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448981448981B001ONVOC0A2032LF6FWWK8EJay Riemenschneider112221236643200So, you want a healthy snack that tastes good?These were in my Gold Box and I was tempted to buy based on reviews, but it was unusual that I couldn't read what was in them. So, I had to go looking for the info and did not like what I found. I got the following from the Kellogg website and I hope Amazon doesn't mind me posting it for everyone:

5 ct, pouch


Allergen Information

Kosher Status
Not Certified

Country of Origin
Distributed in USA
****end of Kellogg info****

Now I understand why this information is not readily available. These have trans-fat, preservatives, tropical oils, artificial color. And what about the Country of Origin? Distributed in USA.......shouldn't they tell us WHERE these are made? Obviously they're Distributed in USA. There are healthier alternatives out there and these are by no means inexpensive.
448982448982B001ONVOC0A1TLZCRQ0ZYSYKCameron F1511302825600Treat Kellog's Fiber Plus like TOXIC WASTE PLUS!This product is falsely advertised by Kellogg's as some kind of "Healthy Snack", using words like "Antioxidants" and "35% Fiber" on the packaging.

After reading the ingredients, you will realize it is nothing other than POISON!! It contains several kinds of Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Flavors, Colors, Polysorbates and other questionable ingredients. Tell Kellogg's "NO THANKS" by boycotting its poison!

I threw this product in the trash bin after getting it from a vending machine.
448983448983B001ONVOC0A26KL32L1UGQI1Charles W. Fain "Chuck"1541234742400Kellogg's FiberPlus BarsKellogg's FiberPlus Bars, Dark Chocolate Almond, 6.3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
Not widely available in our area. Good value realtive to area prices.
448984448984B005CLU7PUA2BCDCIEWVT2RQHungryAmy2251317427200Delish Food for Picky VegetariansI'm a very picky eater. I typically do not eat packaged food because
it is too salty and taste too refrigerated, but this is definitely
something I will stock in my kitchen!
448985448985B005CLU7PUATMUZP1ES8WL2Mags2251317340800Seriously delicious.I have never tried packaged food before, but I decided to give it a try because I hate frozen food, but I like having food around that is ready to eat. I was amazed at the quality of the food, its freshness and taste. I now find myself regularly fixing these little packets for dinner. I even served it to guests last week, and they thought it was from a restaurant. The instructions say to boil the packet itself, but I like to take out the contents and put it in a pan and heat it that way. Then the house smells like I just cooked a homemade meal!
448986448986B005CLU7PUA3FAOQDXNGDXKMjillbenedetti1151317600000Delicious!I really love Indian food but sometimes I just feel like staying at home to eat it. I have tried several other companies who make Indian packaged food but nothing takes like Sanskriti. Its easy to make and it tastes just like home cooking. I highly recommend Sanskriti Indian food.
448987448987B005CLU7PUA2O1EW7WHQD3ZHSourz1151317340800very appetizingI tried other products in this brand and other brands as well.
i gotta say, the taste for sanskriti is leaps beyond the market. What i perticularly liked about this was the paneer (cottege cheese) pieces are large, whole, and soft. Most Ready meals have re-fried, crumbled, stale paneer, but none of that here.

Sanskriti seems to have the science down, hands down best palak paneer i have had... second to my mom's cooking of course.
448988448988B005CLU7PUA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0041346976000Not too Spicy - Hurray!I love palak paneer but it's so hard to find a pre-made one that doesn't taste like green, soupy fire to me.

This one is seasoned just right. It's spiced just to that edge of unacceptability for people like me who enjoy some flavor without spicy heat going into overdrive.

Now, I'm not going to say this is anything like fresh, home-made-by-grandma stuff. There is hardly any paneer in it, but that typical with these kinds of products. It's a drag and I wish companies would take a pretty good product and make it exceptional by such simple improvements. I for one would purchase such products much more frequently if they weren't cheaping out on these points; but whatever.

This product, being basically a thick spiced spinach sauce, I think is best used as a topping for something else, such as rice. I also tried it as an additive to soup, which was good (a mixed-bean soup). It definitely has a distinctive taste, which you have to take into consideration when thinking of what you might pair it up with. I think you could also just thin it a bit and eat it as a soup by itself or with some additional paneer etc. tossed in.

