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448861448861B002ZOG2B0A22A4TR602GA0Karl Bratcher2251340150400Eight O'Clock Coffee, Hazelnut Whole Bean, 33-Ounce BagHaving retired on Maui Hawaii, my wife and me enjoyed the Hawaiian Coffee Blends containing Hazelnut flavoring sold by Costco, on Maui. That Blend and other's from the Islands after many weeks of drinking always began to overwhelm our desire of Hazelnut flavoring. o over come this we began mixing our old well excepted UBand Coffee in equal parts to the hazelnut finding a great tasting coffee that always remained our favorite and our stateside visitors too.

Our older years are now being enjoyed on the central Oregon Coast and finding the Hawaiian Hazelnut Blend Coffee costing from $20 to $30 per pound, which we consider excessive. Then someone suggested checking our Amazon, which we did with complete satisfaction acquiring the 3 3 oz Whole Bean Eight O'Clock Hazelnut Coffee for less than $15.00 for 2 pounds. Four heaping Tablespoons full of beans into the top of out common coffee bean grinder and grind for about 10-12seconds produces a awesome 12 cup pot of Hazelnut hint of great coffee. A match of our efforts on Maui years ago.
448862448862B002ZOG2B0A2Y02ZJFWCGPETE. Fulton "fern"2251319414400Always a great cup of coffeeI've been drinking Eight O'Clock Hazelnut coffee for years. I don't think I've ever had the experiences of some other reviews, such as a weak flavor.

To me, the flavor is consistent. The coffee is a little fresher when you grind the beans each day, and you can't beat the price on Amazon!! I highly recommend it.
448863448863B002ZOG2B0A1YOBIM8BIZJHQS. Edwards2241318723200InconsistentOne bag will have a nice hazelnut flavor and the next will have just the slightest hint. A good bag is pretty good. I think they need to do a little more quality control. My 4 stars is for a good bag only. I'm only rating the taste.
448864448864B002ZOG2B0AZLXUPB331DBJCoffee pro0051350604800Eight o clockThe best brand of coffee, very tasty, strong and wonderful in the morning before a long work day. I wont drink any other brands.
448865448865B002ZOG2B0A2S7KMWI6Z51RPS. Zuniga0051344384000Eight O'Clock Coffee is a great coffee at a great price!I don't know why I keep trying other expensive coffees. I am almost always disappointed in the taste and the price. I keep returning to Eight O'Clock Coffee. The flavor is amazing and so is the price!
448866448866B002ZOG2B0AS0L8D2TO53BCAnna0041339372800Nice FlavorEight O'Clock isn't normally my first choice of coffee brands, but this coffee was pretty good and I would purchase it again. The hazelnut flavor is subtle and the coffee is pretty rich for being mass produced.
448867448867B002ZOG2B0A3O1LNDGG1EZRXonly me0051339113600Eight O'clock still a great coffeeThis coffee was sold back years ago by the A&P stores.

