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448921448921B004FV9VSCA2HF0TMMB93PFBKaren Benziger5651304553600Sweet Goodness!!I love this product and cannot wait for it to come on the local market. Half the calories. Measures and bakes just like sugar. Pure Cane sugar processed differently, lighter, dissolves faster in tea. Yum!
448922448922B004FV9VSCA3750DSRZSH6TESusan M. Hoag2251328313600My Favorite Sugar Alternative!I first used Smart Sugar about three or four years ago. I bought it at Raley's, which, unfortunately, has stopped carrying it, This is the only low-calorie sweetener that I can bear to use. It doesn't have a funny "aftertaste" that I usually sense in low-calorie alternatives. One of my FAVORITE things is that there is NO ASPARTAME! That stuff makes me physically ill. I have actually lost some weight using Smart Sugar instead of regular sugar. I hope it becomes available everywhere soon! I have only been able to get it from for quite a while, and, as of this post, they don't have it. I hope they haven't stopped stocking it as well!
448923448923B004FV9VSCA3AQHR9AWPK9ZZcarolstropicals2251321142400The BestFound this product in my grocery store, but they, HEB, quit carrying it.
I am so glad they carried it since I had been looking for an artificial sweetner. All artificial sweetners give you diaherra (sp?). This one doesn't.
I have never baked with it, but use it for iced teas and coffee in the morning.
It tastes just like sugar and is wonderful.
I had to email the company to find out where I could buy it again. Thank goodness you can buy it from amazon. I pray that they keep producing it since there is no where else to go for a product this good.
Maybe the company could try Whole Foods.
448924448924B004FV9VSCA39WP1NC8816EEmodeng1151338940800wonderful!great sweetener. i bake a lot and my husband is a diabetic so i decided to try this. have made cookies and cheesecake so far. both came out perfect. highly recommend. pricey, but worth it --- bag size is 1.28 lbs.
448925448925B004FV9VSCA33FZWSDQEQFOVJoy1151338422400great productI don't know why this product is not readily available in stores. I love it. I actually mix it with Splenda and it makes it sweeter, taste and texture are like sugar, and only adds 1/3 the calories of real sugar, which is further decreased by mixing it. This product is terrific and I wish more people knew about it.
448926448926B004FV9VSCA3FR9VSCJIOPP8J.M. Galloway1151302048000Smart Sugar a fine alternativeTried this and worked fine. If is REALLY half calories of sugar would help my health. Do not know how to learn if their claim on pkg. is true but try it
448927448927B004FV9VSCA374E4SOXUAENMLittleTex2351312416000Best Sugar Replacement Out ThereI found Smart Sugar at a local grocer about one year ago and it is so much better than other sugar replacements. Try it and you will see that nothing else that is a sugar replacement comes any where close to this product. Unfortunately the grocer that carried it is no longer in business and now I am looking hard to find it again out our local grocery store. Good thing Amazon carries it...
448928448928B004FV9VSCAFOTY1M3YHUFDD. Eason0051349913600Love this stuff!I originally found this in my local market about a year ago, tried it, loved it, then ... Like everyone else here has said, they stopped carrying it! I asked for it and they said they would look into it, but nothing yet.

Luckily, I found it here, though it is $1.50 more a bag than my local Market Basket! That show's how much I love it; I bought five bags anyway!
448929448929B004FV9VSCAVD4714RM9OPIJoe0051348185600My Favorite Kind of SugarI first found Smart Sugar in my local grocery store. Then they stopped. Had to
go on line to find it. Been using it for a couple years total. Thank goodness
I can order it. Taste like the real thing and I do not have any side effects as some can cause.

Claudie Bernhardt
448930448930B003GYZ8IGA7ZT61T3FFKIWemschwar1121304899200overpricedLove these little packs of raisinets (hooray for portion control!) and when I saw them on amazon, I thought it was a great deal. 6 boxes of 6 packs of raisins! I pay around $3 for a 6 pack at the grocery store, so this seemed like a really good bargain. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't get 6 boxes of the 6-packs, I got ONE six pack. Which, according to amazon, has a retail price of 20 bucks! That's insane.