I would buy this product again occasionally, not often, because as I said, it's a little cheaped out on the paneer. If it had more paneer, then I would buy this product very frequently.
448989448989B005CLU7PUA3HD4EZXQ6VK0QSurreallyReal0031344729600OK For Shelf Stable, But Not GreatThis is a shelf-stable palak paneer that you just rip open the foil pouch and microwave or warm on a stove-top. My case of six came with a "best use by" date in less than a month, but I doubt that would make any difference. It is OK - it has a decent amount of spinach, the paneer (cheese cubes) are not too soft or too rubbery, but it is a little oily (which may be because it's manufactured and then able to sit in a pouch on a shelf for a couple years). There is no comparison to fresh made or even the varieties sold in retail freezer sections. It's not bad, just not great. 3 out of 5 stars.
448990448990B005CLU7PUA2T875QZZMQ70LSoccer lover0051318032000Great taste and gluten freeI bought this as we have those in the family that need to be eating gluten free product and this was a great taste and met that need. I liked the freshness of the taste considering this is a boxed meal solution. Also liked the quick prep-time.
448991448991B005CLU7PUA1JTQCIL88W9JVS.A. "bham"0131323043200Visually daunting. Not as tasty as Trader Joe's frozen Palak PaneerI have become addicted to Trader Joe's Palak Paneer, which is stocked in their frozen section in individual (for me) portions. The cheese is very firm and the spinach is creamed with wonderful Indian spices and just enough of a kick for me. However, I can't get to TJ's all the time, and when I do I usually stock up and my freezer space gets quite cramped. I was thinking that it would be a lot easier if I found a palak paneer that didn't require freezing. The reviews on this were very good so I bought a pack of six. Man. The difference between frozen spinach (green) and this stuff (muddy brown baby poop color) is quite marked. It is not like you would try to serve this to a friend if they stopped by. Or your teenagers.

But I wanted to like this so I closed my eyes and tried to keep an open mind. For me, the cheese is not as nice and the spices in the thin spinach gravy juice are not right. It is not awful to me, but it certainly won't take the place of Trader Joe's in my heart.
448992448992B000H27NWEABKUJX7YJZ3DAMark Fellows "Gadget Guy"1151301875200This soup is surprisingly excellent.I bought a pack of this in the local grocery store for kicks. When I made it, I was expecting it to be a very thin, watery soup like Lipton cup of soup or something, so I only used 7 cups of water, when it calls for 8. This soup was surpisingly hearty and delicious. Next time I make it, I will follow the instructions, and it will still be a hearty, delicious soup. With 7 cups of water, it was really good, but almost too spicey. One of these packs, is easily enough to feed four average sized men without skimping. I had two big bowls, and then put the rest in the fridge, which is easily two more bowls of hearty soup(not just broth).

I was very surprised. This stuff is WAY better than ANY canned soup I have ever had in my entire life. Whether it be WolfGang puck, progressive, cambell's thick and chunky, etc.

The bag I got, was good until 2013, but I know dried goods last for a LOOONG time, because once you get the moisture content down below 10%, bacteria, and viruses can't grow.

This brings me to another note. This would be a very good thing to have around, just for emergency supplies. It is light, and is easy to pack. You just add water, and boil for 15 minutes. Just buy this instead of canned soup, and you won't regret it, and at the same time, you will be providing emergency supplies.

You will always have plenty of good soup to eat if you want a bowl. Plus, it uses a lot less packaging, and materials than canned soup.

