conveniently is a bonus. There is no downside to getting coffee this way.
448860448860B002ZOG2B0A3QO9O5PJ2TZHZpreemiemom3351320019200YUMMY!!!I love the flavor this has!!! Best coffee out there and best price too!!!! YES~!! 5 stars and 2 thumbs up from me!!

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