Fortunately, a quick chat with customer service refunded my purchase, but I was still disappointed to find it was ONE pack and not 6.
448931448931B000E1BLG2A348YRPYT2XWJGKuleAna "Store Owner"3351162598400Not just for Jello anymore!With the holidays coming up...this cranberry jello is a necessary product for your kitchen! It is great for making jello and adding fruits like apples, nuts, etc. I made it for a large group and added the "Just Tomatoes", raspberries on the top, served with whipped cream. It was given a rave review by all. Use it as an added flavor in your cakes, and add fresh cranberries, etc. It is less sweet than other Jello flavors and what a great taste!
448932448932B000E1BLG2A23F6L3RGN1ET0JeNnCeSs "jenncess"1151297728000This needs to stop being a seasonal itemI use this Jell-o to make the best washington apple jell-o shot recipe... Everyones now favorite in my menu...

Google washington apples jello shot recipe if you need it... Very simple
448933448933B000E1BLG2A2NYVZC1UZVW8KSarah Lou0051291334400Buying Jello onlineI purchased jello online because it is hard to find. I looked everytime I went to the store. Amazon is a great place to buy stuff you can't find. Also I receive in timely manner.
448934448934B000E1BLG2A2HX1F5CGWS4TIMolly Conway0051267574400Great FlavorThis flavor of Jello is rarely available in the grocery stores in our area. I use it frequently in a variety of recipes. It's great to be able to get it when I need it through Amazon!
448935448935B0048IQHFWA2SZWFJX0783BFWillow0051342656000Truly the BestI use a lot of ground cayenne pepper. This is the third kind I've tried in the last year, and it is by far the best. It is spicier and has much more flavor than the other kinds. And one kind I tried was grown, dried, and ground by some family members and given to us.

This cayenne from Badia has simply the best flavor. And it's spicy! I don't need to use nearly as much as with other brands when I cook, and I still get more flavor. That alone makes it worth the extra money and time waiting for it to ship. You don't need to use as much.

This cayenne is a nice, dark red. Very, very finely ground. There is only a shaker option, and luckily, it doesn't come flying out.

I still cannot get over how much more flavor and spiciness this Badia Cayenne Pepper has versus other ones we've tried. It has flavor, not just spice. I don't want any other kind anymore after having used this. Superior quality product. If you enjoy cayenne pepper, I would highly recommend going organic and choosing this one from Badia. It isn't a brand I've heard of until I purchased this, but it makes me want to seek it out with other spices in the future.
448936448936B0050CXNNEA1D3VSP6RQKY2WIrene Hughes "ilfhughes"0011322438400Don't buy from them ever.Advertised as 6 cases sent 1 case we returned the product over 6 weeks ago and still have not been refunded money!! Worst experience I have ever had!!!!!!!
448937448937B0081Q0G4AA2V3FT6TMVJG94Jerald0051337644800YOU WILL NOT EAT JUST ONE ONCE YOU TRY THEM.I buy these by the case and now some of my coworkers like them also, they are the best I have every had.
448938448938B001ONVOC0A2CRUUI6AQMYYNunja Business303151267142400Terrific dietary supplement and entertainment value in one!Let's be honest - 35% of your recommended daily fiber in a "candy bar" that makes you want to eat the whole box is great thing.
13% of your saturated fats in one bar? Not so good. I believe it balances out for the most part and there is definitely a benefit to making fiber taste good.

Just don't eat more than one until you are used to them.

The chicory root fiber that is in these (and FiberOne) and every other clone product is an incredible generator of intestinal gas in many people. People who eat a lot of foods high in fiber will not likely be as affected, but some will be caught quite by surprise with what happens a couple of hours after you eat one. Reports of people scaring their pets and waking themselves and loved ones up from a sound sleep with the substantial and epic flatulence is not as exaggerated as you might think. Marathon farting with longer durations and louder volume than you have ever experienced is fairly common.

The good news is, the gaseous emanations are very often "all bark and no bite" (to put it delicately) and so can be very entertaining if you have small children or an immature husband (or wife). Just do not eat them prior to bed, church, yoga class, boardroom meetings, dates, long car trips with passengers, crowded movies, using public transportation, job interviews, dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, family reunions ... well, you get the picture.