I recommend this on taste, amount to feed 4 people comfortably, convenience, and smarts.
448993448993B000H27NWEABT7GN702A1W6NotJustAnyOl'blonde1151202515200Luv this stuff!Wow....a little disappointed in the previous review. Not sure what would make the soup taste cardboard-ish just because it was ordered from Amazon. I, too, buy mine in local supermarket. It's fabulous and has become a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) dinner staple at my house. I'm going to order it from here and see what happens. If it turns out to be cardboard-ish tasting I'll downgrade my review.
448994448994B000H27NWEA35W3JQYP0M655Ambergris "John Thomas"3451265500800Great Home Made Flavor...I buy a lot of Bear Creek soup mixes. Although I work from home and enjoy cooking, especially soups and stews, I often relent to a mix. Not necessarily for it is easier and faster, but sometimes I simply enjoy a taste other than by my own hand. Bear Creek (BC) mixes are in my opinion the best of all the mixes I have tried. (My favorite is the Bear Creek veggie beef). The stock in all the BC mixes are the very richest that I have ever used. They certainly don't skimp on the spices, nor the veggies and other ingredients included. The minestrone is no exception. It is a fine rich and flavorful soup that one will look forward to both making, and enjoying on a cold winter day. Especially with a good hunk of crusty bread. (I prefer making mine in a crock pot. A slower simmer seems to give it added flavor). As with all the BC mixes, they all accept well your own personal additions to what is already included in the pouch. I have added extra tomatoes, (stewed is best) extra onions, a little more garlic, (I'm a graduate of the never too much garlic school), and extra beef stock as another reviewer here suggested. Sometimes all at once, and other times just an extra all by itself. The pre mixed stock is so rich and delicious that its almost impossible to ruin it. Bear Creek mixes are available in most larger supermarkets, as well as of course here on Amazon as well. Although I have never ordered this soup mix specifically from Amazon, I have ordered many others, as well a variety of other food stuffs, and have never had anything taste "cardboard" or otherwise. My only recommendation to you if ordering this soup mix or any other on Amazon is to make it worth your while as to the shipping and order several at once. Try all the Bear Creek mixes, especially the veggie beef. I think you and your family will find them pleasingly lip smacking...
448995448995B000H27NWEAVTY5M74VA1BJtarotqueen0031350086400one of the better prepackaged foodeI typically don't like prepackaged food. This was one that is ok. I still think it is a little too salty but If you buy it for your emergency preps it taste all right, and I can still palate the taste on days when I don't have time to cook or I need to rotate my stock.
448996448996B000H27NWEA13H5US9Z7L9M7Kathleen Wagner0041347408000Delicious!I always keep 2 packages of Bear Creek soup in my cupboard in the colder months. They make a nice variety, and I
usually have one package of Bear Creek Country Kitchens Minestrone Soup, and one of Potato or Broccoli. It doesn't matter
which you choose, go for your favorite, they are all very good. I always hated to pull out a can of soup for a meal, feeling that it
was just not tasty enough to serve as a meal unless it was one of those emergency meals. Bear Creek soups are so good, that I plan
to use them, make a bit of cornbread or get a nice crusty loaf of Italian bread and some cheese and fruit, and you get a good meal.
Don't hesitate to give these a try.
448997448997B000H27NWEA2L3AS7P84AAULSunshine "Bon Jovi Fan"0051252713600Love It!Love this ministrone soup mix;it is great all by itself. We add browned ground beef or turkey to it, add extra water and some beef boullion, and some extra minced onions, sometimes some extra veggies/mushrooms, and this all makes it better than great.
448998448998B000H27NWEAJ3YPEPTDLD2Xamron0131294617600Too saltyEnjoyed the minestone soup, but it was much too salty. Would like it much more if not so salty.....i
448999448999B000H27NWEA2BMMBELQB6UNWMK2511178582400great soup, not from here though.I LOVE this soup when it's bought in a grocery store. For whatever reason, the soup we bought from Amazon tasted cardboard-ish and I've thrown some out after cooking it. The same soup from or local store is a staple of our weeknight dinners. Very good stuff.
449000449000B000E63LQUA26A64X86VL1R4Snowbrocade212441142467200Yummy vanilla flavor! Plus decaf!I was pleasantly surprised by this rich flavorful tea. Some vanilla teas are thin and sickly in flavor--not this one! Celestial Seasoning has managed to make a sweet--not cloying--rich tea mixture that brews up to a fragrant, comforting and enjoyable cup of tea--I add cream to round out the flavor.

Rooibos is the base for this tea. It is a healthy alternative to black teas because it is naturally caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants--as much as green tea. You can brew this tea for a long time and it will not get bitter because there are no tannins.

Celestial Seasonings gets extra points for their packaging: they utilize 100% natural recycled paperboard in their boxes and they don't package each tea bag individually. Instead they use a system of a waxed paper bag inside the box that stays shut when you fold it. It keeps the bags fresh and utilizes less packaging than individually wrapping each bag. The art they use on each box is beautiful as are the quotes and information they put on every surface.
449001449001B000E63LQUA1FBHYKZS4B08ALisa Rivera "Lisa Reviews"8951171324800Homemade vanilla frosting, just like Grandma madeWOW ! I found myself "tasting" a sugar cookie with vanilla frosting. The vanilla flavor is genuine and truly delicious,the color is pretty as well. After the second cup, I believe that I can make the switch from coffee to tea. Celestial Seasonings have outdone themselves !
449002449002B000E63LQUA3MKEQHS2EHCGNK. Grek7851165622400GreatI'm no tea expert, but I had to write a review because this is my favorite. I can't find it in local stores anymore, so I recently bought directly through Celstial Seasonings, but now I know Amazon has it for such a great price, so this is where I'll be getting it from. It has a great taste, I love the Vanilla flavor.
449003449003B000E63LQUA2ZMPSCXLDN92MH. Davis2251202169600Family favoriteI first tried this tea as a free trial packet in a box of chamomile. (The Madagascar Red box never quite attracted me in the grocery store, as I assumed the red box meant it had a spicy or tart taste). This tea has a rich warm vanilla flavor, and it is not acidic (great alternative to black teas for those with sensitive stomachs - like me).