It was a good coffee then and remains so today.
448868448868B002ZOG2B0A2767VWUQ6AE10hawkeye-490051336262400The real McCoyI know that real coffee drinkers look down on flavored beans. What can I do? I like the taste of Eight O' Clock Hazelnut; I grind the beans as needed. We've been buying these from Amazon for about 5 years and haven't been disappointmed yet. A matter of taste and preference. We buy a large amount and store in freezer. Always good, always fresh. Try it.
448869448869B002ZOG2B0A20B2BU1ZPY9AWMr Coffee0041335139200Not always the same amount of aroma,but good just the sameAfter I threw a little tantrum because of the inconsistant aroma, I realized this coffee is really good! I resubscribed after I tried a few other hazlenuts from other companies,( I love hazenut coffee), and realized Eight O'Clock rocks!
448870448870B002ZOG2B0A19JA3GOFE2E19G0051335052800PERFECT EVERY TIME.We've always had to search and then wait for our local market to have these beans available. I was tired of buying the pricey coffee just to get decent beans. With the automatic delivery it's so easy. I don't have to get to the store for the umpteenth time only to find yet again, they're out of stock. I love knowing every single cup of coffe I make (we grind the beans each morning) is perfect every time. Without fail. The subscription is great as you can skip a delivery or add an extra one whenever necessary. Eight O'Clock Coffee, Hazelnut Whole Bean, 33-Ounce Bag
448871448871B002ZOG2B0A3T3Z95O5WE96Hannaver0051334016000Love it!Love this coffee! It has nice, not overpowering aroma. Coffee tastes fresh, no bitter after taste. Going to reorder it now, since the taste and price both are satisfying to my taste
448872448872B002ZOG2B0A32A0X0YMM3UK5montanamary0051332288000Favorite CoffeeThis is my favorite coffee in whole bean excited to see it at this lower price. It is a 2 pound 1 ounce bag. Hope they don't cut the size like all the other coffee brands did.
448873448873B002ZOG2B0A39Y0EMSJWY85Qghawk0051327881600Great size, great priceWe like getting whole beans but can only find 11 oz bags at our local store. I was happy to find this larger bag online. Love the flavor of this coffee and it's offered at a great price.
448874448874B002ZOG2B0A39MDGUOFDOIO1Jackson0051325548800Eight O'Clock Hazelnut Whole Bean CoffeeThe quality of this coffe is excellent. We enjoy grinding the beans for the best taste. We were also very happy with the promptness of shipping. Great value!
448875448875B002ZOG2B0A2VHXNG59PUHZI1moreprodigal0051315094400Good tasting, good fresh date, great price !!!I was a little hesitant about buying coffee online but prices in the stores have been going up, up, up! So when I found Amazon not only sold coffee, and my favorite eight o'clock hazelnut, and Columbian at prices less than I was paying and if I joined Subscribe&Save even a lower price I thought, "whats the gimmick? Is it almost out of date?" Well since my first order in May of 2011 I have re-ordered 10 times and have told 3 of my friends that are also ordering from Amazon their favorite coffees, and yes they all have been pleased. Subscribe and save is not limited to coffee I am planning on increasing my purchases and just want to say "try it you'll like it!" Thank you Amazon!!! Keep up the good work.
448876448876B002ZOG2B0A2Z5SNN7SXYBM7Gisela H. Mohr4731281830400Hazelnut coffeeI like the coffee but this time I found the good Hazelnut taste missing.
Good price for the coffee.
448877448877B002ZOG2B0A3DMCEG2780X9WMichael David Schwartz0111335398400The 11oz bags were great..but this coffee got stale and lost flavorI first experienced this coffee int the 11oz bags and was very happy with it. Lots of flavor and tasted great every which way I prepared it...both french press and drip style. So I order 2 33oz bags, and even with proper storage, both coffee bags lost their flavor, and for some reason, both tasted awful in the french press. I will not be ordering this coffee again.
448878448878B002ZOG2B0A1RIZ330QGQTU5David Burrell3621298505600Very weak coffee with little Hazelnut taste.After I purchased and then received four 11 oz. bags of dark Italian roast Eight O'Clock Coffee from Amazon early this January, I was so impressed by the full bodied flavor and good rich, smooth taste of that coffee that I ordered this 33 oz. bag of Eight O'Clock Hazelnut Coffee.

I wish I had not done so. This is a very weak and bland tasting coffee with little to no taste of Hazelnut in the mixture. The dark Italian roast Eight O'Clock Coffee has a rich taste with very dark brown beans , but the coffee beans in this coffee are a bleached out light tan color that produces a weak tasting bland coffee.

To make an halfway fair tasting cup of coffee, I've had to mix some of the great dark Italian roasted coffee beans into the grinder with these pale, wrinkled sub-standard coffee beans. I'm not unhappy to see that it is presently out of stock here at Amazon. Any coffee drinker who buys it after trying good coffee beans is going to be sorely disappointed.
448879448879B002ZOG2B0A3VNNBM3P5Z3IUW. C. Loudermelt51011286409600Not a discountWith coupon which you can get from Eight O'Clock website, you can get this same size bag for $10.49, where is the discount???
448880448880B000H223BAA35HOUWHAYZZN6Hedera Femme7751179619200best, lightest breadingPanko makes the crispiest, lightest breading. It is great for meats, seafood, veggies, and even some sweets (I have had some of the best fried ice cream that was covered in Panko crumbs, but you can also do bananas). There are tons of uses, so definitely try some Panko for your next breaded and deep-fried cooking session.
448881448881B000H223BAA3BB78WDQRNSETN. Pyle-Moser "Nancy Cooks"7751174521600Panko PraisePanko breadcrumbs, for anyone that has not used them, are the best things for fried chicken, fried fish, crumb toppings and anything else you can think of for breadcrumbs. They don't get soggy, or fall off the meat/fish. Some products are not what they are trumped up to be. Panko breadcrumbs are the exception. I gave a box to my girlfriend and we both profess to be good cooks. She has a yen for fried chicken and was just amazed how well the panko breadcrumbs held up. Her husband kept raving about them. I am glad I bought 6 boxes, you will be too.
448882448882B000H223BAA2ZE7T3JNJ20D8TJ2251224633600TastyMy mom-in-law used than to cook fish and it was delicious.I tried to use Progresso but it was no so good.The bread flakes are better than others and actually I can not find them in the store also so I just bought it from Amazon.I would recommend this product.
448883448883B000H223BAA3JTG1YW5439GLC. Morrow1151234310400PankoThis product may be easy to find in larger cities or locations, but I was unable to find it anywhere in my area so ordered it through Amazon. I had been in a cooking class where it was used, and now that I have tried it I will continue to use it. Since I ordered several boxes, I won't have to re-order soon, but I am so glad to know it is available online.
448884448884B000H223BAAFEU9SW8OTF55Julianne "Julie"1151219449600convenient way to purchase pankoI have a difficult time finding panko in the grocery store, so this is a very convenient way to purchase these. They make a nice, crunchy coating and they have no HFCS or Trans Fat, like many of the packaged bread crumbs.
448885448885B000H223BAA3AMXZPR8O9VEVIrina Badulescu "love panko breadcrumbs"2311237161600rancid productThis good product is sold rancid ,I was asking for a refund,and did not answer my email. It Is an outstanding product ,but when I opened the box the smell was strong ,I opened the whole lot, the six boxes ,hopping for have at least one good product.I used this product in the past,buying from trader joe,or cost plus storesThey do not have them in stock.The product should smell like fresh bread,light smell,and not rancid .
448886448886B000H223BAAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson0041277510400Solid addition to my pantryI used to use Progresso bread crumbs whenever recipes called fror bread crumbs. But after having tries some panko bread crumbs elsewhere, I experimented by purchasing a package of Sushi Chef Panko Bread Flakes. What a difference. The old bread crumbs are fine, of course, but this product really crusts chicken and fish beautifully and provides a nice addition to the recipe.