However, if you get selected by the IRS for an audit, eat a whole box (5 of them) about 1 hour before the scheduled time. This also works for meetings with any government officials or any people you DO NOT wish to ever invite you back.
448939448939B001ONVOC0AEFAEVYIR3OBOKay "ekabna"9951236643200Pretty tasty and lots of fiberI am always skeptical of high fiber bars, fearing they will be tasteless and hard to swallow. These Kellogg's bars were a nice surprise. Good chocolate flavor, nice blend of crunchy and sweet. Quite filling. Though a little high in fat (5 g/bar), the fact that they have only 130 calories and 9 g of fiber helped. I will be buying these again.
448940448940B001ONVOC0AVP592FYOAXE9M. E. Marquis91051236124800Wow, they taste goodI don't know about how well they work (fiber and all) yet (although I would like to know what the ratio of insoluble v soluble fiber is rather than the generic amount as I can't find that info on their website), but the Dark Chocolate Almond are by far the best tasting of these kind of bars I have ever had. Seriously, really taste good. 5 stars are based on taste and that I don't blow the bank with 130 calories. Hopeful that the antioxidants and fiber are actually beneficial.
448941448941B001ONVOC0A233RZNDRZ29HZEg Professional Cleaning "Ella"4451234310400YUMMY!Unbelievable good taste! You get the fiber, the anti-oxidants, the whole grains and super good taste with dark chocolate that is of course better for our health.
I have tried other fiber bars and have been extremely disappointed. Fiber one out ranks them all!
Both hubby and me eat them everyday! Great snack food that is so good for our bodies.
I highly recommend them!
448942448942B001ONVOC0A3GZXCXQKTUKSGOutdoorsNW3341297641600*CAUTION!*A great tasting bar, but I broke all human records for methane output during a single day. If you want to impress the boys in the frat house, this is the product for you. Beans are chump change next to these things, I'm not kidding. Be careful!
448943448943B001ONVOC0A2J3X3BU2QCTH110ecn "Melissa"3331279324800Does the benefit of Fiber outweigh BHT, hydrogenated oils, and sugar?I bought these for my child who struggles with constipation and has to eat a lot of fiber. He loves the taste of them and we to too.BUT...

I sat down and read the ingredients on the wrapper today and was shocked. The fiber content IS good but there are also BHT and hydrogenated oils in the bar.

I am not a foodie by any means. I don't always eat organic. I am just shocked that for a "healthy" snack this bar has these ingredients.

There is also a fair amount of sugar in the bar. Don't get me wrong, sugar is fine in reasonable amounts but for diabetics it may not be good to eat this bar.

Also.... be prepared...these can cause BAD gas. Start out slow !
448944448944B001ONVOC0A3N15ZEPGVUF24Sonya Hamilton "Cats Rule"3351252713600Life Saving BarsWe absolutly love these! They are great tasting, and satifying as a morning or evening snack. We are watching our weight, and will often times have this as our dessert after dinner. We want somthing sweet, but still healthy. Apparently everyone is catching on to how good they are because we can never find them at our local grocery store we shop on a regular basis. We didn't want to look all over, so I went on line in hopes of finding them and did on Not only did we find them, but they are a little less expensive than buying in the store. I bought a full case and took advantage of the "super saver shipping". A case is 60 bars, and for 2 of us not too many. You can always freeze them, and take out a box a day ahead of when you are wanting them. Again, WE LOVE THEM. Hope you enjoy too!

Sonya Hamilton
448945448945B001ONVOC0A2503LT8PZIHADScary Gertrude, the Bad Sheriff for Life "Li...2251247270400Excellent snack barsI bought these for my husband who is a recently diagnosed diabetic. Right now he is counting his carbs and managing his blood sugar this way. These are the perfect numbers he needs for a mid-morning snack and sometimes for a mid-afternoon snack -- the numbers for carbs and fiber need to be balanced.

I like them because they taste good. They are better than candy bars and better than most snack bars.
448946448946B001ONVOC0A285GGG1JWX53UAna2241243209600Like a candy bar that's good for you...Let me start by saying that all of these fiber bars that actually taste good aren't the absolute greatest source of fiber because they have chocolate and nuts so they have some saturated fat. I have tried the FiberOne and the Kellogs fiber bars and I have to say that as far as eating something that will satisfy your chocolate craving (but has a significant amount of fiber) the Kellogs fiber bars taste much better. The dark chocolate almond satisfies my chocolate cravings better than any US candy bar. I'm giving the bars four stars bc they do have a tad bit of saturated fat, though not as much as a regular chocolate candy bar.