2 months ago I started making entire pots of the tea, and our kids (ages 6 and 9) were immediately attracted to the scent. They asked for cups, and have since become regular tea drinkers - specifically for this tea.

Of course, just as our family fell in love with the tea, our local grocery store stopped carrying it. So glad to see it on Amazon - and at a better price than the grocery store charged.
449004449004B000E63LQUAGKPTMTR3UX1RJ. H. Minde "Everything I need is right here"2251193097600A Splendid Tea, Fit For The King Of BeastsSouth African Red Rooibos tea, like all "red teas" isn't really a tea at all, but is made from a tealike shrub.

Never mind the technical aspects of tea cultivation . . .

I bought this tea on a lark---I liked the easygoing look of the teacup-holding lion on the box. Not really the best grounds for picking a tea, but in this case it worked.

When steeped, the tea takes on a distinctive reddishness, with hints of fruitiness underlying a definite but undemanding soft vanilla flavor against tongue and palate, which is a perfect relaxant, especially when you ensconce yourself in a comfortable chair before the fireplace at the end of a workday (a light misty rainfall is optional for mood), and sip contentedly while reading your latest selection.
449005449005B000E63LQUAQ6DQT5SICI5WGordon Ledford4551233792000Celestial Seasons African Tea, Vanilla/Red BlendCelestial Seasons African Tea, Madagascar Vanilla Red, caffeine-free Rooibos -- my favorite just-before-bed hot tea. I love coffee, and I love tea (Isn't God gracious with His gifts to us?), but I cannot tolerate any caffeine after 5PM. Caffeine keeps me awake for hours in even trace amounts. This wonderful tea has none! And I love the taste of Rooibos and other African teas. The stores in my area have stopped carrying this brand and blend, so I resorted to as a source of supply. If you like it -- and I do -- then buying by the small case (6 boxes) is not a major investment. Hope this review helps you out, tea lover.
449006449006B000E63LQUA36NLHJZ1SNX2FA. Jones "geeky girl"1151225497600Lovely and comfortingThis is one of my favorite teas. It's sweet enough that I don't need to add anything to it, it has that wonderful vanilla aroma and taste, plus it's caffeine-free and full of antioxidants on top of it all. It's light and fresh, completely different from other herbal teas or the white, green and black teas most people usually drink. Love it.
449007449007B000E63LQUA2HY89KGLQ73X5Leosmom031151221523200My Favorite!!I drink a lot of tea both iced and hot. Next to my regular standby black tea as a hot drink, this tea is my favorite. The flavor is great. Considering it is not an expensive tea, it has a very rich, soothing taste. I was recently in the store where I originally purchased it and they no longer carried it. I also checked a couple of other stores who said they did not carry it. Recently while shopping in a store I had not shopped in before I spotted it on the shelf and bought three boxes. All hope is not lost though, at least it can be ordered through or the Celestial Seasonings website. If you are a tea drinker who loves rich vanilla flavor, this tea is for you! If you want a sweet treat without a lot of calories and no caffeine this is a great choice. I hope this flavor is never discontinued -- tea drinking would never be the same!
449008449008B000E63LQUA20VUTRVFCV9CRTeressa1151196208000Rooisbos Rules!This delicious rooibos tea is caffeine free and contains more antioxidants than green tea. It's soothing to drink and seems to help moisturize your mouth since it is non-acidic. Sometimes I drink mine with a little soy milk and sugar, other times I drink it straight up. If you want a different "tea" experience this tea is for you.
449009449009B000E63LQUA3U1JB2PXK8HYHA. Feenerty1151194307200I love this tea!Herbal teas as a whole are not, "my cuppa tea". However I love this one! It has a lovely complex flavor good for anytime of the day, but especially good with a spicy cookie or quick bread, (like pumpkin bread).
I first bought it at my local Wal-mart, but much to my disappointment they stopped carrying it. Fortunately I can get it here, and at a better price! I buy it several boxes at a time, 24 of them last order!
449010449010B000E63LQUA3LS0WE43NLO8IAudrey L. Pryce "Happy Earth Mother"1151175040000good for kidsMy three year old daughter loves this tea. She started drinking it when she was a year and a half old. I add a little brown sugar and soymilk for a bedtime treat. South Africans have been giving rooibos tea to their children for ages. It is high in anti-oxidants and has no caffeine, a plus because I can slip in something healthy in her diet while she's sipping tea with the grown-ups.

I am on my last box and I am grateful that Amazon has started to sell this tea as it is getting increasedly harder to find at supermarkets and drugstores.

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