So, I am a satisfied customer.
448887448887B000H223BAA1QX507P2JAKF5Angela1251202428800Quality Japanes Bread CrumbsSushi Chef Panko Japanese Bread Flakes, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)This is a high quality brand of bread crumbs. They are light crunchy and extremely fresh.
448888448888B006UCU9MQA3AGBRM68HN5CZLynn M. Kerr "lynnkerr2"0021345852800Beware of expiration dateThe product itself is great, but the packaging could have been better - a box would have been more stable than the envelope it arrived in - as some of the product leaked during shipping. But more importantly, I was very disappointed that the expiration date was only 4 months from delivery. We've used this product for many years, and have always had at least a year or more on expiration date. We were expecting to be able to use the product through at least summer 2013, making the quantity acceptable. Now, we must use it all by November, 2012 - which is sooner than we anticipated.
448889448889B006UCU9MQA3M9WOI6EG4LRMStephen D. Hoschler "Steve Hoschler"0051343779200Wonderful!I boil shrimp and I use this for flavoring (with salt, of course). I use it when I brine pork. I use it when I brine chicken. I use it when I brine just about anything! This is a fantastic product, and this is a GREAT way to buy it! It costs MUCH more in the grocery store (especially if you use a lot of it). I LOVE THIS STUFF!
448890448890B000LL3PO6A9PKYI8B9V9VBV. Vanderbent "always curious"131451202515200Best cheese curls - UPDATED: overpriced and poor qualityI won't say I'm an expert in cheese curls, but these sure taste great. Slightly milky flavor, and a touch of blue cheese give these an edge (literally and figuratively) over the competition. It's great that part of the ingredients are organic (I wish of course that they were all organic at this price). Don't be surprised when you open the bag, they fill just under a third of it. I guess the empty space keeps them in shape! Now the bad part, when you buy 12 at once you expect a discount. The Amazon price of $2.58 each is the same as at my local high priced natural food store. Still, nobody comes close flavor wise, although flavor is, of course, subjective.

UPDATE December 11, 2009
Could I have been more disappointed with the makers of Cheese Curls? I stopped buying the baked cheese puffs from the same brand because the quality varies from one batch (by the expiration date) to another, and the last batch had too many puffs without cheese. Back to the curls, the previous batch (November) was just excellent (good flavor and crispiness as reported by my wife), but then came the one I bought just a week ago...there is not a single curl with proper cheese flavor in the bags. So why not complain? I am complaining, but the company doesn't care. I told them last year that the quality of the puffs varied from one batch to another, and it only got worse. The retail price has increased to $2.95 since then. At that price I expect a very good product, especially when I buy 12 at a time. Notice that it says on the back of the bag "freshness guaranteed." That's right, they don't care whether we're happy with the product, just that it's fresh. Thanks Michael Seasons, I guess I'll have to start making my own cheese curls (there is no other product on the market that uses (partially) organic ingredients). I'd give this one star today if I could.

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