As an aside, if you want to get your daily fiber quickly, buy acacia fiber powder and mix it into some yogurt. Two level tables spoons of acacia fiber gives you 50% of your daily fiber (10g). Heather's Tummy fiber is the best brand and Amazon sells it. Also, acacia fiber does not create gas, bloating, or diarrhea.
448947448947B001ONVOC0A27PYB4W202SR3imhereandthere4551236643200My teen sons love 'em!It is rare that we find something that I feeel good about feeding them and that they beg for as well! These are great on the go, as my teens always seem to be. These are $3.59 a box at my local store and gold box brings them in at under $2 a box! YEAH!
448948448948B001ONVOC0AXJ1QYBUL86ONHarpswellWoman "HarpswellWoman"1151300665600Great taste and texture - and high fiber!Although a number of reviewers have expressed concern about gas and bloating, I have not had any problems with these bars - yet. I eat beans and high fiber cereal regularly, and I put inulin supplement powder in my coffee, tea or yogurt when I think to do so. It doesn't surprise me that these bars can cause gastric upset because I have experienced mild symptoms with the inulin powder put out by Metamucil under the name FiberSure - but not the embarrassing flatulence that some people speak of with these bars. The key fiber ingredient in the bars is inulin from chicory root.
The dark chocolate almond flavor is excellent and there is no aftertaste or weird texture to the bars. I bought a few boxes at BigLots for $2 and I hope to buy some more, but if not, with Subscribe and Save, a box of five bars costs $2.38.
The ingredients may not be entirely organic or wholesome, but the sugar and fat content compare very favorably with other bars. I would recommend that you add a high protein food such as nuts, peanut butter or Greek yogurt to create a more balanced "meal" or snack since the bars do not contain a significant amount of protein. Of course, you should add fruits or vegetables to make a more complete meal.

Happy Snacking!
448949448949B001ONVOC0A173BTS0HWOFKCJudith J. McNally "Education Major"1151299110400Got Gas?These are great additions to my already high-fiber diet. For people who express a problem with flatulence (literally), try taking the recommended number of Beano tablets before eating a high-fiber bar; doing that has greatly reduced or totally eliminated any social embarrassment. These bars taste so wonderful that you will have a difficult time not eating several at once -- or at least you will until your first direct encounter with the results. For those taking medications that create constipation as a side-effect, these bars keep the digestive system working smoothly.
448950448950B001ONVOC0A3NMPL7RNPQ62JIngrid1151298851200Not a huge health nutI love these, I was always disappointed in myself for not being able to top my boyfriend in farting contests, but with these bars, I think I'm winning. They do warn you on the box (it's yellow enclosed caption) says "NEW USERS: Increase your fiber intake gradually. Gastrointestinal discomfort may occur until your body adjusts." Anyways, these bars taste very good, they are quite sweet so I eat a bar a day with some water or green tea. If you've ever tried to just eat the FiberOne bran cereal, then you know what I mean when I say this might not be a healthier alternative, but it's something you'll probably be able to stick to. Bran cereal is like eating cardboard to me. I found that eating them at night helps me not give off so much gas during the day. The days I go to college and sit in a classroom for 3 hours, well, just eat them at night. I bought them at my local wal-mart for $2.50 a box (5-count). They will make you feel fuller longer too. Also Fiber Advance gummies at wal-mart are good too, they taste like gummy bears (will make you gassy as well), they are $10.00 for 90 gummies, in the fiber supplement section. I understand that these bars have 2.5g of saturated fat, it is to be expected since it has chocolate and almonds. Also BHT needs to be studied more, there are mixed opinions on the additive, nothing is actually solid yet. A lot of opinions also suggest that BHT might be beneficial, so it's all up in the air at this point. FDA considers it to still be safe. These bars are not for health nuts, rather people who are just trying to get their daily dose of fiber, added antioxidants doesn't hurt either.

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